Last name: Allan

This interesting name is of Celtic origin, and derives from a personal name of great antiquity. The name Alan, is thought to derive from the Gaelic "ailin", little rock, a diminutive of "ail", rock, and was introduced into England and later to Ireland by the Breton followers of William the Conqueror after 1066, among whom it was a very popular given name. One man in particular is credited with being the first of the name into England; Alan Fergeant, Count of Brittany and a companion of the Conqueror, and later first Earl of Richmond in Yorkshire. The personal name is recorded in its Latinized form of "Alanus" in the Domesday Book of 1086, although the surname is not recorded until the first half of the 13th Century (see below). The modern surname can be found in a variety of forms, including: Allen, Alen, Alleyn, Alleyne, Allain, Alan, Allan, Allin, Allon, Allans and FitzAlan. Recordings from London Church Registers include the christening of William Alleyne at St. Mary's, Whitechapel, on December 30th 1606. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Geoffrey Alein, which was dated 1234, in the "Feet of Fines of Cambridgeshire", during the reign of King Henry 111, known as "The Frenchman", 1216 - 1272. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Looking at my geneology, the oldest recorded names I can find are John Allan (b.1760) married to Barbara Allan (née Craib - birthday unknown) who had three children, Ann, William, and George. I live in New Zealand, where 'Allen' is a far more common spelling. I'm not sure exactly where my family is from but a quick internet search points to Scotland. Would be interested to know if anyone has similar ancestors.

I'm an Allan from Ireland... Dublin family tree going back 1600s

scottish english arabic, it is very likely that we could all share blood.. from the vikings and celts to constantinople and the elite guard of the imperial court of ancient china.. look to the ancient 'scythians' and the 'kingdom of alan' all will be revealed

I am a Scottish Allan & from what I have been told the name comes from the West Coast, I have also been told that Our name is part of the 'McDonald of Clan Ranald'

John Allan
Im an allan living in Aberdeen i was lead to believe allan was celtic in origin and allen was the poor southern version ..and that allan was a split from the macdonald clan as allan was his first name and he could not use macdonald so he adopted allan as his clan name but i think this is loosly based on probability

Geoff Allan
I am a Durham Allan, though now living in Somerset. Looking at wikipedia, that source of all knowledge and wisdom, The name Allan (spelled in various ways) is cognate with Aryan and Iran !!!

Terrie-Lynne Allan
I live in Canada. If any of you know a John Edward Thomas Allan... That is my dad...if we are related you should say hello. :-)

my great-great-grandfather Peter Allan b.07/03/1817 d. 08/24/1902 came from North Leath, Scotland he had one sister Mary Allan b. 10/20/1823 d. 02/04/1869 letters were sent by Allan cousins up till my grandfathers time from Scoland when my cousin Brab reserchfound that we were a sept (minor clan under) clan of the McDonald , there were also Allans as sept to McFarland Clan. Gary Allan (cousin) brought back from Scotland a Tatar with a blue-gray background there are a number of different Tartars for the clan. to keep the clan in the family my a Allan name her second son with the middle name of Allan. where I named my son Allan and he Named his oldest son with the middle name Allan

Janiceallan Kesler
My great grandmother was Agnus Allan, my mother was Janet Allan Drinnan (dob 1919) and both were from Airdrie Scotland and came to the US in the early 1920's. I am Janice Allan Kesler and I named my first daughter Kelissa Allan Orsin and she has named her son Xander Allan Orsin (first boy with the middle name Allan). I hope the tradition continues with our Scottish heritage!

Bryan Christopher Allan
I live in Ky, USA, I have no recollection of my grandparents and want to know where we came from.

Eugene Allen
the surname ALLEN is from the irainian penninsulla...the ALAN was found in surmerian texts to be a tribe of nomadic horse was brought to europe with the romans then the gauls then the normans who produced the name in large areas around the british isles after the battle of hastings 4th generation irish living in ireland of french blood

Marlon Allen
My name is spelled Allen which this thought to be English in origin. I traced my ancestry to a Samuel Allen who came to the US during the great migration in the early 1630's... (Sometimes documented as Allin). His son was also Samuel Allen. And the next son was Samuel Allen. The latter two and much of their families are buried in the "Old Scotland Cemetery" in Bridgewater, Mass, USA. The first Samuel was buried in Braintree, MASS, USA. The first Samuel could be born in Bridewater, Somerset, England... Some believe his Father was a "George Allen" who immigrated to the US a coulpe years after Sam and settled in Sandwich, Mass, USA, but this link is not proven and commonly assumed correct based on bad data and wishful thinking as the line of George Allen goes far back to William the Conqueror and even further. I think My Samuels are of Scottish decent and came to England then left during the great migration. Help to

Allan Escuadro
I'm Allan from the Philippines...........

Bob Allan
Anyone searching the Colonel John Allan tree?

phylllis brown
Fitzallen is a common Tasmanian surname. I guess the Brittany link is here somewhere.

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