Last name: Allen

This distinguished surname with more than fifty heraldic Coats of Arms granted to nameholders, and having several notable entries in the British 'Dictionary of National Biography', is equally widespread in England, Scotland and Ireland. It derives from the Gaelic and Breton personal name of the pre-Christian era 'Ailin' which loosely translates as 'Little rock, although it may also mean 'harmony'. The first recorded name bearer was 'Alawn', a legendary poet of the fifth century a.d., reputed to be one of the three foremost musicians of the period. From early times the spelling form has varied considerably not least in the Celtic countries where it has ranged from Eilian to Alwyn and Alleyne. The Bretons, who were originally British settlers in France, returned as invaders with William, Duke of Normandy, otherwise known as 'The Conqueror' in 1066, and in so doing it is claimed, re-introduced the name into England. Certainly 'Alanus' without a surname, is recorded in the 1086 Domesday Book for the county of Suffolk. Early surname recordings include those of Roger Alain of Yorkshire in the rolls of the village of Calverly, in 1246, and Richard Aleyns of Staffordshire, in the Assize Court Rolls of 1309. Other examples are John Allen, prebendary of St Pauls Cathedral, London in 1527, whilst in 1638 another John Allen was a puritan divine, and one of the earliest settlers in the New England colonial city of Plymouth, USA. The coat of arms most associated with the surname has the blazon of a gold field, charged with three black hounds passant, the crest being an eagle rising. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Geoffrey Alein, which was dated 1234, in the 'Feet of Fines' rolls of Cambridgeshire, during the reign of King Henry 111, known as 'The Frenchman', 1216 - 1272. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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hazel grove
anyone know john and mary ann allen, i know they had a daughter name jane lived in dartmouth, n.s.

Gregory Allen
From Utah, USA, with ancestors from England and Scotland.

Gregory Allen
Looking for.history on a Mary Weldon married to a David Allen, England, early 1700's.

Brenda Wise
anyone have an Ann Allen BD 1750 married to John Ratcliffe BD 1757 from Northumberland in the uk ? any help appreciated thank you.

John Allen
I come from Luton in Bedfordshire and I can Trace my family back to 1756 all in Luton. I have not gone further back yet. Nice to know all you Allen's out there

Donald Allen

It's nice to know where my name comes from glad to be apart of this clan

Tyler Allen
Hello all, I have been doing a bunch of research with our last name and have gotten to a William Allen Sr. born in Rockingham County NC in c.1725? who would be my gx7 grandpa. Anyone have a tree that goes back further?

Bill Allen
Trace back to Levi Allen, Ethan Allen brother

Gabriel Allenbrand
I wonder if I am somehow related.... this was all I could find

Jacob Allen
Wow. I didn't know the Allen clan was so spread Out. It make me very happy to know there are more I am from New England Specifically New Hampshire USA

Jacob Allen
Wow. I didn't know the Allen clan was so spread Out. It make me very happy to know there are more I am from New England Specifically New Hampshire USA

Jo Hatstat
Does anyone know how Luman Hugh Adin Allen---M---Alice Eleanor (Perkins) Allen connects into the Allen tree? They- M- 1911 Banard VT I would like to know who his parents are. Thank you, Jo Hatstat

john allen
From south Africa there are quite a few of us here my personal line only landed here as a young orphan at about 16 years old 1920

M. Bayne
My mom was an Allen from miss. I decided to research it on ancestry Intl Went back to Allyn and Fitzallyn or no further but will try again. FYI I got back to Adam and Eve with my husband's name Bayne or MacBain.. In1000 BC it changed to Gaelic...really cool stuff!

M. Bayne
Hat shd say Allyn etc was in England...oops

Aaron Allen
Our family tree is stuck in Cocke County, TN just prior to the Civil War. Hiram (or Hiriam) Allen had a son named Lafayette Allen. Lafayette eventually moved his wife and sons (including Neil my great, great, grandfather) to Collin County Texas, where he was buried in Princeton, Tx in 1926. Hiram (or Hiriam) is believed to be Lafayette's father, however, there seems to be inconsistency with how he spelled his name for the census records. As a rural Tennessee farmer in the 1830's, he seems to have been uneducated with how to spell his first name. The spelling issue, compounded with Hiriam being an apparently popular name at the time and in the region, we cannot seem to find clear records of Hiram's birth, marriage, etc.

L Allen
My Allen family are from Souldern, Oxfordshire, UK

Larry Allen
I can trace my Allen ancestors only as far as 1801 when my g-g-grandfather was born in GA. He married Ruth Adair and migrated to MS. in the 1830s after living for a time in AL.

Gareth McGurgan
I'm Allen on my mothers side through her father. There's a massive Allen family where my Grandfather was born, in County Fermanagh Northern Ireland, if any of you are looking for a link here.

Daniel Allen
The furthest back i could trace the name Allen was to my grandfather Danny ray Allen, never met him nor could i get any information from my family. All i know is he lived in Texas. Its a little disappointing that my family doesn't know, or wont tell me, anything more about him. I don't know where to go from here.

Kristina Allen
My husband is an Allen, not much is know about his dad's side. Most I know is his dad was Calvin Allen and he moved to Michigan from Tennessee. I would like to know more about the Allen's to tell my children.

William Boatright
What a surprise! I was told we were related to John Boatright ( 1400-1474 ) Minister to King Henry vi. When looking this up I found three brothers, Daniel, Jesse and James Allen. Guards in the court of King George, not allowed to marry or own property, being " property " of the King, fled to the Colonies to start anew. Taking up boat building and the name Boat(w)right. Daniel and Jesse fought for American liberty as soldiers from 1812-1815. Daniel never married and James linage continues in Virginia.

Then there was Arthur Leigh Allen, prime suspect in the Zodiac murders. Thanks cousin Art. = |

ajdjfaldjfadjasd aljei
fudge you all

Luke Daniel Halford Allen.
I am an African Allen. Proudly so. My grandfather from Ireland 'travelled' to South Africa during WWII.

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