Last name: Altamirano

This interesting and unusual surname is of Spanish origin, and is locational from two places so called, in Mexico and Argentina. The placenames were derived from the Spanish "alto", high and "mira", sight, view, and may mean "view from a height"; the name may have been given by the Spanish invaders when they looked down on the place from a hill or a mountain. The placenames probably date back to the early 16th Century when the Spanish conquered these two countries; Mexico between 1519 - 1521, and Argentina in 1553. Locational surnames were developed when former inhabitants of a place moved to another area, usually to seek word, and were best identified by the name of their birthplace. The surname is now very common in both Mexico and Argentina and it is also found in the southern states of America, such as Texas and California. Among the sample recordings in Mexico are the christening of Teresa Santana Altamirano on December 27th 1630 at Acultzingo, San Juan Bautista, Veracruz, and of Joseph Ursula Aguayo Altamirano on December 28th 1650 at Nochistlan, Zacatecas. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Santana Teresa Altamirano (christening), which was dated December 27th 1630, Acultzingo, San Juan, Bautista, Veracruz, Mexico, during the reign of King Philip 1V of Spain, 1621 - 1665. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Jerimiah Dineros Altamirano
I'M Jerimiah Dineros Altamirano from the Philippines now living in Texas

I'm J.P Villacorta Altamirano. I was from Laguna, Philippines and now living in Seattle, Wa

S. Dominguez Leon
I, too, am an Altamirano from San Francisco. My grandmother was born in a small Mexican pueblo (small town) called Cucurpe, Sonora, Mexico & I also have many Altamiranto/Grijalva Family in Northern California. Beautiful Surname!

Marcos a. Altamirano
My family is from northern baja, ca. In ensenada. We have a huge family. I believe my great grandpa name was jesus altamirano

Elisa N. Altamirano
My name is Elisa Nayeli Altamirano and I am from Southern California. I was told by my Spanish teacher that it is a very distinguished and bold last name.

Karla Altamirano
My name is Karla Altamirano I was born in Miami Fl, but both of my parents are from Nicaragua. My last name origins from my Grandfather who was in the war working as a general.

Jp Altamirano

My name is John Paul Villcorta Altamirano. I was born in the Philippines. Our last names there are very rare.


My name is Vriana Altamirano and my great grandfathers name is Angel Altamirano from Sanluis rio Colorado Sonora. I Live in the low south west corner of Arizona Bordering Mexico and California.


My name is Manuel Altamirano and my grandfather name is Fernado Altamirano. I'm Puerto Rican and have ties to Mexico.

My name is Robert Espethia Altamirano, you killed my father, prepare to die! I live in Los Angeles. Yeah baby!!

Jose Luis
my names jose luis altamirano, my dads names is Joseluis altamirano, also know as el chevy, its great to see fellow family members!

Francisco Altamirano
My name is Francisco Javier Altamirano. my family is from michoacan, mexico. i currently live in texas. We should probably all know the struggle of teachers not being able to pronounce our name in school.

Hi, my name is Valorie Altamirano. My grandpa Victor Altamirano is from Mexico. Him and three generations after him have been living in Arizona for years. Our last name is very unique here.

Debra Altamirano
Looking for any relations - father Richard Altamirano born June 15, 1933 in Mew Mexico to Lucio Altamirano (born in 1906 in Colorado, Dona Ana, New Mexico) and Margaret Serna-Altamirano (born about 1912 in New Mexico). My uncle is Bernard Altamirano. All from San Francisco and San Mateo, CA area.

Santos altamirano
Born in Mexico and live in southern California

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