Last name: Alvarez

Recorded in the spellings of Alvares, Alvares, Alvar, Alvaro, Alvarado, Alves, and the original Albarez, this Spanish and Portugese surname originates from the German tribes of some ancient repute known as the Goths or Vizigoths. These fierce tribes swept down from Eastern Germany in the 5th century a.d., causing the collapse of the Roman Empire. The Spanish Peninsula had been a province of Rome since the 1st century a.d., but the Goths conquered it in months. They were there for some three centuries until finally defeated by the Franks, but they left behind in Spain many reminders, not the least being the prominent surnames of that country. The name is composed of two elements 'all' meaning 'the people' and 'wer' - truth. It is not clear whether these original names were meant to be translated literally, however if that is that case it may suggest that holders of this surname were from the original 'Goth' tribes. Examples of the surname recording include Barona Josepe Alvarez, at Valladolid, Spain on March 30th 1594, and Juan Alvares, who married Maria Rodriguez at San Diego, California, on November 11th 1781. The coat of arms has the blazon of per pale gold and chequy red and silver, a green tree, with a black wolf passant. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Juan Braba Albarez, which was dated March 15th 1548, at Nuestra Snora de la Antigua, Spain, during the reign of King Charles 1st of Spain and Emperor of Mexico, 1519 - 1556. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Hector Alvarez
The name is arabic, mozarbic and Ladino in america the Jews adapted this name it is very hispanic. the moors had this name too because of the arabic alfares and the moors oh los morors. they were mixed white and black and greek and jewish and also vandals and visogoths too.

Agustin Alvarez
I'm from Spain. And Mexico and my parents surnames are both Alvarez.

alvarez, Roger
I think this information is awesome, and I have a short story too. While in Iraq, I had some discussions with some tribesmen. And gues what, the tribesman knew other Arabic tribesman named Alvarez. He went on to say, Alvarez is Arabic meaning: "Al" meaning "Son of", and "Verez" meaning "knight" or "strong horse."

J. Alvarez
is there an alvarez family here whose ancestors came from spain? from a family of friars and soldiers...

anahi alvarez
my grandparents from my dads side are from spain but my grandparents from my moms side came drom mexico

I'm also a Alvarez :D i'm from philippines, we don't know why alvarez being brought here in philippines

al fares
Alvarez is a Spanish corruption of a literal Arabic name "The Knight".

sandra ALVAREZ
WOW! JUST WOW! i would have never known that my lastname is arabic.... but i hardly know anything of my great grandfather...i just know that they are from guadalajara, mexico..

Well reading this and I wish this wasn't my last name. Not ashamed of my family but I'm not European and I don't like have European last name.

I disagree with those who say there was no mixing between Muslims (Arabs or Berbers) and Christians in Spain under Muslim dominance. Many Spaniards converted and even those who remained Christians, there was evidence of mixed marriages, as Muslims are allowed to marry Christians (and Jews). Muslims brought civilisation to Europe through Spain, in architecture, engineering, science, mathematics, astronomy, literature, etc. It was a era of achievements. Unfortunately, with wars ravaging, the whole thing then just collapsed.

Ray Alvarez
I'm from Asturias. Where Alvarez came from...YEAH!😀😀😀

Alejandro Alvarez
Puro pinche AlvareZ!!!!!

Nicole Alvarez
I'm from the philippines. Alvarez is my middle name which came from my mom. Her father which is my grandpa who came from spain and was a soldier and also came from a wealthy family too.

My grand dad i can say is a spanish 7 footer long nose ,skin turns red after drinking tuba,he was born in negros then, grow up in bantayan island. And i grow up in cebu because my dad move to cebu,my grandad parents are traders . I want to trace my ancestry, can anyone help me . Cheeks

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