Last name: Arias

This interesting surname is today considered to be Spanish, although strangely it's origins are believed to be early German 5th Century. This is probable, because from the 5th to the 8th Century A.D., the Huns and Goths occupied the Iberian Peninsula. However,most early German names were Romanic derivatives and in this case the original meaning is believed to be either "Farmer" from the Latin "Aro", to plough or till, or "Skill" from the Latin "Ars", as applied to one who was a teacher or solicitor, or the like. The modern spelling forms are Arias, Ares and Aires, the Coat of Arms of Arias of Spain (Zamora) being per pale silver and red, charged with a tower, a griffon and a cross, in the dexter a gold bend, all within a border decorated with an orle of towers. The name recordings include; Ana Arias, who married Pedro Fernandez at Valladolid, on November 8th 1648, and Juan de Arias, father of Fernandez Arias, christened at San Juan Baitista, Pozo-Canada, Albacete, on August 24th 1800. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Bernaldino Arias, which was dated December 13th 1568, a witness at Valladolid, Spain, during the reign of King Philip 11 of Spain, 1556 - 1598. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Mary Montgomery

My mom's maiden name is Arias...I have always been told that my family originated from Spain. Reading all of the posts I am finding out more history. Love this!!!

April Arias

so does this mean we are are all related in a way?

Raymond Arias

Los Angeles grandparents from Guadalajara Mexico grandfather Mexican grandmother Native American and my mother is African American so I'm a blaxican ..... Lol hello family

Jodi Ann Arias

Of course, Jodi Ann Arias, the most beautiful woman in the world, too has the last name Arias! Jodi is so awesome and gorgeous she should be on the cover of every beauty magazine! Jodi, we love you!

cesar Alexander Arias

hello fam!!! im from VA but both my parents are from El Salvador. and my grandparents are from Spain. blond hair green eyes.

Alixia Arias

Greeting from New York. My father is from the Dominican Republic

Eddie Arias

Hello family! Greeting from Los Angeles, California! My dad is from El Chante, Jalisco Mexico.

Lupe Arias

I was told that my family were Mennonites and that they migrated to Mexico (Cuhactemoc ) I'm very light skin and I resemble them. I visited Cuhactemoc and was surprised to hear them speak English and mostly German


Our name is from Galicia and still as of today, there are a lot of Arias names walking round there :)

Leonardo Arias

My grandfather was born in 1899 in Mexico. They say the Arias name is Spanish n I can see German also but Jewish hmmm. I'm sure a lot of people change their name during the war. N yes we r workers n barbarians like my dad says and that's putting it nicely. Arias family r all over n don't mess with us haha so that's makes u all my relatives hahaha even in Las Vegas they made a casino ARIA we should all get to have an ARIAS REUNION THAT WOULD B REAL INTERESTING TO MEET ALL ARIAS

Fernando Areas.

Our Surname came from the germanic Ares, wich became the hispanic surname Arias, wich also became Areas in portugal and Arêas in Brazil (that is where i live, Brazil, Amazonia ) my grandfather told me that some ancient family members had the surname Arias before they moved to portugal, and that Ares is a Sweddish surname

André Areas

We "Are(s)" all barbarians hahahahaha

Hi,I'm Felix Arias Jr from Philippines. It's cool to know that Arias surname is originated in Spain or in Germany..

Carlos Andres Arias
Hola. Soy de Colombia. Mi Papa se llamaba Cornelio Arias, fallecio hace 5 años. Bueno a lo que vinimos. La historia de la familia Arias por mi parte de sangre. Mi abuelo se llamaba Antonio Arias vivio en la region del Valle del Cauca la mayor parte de su vida, me contaron que en su niñes vivio en la parte de Antioquia anteriormente llamada Viejo Caldas con mi bisabuelo (su nombre no lo tengo presente en el momento), y se dice que mi bisabulo fue uno de los colonizadores de esa region colombiana y que venia de España. Hace bastante tiempo hablando con mi hermana al respecto, ella me conto que segun lo que ella averiguo quizas el nombre Arias venga del Aria o Ariah Arabe de una descendencia muy antigua. y segun parece por lo que he leido, parese ser que es una sangre bastante mezclada.

sebastian arias

parce somos primosssss soy de antioquia

Nick Arias
Puerto Rican Arias from New York here. They say it was a Jewish name before they were converted to Catholicism. My aunt did a DNA test that indicates many of us came from Northern Morocco as Moors. Small world.

Sarah Arias
this is all very cool. i would love to find out how the Arias family came to Chile. I've been looking for years and still can't find my family's branch... we live in canada now...all i know is that my granfather was disowned...if there are any chilean arias out there who know anything i'd love to hear about it

Luis Arias
well, i been looking for from where the last name of arias is coming from and the first arias in latin american i belive was in coata Rica then from there to chile .. my dad is from jalisco

Sarah Arias
I've learned enough to know that Arias was one of the conquistadors to come to south america and made his was down to peru around the late 1500s

Rosa Arias
Well guys, I think the Arias arrived in Dominican Republic first, geographically speaking!! I am from D.R and l live in Quebec now. My grand father is an Arias, he is about 90 years old. I will ask him some questions about his ancestors and I`ll keep you posted. Hasta luego queridos primos!!

Leinen arias
My father is also domincan with the last name arias I believe that they were from boca chica. But my grand mother told me they lived in another place prior to their moving. But now I currently live in New Jersey.

Ramiro Arias
I'm Mexican I get so confused when I do research on my last name its always followed by something Jewish. Hmm

Raven Arias
Arias family from Southern California immigrated from Chihuahua, Mexico

Pedro Trujillo
so are you guys German or Spanish?

Its Spanish! It moved to become a Spanish name. Its not German. im German.

Daniel Arias
well my father was a farmer

adderly arias
contact me via twitter if you're an arias

jose albert arias

I am Cuban, I grew up in NYC. In Cuba there are Jews that fled Europe during Hitler rise to power. I believe that the Root name Arias is of jewish background please remember the Jews are God chosen people and we are probably part of the lost tribes of Israel.

sara arias
i always wanted to know bout my last name and were it came frm, very i.nteresting

Kendry Arias
wow. This awesome. :D

Evan Arias
Hi there! it's good to know these information on the Arias family name. I was really trying to trace the origin. I was in Seville, Spain in 2009 and saw a brand of butter with the name Arias so I thought that there must be people there with the same family name.

adderly arias
where are you from?

Gemma Arias
My husband is Arias, from Seville. Born and bred there, and only moved away to England 2 years ago (I am English and followed the tradition of taking his surname - though only his first surname!) Interestingly, my maiden name was Till, also originally a German farming term meaning to till the land. We were amazed when we realised the two names were quite possibly the same!

Marc Flores
Hello! The name Arias is my fourth last name when written in the traditional paternal spanish custom (My mother's mother's last name). My grandmother who is over 80 years old has personally told me that our version of the name is in fact Galician, Spanish like someone else suggested (so we might be related lol). Her grandmother was spanish, but she also told me that her family is of French descent!

Areas, A.M.
Is the last name Areas (or Aréas/Arêas) a Galician and Portuguese variation of the Spanish Arias? Or is it different? In Spanish the name Arias has a stress on the first syllable, A. But my own last name Areas has a stress on the second syllable, "re." Thanks for the info on the possible orginisof Arias...whether Latinized Germanic or Sephardic. I would not know. My own last name is not Arias but Areas, the "e" being the stressed vowel, the syllable "re" is where the stress is placed and according to Spanish grammar it does not need an accent mark because the next-to-last syllables stressed typically do not need it. I'm a native Spanish-speaker from a Spanish-speaking country, but my father told me our name Areas is of Galician origin (gallego, in the northwest Galicia province of Spain north of Portugal).

Matthew Samuel
The Catholic church did a great job of forcing conversion onto most of the Arias genealogy history. As you will find, most of the Arias family history has christian backgrounds.

Matthew Samuel
What you guy's don't know is that your name's are of Jewish origin! The name Arias has been identified by the Holy Office of the Catholic Church of Spain as a Sephardic (Jewish) name. If you are intersted in researching this aspect of the Arias family, you are welcome to visit located at The meaning of the name Arias is 'Lion'. Read all about this from the Inquisition of Spain. There was a lot of Inquisitions around the world against the Jews throughout the centuries. Read more: Where did the Jewish Arias family come from? When did the Arias family first arrive in the United States? Where did the various branches of the family go? What is the Arias family history? The distinguished surname Arias is a Sephardic Jewish name, that is, one that originates in the Iberian Peninsula ( Spain and Portugal ). This surname is thought to be derived from the one of personal names Ares, Aria or Arius which were used in the "Romance" countries. Spanish patronymic names emerged as early as the mid-9th century and the most common patronymic suffix is ez. The patronyms were derived from a variety of given names that were of many different origins. The name Arias is actually an adopted spanish name.

Matthew Samuel
What you guy's don't know is that your name's are of Jewish origin! The name Arias has been identified by the Holy Office of the Catholic Church of Spain as a Sephardic (Jewish) name. If you are intersted in researching this aspect of the Arias family, you are welcome to visit located at The meaning of the name Arias is 'Lion'.

does this mean we are all related?

Kerstin Arias
Thats what i'm wondering. Is all Arias' related since we all connect to the spanish or "Jews" ?

hahah omg i am gladd to know hat my last name is but i kinda want to know a bit more about how my last name started and how did it become german??? plzzz my name is crystal arias

Juan Arias
Well if you can find out more i would really like to know as well because my last name is arias too

hi my name is raquel arias with the thing about the 1st recorded arias does that mean that we are all related to him or wat?


Yeah, we are all family. Hola prima ;)