Last name: Arrol

Recorded as Arrol, Arell, Arrel, and originally Errol, this is a medieval Scottish surname. It is claimed to be a locational name from a place called Errol in Perthshire. However there is some argument as to the original spelling of the place name, and there is a probablity that it originates from something else such as a fused form of the ancient Gaelic personal name "Fhearghail." This translates as "man of valour", and can found in other such surnames as Farrell or O' Farrell. That Arrol or Errol is almost certainly a development is shown by the fact that the first surname recordings that we have are from the time of Mary, Queen of Scots (1543 - 1587), see below. This is some two hundred years after surnames came into common useage throughout England and Scotland. This suggests that either early recordings have been lost which is very possible, or more likely the present spelling is a form of something else. Other early recordings include Duncan Errol, the minister of the parish of Luss in 1590, and Thomas Arrol of Arochibeg in Dumbartonshire, and Johnne Arrol of Cashlie, who in 1614 were each fined 20 marks for assisting members of the outlawed Clan MacGregor. The first known recording is that of John Arrel of Aroquhybeg in 1556.

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