Last name: Ayers

This long-established surname is of early medieval English origin, and has two distinct possible sources, each with its own history and derivation. Firstly, Ayres may be a patronymic form of "Ayre", itself a nickname for a man who was well known to be the heir to a title or fortune, deriving from the Middle English "eir, eyr", heir (Old French "(h)eir", Latin "heres", heir). One Ralph le Eir was noted in the 1208 Feet of Fines for Essex, and a Richard le Heyre appears in the 1273 Hundred Rolls of Gloucestershire. The second possibility is that Ayres is a patronymic form of the Middle English personal name "Aier, Aer", itself coming from the Olde English pre 7th Century "Ealhhere", a compound of the elements "eal(h)", old, and "heri", army. Robertus filius (son of) Aier was noted in the 1166 Red Book of the Exchequer, and a Robert Aier in the 1201 Pipe Rolls of Shropshire. In the modern idiom the surname has several spelling variations ranging from Ayers, Ayres, Ayris, Ayars and Air(e)s, to Eayrs, Eyres and Eyers, the final "s" indicates the patronymic, and is a reduced form of "son of". John Ayres was a noted penman, who between 1680 and 1700 introduced the Italian hand into England; he published many calligraphic works including "A Tutor to Penmanship", 1698. Symon Ayres, "chirurgeon", aged 48 yrs., who embarked from London on the ship "Increase" bound for New England in April 1635 was one of the earliest recorded namebearers to settle in America. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Henry Ayer, which was dated 1273, in the "Hundred Rolls of Lincolnshire", during the reign of King Edward 1, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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skyiler morris

Ayres is from Spain.
En esta web recogemos algunos datos interesantes y útiles para el estudio de la historia y de la heráldica del apellido Ayres. Lo más importante es la información bibliográfica en la que se recogen

Denise Ayres

Hi to all my Ayres family. I am now trying to find my roots. My father said I have family in Africa back in the slavery days. I know my name is rare. I have some family here. I'm from in the Caribbean islands Trinidad & Tobago.

ariel cheyanne ayres

Ive noticed the spelling is more common ayers.. i dont think besides my grandpa brother and dad ive ever met anyone that spells it as mine is spelled


Ayers in Australia was in slave trade, then was disgraced when in West Indies and put on trial, many calling for death sentence for what he did. He got off the sentence and either he or subsequent family went to Scotland

Nancy Ayers

I guess that was the part of my family history that my father either did not know or didn't want to speak of. We were slaves of this family who came from Scotland to the "South" and ran to England during the Civil War, and returning to Florida/ Georgia/ Alabama area. I'm also looking for my family. Found a lot of them in Georgia.

Michele Ayers
Have been looking for my Ayers family, have found that Ayers is one of the most common family names in the U.S. with all different spellings. There is an Ayers genealogy forum at My family came from Scotland approx 1750 and lived in Sandy Hook N.J. They moved further into northern N.J. and there are so many Ayers still living there in Suffolk County ?? N.J. The Ayers in Scotland are a sub set of Clan Hay, the Earl of Errol being the title, were originally from Normandy, at different times they owned and occupied 5 different castles and land, in different parts of Scotland, the most famous of which is Slaines Castle, which is now a ruin. The clan house today is still located in the Northeast of Scotland at Delgaty. There is a Clan Hay website on line.John Hay is written about as a guide in Samuel Johnson's book Travels to the Hebrides. Most of the Ayers people seem to located in the South. Good luck finding your family.

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Janice Cobb
Mabey were all connected somewhere/some how??Id like to know if we mite be part Abenaki???

Thats so cool! I found some other people with my last name! Pretty neat I got to say. And I knew My ancestors came from England so this is cool. Really cool.

Jacob Ayers
Thats pretty neat actually. I knew I had English Ancestors. This is very neat. It is also weird to see all of the other people with the last name Ayers... I know no one outside my family with that last name and thought it was pretty rare.

Cynthia Ayers
I really would like to know which Ayers family owned my family. I keep hit a road block because I don't have a lot of information about that side of my family.

Monica Ayers
Cynthia, Where are you from?

Janice cobb
I have just gotten hold of my Ayes /William Walter 1897 Mass,& wife Marie C Paradis of Maine..anyone heard of them???

Linda Ayers
Cynthia; Family records indicated that during the Civil War the Ayers family had a young black woman with them who had a biracial child. The older boys fought for the Union side. The youngest son , Edward Ayers stayed home to run the farm.. This was in Kentucky..

sandra cummings
My mother was an Ayers,and always said that the first Ayers of her line came from Holland.I am finding out that the Ayers am descended from might have come from Germany(Hesse-Darmstadt).Go figure........

you know what's weird Sandra? is my great grandmother surname was Cummings


I'm from Ayers/Eyre family and enjoy 'tracing'. We have good friends who are Cummins from Ireland (there are a lot Cummins/Cummings there). I traced both our families back and found they married into each other's family way back. I knew there was some connection between us and our friends!

tisha Ayers
I'm confused I keep hearing different things, that Ayers is an English/Scottish name and when the English occupied Australia some Ayers might of also went there, the Ayers that settled in America first settled in the Massachusetts area, the reason I am confused is because I am black and I can't find any slave owners with the last name Ayers/Ayres


Australian Ayers have slave owner who went to West Indies and was disgraced for what he did and went on trial for it. Many influential people of the time were fighting for and against a death sentence. He got off. I think he or subsequent family then went to Scotland. (I'm from the Ayers stock- have one great uncle left)

Bettie Ayers sarpas
My name is Bettie Ayers- I always knew my fist name was English but I thought my last name was french!

tyler ayers
i was told i was from Ireland

Jarod Ayers

I was told the same. On it states that some of the settlers from Scotland may have moved to Ireland during the same time period, and later migrated to America.


I'm an Ayer and from Ireland. There are ayers/eyres in Ireland , Scotland, England, France and a lot of connections in Australia and New Zealand as well as USA.

Stephanie Ayers-Dalton
Stephanie Ayers-Dalton. Ayers is such an uncommon name but I am very proud of it. Funny enough many people before they know my maiden name think I am Australian. I was born and raised in California.

Oh no! My ancestores change the spelling to Airs and we all floated away.o

caleb ayers
My ancestors were scotts, immagratred to Ireland, and then to America.

I'm related to all of you :)

Jarod Aers

We are all related. Even the flu you come down with every year is part of your extended family.

I'm Dutch... I'm confuzzled

katie ayers from georgia

I know of very few ayers even as family , would like to know.

katie ayers from georgia

Connect on fb lol

David Ayers
The name is not uncommon in Canterbury, New Zealand. My ancestors (spelled Ayres) came from the village of Turvey in Bedfordshire.

Kirsten Ellis
Hello David,
I was just reading this post with interest. My grandmother was descended from the Ayers/Ayres from Turvey in Bedfordshire too, Thomas and Elizabeth, who went out to NZ on the Zealandia in 1858. I don't have any more information about them than that. If you do, perhaps you could let me know.

Tom Ayres
I am an Ayres and always known that arm of my ancestry was English.

im black with the last name ayers, maybe one of your slave owners

natasha ayers
What the hell my family originates from new zealand !!!

ryan ayres
scottish is british. I think what was meant was not english

Debra Ayers
I'm not..I'm proud my family come from england nd germany Im a german jew my mom's a golsmith and my dad's an ayers

Michele Ayers
Very disappointed here. My ancestors came from Scotland; Clan Hay, Lords of Erroll, Yester, Park, Neidpath etc. SCOTTISH NOT BRITISH sloppy & incomplete info.

Gregg Ayers
Michele I would agree

adam ayers
yes i was told i am scottish also! thank you

James Muirhead-Ayers
I am sorry to say but the last name Ayers stems from both Scotland and England, to be biased and say just because your last name came from Scotland that this information is wrong is complete garbage. I have a long ancestral chain stemming from Southern England with the last name Ayers. Also, to all those people saying they are descended from New Zealand or Australia, every person from New Zealand or Australia with the last name Ayers is definitely not originating from New Zealand or Australia, your family moved there. New Zealand have history with the Polynesian Maori People, who don't use the last name Ayers