Last name: Aylward

This interesting surname derives from a popular Germanic personal name, found in the Olde English pre 7th Century as "Aethelweard", composed of the elements "adal" meaning noble, and "ward", guard. The given names "Aegelward" and "Ailuuard" are found in the Domesday Book of 1086. The surname was first recorded in the early 13th Century, and other early recordings include: Godric filius (son of) Aeilwardi, noted in the 1229 Close Rolls of Gloucestershire, and Nicholas Eylward, a witness in the Assize Court Rolls of Somerset, dated 1243. In the modern idiom the surname has many variant spellings including: Aylward, Ailward, Allward and Aluard. An interesting namebearer, recorded in the "Dictionary of National Biography", was Theodore Aylward (1730 - 1801), who was professor of music of Gresham College in 1771, and the organist at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, in 1788. A Coat of Arms granted to the Aylward family depicts a leopards face between four gold lozenges on a blue saltire, between four red griffins heads erased, all on a silver shield. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Robert Ailward, which was dated 1201, in the "Pipe Rolls of Hampshire", during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Hi my husbands mum Agnes Aylward and a large family were from liverpool. A large number of Irish ended up in Liverpool. It is an unusual name and I believe the family were quiet well to do. I know one of the great granddads was a slave trader and saw a photo of him with a whip in front of african slaves. (NOT A NICE BIT OF HISTORY) I also know that a few went to the public school Merchant Taylors and their name is engraved in a wall.

n. l. aylward
My father is William E Aylward from Prince Edward Island, his father was William B. Aylward. Willaim B was born in April 1908 and had two other brothers Michael and Thomas H. There were two sisters Elizabeth born in 1886 and Amelia Caroline born Nov 1894. Their parents were John Aylward born 1843 no idea where. His wife was Ellen McAulay born in we think in 1864, no idea where she was born.

Hi to you all. Myself and my family live in Cheshire, had no idea that the Aylwards are all over the world. My father was originally from Waterford [well thats what i was told as a child] I was born in 1947 and i know very little of my original family as i was adopted at the age of 18mths.

Please look up Aylward Gathering on Facebook and the website these will give you an account of what we have planned. By the way, Faithleg is in Co. Waterford and Aylwardstown is in Co. Kilkenny

Ashleigh Aylward
I have a small family of Aylwards living in Newcastle upon Tyne (uk) who were all born and raised in Ireland! Not sure why my grandparents decided to move to Newcastle!

ernest aylward
Interesting where do i get hold of you

We are having an Aylward Gathering in Waterford Ireland in September 2013. Please look up and our Facebook page aylwardgathering These will explain what we are about. My email address is

Jeffrey Aylward
Jeffrey Aylward here. Im from St Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately im not in contact with anyone else in my family with the same last name so I dont really know anthing about how my family got here. but very interesting stuff. I thought i was like the only one who had the last name. But i was wrong!

Pedro G. Ayluardo
Hi, I'´m from Mexico (yes, Mexico) and I'm looking for some info about my surname origine. Grandma says some british and irish came here in XIX century for silver mines and stuff and one of them was surnamed Ayluard or Aylward. I would like to know if anybody knows were can I seek for some info about Aylwards coming to Mexico about 1824-forward. Thank your very much. I will apreciate your help.

Jade Aylward
There are also a couple of Aylwards in South Africa as some Aylwards from the UK decided to sail around the coast and crashed there :)

John Aylward
Do you know about the Aylward gathering, and on Facebook. Read more:

Surname Database: Aylward Last Name Origin
Last name meaning Aylward: This interesting surname derives from a popular Germanic personal name, found in the Olde English pre 7th Century as 'Aethelw ...

Alicia Aylward
I wish it had been possible for me to attend the Aylward gathering. I've only traced my family members back to the eastern US seaboard in the mid 1800's, but I know that one of my uncles (who lived in another part of the country) visited family in Waterford Co. years ago. Best wishes to all.

Chantell Aylward
I'm from South Africa. I have tried to trace back my family members but haven't got very far - I have however found out about Alfred Aylward - who knows, some of us might be related back to him .. : "

Patrick Aylward
My mother's maternal grandfather was named Patrick Aylward. My mother always thought he was Irish, but recently saw a movie about a British woman named Aylward and now she wonders...isn't it possible some Irish people could also have this name? The British did conquer Ireland.

Debra Allwardt
Interesting read! The Allwardt line of my family appears to be a close match. The ancestors I know of hail from Germany (the dt ending seems more Germanic to me). I'd be fascinated to find info about any connection between the names.

Alexander Aylward
I am now very intrigued into whether any of you in the chat could be a distant relative. My grandfather Harold Aylward came from Ireland and met my grandmother Irma in Egypt during the Second World War. Harold had a previous family back in Ireland but we never got to know them. Unfortunately I cannot provide any more information but it would be nice to know what happened to them.

Keegan Aylward
My Aunt, who is an Aylward, did the research on our family lineage through I have just recently completed the Ancestry DNA myself and would be open to any relatives that may be out there. You should all do Ancestry DNA and it will tell all of us Aylwards if we are Family. As far as my family lineage, as of what I know, I am a mixture of Irish, German, French Canadian, Polish and or Belgian. At least from what I know of Family record.

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