Last name: Bailey

This most interesting surname has three distinct origins. Firstly it can be an occupational name for a steward or official from the Old French "baillis" or "bailif", and middle English "bail(l)". The word survives in Scotland as "bailie", the title of a municipal magistrate, but in England has developed into "bailiff", an officer of the court. The second source is topographical, denoting one who lived by the outermost wall of a castle or fortified town from the middle English "bail(l)y" as can be seen in the case of the Old Bailey in London which was part of the early medieval walls. Thirdly, the surname can be locational, from "Bailey", in Lancashire which means "berry wood". One Roger le Baylly appeared in the Suffolk Pipe Rolls in 1230, while the Assize Court Rolls of Lancashire recorded a Ralph de Baylegh in 1246. Walter Bayley (1529-1593) educated at Winchester and fellow of Oxford, was Queen Elizabeth's physician. One William Butterworth Bayley (1782-1860) an Anglo-Indian, was educated at Eton and rose to the rank of Governor-general of India (1828-1830), he later became a director of the East India Company. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Roger le Baylly, which was dated 1230, in the Suffolk Pipe Rolls, during the reign of King Henry 111, known as "the Frenchman", 1216 - 1272. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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bernadette karen bailey
fantastic love this xxx

hi bernadette karen this is yo`re5 newst frriend its chrisbailey age 31 you said its fantasticget kown him better

Gerard Bailey Burwell
Wow this page really is helpful...

I was born a Bailey and it seems to me, judging from the comments, that there are a lot of Baileys who don't know how to spell!

Richard D Bailey
I am a Bailey whose father grew up in Hartford, CT. I now live about 15 miles north of Plymouth, MA. At the end of my street is an old cemetery. Some headstones go back to the 1600's. There are Bailey's galore in there. Nearly all were born in England earlier in the 17th century. Most seem to be from the area of Stratford, England. Bailey is one of the oldest names in America. By the way... how many people were aware that one use of the world Bailey is the courtyard of the ancient English castles - Including Windsor Castle - which were designed shortly after the Norman invasion of 1066. They are known as 'Motte and Bailey' castles. My e-mail is I would be happy to walk down the street to the old Grove Cemetery and take pictures and send them. It is a great family name. be proud of it.

dave bailey
Hi im dave bailey from Staffordshire in the uk. Looking to trace my family tree. Any advice would be great. Thanks hope to hear soon!

suzanne bailey
hya there dave.i am also from and still in dads name was kenneth bailey and has always lived in the stoke on trent area of staffordshire,any relation do you think?

My supervisor is a Bailey. Hope to know more.

Nate Bailey
I was born a Bailey here in Michigan. My family is massive on both sides, but the Bailey name is somewhat scarce among them. However, every single Bailey in my family, including myself, is a business owner. My dad owns a real estate firm, mom owns a propane company, brother owns a property management business, uncle owns a pet store, cousin owns a restaurant, and I own a web design firm. We Baileys are also a bit of a legend around here for being the most brutally honest people you'll ever meet.

Anyone else have a similar feeling about being a Bailey?


Ronald Lynn Bailey US AIR FORCE (retired) Educator, (retired)
My father, James Albert Bailey was born in Indian Territory, 1907before statehood. Grandfather, William Jasper Bailey, came from Arkansaw. Don't know much beyond that. Quite interested in more information.

I challenged HSH Douglas Bailey claim of Clan Chief of the Bailey's , that he had no right to claim such a tittle.and is NOT recognize. It is a cult and he is a fake ! Don't believe me ..ask the House of Lords.

Sue Bailey

I was born a Bailey in Reading, Berkshire, England. As far as I know my descendants were only labourers and have been in the Berkshire since 1800's.

William Kerry Bailey

I am a Bailey born in Mooresville North Carolina. I am trying to find which country my family is from. Anybody with any information send me an E mail

Deanna Lambert

I am also a Bailey, My great Grandfather came from Ireland. I need so much help in locating and determining ancestry. Thanks

eunice bailey

i was told my ancestors originated in Staffordshire,England, my ancestors settled in Newfoundland and Labrador

Corey L. Bailey

I assume that Baileys, regardless the genetic relation, are strung about all over the British Isles and North America. I am a Bailey from Mississippi, USA.

Ricki Bailey Campbell

I am a Bailey... and have been using to track my Bailey side of the family.. From what I can tell so far is starting in England, to Salem, Mass. to the Carolinas to Georgia and onto Texas then Oklahoma and onto Arizona, I live in Oklahoma, much of the Bailey's are in or around Duncan/Davis, Oklahoma and Arizona. I live in Oklahoma... I to am interested in anyone who has some info on the Bailey ancestry and name...

Berkley A. Savage Jr.

My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Bailey. She hailed from the Eastern shore of Maryland. Her father was first cousins to Frederick Douglass (Bailey). Is this slave owning family (Bailey) family from England, or Ireland?

Lee Collum

My given name at birth was Kenneth Mark Bailey,my name was changed after being adopted at 2 months old in Jan. 1960.i would like to find out more about my family i believe some to be in Mississippi,and maybe to learn more about family origin and background,

Marsha Bailey
I am a Bailey born in Jamaica. Everybody on the Bailey side were born in Jamaica going back a quite a few generations.

Dan (Danny) W. Bailey
I am from a large family of Baileys from central West Virginia. Our English ancestor, Stephen Bailey, left Gloucestershire, England and arrived in Virginia around 1655 (Westmorland County). The family moved to Fauquier, VA around 1720 and migrated across the mountains to what is now Lewis County, WV around 1800. I am interested in family history prior to migrating to the colonies in the mid 1600's. Anyone with information on the Stephen Bailey family from Gloucestershire, England, email me at

Sonja Connor
My grandmother was a Bailey. As far as we know, she was born in Iron City Tennessee. I was looking for anything. There was no recording of her birth, so...Anything would be helpful! I believe she was born in 1917

Allanna Bailey
Our family came from Ireland. I was told Belfast but not sure.

Russell Bailey
Bailey, my family is from rome georgia. Lookin for more of us in the world. Currently in houston tx area.

Kennedy Bailey
Haha I sure do hope im related to some of you, but not sure.

Hope Bailey
I'm 13 years old. It's really interesting to hear and learn about my family, its history, and ancestors. If any of you Baileys out there can give me any information on the Bailey family's older history, please email me at

Brittany Bailey
My grandfather (last name Bailey) is full native american. What?

Tracy bailey
My family came from Stoke audley my grandfather Kenneth Bailey great grandfather Jack Bailey wounder if any one related to me thanks my email is

Amy Bailey
Does anyone know Adrian Bailey

Jeaneau bailey
Does anyone now a Leon Bailey never meet my grandmother Leon Bailey is my long lost father Michigan is his hometown

Betty Bailey
Does anyone know a Robert R. Bailey or a Joan E. Hoffman, used to live in Multnomah County, Oregon , lived in Tacoma, Washington at one point. Birth Parents and i am looking to reconnect with them.

Mary Larimer Edmonson
Is Eileen Bailey of Tennessee still alive? I don't know her married name, if any. She gave birth to a baby girl on May 11, 1949, in Long Beach, California. Her sister lived there.

Andrew Bailey
I am a Bailey from the northeast of England.There are a few of us around Northumberland and Durham

Felipe Bailez
I am Bailez, and still trying to find the origin of the name, the farthest i came was from wexford in ireland and then to basque, could Bailez and the words bail, baillis be from the same origin??

Read more:

Bailey also comes from Bilal. Bilal was the first Muslim to give the call to prayer. If you are an African American Bailey, your ancestors may be from Sapelo Island in Georgia, USA. About 30% of American slaves were Muslims kidnapped from Africa. Kunta Kinte (Roots: by Alex Haley) was a Muslim with Animist Traditions. Many African American Muslims consider themselves reverts, not converts.

Lacey Ingram
My Mother's last name was Bailey, but I do not know much of our Family history. We are in Ohio, USA.

Charlotte Bailey
My maiden name is Bailey(Obviously , you can tell!). I've heard most of my family's from Australia & New Zealand. Other than that , i don't have any idea about my family history.

eunice bailey
i am a bailey from Canada, there are quite a few Baileys in Canada

John Francis Bailey Jr
I know nothing about my father's side of family. Any help would be appreciated.

Martha Bailey
My Grandfather originated from Newbury VT, landed in Bow NH and is laid to rest back in Newbury VT. I noticed the different name spellings in the graveyard when I was there. Our family tree is from New England area.

Melissa jean Daniels maiden name bailey.
I have never known or met any of my father's family. He left home as a teen. He's from Oklahoma. And may have many siblings

What is the meaning of my last name

Kennedy Bailey
I'm always having trouble finding out who I'm related to, I only know my dads name and his brother, and I know most of my moms side of the family, it's difficult to find my grandparents and great grandparents side of the family, it would be pretty interesting if i was related to anybody on here.

I live in Ohio, and my ancestors came from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and Wales.

Michael C. Bailey
Hello fellow Bailey's, my lineage is from vast parts of Europe Italy Greece and from what I understand a bit Middle Eastern Jew. Additionally it is my understanding that my family has ancestors in Ohio, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts etc. I have traced back 23 generations of the Bailey family but branching out is quite a task. I can tell you that if you are also somewhere related to a Mercer in your blood line then you are most like related to me! Happy hunting on the ancestry facts my fellow long lost cousins!

Leza Bailey
I am on a quest of research to find my ancestors, cousins, sisters and brothers! As far as i know i traced back to my immigrant forefather of Stephen Bayley in Virginia's Great House and then from there it gets tricky with The Kings, Queens, and all those from Scotland, England, France and more, I go about either backtracking from my bailey family or to go forwards from out of africa and through migrations! There is a de Balliol i have circled around but then the name change to de Lindsay! I will find the truth!

Janice Bailey
Does any one have Alexander Bailey Born: 07 Jun 1822 or 1824 Illinois Death: 13 Dec 1894 Pettis, Missouri and would have any information on his parents? You can contact me at Thank You!!!

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