Last name: Ball

This interesting name has a number of possible derivations. Firstly, it may be of early medieval English origin, from a nickname for a short, rounded person, derived from the Middle English "bal(le)", ball, a development of the Olde English pre 7th Century "bealla", and influenced by the Old Norse "bollr". In some cases the nickname may have referred to a bald man, from the same word used in the sense of a round, hairless patch on the skull; interestingly, the modern English term "bald" derives from a contracted form of the Middle English "ballede", from "bal(le)" with "-ede", that is, "having a balle". Secondly, the surname Ball may be topographical in origin, from the same term, "bal(le)", used in the transferred sense of denoting someone who lived by a knoll or rounded hill. Finally, Ball may derive from the Old Norse personal name "Balle", of obscure etymology, but believed to be derived from "bal", torture, pain, or the Old German personal name "Balle", from "bald", bold. Early recordings of the name from each of these derivations include: Robert le Bal (1296, Sussex); Henry atte Balle (1327), Somerset); and Norman Balle (1183, Northamptonshire). One Robart Ball was a very early emigrant to the American colonies; he is recorded as resident in Virginia in 1624, having arrived in the "London Marchant" in 1619, a year before the arrival of the "Mayflower's". The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Godwin Balle, which was dated 1137, in the "Early London Personal Names", by E. Ekwall, during the reign of King Stephen, known as "Count of Blois", 1135 - 1154. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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serigne maguette ball
i am senegalese and my name is ball and i do not understand

Kentucky seems to big on the ball family. critt and Virginia ball are my grandparents my father larry and mother Sonia Bledsoe are from blackmont ky and went to hall high

Garrett ball
Short rounded person why

Laura Ball
My dad was James A Ball and his father was Arnold Roscoe Ball
from Cambridge Springs , Pa.
I thought Ball was German.

Caitlin Ball

My grandfathers family were from the Birmingham area and most of them still live in England.

James Michael Ball

From Portsmouth Virginia, family coat of arms from England. Relatives of Washington's wife. Any relatives?

Danielle Christine Ball

my dad is the youngest of five children his name is Daniel Joesph Ball and my grandpa's name is bob ball I don't remember his dad's name and my family has alot of different things in it we are native American some of my family comes from ireland and England that's all I know and George Washingtons family seems to have alot in common with mine a couple of years ago my grandpa bob went on and he told he that we are related to George Washington .

carla Ball Weaver

From Ireland

My grandfather was William henry ball, am trying to find out his lineage, he died young as a result of flu epidemic, he married Helen v. looker in about 1903. I thought he had irish in his lineage.thankyou

Sharon ball
My grand father & great grand father were Charles Sydney ball and from west midlands England would love to know where ball originated from

Name not required, go to dust
Wow, how ridiculous is this?? Who is behind this site, a BAL worshiper trying to hide the true origins of this angland, yes angland, or angles who call themselves angels, because they are of the fallen angles/angels, BAL is a fake god and these fakes come from england, britian, wales, ireland and scandinavia, then german and austria-hungary, after mixing with the red headed edomites in asia minor, yeah that place my CREATOR hated, like egypt which by the way was really in BRITAIN/wales, the maps are their lies to cover up the truth,, like this site, bal is a fake god and they also use bel, bella, etc! See the dragon/ eagle at the top of this page, it's symbolic of BAL! Your time is almost done here enemies of my Creator! England/Scottland/britain/wales/ireland/scandinavia: norway/sweden/finland are the filthiest place on earth today, but were once the true holy land they stole from us!!

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