Last name: Barnes

This interesting surname has three possible origins; firstly, it may be a topographical name or occupational name of Anglo-Saxon origin, for someone who lived or worked at a barn, deriving from the genitive case or plural of the Middle English "barn", a development of the Olde English pre 7th Century "bern", meaning barn, granary. The placename Barnes, on the Surrey bank of the Thames in West London, has the same origin, and some bearers may be members of families hailing from there. Secondly, it may be of Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse origin, and is the name borne by the son or servant of a berne, a term used in the early Middle Ages for a member of the upper classes. It derives from the Olde English "beorn", Old Norse "barn" meaning young warrior. Barne was occasionally used as a given name from an Olde English, Old Norse byname, and some examples of the surname may derive from this use. Thirdly, it may be of Irish origin, an Anglicized form of the Gaelic "O'Bearain", descendant of Bearan, a byname meaning spear. London Church Records list the marriage of John Barnes to Joane Bowes on September 16th 1539 at St. Mary Woolnoth. One Barnabie Barnes was an early emigrant to the New World, leaving London on the "Transport" in July 1635, bound for Virginia. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Philip de Bernes, which was dated 1250, in "Sir Christopher Hatton's Book of Seals of Surrey", during the reign of King Henry 111, known as "The Frenchman", 1216 - 1272. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Sandra Barnes

My husband is a Barnes and we are from Indiana.

Sandra Barnesd

My husband is from indiana and he is a Barnes....

Fraser Anthony Barnes

my name is Fraser Anthony Barnes I am from Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. My fathers name was Fraser Kenneth Barnes and he was from Edinburgh. However his parents moved to Canada and bought a ranch and I really wish i could dig deeper into my family tree. I am very new to this kind of thing so I am not sure about how to go about things feel free to contact me if you have any advice.

Gene Autry Barnes

My name is Gene Autry Barnes. my great grand father was Thomas Barnes SR my grand father was Thomas Barnes JR my father was James Cleveland Barnes they say they were from England. can some one posting on here help me out with that.

Jason Barnes

Well I was born in Trinidad and Tobago, and to be honest I'd like to know I believe its irish but uncertain.

Judy Tomlin

My gg grandfather was William Charles Barnes b. 08 Jan 1843 in Whitechapel, Middlesex, England and his parents were John Barnes and Mary Edge. I have his marriage record, and his death record. He married Jane Robertson Paxton b. 19 Sep 1843 in South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. They had Beatrix, John, William, David and Mary. Then he married Euphemia Hook b. 1843 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland and they had William, Euphemia, Andrew (died at birth), and Annie - my great grandmother. I do not know any info on John and wife Mary Edge, except their Marriage 1833 18 Aug Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England at St. Chad's. Hope to find marriage record and maybe siblings.

brittney barnes

Hello to all my missing family members my name im Brittney Barnes I was born in Augusta Georgia . My dad and I was just sitting talking and watching the movie red tails . He told me that my grandfather that passed 3years ago started fighting in a segregated army which he was in for 36 years on paper tell he was force to retire from what I know from Charleston MS we have family that I know in Ohio Chicago MS Maryland and Georgia ...I was jus wonder beyond the US and currently searching for my African tribe ....

Black Moon

Cedric Michael Barnes India , Now i have no ideas Beyond That :)

randell barnes
how many people has the same name

michael r barnes
Hey guys my names michael barnes, i live in county durham. in the north east of the uk. im trying to research my family history but i have a problem. My biological dad is called Randall (Andy) Barnes, he walked out on me, my brother, sisters and my mother. I have no contact with him. Because of this im finding it hard to follow my family tree if any one recognises my fathers name please let me know. My email is

Rochelle Barnes
WOW, I had no clue there were so many Barnes'. I am from Washington, DC and apparently there are a number of Barnes' there. My grandmother is 1 of 19 so I have no idea how large my family is. I would like to know more though.

I'm looking for an Alfred/Albert Barnes who was a US GI in the 1950s, maybe you can help me , he would of spent time in the UK in Butonwood army base.
He is of Afro-American race . If you could help me My email is

Dee Barnes

Hi, came across your request. Did you find him?

John Scott Barnes
Hello, fellow Barnes. Another hard-headed Barnes here - currently near Richmond (Virginia, not England). I can only trace my lineage to around 1780 in Maryland. There's some evidence I'm descended from Richard Barnes, a bishop from South Lancashire in the 1500s. I hope to find some confirmation.

Ernesto Borio Barnes
Hi, we're from Argentina, our branch of Barnes came here on the XIX century from South Africa and before that from England of course.


Hi Ernesto, I am the great granddaughter of William George Barnes whose brother James Augustus Marsden Barnes emigrated to Argentina. I can probably give you information on our branch of the family, although sadly the Barnes name has died out in this branch as all his grandchildren were female. There was another brother, Frederick Charles, who went to Australia. I have seen a site on the internet where one of his descendents has posted information. Their sister, Mary Emma, married her cousin, Henry Durell Barnes. I believe she had one son (not sure if any issue) and two daughters. Please reply if you want any more info. Best wishes to all relatives in Argentina, Jo Andrews

Agustin Allovero

Hi Jo, James Augustus Marsden Barnes was my Great Great GrandFather, I'm trying to make my family tree so any information related to my ancestors would be very appreciated. I know that he married Helen McGaul (in some places appears as Helen, Helena or Elena, and also as MacGarrell). My email for anything is Thanks if advanced, Agustin

Fabian Barnes
Hi I am from Jamaica, I am searching for my Barnes family linage, there are may Barnes in Jamaica and also In Trinidad and I was hoping to connect with them.

Adrian Barnes
Good day fabian,

I live in England, my family are also from Jamaica, how common is the name Barnes over there? Is it like smith in England?

Hayden Barnes
Wow. Usually there's only trouble with so many Barnes around! I'm from Mississippi, and I have no idea how my family got the name or where we came from. But it's super cool to talk to my potential long lost relatives!

Sarah Mc B
Hey you don´t happen to have a relative call alfred or albert barnes with a sister called myra , trying to track part of my family. x
If you could help could you please email me :)


my family is from mississippi i really dont know much about them

Clark Barnes
I'm from Southeastern North Carolina, and I love being a Barnes! Rock on Barnes's where ever you might be!

Jacob Barnes
i cant figure this out my family is pretty much all german how did we come from enland??

Danielle Barnes

Hi Jacob, you have my grandfather's name :) We're in Canada, and from somewhere in England.

Jesse Barnes
Yet another Barnes checking in from the eastern part of North Carolina. I can't say with any absolute certainty where my family originated. I know it came from England by the turn of the 19th century at least and there the trail ends. Family lore has it that our branch was not exactly the noblest of peoples and were run out of the country under odd circumstances. Now this is not something to be proud of but the lineage itself is said to trace back to the Scots lowlands. I really wish I knew the whole story since I grew up understanding that nic timeo nec sperno (neither fear nor despise) was our family coat of arms motto. Through the best of times and the worst of times, I'm still proud to have such a surname. God bless us all!

Christopher Barnes, Jr.
Yo,This Christopher Barnes and i would like to say there are many good first name before Barnes and I would like to say God bess use for letting use have the last name of Barnes

Sharon Barnes
Hi everyone I'm a Barnes from United Kingdom I canot find anyone or anything on my family history my dad died aged 61 over thirty years ago and I cannot find anyway of tracing family history my dad did have brothers and sisters from Southampton England as far as I know but keep looking but keep coming up against brick walls my dad was born in 1921

Stuart Barnes
Hi Sharon, All my relatives are from Portsmouth, just round the coast. Please feel free to contact me for any further information I can help you with. Regards

Curtis Delicata
I am researching Barnes families too. It will be useful to have names of any siblings, dates of death and any spouses names that you know of. I have a found a few Norman Barnes born between 1921 and 1923 (You said died 30 years ago aged 61 which is 1922) First you would need to find a birth certificate for your father which would list his parents (Including maiden name of mother). Then you would need to find marriage of parents which would list both of their fathers names and other information which will help find further ancestors. You contact me on Regards, Curtis Delicata

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Doreen Barnes
My family is from County Cork, Ireland

joanne bobridge
hi Doreen, i am currently researching a Barnes family from Cork, namely a Stephen Barnes born 1794 in Paul, Cornwall, he was in the Irish Coastguards, married to a Margaret ?, children i know of Margaret, Stephen, Richard, Mary Jane, Richard came to South Australia, and his elder sister Mary Jane died from consumption on the journey... would you be of the same family? Joanne

Sharon Barnes
My birth name is sharon Barnes my dads name was Norman frank Barnes I think he was from Southampton area not definite on that don't know anything about back round of my family and have not been able to find any relatives although I think he had brothers and sisters

Elizabeth Barnes
Hey fellow Barnes'. I think it is really cool that there are so many Barnes' commenting hear. Love you all from Australia

Jason Barnes
Btw. Im from Trinidad 5th Gen

Jason Barnes
Its great to see so many. I mean I always wanted to know the geneology of the name.

Kelli Barnes
Yup my family is very head strong. Hard workers too. I'm from australia

Jesse Barnes
LoL Kelli, it seems whomever I talk to in the family, they all agree that we seem to be THE most head strong/hard headed people around. Sometimes this is a good thing, other times..... well..... I think it better in the long run. Some of my folks are insanely hard headed.

Sneha Barnes
Hello all the Barnes......, I am so glad to read so many posts from Barnes. I am forth generation since India got Independent and it was my great Grand Father William Barnes who decided to settled down in India in Chennai. Then after my Grand Father-Mr. James W. Barnes who settled in one of the states named as Gujarat and so since last more than 60-65 years we are in this state. Till my knowledge we have never met Barnes surname people else in India except my own cousins residing in the parts of other state of India known as Maharashtra. My father-Mr.Stanislaus J. Barnes tried to find people with same surname but we could not so it would be great if any one residing with same surname get into contact with us.

Nashvin Barnes
Hey Sneha could you please contact me? my id is I am from Karnataka, Mangalore

Liam Barnes
Hi sneha

Our branch of the Barnes family from Co Dublin, Ireland have Stanislaus and William as recurring first names. Quite unusual so it's likely we fell from the same tree.

theodore barnes
are all you barnes head stong

Jesse Barnes
Uh.... YEAH! I think it was hard wired in our genes from the moment of conception.... every last one of us.

Helen sawyer ( nee Barnes)
Hi I am from Leeds originally, have traced members of my family in Yorkshire, my great grandfather, was William Thomas Ingle Barnes who was married to Betha Bache. If there are any Barnes's reading this post who have similar ancestors, please contact me on Re being strong headed , yes I would certainly agree its a family trait and ongoing down the line.

Gene Randall Barnes
I live in Perryton, Texas and would love to trace my ancestry!

theodore barnes
iam from rsa

Georgia Barnes Jones
It would be great if all you proud Barnes people would have a DNA Y-chromosome test so we can tell whoes who, Especially those Barnes from other countries who would like to hook up with we Barnes in the United States.

Hello everyone, I am a bit surprised at what i am reading as my last name Barnes came from my Grandfather, on my mothers side, who is 3/4 Blackfoot Native American and where i live, native country....there are so many Barnes streets. Yet i have not been able to find anything with Barnes last name heritage coming from the Native American origin....anyone else have this las tname that is Native? My father however Is almost full German and his last name is Schroth, pretty explanatory haha, so i am not a full blooded Native. I am just trying to trace back the Barnes last name.

Briget Barnes Hulse
Its funny that you say your 3/4 Blackfoot from the Barnes side of your family, my fathers family has Blackfoot on his side also. We are from the States...New Jersey.

That's funny I got blackfoot in me from my dad who is barnes bur we get it from his moms side, there outa nebrask but I don't kno much more. I'm tryna get proof but I don't know his gmas native name who was fullblood

That's funny I'm blackfoot from my dad who's barnes but the blackfoot comes from hisoms side who's gma was a full blood registered blackfeet. Id like to trace it but I don't know her native name. I get cherokee from the barnes. Its possible the reason u can't trace it is because it was common for indians back in the day to make up white man names when they married whites. The natives were very discrimanated against

Dave Barnes
Hey Barnsey..... Am 5th generation Australian Barnes. Have tracked back to James Barnes 1835 - 1926, born in Horringham, Wiltshire, England and married to Elizabeth Nueman 1838 - 1925. James and Elizabeth were the first in my line to settle in Australia (Queensland) in 1864. As far as I can tell we are all drawn to shenanigans (look it up if you don't understand!) I have helped create the oldest Barnes boys in the next generation of our line. Use your Barnes charm for good.

Elizabeth Barnes
Hi Dave Barnes I think that we might be related distantly. I live in Australia and have a relative called James Barnes who was born in 1838 who came to Australia. Do you happen to know who the parents of James Barnes were. My research says that their names were Stephen Barnes and Honor Oliver.

Dave Barnes
It is great to read about all the Barnes lines. I'm from TEXAS (5th generation) with my greatx4 grandfather coming from Missouri. His father came from Kentucky. Finding out about other Barnes is cool!

Hi my grandmother was a Barnes she was born in Haddington, Derbyshire but later moved to Manchester. There are 4 generations who worked as bargemen- William born? Edward born act.1827, Thomas born 1854 and William born 1877. They seemed to have worked on the canals from the mid 1850's until about 1895. They seemed to have travelled between Lancashire, Cheshire and Derbyshire. What a hard but exciting life this must have been. My grandmother remembered sitting on the barge with her slate learning her numbers.

N. Barnes
Hi, I'm from Sydney Australia. As far as I know my ancestor came from England to Australia in the second fleet as a convict. Would love to get into it and find out more!!

Julie Barnes

I'm a Barnes by marriage 24 yrs to Raymond Eugene Barnes born 1971 in Kansas son of Hernry Lilburn Barnes born 1942 in Missouri, his father and mother were Henry O & Lilian May Barnes. The O stands for Ollie (not sure on the spelling) Lilys Maiden name Lyons. I have no info beyond that. I am going to start researching it. Very interested, this would be awesome to have for my 3 sons

M. Barnes
Hello all other Barneses, I am a Barnes from Colorado but mygreat grandparents migrated here from Kentucky. Ian proud to be half Irish and Half English. Of course I am also proud to be a Barnes! much love to all the other Barneses out there.

L B Reed
Hello to all Barneses everywhere! I am a maiden-name Barnes residing just outside Nashville Tn. My heritage is Native American and Scott. My dad's maternal grandmother was a Buchanan and we've traced some of that branch of the Barnes family to Edinburgh. His paternal grandfather and grandmother were Cherokee. I'm truly a mongrel! I was teased about my surname in elementary school and called 'Barnyard'. Ever since then I've associated it with barns although I had no idea it could mean exactly that!

christopher barnes, jr.
ohh thats good

Briget Barnes Hulse
Funny that you say you were teased with the name barnyard...same brother was teased a lot too...trying carrying the name Barney Barnes around...LOL

Misty O'Donnell
Hi all my maiden name is Barnes, I am American born in Mississippi, I lived in Ireland for a while and did not meet any other Barnes there.

matthew mixon
Hi my name is Matthew mixon. My great great grandparents were Albert George Barnes, and Clara smith Barnes from fredrick Maryland. I'm wondering if anyone know of and African American Barnes family who were mixed with Irish ancestry

I'm looking for an Alfred/Albert Barnes who was a US GI in the 1950s, maybe you can help me , he would of spent time in the UK in Butonwood army base.
He is of Afro-American race . If you could help me My email is

Dee Barnes

Hi, came across your request. Did you find him?

Manuel Barnes
Hi all, i'm Barnes from spain, i not know how much generations of barnes where in spain before mine, anyway we are the 5º generation here that i know. I see someone from Brazil that says her father comes from spain, so he belogs from the same as me for sure. Can someone of England help me and send me his family three, or what he/she finds to try to find the conection from england to spain? Thank you very much for all the Barnes in the world.!! PD: Sorry for my bad english, i try to do my best.

Ricardo Barnes
My grandfather on my father side was Spaniard. His birth name was Juan Alfonso Barnes Vasquez. He was born in a village called Nerva, Huelva province. His family was originally from other village called Mecina Bon Baron, Andaluzia not very far from Granada. His parents with three children ( my grandfather included ) immigrated to South America in early 1900´s. They went to Argentina first and to Brazil a few years later. They had 9 or 10 boys so there are many descendants of the Barnes family from this branch in Brazil.

Hi my name his joseph barnes from wigan i had two brothers and a sister iwe were born in ince wigan. I have been tryin to find my step brother itwaz said he was living in the yorkshire area from born . I have hadno joy infinding him or his name . Also any other long lost family members .

Kyle Martyn Barnes
Hi Fellow Barnsey's I am a Barnes from Lancashire England and My father has recently done our Family tree back to around 1550. Most of them originated from Lancashire and some from Liverpool which for me being from Manchester was a bitter pill to swallow lol. All the very Best! P.S I have just added a Barnes to the tree after marrying my beautiful wife Emma and giving her the best surname there is!

Albert Barnes
I am a Barnes as well my family is from Virginia, USA one of the first settled in the area. I am Albert Barnes an old family name, my brother is Robert another old family name for us. I appreciate our history as Barnes's.

Im looking for an Alfred/Albert Barnes who was a US GI in the 1950s, maybe you can help me , he would of spent time in the UK in Butonwood army base.
He is of Afro-American race . If you could help me My email is

Barnes F. Miller
My first name is Barnes, have no ideal where my parents got it from......It isn't used by any known relative as first or last? Maybe God parents? Nice to know I'm not the only Barney!

Christopher Barnes
Im a Barnes...I live in Newfoundland and im a Newfie!!!...Best people alive are newfies b'yy...We got da accents and everyting b'yyy....Love ya all...My Barnes family comes from NEWFOUNDLAND <3

Danielle Barnes

Hi Christopher, I'm also a Barnes from Newfoundland. My grand father is Jacob George Barnes who came from Harbour Mille, NL. His mother's name is Hilda Barnes and he had an aunt Jane Barnes who passed away a few years ago. I wonder if we're distant relatives. My email is if you have any info that would be great, thanks.

David Barnes
Hi I'm a Barnes who's father was born in south Wales and his father was born near worester. Would love to here from anyone who thinks we are related.

Jack Barnes
Great Warriors we are indeed! May the Barnes family name continue to thrive in the times to come!

K.barnes from a great noble family :-)

C. Barnes
Well all i know is that im not English so i must be irish or Anglo-Saxon

S. Barnes
William BARNES - 1801-1886 BORN-Bagber Dorset A writer and poet. A very interesting Barnes for all concerned. Especially those with an interest in English literature and poetry. I hope you all take time and research via google this very intersting (Barnes) man.

Deanna Barnes
Greetings to all Barnes' worldwide, I am Deanna(Dena) and an online friend of mine told of the surname to be originally Scottish, Bearnes, which is a space or gap, so I can see over time how nomadic the tribes were and how spellings change. Always wondered for ages how as I am Black and how the name came about,since I never married,and all 3 of my kids are Barnes' as well. i love my surname and will retain it, always.There's a lot of history behind it, being as what type of work and regions where the tribes lived also what they may have lived in.never teased on it,one of my school counselors called me,Barnsie.Thanks to all of you!

Sarah Barnes
Hello there I'm a Barnes and I'm really proud of it! I'm from England and I'd just like to say how nice it is to be read by Barnes' from other countries. I was looking on the Internet about what Barnes meant when I went to powder my nose. When I came back I realised that a notice had popped up. I clicked on it and here I am, on this website. I must say I'm very fond of it and whenever I want to know the origin of a surname, I know where to come!

Fabio Barnes
I´m from Brasil and my family came from Spain.... how did Barnes appear there??? I don´t know.... Hello to all Barnes around the world.

paula lea dorethy barnes
im a barnes from lancs,england would love to know any history at all,thankyou

Anne E Horn nee Barnes
My maiden name is Barnes,married & now Horn,its not a bad surname but love my maiden name Barnes. My dad was from the UK & I was born in S.A. love to all the Barnes families.

Emily Barnes
everyones changed my name to barnsie babes

Jhana Barnes
Hi! all the Barnes' :) lol technically we're all family :p

Linda J. Barnes
Hi Barnes' Folks! We love our surname and are constantly doing genealogical research. So far our Barnes ancestors originated in Carroll Co, MD & Washington, DC. Tony & Linda Barnes From the REAL New Jersey Shore!

Sebastian Barnes
I'm proud to be a Barnes :-) ...and hello to all the other Barnes' out there

Shaun Barnes
Well Im a Barnes and I certainly dont know where it all started......I do know however that its was somewhere in England! I am a 3rd Generation Barnes living in Australia.


Hi I am looking for Ron Barnes who visited the Philippines around 1982-1983 thank you