Last name: Barnett

Although this famous surname is of early Anglo-Saxon pre 7th Century origins, its longevity in Ireland is such, and its spread through the country so embracing, that it may also be regarded as Irish in its own right. Found in the spellings of Barnet, Barnett, Barnatt, Burnet, and Burnett, the name is either topographical for one who lived on "land cleared by burning" (Baernet) or is a derivative form of the personal name "Bernhard" meaning "brave-bear". The earliest recordings are those of Brictnod de la Bernet in Sussex, circa 1200, and John Barnet, Bishop of Worcester and Treasurer of All England, who died in 1373. The early recordings in Ireland include Steven Barnatt of Templemore, Derry, christened on May 20th 1660, whilst other recordings include: John Barnett of Macroom, on May 4th 1773; Denis Barnett of Rosscarbery, on November 6th 1864; and Cornelius Barnett, and his wife the former Ellen Hurly, who were witnesses at the christening of their son, John, at Skibbereen, County Cork, on May 2nd 1866. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Jane Barnett, which was dated January 29th 1656, marriage to James Davison, in County Derry, Ulster, Ireland, during the reign of Commonwealth, 1649 - 1659. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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I am looking for any relatives of George Barnett (now aged 39) from Northern Ireland


Greetings, fellow Barnetts! My name is Joy Barnett, and I'm researching my father's side of the family. His name was Lee Roy Barnett, his father's name was Jim Barnett, and his mother's name was Sarah Barnett. His great paternal grandfather's name was Jack Barnett (who I believe was from East TN), who married a Polly (I don't know her maiden name, but according to census records, her family was from Indiana). My father had jet black hair, blue eyes, and had told me that he had Cherokee blood. I am awaiting my DNA test results, have reached all I can find from, and would appreciate any other hints as to how to proceed to find out more about my family.

Gary barnett

Hi my name is Gary Barnett and i am 11 and my father is Troy barnett

Stephen Barnett

It was interesting to read many of these posts. My father who is now deceased was Robert Eugene Barnett. He was born in Indiana. His father (my grandfather) was John Thomas Barnett. I was told that my grandfather was an orphan so tracing my family roots would be difficult if not impossible. My grandmother (Sylvia) was a Crawford before marrying my grandfather. I have noticed talk on here about Native American Barnett's. Got me wondering about my father's coal black hair especially since my grandmother's hair was red? Anybody here know any Barnett's from Indiana (Rushville)?

Brian Barnett

My grandfathers brother had a son named John Thomas. He was born in 1927 in jeffersonville IN. Or roughly that time. Not sure if it's same person. My great grandfather also had a brother named Robert B but not sure if middle initial is correct, also not sure of his address.

Leeann Barnett

I am a New Zealand Barnett, of no help. But I have just found this site which might be of interest to you.
Barentje, Barnard, Barnat, Barnatby, Barnet, Barnetskie, Barnett, Barnette, Barnettson, Barney, Barnhardt, Barnitt, Barnitz, Berjinski, Bernard, Bernardi, Bernardo, Bernare, Bernhardt, Bornett ...


My grandfather is supposed to be half Cherokee and half English. He lived in Whitwell TN.


My grandfather was Steven Barnett and his family lived in Berwick up on tweed in the uk


My GGrandpa was Joseph James Barnett born in Kentucky died in Arkansas Ggrandma was Nancy Johnson. I have heard that they were Cherokee but have been unable to find proof. if anyone can help with that I would appreciate it.

Jeff Barnett

What part of Arkansas may I ask? I was born and raised in Arkansas as well as the last several generations of Barnett's. Feel free to email me at if I do not respond on here quickly. Thank you!

David Pacovsky
Hi everybody.
We have found Sidur (The Jewish prayer book) that was dedicated to Eric Hyman John Barnett, sodier of Royal Artillery, 140th Medium Regt by his friend. Eric has died in Italy during the WWII on 30th June 1944. We already know that Eric is burried in Assisi War Cemetary in Italy. We would like to give the Sidur in commemoration to anyone from his family and we hope there is still anyone living. What we have found is, that mother of Eric was Dorothy Pauline Etty Simmons-Barnett of Maida Hill London. We have found some other records of his mother, but it doesn't help us in looking for his relatives. Can you help us to find anyone from his family? If so, let me know on my e-mail:

Jacob Barnett
My fathers great great grandfather was a native american. He was taken from his family and out into a boarding school and they changed his last name to Barnett. He was so young he never remembered what his real given last name was.

Sandra Drayton
Trying to trace my G/G/G Grandfather John Barnett c 1770, don't know when or where he was born, married hephzibar Barker on 14/2/1791 at St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, London and they had 10 children, Susannah b 1791, Ebenezer b 1794, Josiah b 1796, George Caleb b 1800, John Barker b 1801, Hephzibar b 1803. Samuel b 1805, Jane b 1807, Elizabeth b 1809 and Samuel b 1811.All children born in Spitalfields, Clerkenwell. Any info. would be gratefully received. I live in Australia. e-mail Thank you

Glacer Brittany Barnett
My father is Graham Barnett and he comes from New Zealand but he has told me that his father's (my grandfather's) roots trace back to England while his mother's (my grandmother's) roots trace back to Scotland. Any help on this, please?

Sheryl Hooper

My grandfather was Harold Walter Barnett born 1900. What was your grandfathers name please? I am doing my family tree now and might find your grandfather amongst them. I am in NZ. Cheers

Shelley Barnett
I have been a Barnett all my life and live in Toronto Canada. My parents are from Swansea Wales. And the icing on top, we are Jewish. When I was young I thought that Barnett was a Welsh Jewish name - because that were all the Barnetts I knew. It was a shock to me that another Welsh person that I meet didn't even know that there were Jews in Wales. So a big shout to my other Jewish Barnetts..Shalom

Bernadette Barnett
My grandfather was Henry Barnett born 1857 in N. Ireland perhaps Antrim or Tyrone. We were told our ancestors were German/Jewish from Heidelberg and that a far back ancestor was named Beer - he was a Violin maker and came to London and changed his name to Barnett. My grandfather was a Presbyterian who married my grandmother Mary Ann Gallagher who was Roman Catholic from Dumbartonshire in Scotland and his family reputedly disowned him. He had 6 living children and lived and died in Scotland but his roots were in Ireland and possibly Germany far back. Henry died in March 30th 1922 in Greenock Scotland of a cerebral haemorrage at the age of 65 years. We think his father was Edward Barnett and his mother possibly Sara Sanford of Magherafelt Co. Tyrone N. Ireland - does all this ring any bells?

chris bradley
hi bernadette, been trying to find henry for ages and here you are with all the info! MY grandfather was edward barnett, henry's son and mother is eileen, we are the greenock section :) would love to share what we know - email is

mark barnett
Shelley,my dads family name was Barnett,and i think they came from Swansea but lived in Cardiff

Christopher Barnett
My father, a Barnett, was brought up as a child in Swansea. They were Jewish as I am. Hi there!

Christopher Barnett
Hi Shelley, My father was brought up in Swansea. As you say, his family was Jewish as I am. Hi there!

Taylor Barnett
I was wondering if any of you may live in (or near) Arkansas/Mississippi as I live in Arkansas and know i have family in both of the 2 states. The oldest relatives I know are Virgil Barnett, Vera Barnett (Watson), Hazel Barnett.

Ariel Barnett
I live in Arkansas

Debi Barnett
My husband is a Barnett by blood and his family was from Arkansas. My husband was born in a place called Aransas Pass. He has been looking for info on his Fathers family as they traveled all over the country and my husband and his family wound up in Florida. He lost touch with the Arkansas Barnetts.

Jeff Barnett

Where at in Arkansas in particular may I ask? I am also a part of some Barnett's that have resided in Arkansas for many generations now. I am unaware where Arkansas Pass is? Feel free to email me at if I do not respond in a quick manner


Aransas Pass in on the southern coast of Texas.

Barnett CAN be Irish but my family is of Anglo Saxon origin near Abergavenny which is on the border between Wales and England. I have felt that the Barnett's were originally from Ireland. The male Y chromosome id I1 m-253 and this implies Anglo-Saxon or Viking origin. For those that truly want origin,beyond traditional research,pay some money and have the genetic testing done. It will clarify a lot. My mother's MTDNA is H8,which is rare in a woman with primarily Northern Irish roots. Best of luck,but in my humble opinion,to ultimately do it right,you must eventually check the DNA! Brad Barnett

Don Webster
My grandmother, Alice Maud Trollip married a Barnett in the eastern Cape, South Africa, in about 1904. I am trying to trace his origin.

Paul Barnett
I also live in Ohio! My family primarily lives in Tennessee and moved north for work in the middle 1900's. Although I have not been able to recover any records, my family always told me that our Barnett's came from Ayrshire. Is there anyway of being able to trace this? All our old family documents had been destroyed years ago.

Bertha (Barnett) Kirschner
I have done extensive research into the Barnett family. My Gr Gandfather's name ... Peter Barnett who was married to Hughina Campbell Munro

Roger Barnett
Whilst I now live in Melbourne Australia I was born in Sutton Coldfield England. Sutton Coldfield is a town just outside of Birmingham. My family tree goes from Birmingham through Nottingham where my great grandfather was a licensed victualler to Shepton Mallet in Somerset in the early 1800. My ancestor Samual Barnett was in the Napoleonic war as he was absent from the family between 1803 - 1812. Samuel was married to Susannah Adams. The name Adams does suggest an Irish link but I can find no information prior to 1803. I do know they were independent churchgoers. Please contact by email if you have any information

Braxton Barnett
I was born in Idaho, father is Vance Barnett, he was born in Utah. in 1913, He's 99 this year and going for 100+

my names Johnathan Barnett i live in Ohio i'm the son of Jerry Barnett who was born in PA near Waterford he has to brothers named Michel (Mike) we also have family in the Dallas taxes area if i have any relatives out there or people who have qustions that are reading this please contact me @

my father also has a sister that colored but i don't know her name or where shes from

James Barnett
I was born in India, my dad Vivian Barnett was born in 1939, His father James Barnett was born in India on the 24th of April 1886, I don't have any further information, There are no records of my great grandfather.

ann shackleton
If you have any relatives with the surname Barnett born in County Antrim Ireland, please contact me

I have the following relatives from Ireland, not sure if near County Antrim: James Barnett, Londonderry, born 1703 John Barnett, Londonderry, born 1678 William Barnett, Templemore, born 1641

Bev Jenson
My great great grandparents were Charles Barnett and Ann Minna Barnett. They lived in Perth County, Ontario, Canada. Charles died Oct.2. 1913. I have not found out where either one of them was born.

Keith barnett
I was born in Wolverhampton West Midlands.Family lore always said that the Barnetts were Jewish.I have traced the Barnett family back to Hampshire,ISAAC BARNETT .born 1771 .

keith Barnett
I found out that he married MARY ANN COLLINS .b.1777 in Hampshire

My name is Tashann Barnet. My Grandfathers name is Winston Barnett- Cumberbatch he is from Barbados. I am aware he had an Irish Grandfather this is all I know.

carole Barnett
My name is Carole Barnett and my father is/was Willilam Adolphus Barnett who was born in St Ann Jamaica. Anyone related to him?

Mark Barnett
My family are Barnett's. Both from Endeavour District St Ann's Jamaice. John Barnett and Una Barnett. My name is Mark Barnett

Martha Sofronsky
My great grandfather is Andrew Barnett live in Jamaica W.I from Scotland,early late 1800. any information would be helpfull

Lisa Bragg (Barnett) Leavitt
My biological father was Charles Barnett (from West Virginia-believe he was in the military) he and my mother met and he is my father though I apparently only met him when I was a baby or toddler. He later (?) had a son named Mitchell and a wife named Hazel from his obituary -- to my knowlege he died in 1979. If anyone has ANY information about him I would love to find a half-brother that probably doesn't know I exist. 208-604-5472. Thank you!

Stacy Harris

I am looking for the Jewish BARNETTs who are Litvaks and who settled in Des Moines, Iowa, Tionesta, Pennsylvania, Detroit, Michigan and points beyond. The original surname was Rawoy, Ravoy, Ravryvia,or Raveraya.

Brian Binding
My mum was a Barnett and I have traced them back to 1690 in Stogursey Somerset UK. I have always been told we originate fron County Cork in Ireland but can,t find a connection yet Any ideas

Patricia Woodward
My mother was born Mary Barnett in 1916. Her family lived in Schull in West Cork. She as as Irish as they come.

heather barnett
My name is Heather Barnett and I am a direct grand daughter to Pocahantas. As most of you probably know the Barnetts are full of Native Americans. I am cherokee, powatan, choctaw and creek, and probably some for tribes. I am a member of Piqua Shawnee Tribe

i am of the barnett family my gggrandmother was nancy barnett ,i was always told we where cheerokee ,and she was on trail of tears age 4,just wonder you line of barnetts

Clifford L Barnett
Roberta I live in Pa. Born 1947, when I was a little kid my grandmother told me I have cheerokee blood in me that one of my ancestors, a male married a cheerokee woman. That is all I know, I would like to know more about them. I have been trying to find information, with no luck. I am interested in your background.

Brandon Barnett
Hi! I have been told I am part Cherokee. My father still has an Native American knife passed down as a family heirloom. It's handle is made from a thigh bone. Pretty amazing.


Joseph James Barnett and Nancy Johnson were my GGrandparents. I have been told they were Cherokee. But have been unable to find the proof.

Steven rodgers
My name is steven i am from ohio my dads name is richard barnett just wanted to put my name out there with his so if any of my kids try looking up where we come from

heather barnett
thats scary.. my dads name is richard barnett and i have all ready had one brother show up out of wedlock.. we are also from ohio

heather barnett adams
Steven i also wanted to add that i am cherokee as well as powatan. i am a direct grand daughter to Pocahantas.. your post makes me interested. contact me

Johnathan Barnett
Hello Steven my name is Johnathan Barnett i live in Ohio my fathers name is Jerry Barnett but was born in Pa i am the grandson of Jim Barnett we also have family in the tuxes Dallas area my dad has 2 brothers named Mike but one was a step brother and givin the barnett name my dads blood brother passed away no to long ago

I am Sara, maiden name Barnett. I am just starting my search. Trying to trace the earliest records, I am getting conflicting information that we are from Ireland, Scotland, or England. Does anyone know if these clans all have common ancestors?

wilma manson
Hi Sara, I too am a ascendant of the Barnett family whom as far as I know in the past century anyway, came from Ballantrae Ayrshire Scotland. There was thirteen children and i am aware that a number of them left for Canada early 20th century. Oneson Charlie aged 17 was killed in loos france early in the first world war. i have a locket that he gave my granmother when he left to go to war, there is burilal plots still to be seen their father was a gamekeeper. I would love you to get in touch with me

Jim Brand
Hi Wilma My mother was a Barnett whose grandparents were William and Elizabeth Barnett of Innerwick Dunbar, East Lothian. Some of Williams sons were gamekeepers around the Ballantrae area and a number of their children left for Canada in 1910. I am in touch with their family in Canada. I was born in Scotland and now live in NewZealand. We could perhaps be related.

wilma manson
Scotland and Ireland often have a connecting family tree, as it isn't to far away, just 1 hour on a ferry, so it is possible that that would be the case.

Walter Kwolek III
I am 40 years old and live in Connecticut. My Mother is Debra Lynn Barnett from North Carolina. She did some extensive research and traced our ancestors back to 1840's Scotland. My Great Great Grandfathers name was Dever Barnett. He married a Cherokee woman named Georgiana Turnbull who was my biological Great Great Grandmother.

i am a 12 generation decent of William Barnett .William Barnett[72] was born in 1600 in Scotland. He died on 11 Jan 1652 in Londonderry, Ireland.

Andrew Barnett
Do you know where about in Scotland?

Wilma Manson
Hi Andrew, I'v been looking on the internet and see you were contacting a guy named Don. Think his mother Rose was married to my great great uncle and lived in Magnet Manitoba. My grandmother was Betty (Elizabeth) Barnett or Manson, her mother my great grandmother was Hughina and she lived in Ballantrae Ayrshire, Scotland. It would be great if you contact me I would appreciate any information you could give me or I could give you. My Dad's family have been easier traced as we are part of the ascendants of David Livingstone the African Explorer and Missionary

Jim Brand
I am sure we are related as a Hughina married a Barnett. I am currently in Australia on holiday and all my family records are at home in New Zealand. I have a photograph of a Hughina and Archibald Barnett. Please contact me on
Hi Andrew I've posted a message for you on the database, where you were trying to contact Don Barnett

Don Barnett
I have been working on the Barnett Family tree for several years and I have a pretty extensive tree built on William Barnett was born in 1600 in Aberdeen, Perthshire, Scotland.

wilma manson.
Hi Don, was your mother's name Rose. i think i maybe the scottish link you are looking for. The family of Barnetts came from Ballantrae in Ayrshire. My grandmother was Betty (Elizabeth) her mother was Hughina. I would be very pleased if you could contact me on my maiden name is Manson. Betty was married to my grandfather William Manson

JoAnn Greene
Don,I am 6 generation Barnett are more ,my 3greatgrandfather was Meredith Barnett b.1798. I can't find his name except in1830 listed in Anderson S.C. I think maybe he has a first or second middle name I just don't know what it is. His kids were Polly 1830, James H.,1831, Abraham 1833, Meredith Jr.1835, Fanny 1839, Susanah,1841,Elizabeth Jane 1846,And Thomas D.,1847. have you come across these names in your search. if you have information on this Barnett line I would greatly apprecaite your help. They were last located in Newport ,Tn. in 1860 cencus after they fell off radar. Thank you much JoAnn

Andy Barnett
Hi sorry I've not been on in ages! My email is of anyone wants to contact me! I have a good bit of info on my family tree back quite far!

Hi Eric, Me too. William (born 1600 - Scotland), father to William (born 1641 - Ireland), father to John (born 1678 - Ireland), father to James (born 1703 - Ireland), father to James W (born 1738 - Virginia), father to James (born 1778 - Virginia), father to Andrew J (born 1819 - Virginia), father to Andrew A (born 1857 - Virginia), father to Franklin (born 1889 - Virginia), father to Bascom (born 1911 - Virginia), father to Michael Ray, my father, born in Virginia. So "howdy" cousin! :)


To Chery/Barnett-Miglionico, My great grandmother was Sarah Barnett from Bristol, VA and married Edward Goodwin. Their grandson was named Bascom, born 1902. Your grandfather, Bascom, is the only other person I have heard with that name. Any further knowledge where that could have come from? Please email me at

Angie Barnett Moree
So interesting. My name is Angie. Maiden name Barnett. I am from Louisville, Kentucky and my grandfather Ladrew Barnett was born in Ohio County Kentucky (Hartford). We have spent years trying to trace his family. His father is a Green Barnett from Ohio County. I am Black. My father did the DNA a few years ago and the paternal side ends up near Iraq. Go figure. We believe Green was in custody of some relatives who carried the name Bennett. We don't have the name of Green's parents or at least can't correctly trace it. From some records it shows Green Barnett as being mulatto and it's possible his mom was a slave and his father was the owner descended from the Barnett family that migrated from Pennsylvania. There are quite a few Barnetts in Ohio County Kentucky although 95% are White. Would love to know more. Any info would be great.

heather barnett
contact me angie.. at

Adriene Brown
I would like to make contact with you about the Barnett family. Email:

Annita Dial Barnett

I am married to a black Barnett man from KY. Rumor has it that they descend from the white slave owner, too. Please contact me.

Richard Barnett
Barnetts of Worcestershire, UK some of the following names and dates might be of assistance to others interested, all were born and lived within a radius of 15 miles of Worcester: Father - Harold Barnett (1910 - 1992) born Droitwich Spa Grand Father - Andrew Barnett (1872 - 1921) born Droitwich Spa 1st GG - Andrew Barnett (1839 1909) born Droitwich Spa 2nd GG - Andrew Barnett (1807 - 1857) born Droitwich Spa 3rd GG - Thomas Barnett (1786 - XXXX) born Droitwich Spa 4th GG - Samual Barnett (1750 - XXXX) born Claines 5th GG - Samual Barnett (1711 - XXXX) born Claines 6th GG - Samual Barnett (1679 - 1743) born Claines 7th GG - William Barnett (1651 - 1720) born Claines 8th GG - XXXXX Barnett (1629 - XXXX) born Claines Origins from Germany (Barnard) and from what I understand Russia, they came from "bear hunter" or "bear keeper"

Andy Barnett
I'm of the clan Barnett from Scotland I live in Edinburgh :)

wilma manson
Hi Andy, I too have a line to the barnett's but my great great grandfather was a gamekeeper in Ballantrae South Ayrshire, but there appears to be a squad of them scatter throughout scotland. Can you give me any clues. We also have family around Anstruther. contact at

Jim Brand
Are you refering to David Barnett of Anstruther who runs a bakery business if so we are related. Your great great granfather would be my grandfathers brother.

Brittany MaShe' Barnett
another Brittany Barnett here. :) definitely a little irish, have some cherokee indian in me. Not sure what else. This website is cool.

Anyuri Barnett
I'm also Barnett, I'm from the Panam√° Republic also my grandfather is Victor Barnett. He played baseball in the Carribeans in 1943 his name was (LOBO). I don't know how is Ricardo Alberto Barnett, I wants to meet you.

Jane (Barnett) Ohlmeier
Hi. my maiden name is Jane Barnett. My 3 times greatgrandfather was William Barnett who iived in Norwood, Missouri. He was supposedly born near Bowling Green, Kentucky, on Mar 22, 1918 and died in Mar 6, 1884 in Norwood, Missouri. He was married to Margaret Jane Sanders, daughter of Peter Sanders and Marchial Tarbutton. I cannot CANNOT find out who William's parents were! Family information says that his WIlliam's father died when Wm. was 15 & that his mother remarried a man named Quarrels. None of the parents for my William listed online match up with this information that has come down through our family about his father dying in about 1833. Our family has always been told that Wm.s father or grandfather was born on a ship coming to America from Ireland. If anyone has any info on this line PLEASE let me know! This mystery is driving me crazy! lol

Angie Barnett Moree
Many Barnetts in Kentucky. See my post.

Jane Barnett Ohlmeier
Thanks for your reply, Angie! I accidentally hit the thumbs down & can't fix it so please just disregard it. :( Your post was very interesting. Sure wish I could figure out my mystery. Good luck with yours.

brian keith barnett
my great grandfathers name was roy barnett from wells tannery Pennsylvania if there is any of my kin out there let me know thank you email

Ricardo Barnett
My name is RIcardo Alberto Barnett and I am from the Republic of Panama, Central America. My Fathers name is Earl Victor Barnett, also born in Panama. My Grand Father's name was Victor Barnett. He played baseball in the carribeans back in 1943 his nickname was (LOBO). We are not able to gather anymore data. Hopefully, someone has more info....

Anyuri Barnett
My name is Anyuri Barnett and Victor Barnett is muy God Father

Susan norton
My name is Susan norton nee Barnett,I am trying to trace Peterborough barnetts ,my dads name was Samuel,so was my grandad my grandmothers name was Ethel.i believe my great grandads name was Daniel,who worked on the railway,also he was amethodist minister.does anybody know of this branch of the family

Does anyone have ties with a Thomas Barnett of Ireland born around 1864. Married mary & had children by the name of Martha, Mary, Robert & Jean

lisa keys
My ggranmother name was Missouri Barnett and my ggrandfather name is Mandigo Barnett.....anyone ever heard of them?

andy barnett
hi there has anyone got any info on a james barnett or barnet born in auchterarder in perthshire scotland in 1720 thats as far back as i have traced married to a janet guild? we are all scottish with no connection to russia or a jewish connection like ive seen on here.

My Barnett ancestors trace back to a place called Limavady, in County Derry, Northern Ireland, UK. My paternal grandfather, Martin Barnett, emigrated from Limavady to Boston in 1915, and later joined the U.S. Army and served in World War I. My mother was BORN in County Londonderry- and her surname is Rogers, but was anglicized from McRory in the 1800s. Thanks from Derry, Keller

David Barnett
Jean Marie, Hello. My grandparents were Solomon and Dora Bycofski.who came over in 1889 to UK with sons Reuben and Isaac. Solomon was a slipper maker, not uncommon. In Birmingham Reuben in 1911 changed his surname to Barnett for business purposes. Barmett was a common first name as well as a family name. Solomon had a brother who went to New York and was an attorney. No trace of him in records because so many Jews and Russians went on similar trips with similar names that it has been impossible so far to identify him. Very frustrating but I have just joined Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain to try to progress my search. You can keep in touch with my progress through my email address dm_barnett Best wishes - David

David Barnett
I am David Barnett from Birmingham Some of my father's family changed their name from Bycofski ( Pikofski) to Barnett after they came over from Vilna in Lithuania , settling in Leeds and then moving to Birmiingham. Barnett was a common first name amongst European Jews.

Jean Marie
so interesting, David. Thanks for your post. I often heard that my maiden name, Barnett was changed from something with a -ski suffix. Great Grandfather, Abram Barnett immigrated from Russia to New York, as per U. S. Census record. Search is difficult for more ancestors before Abram/Abraham and Dora, his wife.

Philip Leonard
there was an Abraham Bikofski from Kiev, Ukraine, (Russia) b. 22 Sep 1895 who was born about 1897 who emigrated to Boston. His wife was Pearl. They had four childrenn... Rose, born abt 1918, Eva G. born about 1921, Henry L born 1924 an Selma born 1919. They emigrated to the US in 1908. Children were all born in Massachussetts. They declared intention to becoe citiznes 22 Sep 1914, petitioned for citizenship on 26 Apr 1921 and took the oath of allegience on 17 Oct 1921 to the US. THere are other Abrahams who spell the name different Bekovsky b1900 lived in Philadelphia, Bochkovsky came across from Canada in 1886, Bacofsky b1869 lived in Philadelphia, Buchofsky b1853 ;oved om Chicag, Bukofsky lived in Brooklyn. Abraham Bakovsh b1870 in Russia entered grom Glasgow Scotland and Larne, Ireland. Abraham an Ida Baukofsky lived in Manhattan, as did Abraham and Rose Beskofsky, Abraham I Bachofsky b1884 in Russia got here on 1893 and went to Denver. Abrahm Boqivsky b 1857 is listed in London in the 1901 census with his wife Rachel. One Abraham Bikofski changed his name to Bickoff. He was born in Nezhin Russia and is buried in NY. Did not know there were so many Bikofskis

Liam Barnett
Barnett here from Birmingham uk, Barnett is originally an English name, planters from England brought it to Ireland, my Barnett side is English, it is an Anglo-Norman name

Dennis Barnett
Posted way up above. Changing my e mail notification and the only way I can is to post a new comment!

andy barnett
coral it could be true my family is scottish andlive around edinburgh!

HI there, How cool all these Barnett's ;-) I am Coral Barnett living in South Africa. My great-grandfather Jack Barnett imigrated to SA in the late 1800's from Australia. His father was Samuel Isaac Barnett who was, according to family legend, a Rabbi and originally Scottish. I have never been able to verify this sadly.

Peter Barnett
When researching my family tree a few years ago I found records of Russian Jews who changed their names by deed poll in London in the late 19th century to BARNETT . There was a large influx of Jews to Londons East End at this time and many who wanted to get on changed their Russian names to English ones . Hope this helps.

Brooke Lewis Barnett
My ancestor was Lewis Barnett (a convict transported from ? to Australia in 1821). He was Jewish and his children ran a Ginger Beer factory in Windsor NSW. So I will try to find out where, as a convict, he was shipped from!

Brooke Lewis Barnett
Also, when I lived in Melbourne, many people presumed I was Jewish because my last name was Barnett. There are LOTS of Jewish Barnetts in Melbourne, Australia

karen nee Barnett
I joined the genes reunited to find my Barnetts from Birmingham uk but there seems to be no one else tracing my branch.all my research leads to other Barnetts. I was told as a child that there were Jews in this line but they married out of their faith but I have no evidence of that as yet! Some did move to Scotland for a few yrs but then returned to Birmingham. I don't think that my Barnetts kept in contact with each other ;-(

Debbie Barnett Bass
For years we have looked and Looked for info. on the family of John Barnett, Born in NC around 1823. He married a widow women from Lucas, divorced from Martin, Named Nancy Guinn, Lucus, Martin, She then Marrys John Barnett and he moves her to Indian Terr. Oklahoma around the time of the Civil War he leaves so after never to be heard of again.

I am a Barnett as well. My family is from Indiana. We all have blue eyes and wavy hair. Has anyone ever actually submitted their DNA?

Bradley G. Barnett
Sarah, I have and frankly it was enlightening. The Y chromosome which only the males have confirmed my Barnett lineage as either Anglo-Saxon or Norse. My mtdna,my mothers genetics was H8 and she's primarily will finally confirm where your Barnett's are from. I should qualify that by saying some of your brothers should probably submit their DNA too as the mtdna isn't as definitive. I too have light blue eyes and wavy hair. My son and daughter have the blue eyes but my son's hair is a straight dark blonde.

JoAnn Greene
Bradley my Mother's Barnett side also have light baby blue eyes and wavy hair. and I would love to send my Uncle DNA to be tested can't afford it. He is the last of his generation still living.

Bradley G. Barnett
Have Genebase check your paternal and maternal genetics. This will clarify,especially for the males,where they really are from.

David Barnett
Gidday - David Barnett here from New Zealand. I am part Maori (Iwi being Tainui) though very white which is where the other bits come from. From what I understand as Barnett's here (our family) have been here for generations though I have been told there is either Scotish or Irish as well as English and German mixed in - though I have no official tracking of this - only the aspect of being part Maori. Interested in eventually tracking more of 'me' down.

Heather Barnett
Kia ora David, I am a Barnett from NZ currently looking for Maori ancestors through my father's (Allan Edward Barnett bn 1914) lineage. As his parents (and grandparents) stayed in the South Island, I thought he may have links to Ngai Tahu - through his mother (whose last name was Whineray) (I've found it difficult to find much out as the written records of the time were very Pakeha focused). My father stayed in Putaruru as a child (with his father Frank Loftus) and had a cousin in Ngongotahi who I think was Maori and his last name was Barnett). Sorry, I dont have anything to help your search, but am interested in your posting (though I see it's 2011 - I've just found this site) cheers Heather

Jim Barnett
My parents immigrated to Canada from Scotland, my father James Scott Barnett was from Dundee, born in Perth in 1909. His brother Douglas immigrated to Florida (11 brothers and sisters total). Their father was Robert Barnett. My father was very proud of being Scottish. I recently saw a Dr. Barnett who was from Chile, her great, great grandfather was Scottish.

andy barnett
hi jim i have barnetts in my family from dundee born in around 1873 onwards i wonder if theres ties there how much info have you got from back then? we still live in scotland to this day.

Colin J Barnett
An Australian Barnett of several generations I'm keen to contact anyone related to or has knowledge of my great great grandparents Samuel & Rachael (nee Solomon) Barnett who arrived from the UK in Tasmania aboard the "Juliet" in 1839. He was the publican of several hotels incl. the "Bricklayers Arms" the "Verandah" the "Rising Sun" and the "Caledonian". Went to California in 1849 during the gold rush but returned in 1854. They had 12, yes 12 children. They both died in Victoria Australia.

Steven B. Barnett
prvious comments are all very interesting . I'am from panama city florida . My grandfather John Barnett was born in conn. sept 28 1925 . If anyone knows any further information would be appreciated .

Peter Barnett
For me there is a direct documented connection to Northern Ireland using marriage records and British Army records back to 1825 when an Andrew Barnett enlisted in Belfast. Before then the Irish records were destroyed but DNA matching definitely shows a connection to Northern Ireland/Southern Scotland.

andy barnett
hi peter my family is from scotland and all south scotland places all near to edinburgh how much info do you have on this?

Peter Barnett
G'day Andy. He left the army in 1841 and I can find no record of him after that date but he did not return to Ulster. The line of Barnetts appear in Derry about 1600 as a family from Scotland who have set up a wool processing industry, so a connection to Scotland. Lastly they were Presbyterian, so another connection. DNA matching finds about equal numbers whose origins are Scotland and Northern Ireland. So far only one with the Barnett surname.

hi my names andrew barnett i was born in germany and live in scotland now as my dad is scottish (also andrew)! i know as far back as my great grandfather and my family has all been scottish!

Creston F. Laager, IV
My ggrandmother's family settled Phil, PA in the mide 1700s. The family name was Hansell. However, born in abt. 1760 or so, is one of the son's of the pioneer Peter David Hansell and he was named Barnett Hansell. It is family legend that the Hansell family originated in Lorraine, France and that they were originally French Huguenots. Does anyone have any opinions about this?

christine hulley
My mothers family were Barnett, her mother was Sophia Barnett and her grandmother was Thomas Barnett, they originated from Spain and Italy and settled in Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire.

Walter Barnett, III
My father Walter Jr. traced our New York lineage back to the Civil War. John Barnett, my grandfather, 4 times in the past died as a prisoner of war in Andersonville Prison -- the Confederate death camp. John's grave can be visited at the National Cemetery in Andersonville. I recall my Father speaking of John coming from England -- but that is where his research ended with his death 1976. It is my task to continue the search -- I have some basic information on John's enlistment in NYC that I have to follow to the next step -- the New York State Military Museum -- that will only accept inquiries by snail-mail. I'm an Oregonian now -- for 37 years -- so it will take some extra time to conduct my search . . . . . . Any thoughts from readers -- on research -- is welcome . Walter Barnett, III 503 895 5130

Debbie Barnett Bass
My Maiden name is Barnett. I have Native American in that side thru the wife of Jesse Barnett when he marries a Cherokee Woman named Salina. Jesse's Father was John Barnett from NC. John Marries a woman name Nancy Guinn She had been married to a Cherokee Man and he had another wife besides Nancy. She divorces him and remarries then becomes a widow before marring John Barnett. What I would like to know is John Barnetts Family. I think he had a sister that ran a boarding house in North Carolina. John moved Nancy to Oklahoma to be near her son during the Civil War. Then John left never to be heard from again.

A red haired pale skinned Barnett decsendent here....also called Brittany (Phillips) but I hear Phillips is welsh. Barnett is from my mother, though I always thought it was french until now.

brian keith barnett
brittany this is brian barnett my sister lisa is also fair complected with strawberry blonde my email is as far as i know we also have american indian in us

my name is Brittany barnett,i don't know too much about my father because he was adopted,but i was wandering was the last name barnett irish old english or jewish,i have herd all,but my father said the name barnett is italian ,please help me!

Im in Australia. My family is of Irish background but I'm wondering about a Jewish connection? I found this 'Barnett DNA' website the other day which could be interesting re lineage?

Peter Barnett
Im also in Australia, [ Karratha in the Pilbarra] have a family history tracable to Ireland and you can find me on Mick's website. Would like to make contact to share information about the Irish origins.

christine hulley
my grandmothers maiden name was barnett, she knew all her family history and not one was irish

Kathleen Andersen nee Barnett
Hi Christine, I am a Barnett descendant living in NZ. My father's family go back to Staunton, Gloucestershire 1760. Since this time all have come from the England/Wales location. My Great grandfather came to NZ.

diana simpson

I m a descendant of the Staunton, Gloucestershire Barnett family. I would be interested to discover who your great grandfather was.

Dennis Barnett
My Grandfather and great uncle came to Canada in the early 1900's or late 1800's. They came from Shropshire on the border with Wales and according to my Grandfather the family came to England/Wales from Ireland at the time of Elizabeth I when they refused to give up their religion and so had to flee and forfeit their lands.

Samantha Barnett
Im a barnett as well, most of my family is from Germany though. Maybe theirs an odd one out that established the last name along the way that i havent heard of or my family hasnt clearly defined our origin welk enough but from my understandings theirs a we bit Irish, mostly German, one Native American(my great great grandmother was full blood Indian i dont recall what tribe type per say, just know my white great great grandfather married her and she was from a reservation i do believe?) Im almost sure there was something else but my only source was my grandmother and she has passed on now, i would like to find out more on family history though without paying for one of them websites, anyone know the best way of doing this?

Hey Samantha, I was a Barnett as well. From Jamaica, I really don't know much about about my Barnett roots except I that the earlier folks came from Germany. I think some where along the line they may have been white mixed with Indian. I am black but my dad appears to be half breed and his dad is even more light skinned with indian type hair. one of my daughter's came out fairly mixed (like half white with really long and curly type hair; eventhouh her daddy is a full pledge black man. I am a little curious about my roots as well.

hi this isint my surname, i have a 1914-15 star war medal with the surname barnett, and have done a fair bit of research on this guy, as far as i can make out he was stationed in the royal fusiliers, royal flying corps in london before the 1st world war, but i kept finding history in ireland. please please please if anyone is related to an R.BARNETT who fought or flew a plane in ww1 ypres or other please email my, thanks

Im Colin Barnet with one T. My family are from dundee and i believe in the 1800s they travelled over from ireland.

Andy Barnett
The family's are probably the same right at the beginning of my family tree Barnett is spelt with only one T but changed to two for some reason I had family from Dundee , Perthshire Edinburgh queenferry! Email is if you think there's a link

Diana Barnett Hill
What's even funnier is that I have always pronounced my name Bar.nett' and I just met a 3rd or 4th cousin who her family has pronounced it Bar'.nett

Philip Leonard
Bar in Hebrew or Aramaic means Son of. Nett can be a variation of Nes which means Miracle. Bar-Nett probably is a Jewish name that means Son of a Miracle or Son of Miracles.

Bar'.nett is the traditional English (UK) pronunciation. For some reason in the U.S., the name is nearly always accented on the last syllable

Savannah barnett
I know in my family we have some american indian. chickasaw

R. Barnett
Richard Barnett of Alberta, Canada! My family is from Birmingham, England.

Some of you will probably be Barnetts from the Orkney islands in Scotland (Norse/Scottish ancestry). There are extensive records on the Orcadian families. They had a tendency to travel as they were seafaring.

Kay Lace (nee Barnett)
I was born Kathleen Barnett, in England and as far as I know all my ancestors came from England, not Ireland!

Kathy Andersen
Hi Kathleen, I am also a kathleen nee Barnett. I live in New Zealand. My great grandfather came from Monmouth in Wales. I understand the border was moved in that region. His name was William Edwin Barnett (born in Dixton Monmouthshire). Back to GGG/parents again Wiiliam & GGGG/parents again William, both born in Staunton , Gloucetershire so England/Wales all the way.

Diana Hill
Maybe I ought to clarify that, all of MY ancestors came from England.

Diana Hill
Yep, my name is Barnett too and so far, all of them came from England including the first Barnett into colonial America, John Barnett.

Alan Barnett
hey guys!!! wow!!! uhm, I'm also a Barnett... from south africa. From what I could gather from my elders, my great grandfather by the name of Michael Barnett from scotland came to south africa during the times of colonisation back in their days. Is there anyone who has heard of him?

wow south africa huh so is there alot of barnetts there bc here in america alot of us so iv found barnetts all over the world but never africa i found them in south america and thats just the barnetts who spells there last names witth to ts theres also the ones who spell there last names like this barnet barnette barnatt barnitt so idk

JoAnn Greene
Looking for ancestors of Meredith Barnett B.1796 S.C. Scotts Irish my grandfather Dock Dewey Barnett b.7-16-1888 Newport Tenn. told me of his GGrandfather Abraham Barnett b. 1833 S.C. sure wish someone had information on my folks Meredith B. m. Judy Sarah ? N.C. I found a Sarah Godfrey m. Meredith can't find out if this is my Meredith Barnett . Thanks