Last name: Barr

This interesting name has three possible sources the first being that it is of Scottish origin and is locational from two places so called, in Ayrshire and Renfrewshire, and derives from the Gaelic "barr", height or hill. Great Barr in the West Midlands has a derivation akin to this, the Celtic or Welsh "barr" with the same meaning as above. It could also be a Norman locational name from two places in France, Barr-en-Ouche, or Barr-de-Semilly which have their derivation in the Olde French "barre", meaning a barrier or gateway. There is a Middle English word "barre", with the same meaning, thus it is thought that this name could be topographical for one living near a place of that description. Hugo Barr was recorded in the Danelaw Documents relating to Lancaster in 1155, while the Assize Rolls of Stafford mention a William de Barre in 1199. In Scotland Albyn de Barr was baillie of Ayr in 1340. Anne Barr married John Bickerton on October 21st, 1731 at Christchurch, Greyfriars, Newgate in London. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard de Barra, which was dated in the Domesday Book of 1086, Somerset, during the reign of William 1, known as "the Conqueror", 1066 - 1087. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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J Barr
Originally from the Irish monk Barr-fhionn* who around the year 593 left Dalriada as a missionary to the Britons living in southwest Scotland (formally Carrick, now South Ayrshire). Travelling along the river Stinchar he had his cell in what is the present day village of Barr. He left the area, probably at the time of the Angle invasion under Ethelfrith king of the Angles (603) He sailed for the island now called Barra in his name. The church of St. Barr was completed there in 620 A.D. The name Barr is a place name. People who left that area were originally called de Barr (1250- 1320). The "de was eventually dropped. Note: Meaning; Barr (top) Fhionn (fair) = fair haired

K Barr
My great grandfather came to North Dakota from Scotland with his blacksmith tools in a beautiful trunk that my parents have, but I don't have any additional information about where in Scotland he was from or when he arrived in the U.S. Anyone know anything about Barrs that ended up in Grafton ND?

Mike Barr
My Barr family is from northern Indiana (Noble County). Dad born 1954 indelaware County, IN was Michael Paul Barr Sr. Grandpa was Henry Paul Barr born 1927 Jay Co., IN. G-Grandpa was James Henry Barr born 1902 Delaware Co., IN. GG-Grandpa was William Perry Barr born 1868 Delaware Co., IN. GGG-Grandpa was James Barr born 1834 Richland Co., OH. GGGG-Grandpa was James Barr born around 1793 in Centre Co., PA. My problem is in verifying my GGGG-Grandfather back. My dad had fire-red hair and was always said to have the old Irish temper. I would appreciate anyone with a link. Thanks.

Richard Barr
I'm related to the Archibald Barr of Barr and Stroud from Glasgow :)

My Names Barr And I Come From Derry.

Julie Barr

My great grandfather Daniel Barr bc1837 came from Ireland? where I don't know. His parents were John and Ellen but no other details. Wish I could find their origins.

Tim Barr

Has anyone traced the Barr name back to a marriage to someone from the Brown family. There is also American or Canadian indian heritage as well. I am from a long line of John Barrs that were from Minnesota but could have come from the Eastern USA before that. Email

K Barr

Hi am a Barr from the Bahamas does anyone know how we end up there.

Margery Darlene Barr

Having just read all the comments from the Barr people out there I am amazed to learn all of the fascinating history and also how many of you and/or your ancestors are William Barr. My great grandfather William Barr from Edinburgh graduated with a medical degree and moved to Canada and his son (Grandfather Barr) also named William moved to Cleveland, Ohio where my father Robert William was born in 1913. Dad was blond and had three sisters, all with different physiques and hair color: Isabel-blond and short-statured, Evelyn-red-head and thin, and Melba-brunette and buxom. My grandmother Barr (Chatterton) was born in England and moved to Quebec where she married William before moving to Ohio. I've heard that there is a huge Barr reunion near the St. Laurence Seaway in upstate NY every summer...does anyone know more about it? Years ago at work I met a computer installer named Bob Barr and he told me about the reunion of hundreds of Barrs.

Mark Barr

My family has a long history in West Virginia I believe they came to America from Ireland

Ron Barr
I must have got on the wrong train somewhere. My grandfather John William Barr, was from Utica, New York and he swore he was Polish

Stephen Barr
I am a Barr from liverpool England am looking to try and trace back my origens

William Barr & Eliza Moore
I am looking for information re my great-great grandparents, William Barr b 1810 and Eliza Moore b 1816. They were apparently born in Newtown-Stewart south of Londonderry, Ireland. Can't find information regarding their parents, etc. Anyone know anything about them?

Pauline Barr-Conrad
My maiden name is Barr and I'm from Donegal in Ireland. My dad is William Barr. His name seems to be one of the most common Barr names. My grandad and brother are both called John (another common name with the Barrs) Are any of you related to us?

Renae Barr
I am interested in learning where my family comes from; my dad swears we are Canadian and everyone is from Toronto. Canada is not even 150 years old, so someone would have had to come from somewhere! Are there any other Canadian Barr's here?

Marie Denton nee Jones
I am looking for information on my grandmothers side. Her name was Ayls Barr, i believe she was born in New Zealand but i want to know where her parents were from. She married my grandad and became a Coburn in 1945/6 they divorced and i have never met her....they had 3 children

William Hugh Barr
In response to William Barr & Eliza Moore, Newton Stewart is actually in South West Scotland (Dumfries and Galloway). My great uncle Alexander Barr was the Lord Provost there in the 1950s. The Barr family was from the village of Creetown, 5 miles away where most of the men worked in the granite quarries around that area. My grandfather, William Barr, always said that the family were Galloway Irish, which I think probably meant that they had been there for some generations and then returned to Scotland to find work. The Barr name is not uncommon in SW Scotland particularly Ayrshire, Renfrewshire and the Glasgow area.

Deanne Milburn
Any relatives still in Scotland or South Australia. My great great grandfather Robert Barr came to south Australia from Lesmahagow in Scotland.

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