Last name: Bates

This interesting surname has three distinct possible origins, the first and most likely source being the medieval male given name "Bate", itself a petform of "Bartholomew", from the Aramaic patronymic "bar-Talmay" meaning "abounding in furrows" or "rich in lands". One Bate le Tackman was recorded in the 1273 Hundred Rolls of Lincolnshire. The name may also be occupational for a boatman, deriving from the Olde English pre 7th Century "bat" (Northern Middle English "bat"), a boat. A Herbert Bat was noted in the 1182 Pipe Rolls of Shropshire. Finally, the Old Norse "bati", profit or gain, used in the transferred sense of "lush pasture" may have given rise to the surname. Early examples from this topographical source are Thomas del Bate (Yorkshire, 1297). The final "s" in the name indicates the patronymic form, "son of Bate". One Matilda Battes, appears in the 1279 Hundred Rolls of Cambridgeshire. In April 1635, Clement Bates, a tailor, aged 40 yrs., along with his wife, Ann, his five children James, Clement, Rachell, Joseph and Ben, and his two servants, departed from the port of London bound for New England, aboard the "Elizabeth". These were some of the earliest settlers of the name in the New World. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Roger Bate, which was dated 1275, in the "Subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire", during the reign of King Edward 1, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Wesley Bates
I am Wesley Bates, son of William Bates of Norfolk, VA. My family and I reside in Texas.

Andy Bates
Birmingham, UK.

Kayla Bates
Ashland, Ohio

Kristian Lee Bates
I`m a Bates from Hartlepool, North East England

Kristian Lee Bates
I forgot to mention my email address is just in case any of you have family originating in Hartlepool or know anything about the Bates from Hartlepool.

alain living in france but family was from Mamble in Shropshire near Cleobury Mortimer in UK.

Michael Bates
I am Michael Bates son of the late WIllam Bates of Cheyenne Wyoming. I am interested in my ancestory as well. I was told before my father passed that our name came over in the 1600's to Jamestown. I would be interested on anything about this. My fathers family moved to Polk County Arkansas and was supposdly the first to live there.

Aqui'sha Bates
My name is Aqui'sha Bates daughter of Robert Bates in Philadephia....Wow what until I tell the rest of the family that we have England connects.....I guess we are the black side of the family...;):/

Steve Bates
Son of Alwyn Bates from Sheffield Yorkshire. i currently live in Paris (France) you can join me on my FB page :

John bates
I'm John bates from patoka Indiana. My dad comes from a big family with predominantly red hair. I wonder him many other bates out there are gingers

Katherine Bates
hello Batesies,I am Yorkshire born UK, I know nothing of my family history as my Grandfather died when I was 8 and not much contact with my paternal father.. But I do know they originated in Halifax West Yorkshire.. Feel free to contact me :-

Kente Bates
Kente Bates checking in from Portland OR by way of LaGrange, GA... still researching the surname BATES... I now have even more pride in the name!!! Great history!

Nicole Luk Bates
my name Nicole Luk Bates from Hongkong, no british origin, 100% hongkies

Chris Bates
There is another angle on our family name; the Atrebates were a Celtic tribe from the southern/midland (mainly from what is now Hampshire) part of Britain pre/post Roman era, and Gaul, Northern France. It may explain the ginger hair streak...!
The Irish still have a derogatory meaning for a 'Bate'....:-P
My own family originated from the Warwickshire area, research shows they worked on the canals. Though there is a story that one ancestor went to America to work on the railroads, and came back with a squaw. It might explain why my Dad looks like a Sioux chief out of a western movie.
Contact me if you want:

Brad Bates

Checking in from Cincinnati, OH. I don't do Facebook, but it's cool to see how many of us are out there!

Brandi Bates-Johnson

My grandfather (Coleman Bates) moved from Fairfield Alabama to Pittsburg PA in the 1940's. I'm black so I know the name came from the slave owners that owned my ancestors.

Samuel Bates

Im from near Birmingham England. Your American ancestors might of been connected to mine through British colonial rule. Ah rule Britannia!

Mark Bates

Howdy from Texas. Im Mark Bates im a 4th generation Texan on my mothers side from what we can tell she was adopted. But my grandfather on my dads side the Bates side im told is french and he moved south from Michigan..But im trying to really dig deep to find the truth of the Bates name. If any Bates's out there would like to chat with me I would really love that. You can find me on Facebook under my real name Mark Bates location Texas. Thank yall

Pat Bates

I'm in Northern California. Letters between my grand father and his brother were written in Irish (Gaelic). I see there are some responses referring to many of the Bates in Ireland having red hair. When my father was young he had the nickname Pinky because of a red tint to his hair which faded away as he got older.

Mary Bates

I am a descendant of John Bates born1805 in SC, lived in GA & moved to Jefferson County, AL. His son Washington A. Bates born 1830 in GA was my great grandfather. My great grandmother was Arina (Arrena) Adaline Wheatly. My grandfather was George Thomas Bates born 1878. I have information on George Thomas Bates' brothers & sisters. What I would like is confirmation on ancestors past John Bates. Oh, some of my cousins & myself have shades of red hair.

I am a descendant of Dilemna Jane Bates, who father was John J Bates in West Union West Virginia. I think John dad was Andrew J Bates but I do not know where from. If any one might have any information about the BATES, family in West Union-Doddridge County-West Virginia please do share with me I would be happy to pay you for your information. You can e-mail me at or you may write me at Jackie Davis Post Office Box 204 Elizabeth, WV 26143 Thank You

Another Bates here :-) from Wales UK Just starting to discover my ancestors and family history

Courtney Bates
I'm from Sunderland, North East England.

Eileen Schmiechen
Bhatia and Bhatts occur in India and Pakistan, originating in Kutch Sikh and Rajput - Punjab. Genetically, the English and North East India, predominantly the Meghalaya. Our records show a possible link to the Gir group from Gujarat. Migrant routes include Singapore to Central America to Texas and California.

I'm Corliss Bates from Baltimore, MD. I'm an African American male. My father doesn't know his father so I really don't know the history. The oldest family member I have is my great grandmother who is 82. She lives in Brookneal, VA.

Deontray Bates
I am from Baltimore MD, I am mixed with African American and Caucasian. My last name Bates comes from my Caucasian side of the family, so I guess I have a pretty much direct tie to the Bates name. I just wanted to learn a little bit more about the name and my ancestry. If any one could help out, it would be well appreciated. Thank you.

Ashley Bates
Trying to figure out my roots of origin

Ashley Bates
Trying to figure out my roots of origin

Karin Anderson. My mothers maiden name was Bates.
My mother's father,was Talbert Bates. born in Chicago in 1898. His father Was Thomas Bates, born in Illinois in 1876. His father was Charles Bates, born in Tennessee in 1856. His father was Joseph bates, born in either Ohio or Indiana in 1814. Can't seem to get any farther back. The census records that far back are not helpful. Pretty sure the family came from England though.

Ardie Schmitz. My mothers maiden was Bates.
My grandfather was William H Bates who was born in 1879, and lived in Paynesville, Minnesota. I think he died in 1938.

Rev. Dr. Terrence P McGillicuddy
My maternal gradmother was a Bates in Aroostook County Maine. I'm more interested in how much American Indian blood ran through her veins, as well as with my paternal grandmother who was a Stewart. They were embarassed to admit their Indian DNA of the micmac indian tribe.

Sharon Reilly
Looking for any info on my great-grandmother, Katherine/Catherine/Katie Bates. All we know is that she was born March 5, 1882 and was in an orphanage on Staten Island, New York. She eventually married in 1910 in Montreal Canada and her marriage entry shows father as Henry Bates and mother as Ann Murphy, both deceased. Henry's name is hard to decipher on the Ancestry record but I'm pretty sure it is Henry. Does anyone know of any Bates and or an Ann Murphy in the United States where their daughter ended up in a New York Orphanage? Would have been any time between 1882 and 1900 thereabouts. It's also possible they were new immigrants to the U.S.. Would be nice to go further back into the family.

Tony harper
My mother's made name was bates born Loughton Buckinghamshire uk

Mike Snider
Hi yall my mom family is Bates in ky and they was tall people do any know why

Jillian Bates
I was born in New Zealand. My father's name was Gladstan and was born in Thailand to kiwi mother and Stan Bates from London. My grandfather trained the Gerkers during the war. Would love to find out more.

Barbara Bates
My brothers both have a condition of the hand called Dupuytren's contracture. It's also called Viking's disease because our Bates ancestors were from northern Europe. It's more often seen in men, so I guess it's a Bates inheritance. It could be an English ancestor married one of the Viking Invaders. Interesting!

Janet Bates
Hi y'all! My Bates' lived in South Carolina. My father was Jack Bates, his brother was Thomas Bates (red headed) and sister Melvina Bates. Mu grandfather was Emerson Bates who died at an early age (48). Just sent my DNA off and can't wait to see where I came from. I had hazel eyes but since I turned 55, they have changed to blue.

Allen Bates
I have a father named Bob Bates and an aunt named Barbara Bates who had many brothers my uncle's all had hemophilia almost all the Bates men did. We I from the Tennessee area initially but my generation from Illinois

Ashley Bates
I'm from Dumas Arkansas born 1991 to John Wesley Bates 1956-2002 and Pamela Kay McDaniel Bates. Grandfather was Vernon Lamar "Monk" Bates 1934-1998 1st wife Donna Sue Patterson Bates deceased 2010-(Children) Danny Lamar Bates deceased 2008, John Wesley Bates deceased 2002, Sharron Kay Bates (Harris), Keith Allen Bates, David Lynn Bates. 2nd wife Anna Louise Morgan Bates. Great Grandfather Rev. Luther Wesley Bates 1904-1992 Married Vera Mae Bates-(children) William Bates, L.W. Bates, Jimmy Bates, Howard Bates, Johnnie Bates, Vernon Lamar Bates, and Garland Bates. Great Great Grandfather John Wesley Bates whom was married to Fannie Martha Mullikin. Unsure of dates or any other relatives past Great great grandfather John Wesley Bates. Areas of my Bates relatives include Dumas, Watson, Mcgehee, and Star City Arkansas as well as Pasadena, and Deer Park Texas. Facebook- Ashley Bates (Dumas/Jacksonville Arkansas) Email-

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