Last name: Beard

This unusual name is of Anglo-Saxon and Old French origin, and is one of the oldest recorded in England appearing in the Domesday Book of 1086 in its Old French (Norman) form of "Hugo a la Barbe", in Hampshire. As a surname it has grown very naturally from a nickname for a wearer of a beard, derived from the Olde English pre 7th Century "beard", and it often appears in early records in a prepositional form, such as Thomas Onelabarbe ("Thomas with the beard", 1280, Somerset). Between the 12th and 16th Centuries it was usual for men to be clean shaven, so the wearer of a beard was conspicuous during the crucial period for surname formation. The name could also be locational from Beard in Derbyshire, which means "(on) the bank or brim". The final "s" in the surname indicates the patronymic form, i.e., "son of Beard". Recordings from London Church Registers include: the christening of John, son of Richard Beard, on April 4th 1578, at St. Mary Woolnoth; the marriage of William Beard and Johane Reve on January 23rd 1590, at St. Gregory by St. Paul's; and the marriage of George Beard and Isabell Deane on November 15th 1598, at St. Dunstan's, Stepney. A Coat of Arms granted to the family is a black shield, on a silver chevron, between ten silver martlets, five ogresses, the Crest being a lion's gamb couped gold, grasping a horse's leg erased above the knees black. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Alsi Berd, which was dated 1086, in "Inquests of Ely", Cambridgeshire, during the reign of King William 1, known as "The Conqueror", 1066 - 1086. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Just throwing it out there. I'm Matt Beard of central Texas. Son of John and Linda. Grandson of Stan and Dot Beard

Michael D, Beard

I Don't know much about my family history only know my father's name was Wesley Marlin Beard last known residence was Houston Tx. He die in June of 1990. Can anyone provide more information?

chelsie marie beard

Just wanted to say hello.

Cheyenne Beard Hornburg

My paternal grandfather was James Earl Beard. He was born near Oklahoma City. The rest of my immediate family lives in central Texas.


We related

Paula Beard Rose
I live and am from Kentucky. My great aunt has traced back family our orgins to England, 1735. I would like to continue her research. Without consulting my books I can only remember back to my great grandfather, Joshua Beard, he migrated from Virginia. Anyone out there think they might be connected?

Annmaree Ennor
Hi. I know my surname say Ennor. I was a Beard but I had to change it when my mum married. I wished to have kept the Beard name though. I am interested in finding out about my ancestory because I'd liketo create my family tree. I'm frim Australia, Queensland. My mum is Cheryl Ennor ne. Beard, my granddad Frederick Beard.

ross wilson
Hi. My Grandfather married a Emma Susannah Beard in 1913 Sydney and I have followed that line back to Wm. Beard Chr. 4 Sept 1571 Bedford England. Can anyone connect me back any further? Thankyou.

Martin John Beard
Just wanted to say hello to all the Beard folk out there. I'm the 5th generation of John Beard's in Oakham, in the kingdom of Mercia, England. Just started my family tree following a couple of visits to family estates and castles close to where I live.

john beard
the original beards were anglo-saxon and the name goes back to Domesday Book - 1086. check the beards in gloucestershire/herefordshire, there are lots of them.

jane beard
my dad is christian beard his dad charlie beard my dad as 2 brothers and 8 sisters we are from london

Evan Beard
My father is Graham Beard, his dad John Beard, his dad George Beard. We all live in ottawa ontario

christopher beard
Interesting, I am from California moved to South Carolina after joining the Air Force. I have notice in the college that I go to that there is 8 other beards strange since I have never meet a beard out side my family.

Carolyn Wright
Have just discovered that I'm related to the Beard family on my Dad's mother's side: My gt-gt grandma, Ellen Beard. She was born in Chapel-en-le-Frith in Derbyshire, UK.

David Beard
welcome i'm from the Fredrick Beard branch from derby-shire England

rebecca beard
I'm Rebecca beard I've in Ohio I don't know much about the family

Julian Beard
Hi My family comes from St. Helena Island. A small British Island in the middle of the South Atlantic. Does anyone know how the Beards came to be here??

Jason Beard
Wasnt that where Napoleon Died

Jay Beard
Just wanted to say name is Beard as well :). I live in Alabama. We have an African American family with the last name of Beard, a weatherman working for Fox has the last name of Beard, and again, I have the last name of Beard.

Michael Beard
I am also an African American witht he surname Beard and my father's side is from Arkansas in the Malvern area.

Joe Beard
My family came from Ireland through PEI in Canada through to Ohio and Maine in the late 1800s and ultimately to Boston, MA. There a few beard families in Massachusetts.

My family were slaves in virgina last name beard which we assume that was the slave owners name.

David Beard
My Father was Harold Beard from Nevada County Arkansas. His father was William Frank Beard. I believe he came from Tennessee

John Beard
John Beard My family lives in Louisiana but are descendents from East Texas and we are presently trying to put together a family history. Some of your comments have gave me great ideas of places to check. I have been told that we came here from Ireland but I have not been able to confirm that. Keep your post coming. It is very enjoyable to read. FYI--My Grandfathers name was Grover Beard and his father was Tom (Thomas) Beard.

Sophie Beard
Hello, I'm from Scotland and hope you're enjoying success with your family tree. We recently did ours and I wanted to suggest you look into Scottish Beards as well as Irish as a lot of the Irish Beards originally travelled from Scotland to America in the 17th century with some stopping off in Ireland first. The Irish were forced to change their surnames to colours when they travelled so a lot of records are difficult to trace however the Scottish records are well in tact. I hope this helps.

John Beard

My name is John Beard and I come from London. I am very interested to know how the Beard family moved over to America?

cherrish Welch Ramos
There are alot of Beards in South Carolina, My grandmother was a Beard and married Welch.

Jason Beard
Im in central Illinois just coincidense but my half brothers last name is Welch

C Beard
C Beard from Ontario Canada near Toronto, am 7th generation in North America. Was told most of my ancestors were in the military and my branch were empire loyalists. The family bible disappeared when my grandfather passed away in 1972, maybe his sister took possession but not sure, would be great if it could be tracked down. Have also heard great grandad had 7 brothers some moved to Texas, Ohio and British Columbia.

Manolo Beard
Hello My name manolo Beard live in Dominican Republic, I am the grandson of my grandfather CIPRIAN BEARD AND DELIA Beard, John Beard falimia am I acuedro with GravatarJ.A.G.Beard Coat of Arms in Queuña not granted to a family, but a person, and can only use this shield the direct descendants who received an honorary degree, the brothers use the shield can not cover only the direct descendants of children and this, this is a law of heraldry. so I recommend that says GravatarSolatium sure to check your individual family before spending your money so hard an won, because the coat of arms is granted only to individuals and their direct line and not surnames in general. and an eye for those living in European countries over there are no laws insurance in this

Sharon V
There are some beards in Eastern Canada, Around Orangeville and Guelph Ontario.

most of my beard family are in birmingham or chippenham wiltshire .

Richard Beard
My name is Richard Beard (Surrey England) and a relative tracked our family back to Dublin in the 1600s after which they moved to Lanacashire for the industrial revolution working in the textile mills. My grandfather was a machinist in a Lancashire cotton mill so they obviously stayed there for a few generations. My gene analysis shows that historically my line came out of africa and went east from the fertile crescent, only to double back through mongolia and the eurasion steppe into Europe at a later date and arrive in an already settled Europe but brought with them a creativity seen in the cave paintings in France and other artifacts.

A Beard,NZ
My name is A D Beard,my family of beards born and bred in Nelson, New Zealand,my grandfather Joseph Henry Beard born in Tokoroa,New Zealand.I understand we are related to some of the Bairds too??

Jay Beard
I am told that my Great, great Grandfather Jefferson Beard was from Kansas City, Missouri, and traveled to Tenino, Washington. On that trip he changed his surname to Beard, can't find much about him. What little records I can find suggest that his original last name could be Lewis. Any help or suggestions would be of great help. Please respond to Thanks Jay Beard

Jay Beard
lol My name is Jay Beard also. I am from Alabama though.

CBeard I know that my grandfather came from cinderford and he and his father were miners.

Judith (Beard) Chan
Sounds like my family. I am researching that paternal part of my family so perhaps you would like to be in touch?

me too, I'm originally from dominican republic, and I was told my grandfather father's was a english marine that got married over there, but is all i know, so please, let me know if you have any helpfull information.. thank you..

Juan Beard
Hey, Raul and everyone. What i know about Beards in The Dominican Republic is that a group came from England, some of them married with some of Cooper family. Then they had a business in Miami, Florida, US, where they export wood there from Dominican Republic. Nowadays we are a pretty large surname here, in the Dominican Republic. In 90s, i heard, that someone from Miami, Florida, tried to meet family in te Dominican Republic... I'll appreciate any information that you can give.

shirley baker fowler
My grt grandfather name was jerry beard born in louisiana caddo to be exact. I am trying to locate my relatives . He was born abt 1866 so possibly he was a slave. He was a mulatto so his father could have been any of the beards who were s.lave owners william james beard, or jospeh beard. My grandmother's maien name was Lennie beard born in 1900

There's alot of Beards in America. A whole lot in East Texas