Last name: Bennett

This interesting surname derives from the medieval given name "Benedict", from the Latin "Benedictus" meaning blessed. This personal name owed its popularity in the Middle Ages chiefly to St. Benedict (circa 480 - 550), who founded the Benedictine order of monks at Monte Cassino, and wrote a monastic rule that formed a model for all subsequent rules. There were many versions of the name throughout Europe, and in England in the 12th Century the Latin form of the name can be found alongside versions derived from the Old French forms "Beneit" and "Benoit", which were popular among the Normans. The surname dates back to the early 13th Century (see below). London Church Records list the christening of Dennys Bennett on June 15th 1567 at St. Mary at Hill, and the christening of Thomas Bennit on December 1st 1583 at St. John's, Hackney. One John Bennett was an early emigrant to the New World; he is recorded as sailing in the "Plaine Joan" from London in May 1635, bound for Virginia. A Coat of Arms granted to a Bennett family is silver, a chevron between three red lions' heads erased. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Benet, which was dated 1208, in the "Charter Rolls of Durham", during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Karen lorraine Bennett

Not all Bennetts are created equal, apparently... I agree...

christian bennett

my family actually goes way back to Africa where my gggg grandfather lived also my great grandfather came from Barbados and i'm from Trinidad in the Carribean

Thomas Bennett

Not all Bennetts are created equal, apparently.

Roger Bennett

The report hints at the Normans. I believe our family name came with the Norman invasion. There do appear to be any variation of our name in England prior to 1066.

Charlotte Bennett

Not sure I would call myself blessed haha.

kimberly bennett
aww im a bennett but all my bennett family is welsh and and live in wales uk not yet meet them as thats my fathers side paul bennett but he past and ive never got to meet them

I knew we came from England. This is interesting

i didnt know my first name had ome much history

wow that is so interesting

Clare Bennett
Maybe we are all related haha. I dont know too much about my past as there isn't a family tree thats been made yet on my fathers side. Im going to try soon, but for some reason we haven't had contact with most of that side of the family, I really don't know a great deal, only that I'm related to hairstylist Andrew Collinge somewhere along the line

Jasmine Bennett
I am A bENNETT...WHO MAY has some maternal ancestry from England.

Jasmine Bennett

Cool! Same name!


Most of us have ancestry from England. I'm also a Bennett. Didn't know a lot about my father's family due to Dad losing his parents at 12 years old. Then I began to put my ancestry together. Just knew bits and pieces. I know all my first cousins in Massachusetts and they helped me with certain family members. Once you start looking into your history you will be so amazed!

I am doing my family history, and I have lots of Bennetts from Yorkshire, mainly Dewsbury and Ravensthorpe. My 3 x great grandad was John Bennett 1791 who marries Martha Armitage.

Dakota Bennett
I am looking up my family history if anybody could help. my family has had a tradition of each first born male as far as I can track back. Most of the family I know is from here in America. We have met some people from Australia, who could possibly be relatives. Another thing is that, I think my great aunt tracked it a little and we are somehow related to William Penn.


Anna Bennett
Go Bennett's!!!!!

Anne Bennett
I am from India. I really cant find the history

Lynette Bennett
My father's family came from, Little Rock, Arkansaw.

Marcus Bennett
German, Scottish and Cherokee Indian Bennett here! Beat that you fake Bennetts! Naw im joking! We are all mutts nowadays witb so many ethnicities breeding! But the name meaning "blessed" definitly makes me happy! Especially since I am christian! Love it

David Marcus Bennett
I too am of German,Scottish and Cherokee origin . Also, Irish , English and Choctaw.
My given name means"Beloved of God " and as you wrote, our surname means "Blessed". I too am a Christain and truly blessed.

Cathrine Sharp nee Bennett
I'm from Australia and have followed my Bennett line back to Yorkshire, England, mainly in the Hayle area. So am very interested to make contact with anyone from this line who can help with further research and to help meet anyone who is related.

Jill Ditum nee Bennett
There may be a Hayle in Yorkshire, but the one I know of is in Cornwall. And there are lots of Bennetts in the Cornish registers....

david bennett

My name is David Bennett my father was Ross Seymour Bennett and that all I know about the Bennett's as he left home before I was born and my mother died when I was only four if u have any family tree what so ever I would be very happy possibly from the scone werris creek area

Charmaine Bennett

Here is my background: German, Irish, Scott, England, Dutch, Russian, Italian. I don't know too much my family history.

hi, my father is Philip (Phil) Bennett, warrington and his father was James (Jim) Bennett london? i think. not really got any other info at the min.

Cdy ryan Bennett
My last name Is Bennett and my great grand parents were from ireland

dianne killeen
My Grandad was John(Jack) Bennett originally from Preston, then Liverpool, born around 1892, His mother was Sophia Bennett (born Brooks)and was born in Burmuda as her father was in the army, ring bells for anyone?

Thomas Bennett

Its enlightening to see that not all Bennetts are created equal.

jojn bennet
John bennett. family from liverpool my dad is/ was also john had brothers willam and richard.. will add grandparents later

Jon Cleverly
Hi We have traced most of my mothers side up to the early 18th Century, We are stuck in Weston Hertfordshire for 4 or 5 generations, then the trail runs out in 1703 at Weston, before that god knows where we come from, we have a John Bennett born in Weston Hertfordshire in 1703 as our oldest relative that we have traced, Any one else out there from the Weston Area, would love to hear from you Jon Cleverly (Sydney Australia)

Francis Bennett born in Roscommon Ireland in 1844

Darren Bennett
Darren Bennett. From Exeter. My dad is Andrew Bennett. His dad is Percy Bennett. Andrew has a brother Brian Bennett and sister Jane Bennett who is now Jane Wright. I haven't spent time researching family but I know my late cousin Natalie Bennett (Brian's oldest daughter) had been researching it.

martin bennett
hi my names martin bennett and ive traced my bennetts back to morchard bishop devon from about 1650's to my dad who was born in exeter i was born in Northampton have lots of bennett's in my family tree if anyone thinks they may have a connection

Adam Bennett
Its a pleasure to meet everyone, I'm Adam, my family are from Warrington, Cheshire. My Grandad is called Bryan Bennett

Paul Bennett
Hi, any Bennett connections to Bideford or Appledore in North Devon, England.

Anna F
My mum was a Bennett. The Bennetts I'm related to we're from appledore in north Devon. Gdad Sydney, ggdad Joshua/Joseph, gggdad also Joseph. Both josephs were mariners.

paul Bennett

Hi Anna I am also related to the Bennett's of Appledore. I have written a book on our family history. The names that you have mentioned are all in it with their maritime and other stories on the family.


Hi Paul. What is the title of your book? And is your book available to buy?

Darren Bennett
My name is Darren Bennett, My brother is Ian Bennett. Our dad is Andrew John Bennett. His dad was Persie (Persivil?) Bennett. They resided in Crediton, Devon. My dads dad had four brothers who's names I do not know but they all died in WW2. I know I have direct family currently in Ireland who are no longer Bennett's due to marriage (Sandy Ferrier) plus there are some Bennett's related to me in northern England, Stuart Bennett I believe.

Henry (harry) Bennett
hi Darren my maternal gt grandfather was Henry Bennett known as Harry from County Cork he married Elizabeth Fieldstead from Chester they had one child Mary Josephine Bennett who was my maternal grandmother I am not certain which year they moved to Liverpool but in Harry's latter years he lived at Hurst Gardens Old Swan area of liverpool i vaguely remember him from when i was about eight years old he may have passed away in 1958-60 i do not have any knowledge of any of his family from Cork do you have any knowledge of your Irish ancestory? Julie.

Doug Bennett
It would help, if when you post, you would at least give some idea as to what area of the country or world you are in. I am in Key West, FL but came from SC.

david bennett australia

What does SC stand for?

Martyn Bennett
Hi Paul. I've just discovered this web site, as my kids were asking about the origins of their surname 'Bennett'. My father (George Bennett) was born and lived in Cymavon near Port Talbot until he went to University. Any connections? Regards Martyn

Paul Bennett
Hi Hayley Which area of Devon does your family originate from?: On my family tree I have the my line moved to following areas: Appledore, Bideford, Ilfracombe, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Cornwall, Penarth, Swansea, Cardiff and Canada. Anything similar to your name.

Hayley Bennett
My name is Bennett and my family are from Devon if that helps anyone.

Paul Bennett
Sorry should read moved in the late 1500s. regards Paul

Paul Bennett
Hi Gwyn I have been researching my family history for a number of years and there has been a strong case of a link between Penryce where the family is thought to have originated from and Appledore in north Devon. The earliest mention is in reference to the Castle at Penryce in the 1500s where the family rented the castle and the lands. They were farmers and then two brothers moved to Appledore in the late 1400s with William and Thomas. William being my line. His son Melchard became a Mariner and so did the generations being Masters and ship owners. The last in my line was my grandfather who passed away in 1979. Talk of the castle has been handed down through the generations and when I did my research I found that yes indeed that the Benet, Bennet / Bennett families were connected to the castle. Could we be connected? Regards Paul Bennett

Adam Bennett
Hi. I am trying to find out if I am of Irish or English Bennett descent. I have tracked my Great Great Grandfather's father, but cannot find his birth or death time or anything past that. His name was William Bennett and he lived in Yancey County in North Carolina in the United States. His son, William Lewis Bennett, was born in 1855 and died in 1934. If anyone can help me track that further back, or help me find out how, I would appreciate it. Thanks... Adam

Alan Bennett
I AM TRYING TO FIND ANY FRAMILY AT ALL. My family are based in Durham and my Granfather born in 1902 John James Bennett. My granfather was the eldest child and had a brother George, sisters Georgina and Caroline. I know George died many years ago but there was never any contact between the rest of the family. Their parents died when my grandfather was only 14 years old and he was allowed to stay in a colliery house and work down the pits to bring up the family. There was a hint some time ago that Caroline used to run a Public House in the Crook area of Durham but no information on Georgina. No mention of family in records as the family were Chapel people and belongted in early years to Temperance.

Hi, I am tracing my Bennett origins in the 1700's. My 7 x Great Grandmother was Elizabeth Bennett of Little Ilford in Essex. She married Augustus Manning in 1780. Chrissie

Hi.My grandfathers surname Bennett originally from Appledore,Devon any family knowledge please contact.Thanks Philip

Paul Bennett
Phillip we are connected as my family line is from Appledore and I have been researching the family for many years and writing a book on them. Please contact me. Regards Paul

Hi Paul. I've only touched the start of tracing my family tree. of which my Grandfather was a bennett from the bideford/appledore area. he was called sidney and his father was joshua. he married clauda/claudia. joshua i know is buried in st marys church in appledore. if u find any link can u please let me know?

Paul Bennett
Hi Cousin Anna Yes we are definitely connected. Joseph (Josh) Bennett 1885 - 1956 Appledore Shipright =m= Claudia Jane (nee Moyse) 1889 - 1948 They were my g g Auntie & Uncle and your Grandfather would be my g Uncle, as Josh was my g Grandfather 19s (John) younger brother. Not sure how far you 19ve got back, but did you know that your Grandfather had 2 brothers and a sister? Interested that you mention Penarth as Joshes brother Richard and his family moved to Penarth in the 1920s. His son Thomas married Bridget and lived in Penarth. You may be able to help and complete their line which is lost during the 1950 19s. Josh and Claudia are mentioned in 1935 in a newspaper article in reference to my g Grandfathers funeral in Ilfracombe. I have a very large Family Tree and a lot of written history on the Bennett family going back many hundreds of years. For privacy Please contact me via - Best regards Paul B

ps my grandfather's cousins lived in south wales. i was told they'd get the ferry from penarth to bideford when visiting. sorry i can't rememeber their names!!

Paul Bennett
Hi Anna Please get in touch as not received any update from you. Regards Paul B

Carmen Marshall
I am in the Kentucky, USA, tracing my Bennett ancestors. I can go as far as Jabin Bennett who was born about 1730 in Hartford, Conneticut, USA and died about 1799 in Schaghticoke, Renssealer, New York USA. He was married to Cynthia ? about 1750. I have no info on his parents or from where they came. Does anyone know?

Tom Bennett
I live in Penarth. We moved here in the 80s.

Karen Bennett
My grandfather's Dad was from Canada and my grandpa became a US citizen after coming to America nothing regarding irish?

I'm a Bennett from Bristol UK

Joshua Boon Bennett is in my tree.

Tracy Hayes
I am researching the Bennet/Bennett family that moved from Ontario county New York in the early 1800s for Switzerland county Indiana.