Last name: Black

This very old and famous surname, equally popular in Scotland and England, has at least two possible origins, the first being a nickname given by the invading Angles and Saxons to the native Celts and Britons who were darker-haired and darker-skinned than themselves. There is an ancient fable that Wulfricus Niger, otherwise known as Wulfric the Black circa 980, received his name after blackening his face in order to pass undetected through his enemies. The second possible origin is as a shortened form of Black-Smith, a worker in cold metals, as distinct from a White (Smith), one who worked in hot metals. The surname was popular in Scotland from the 15th Century. Adam Black of Edinburgh (1784 - 1874), a publisher, acquired the rights to the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1827. No less than ten Coats of Arms were granted to families of this name. Those borne by Gilbert Black, Dean of the Guild of Aberdeen (1672), depict a black saltire between a red mullet in chief and a red crescent in base, on a silver shield with a black chief. A demi lion proper is on the Crest, and the Motto, "Non Crux, sed lux", translates as, "Not the cross, but its light". The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Wulfhun des Blaca which was dated circa 901, in the "Old English Bynames Register", during the reign of King Edward, known as "The Elder", 899 - 924 A.D. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Colin Black
My Mother and father are from Belfast N. Ireland.

i feels so special

shay black
I was wondering if any slaves took on the blacks last name. Mainly cause I'm African American with this last name and I want to know more about my heritage

Gary Black
I do not know any other relative named Black other than my brothers and sisters , my father is the only one I know on his side of the family , his name was Donald Leroy Black born Sept. 21 1917

im trying to trace the BLACK family heritage

Hayley Black
My family immigrated to Nova Scotia, from what I'm told our family was pretty much run out of Europe for being criminals, anyone with similar stories?

Najwa black
My fathers side of family is Indian and my great grandma is fully Indian but my moms side is African .I am Jamaican and I want to know about my family

Ashley Goodrich

My last name was supposed to be Black but when my ancestor married a different man she changed it again to Goodrich instead. :/ I have Native American/European ancestry as well as Polish, Scottish, Slovakian, and etc.

marie black

This is very interesting and will help with what I needed to no thank you x

michelle black

I am told my family was from pennsylvania (dutch area).

michelle black

I am told my family was from pennsylvania.

michelle black

My family is from pennsylvania.

D. Black

My family came from scotland before the U.S. was even a country, landing in Maine not sure what year i have it all written down somewhere.

P. Black
I am a black Black. Does that say something about where my ancestor's slave master's were from? I hope that makes sense. Thanks

Andrew Black
Dandy chapter

Cato Black
I'm from Mississippi.

Julie Black
Nice to know more about my surname..but would love to know more about my Black family ancestors who lived in the Lincolnshire 4 x grandfather also was baptised Pocklington Black...does that make sense?

Samantha Black
I've always been told my family originated in Scotland and were driven out due to practicing cannibalism! On paper, I've only been able to work out my great grand father was born in Ireland and was in the Army band. I'd like to know if the cannibalism thing is true though!

We are from Cambridge, OH. My grandparents were Harold and Elnora Black. My father says we are Dutch???

Margery Black - from New Bedford Ma.. what does the name mean please.

Zach Black
My dad always told me that my family came out from Germany, but after doing some research, I found a website that traced my lineage on my father side to Robert Black who was born in 1817. My sister asked about this question on Ancestry, and someone who was the wife of a grandson (I believe) of a sister of my great-grandpa, Carmon Otis Black. Her husband did dna testing and his dna showed he was Scottish. Does anyone actually have anything that would be interesting to now? Like, for example, I know who was the father of Robert Black is debated and the main answer I get is Spencer Black. Also can someone tell me if there is any Black Dutch in this line. Thank you.

Shannon Rossiter
Looking for a man named Jaques Black stationed in Manitoba in February 1945 during world war 2. All I know is he was from Scotland.

Mary Black
Looking for the parents and siblings of Dr. Reuben D. Black born about 1807, married Nancy Alkire in 1830 in Illlinois.

Candace Marie Black
Black family from Clinton, Kentucky

What's on your mind? Does the Scottish name Black have a tartan?

george black
George, his wife Jane and george's brother James left ireland in 1820. first went to pennsylvania and finally settled in Canada. We have never found out where in Ireland they lived although it's rumored Arklow Wicklow. We've never found any information on any of them. Anyone have some suggestions. Checked newspapers, death certs etc ..all canadian ones as those are the only ones on line. They all say Ireland

Quinlan Black
I'm fairly young so I haven't looked into much about it all but I'm an Australian. My ancestors are Scottish.

greg black
I'm from america looking for answers

Black Family Surname
I am searching for the parents and siblings of Dr. Reuben D. Black born abt. 1807 in Kentucky. By 1830 he migrated to Sagnmon county, Il and married Nancy Alkire. Sometome before 1850 Dr. Reuben D. Black migrated to Missouri and practiced medicine there.

Donald Black
trying to find out where the black name came from

Daphne Ellis
My G-G-G-Grandfather John Black came from Inch by Gorey in Ireland. He married Jessie Dodds Moffit in Ireland [ her parents arrived in Ireland from Scotland about 1820] John was born c 1808, his father was George Black, I think his mother was Mary. I would like to know more of the Black family. John migrated to Australia about 1840 with his wife Jessie and three children. They settled in the Castle Hill district

Joan barr
My Great Grandfather on my mothers side was Thomas black he was a racing journalist from west riding Yorkshire born around (1880) (anybody got any ideas) I would like to know more about Thomas black and his ancestors) he moved to Birmingham and married Amelia Mary Agnes Theresa Hanley (anybody got any ideas as Irish history is patchy to research ) they had one son Francis Black born in 1904 Francis black then grew up and married Alice Ida lapthorne from Worcester they had a daughter Frances black.

Elizabeth Piet
My grandfather's name was Alexander Syme Black. We know he came from Scotland and landed in the USA, then moved to Toronto Ontario Canada. We also know he had a sister name Nancy Black Stewart in Philadelphia, USA. We would like to know more about where he came from in Scotland.

Elizabeth Piet
My grandfather's name was Alexander Syme Black. We know he came from Scotland and landed in the USA, then moved to Toronto Ontario Canada. We also know he had a sister name Nancy Black Stewart in Philadelphia, USA. We would like to know more about where he came from in Scotland.

Friason Travis
As a Black man with a sur-name Travis where did it originate?

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