Last name: Blackwell

This ancient surname is of Olde English and Anglo-Saxon origins. It is locational from any of the places called Blackwell in the counties of Derbyshire, Durham and Worcestershire. These were recorded as "Blacheuuelle" in the Domesday Book for Derbyshire in 1086, and as "Blacwaelle" in the Saxon Cartularium of Durham, even earlier in 964 a.d. The placename itself means "black stream", from the pre 7th century elements "blaec", generally meaning "dark coloured", and referring to the colour of the water, and "waella", a spring or branch of a main stream. The surname may also be topographical for a dweller by a black stream. The surname is one of the earliest on record, being first recorded in the early 11th Century (see below). Other early recordings include Mauricius de Blacwella recorded in the Pipe Rolls of Derbyshire in 1175. Benedictus de Blakewelle mentioned in the Assize Court Rolls of Durham in 1243; and Robert atte Blakewell listed in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex in 1296. Alexander Blackwell who died in 1747, was the physician to the King of Sweden; he was arrested for his connection with a political intrigue, and was condemned without a public trial and executed. A coat of arms with the blazon of paly, silver and blue, on a red chief a gold lion passant guardant, was granted to the Blackwell's of Sprouston Hall, Norfolk. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Leofric aet Blacewellan. This was dated 1012, in the Old English Bynames list for the county of Worcestershire, during the reign of Ethelred the Unready, 978 - 1016. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Ashley Blackwell

Ashley blackwell from Virginia. I have a grandpa S. blackwell, mom P. Blackwell in south Carolina.

Julie Blackwell

Julie Blackwell from Idaho. Great Grandfather Samuel Benton Blackwell migrated to Idaho via Oregon Trail from Tennessee

William Blackwell Try thees 2 links

Paul Blackwell

Paul Blackwell from Essex u.k but now living in QLD Australia have no idea on my family tree but have developed an interest that has led me to this web page.

Monty Blackwell

I was just beginning to look for my ancestors. mostly from NC and a few in SC. My grandfather was Ernst McKinzie Blackwell and my grandmother was Mary Mesimer Blackwell. Most of my dad's family have passed and those left cannot seem to remember their grandfathers name( my great grandfather). Any help would be appreciated.

Monty Blackwell

After doing research have found great grandfather was Anson Pickney Blackwell (1879-1932) wife Jessie Louella Beach Blackwell(1850-1918) Great, great grandfather was Jacob Benjamin Blackwell (wife Eva ) Rowan County, NC, great, great, great was Benjamin Blackwell (Rowan Co?)

Jonathan Blackwell

Jonathan Blackwell from Kennesaw, GA

Sandra Graff
My mother's maiden name was Blackwell. Her grandfather was William Richard Blackwell from St. Louis. He was born in 1860. His mother's last name was Liming or Leming.

Hi, my name is Stephen Blackwell and I'm a descendant of the Blackwells from Shiply near Bradford in Yorkshire UK, I can trace my heritage to Robert & Sophia Blackwell around 1841, and Robert Blackwell's parents Nathan & Naomi Blackwell around 1812, any help would be much appreciated thank you.

James Blackwell
James Blackwell from Albany, GA

Cheyenne Blackwell
I come from a long line of blackwells in Arkansas.

Barbara Barker
Hello.. I am looking for an Isabell Blackwell married to francis Marion Barker. She was born in 1850 in Arkansas. I think Lawrence County. Looking to find out who her parents are. Can you help?

Ollie Blackwell

I'm Ollie Blackwell from Louisiana. I know that I have family in Arkansas, Mississippi and Nevada. My father's name was Edward Blackwell.

Bradley Blackwell

I live in Missouri my Grandpa is from arkansas named Lawrence Blackwell and my great gandfather his dad Named Leaf Blackwell

Tishara Blackwell
Tishara Blackwell from GA. My grandmother Gwen is from Arkansas and later moved to WV.

Jill Blackwell Hoel
My Blackwell line was Robert Blackwell who imigrated from England to the United States in 1640 starting off in Virginia than later the Carolinas....and his decendents who then migrated to Texas/Oklahoma. I haven't been able to find out where in England Robert Blackwell migrated the trail stops there.

Jason R. Johnston
My mother's maiden name is Blackwell, from Texas. I wonder if her side of the family is related to the descendants of Robert. In fact, she had a brother named Robert whom they called "Bobby". She married my dad, surname Johnston, and I was born in 1979. How interesting!

Shelley Taddei
My boyfriend's family originate from Blackwells in Texas too.

Ronnie Dale Blackwell
My great great great great grandfather as far as I have traced, came from North Caroline. His name was John Blackwell. He moved to Tennessee in the 1700's I believe.

Frank Blackwell

Try Northamptonshire or Peterborough. In Northamptonshire parish registers of Harpole.

Frank Blackwell

Robert Blackwell and Joan smith attended st John Baptist 1630. Robert Blackwell and Alice Farmer 1661 Robert Blackwell ....Singing man 1665 Peterborough Cathedral Source Marriage licence bond index 1598-1685

Frank Blackwell

Traced family back to approx 1660 in Harpole. Tried to get a link further hence references to Robert Blackwell but no conclusive evidence I'm afraid. Good luck everyone in following our roots!!!! Offspring of Blackwell and Bass and did live in England

william blackwell

I am also from Ro

Marcella Blackwell
Marcella Blackwell originally from Sudbury Ontario Canada. My grandfather was born and raised in Hastings, England and immigrated to Canada around 1925. Hello all you Blackwell's.

Amber Blackwell
Amber Blackwell from Tennessee!!! Proud to be a Blackwell!

Sandra Kirkman

Blackwell is my maiden name and I am a native Tennessean. Where are you from in Tn, Amber?

L.J Blackwell
Laura Blackwell, South Africa - originally from Preston, Lancashire, UK.

michael blackwell
hi laura, bit random I know but I'm doing my family history and have lots of blackwells from preston in the 1800s, maybe we are related lol

Two. Blackwell
Miltwon Blackwell richmond va

Christopher Blackwell
Christopher Blackwell from Columbus Ohio. Honored to be a blackwell

Craig Blackwell.
Craig Blackwell from Muncie, Indiana

Bailey Blackwell
my dad's name is Craig Blackwell!

makayla blackwell
i wonder if we are all related some how

jaydon blackwell


makayla blackwell
makayla blackwell from perry ohio

Ty Blackwell, from Marion,South Carolina

Tim Blackwell
Tim Blackwell from Illinois.

Jean Olivia Blackwell-Post
Jean Olivia Blackwell-Post Our family line begins in the US, then the Southeastern US states from James Blackwell Jr, b. 1647 in England. It is believed he is from the Hertfordshire area of England. This info has come down through If the info is correct, I can trace the Blackwell name from myself to Robert de Blackwell b. 1320 in England. If anyone can add to my information or would like additional information from what I have collected please contact me at I currently live in Suwanee, Georgia USA.

Lanese Blackwell Lester
My maiden name is Blackwell and I'm from Greer, SC living in Greenville, SC

Beverly Blackwell Henson-Hicks
My maiden name is also Blackwell. My father was Thurman Blackwell and he was from Fingerville, SC. I live in Tryon,NC however grew up near Forest City, NC

Tony blackwell
Tony blackwell, in Tennessee and proud to be a Blackwell

Tony blackwell
I have family that lives in Clinton sc

brandon blackwell
Pryor oklahoma

Jason Blackwell

I live in Spartanburg, SC.

Stefani Blackwell
Stefani Blackwell from Louisiana. Grandfather born and raised in Tylertown, Mississippi.

william blackwell
Nathan Blackwell had a dauter that died in Tylertown Ms apr21 1919

Sherrie Grove
I am looking for information on my great grandmother, I believe her name was Mary Ann or Mary Jane Blackwell and she married Stephen Hedgepeth. I am originally from Columbia, Mississippi and found a few census records under Marion County. If either of these names sound familiar to you I would appreciate any help, I am trying to trace the parents of Mary Ann or Jane Blackwell. My mother who is now 78 says that her Mary's mother was full blooded indian, possibly blackfeet/choctaw mix?? Thanks!

Melissa Robinson
Sherrie, I was just on the computer playing and looking up family names. I never get very far when I look stuff up but my mom on the other hand has done some research. It sounds like from what I have heard her say that you guys should share some information. My grandmother was a Blackwell and one of her parents was Indian. She was from Lawrenceburg, KY which is near Marion County. My email is This stuff is very interesting.

Stefani Blackwell
I'll check with my dad and let you know.

Austin Blackwell from MO

sheila blackwell brookins
My maiden name is Blackwell and I live in GA.

Daniel James Blackwell
Daniel Blackwell from Leeds, England here, I'm a musician and historian and much of my family were involved in the arts..apart from my grandfather who flew a spitfire in WW2 and took part in the battle of Britain!

Jean Olivia Blackwell-Post
Hello Daniel, Being that you are a historian, have you traced the Blackwell name to the US?

Daniel Blackwell
Daniel Blackwell from South Carolina,father was David from Hendersonville, NC grandf Calvin ggfather Hubert gggfather Barry ggggfather Samuel far as I can go.

Rochelle Blackwell from Michigan My family stems from Arkansas

Kristy blackwell
Kristy Blackwell from Texas.

Jen Blackwell from Florida

Calla Blackwell
Calla Blackwell in South Carolina

L Blackwell
I am a Blackwell in England, United Kingdom, and there are a few of us.

Daniel Blackwell
There was only a few us in the phone directory where I live in the U.S. But, now there are many. May our tribe (the Blackwell's) increase!

Laura Jane Blackwell
Hi I'm from Dorset in England

mervyn blackwell
hi there ,part of the blackwell clan in the west midlands, my father was john henry blackwell born west bromwich and his family moved to Bolton ,Lancs where his father was a florist, eventually he moved back to Oldbury, where i was born , still a few of us left , but our line is ending soon ,,,, pity........................

Angela Blackwell
Angela Blackwell from South Carolina

Clay Blackwell
Charles Clayton Blackwell from Wyoming

Ryan Blackwell
no tracy name is Ryan Blackwell from Mo.

Tracy Blackwell-Bowen
W/F USA. Am I the only one??? I can only go back 3 generations and then I have no more info.... Not sure where to start to find the rest of the line....

William Blackwell

Try this i did
Background The Blackwell name is made up of two Angle-Saxon (i.e. Old English) words, and blæc meaning black with the "æ" pronounced like the modern "a" in "cat" giving a pronunciation very much ...