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Recorded as Boyle, Boyall, and O' Boyle, this is generally regarded as an Irish surname of great antiquity. However it may also be English of Irish origin or English of French origins! If Irish it derives from the early Gaelic surname O' Baoighill, meaning the male descendant of the rash one! Traditionally Irish clan names were taken from a nickname for the original chief of the clan, and were usually prefixed O', or Mac, which is as equally Irish as Scottish. The O' Boyles were a strong clan in County Donegal for many centuries,and were known for their ruddy complexion! In England the origin could still be Irish, but for some nameholders at least, was French. As such the name was a transposition either of Boileau translating literally as "water wood," or Boille, a nickname of endearment for a small, rounded person, and introduced after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Richard Boyle (1566 - 1643) it is claimed was from Kent in England, but if so he almost certainly had very Irish ancestry. Inspite of a chequered record including a spell in the Tower of London, he held considerable power at the English court. In 1619 he acquired the estates in County Waterford of the executed Sir Walter Raleigh, and subsequently became the first Earl of Cork. Fourteen of the fifteen Boyles listed in the "Dictionary of National Biography" belong to this Anglo-Irish family. The coat of arms depicts a gold shield charged with green oak tree eradicated. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Garvin Boyle
I am researching the origins of the name Boyle, and, in particular, the origins of the family of the Earl of Cork. I have found many speculations on his family origins, which I will list in order of probability (in my estimation). 1 - Lodowich (Lodowick, Ludovich, and other variations, including Lewis) of Hereford. An incomplete line of descent eventually leads to Ludowick (Lewis) Boyle of Bidney, in Herefordshire. 2 - Humphridus de Buiuile (of Picheslei), near Ledbury, Herefordshire, in Domesday Book of 1086. 3 - The de Boyville family of Ayrshire, a Norman family who received lands from Hugo de Morville circa 1140. There are several internet sites implying the Boyles of Herefordshire came from here. 4 - Sir John Boyle, a knight of the Order of St Michael, of Hereford, circa 1200. There is a relatively complete line of descent described. However, I don't think the Order of St Michael existed at this date, so I doubt the veracity of this account. 5 - The Boyle's of County Donegal of Ireland. They predate Lodowich Boyle of Hereford circa 1240 by several hundred years, so this is a real possibility, (that a Boyle from Donegal moved to Hereford) but there are no instances of heraldic research that put forward this idea, that I coud find. There is one ancient book by Grosart which weaves the Scotish, Spanish and Irish tales all together, and it is an absurd proposition the way he makes it. 6 - Sir Philip Boyle, a knight of Arragon who "signalized" himself in a tournament and was given a place in English society circa 1442. Interestingly, the 4rth and 5th Earls of Cork believed the 6th version, according to Budgell's book, even though it is by far the least likely. I think they wanted to be associated with a famous knight from two centuries previous. Finally, the Irish blazon in the oak tree, as you suggest is a Boyle coat of arms. However, it applies only to the Boyles from northwest Ireland (i.e. County Donegal) and their descendants. Many companies that sell coats of arms use this Irish coat. The blazon associated with Sir Richard Boyle is "per bend, crenellee, argent and jules". Sometimes "jules and argent". I call this the "broken shield" of the Boyles. These arms were used by the Earls of Cork, Orrery, Burlington, Shannon, and Glasgow, in some fashion. All of these Earls had surnames of Boyle, and were descended from Lewis Boyle of Bidney, a putative descendant of Lodowick Boyle of Hereford of 1240. There are many speculations on the original Norman surname: de Boyville, de Biuile, de Binville, de Boeuil, de Boilieu, etc. I like your website. :-) Garvin Boyle,

Andrew Boyles
Wow. Never knew my last name derived from Ireland. I must be a small part Irish :D

debra mack
my mother name was bonnie boyle.

Lydia Boyle

We are family... Secretly

Christian boyle
Always wondered

Kristine Lent
I am trying to find more information on my family My Grandmas name was Edith Boyle and she married John Hanley thats as far as I know

hugh boyle
what part of ireland from

Neil Boyall
Boyall mines spelt dad tony, his dad frank

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