Last name: Bryant

This interesting surname is of Old Breton-Irish origin, and derives from the Celtic personal name "Brian", of truly ancient ancestry and believed to contain the element "bre", meaning hill or "brigh", strong. Breton bearers of the name were among the Normans who invaded England in 1066, and they later went on to invade and settle in Ireland in the 12th Century, where the name became confused with a native Irish version of it, borne in particular by one of the greatest of Irish septs, descendants of Brian Boru, who rose to the high kingship of Ireland in 1002. This native Irish name had also been borrowed by Vikings, who introduced it independently in North West England before the Norman Conquest. Ralph Brian is noted in the 1205 Pipe Rolls of Yorkshire, and Bennet Briant is listed in the Subsidy Rolls of Suffolk (1524). In the modern idiom the name can be found as Bryan, Brian, Brien, Bryant, Brient and Briant. On January 13th 1605, John Bryant married Elizabeth Cornishe at the Church of St. John's, Hackney, London. The American poet William Cullen Bryant (1794 - 1878) came of a New England family, being descended from Stephen Bryant, who had settled in Plymouth Colony in 1632. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Ralph Brien, which was dated 1160, in the "Feudal Documents from the Abbey of Bury St. Edmund's", Suffolk, during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Jessica M. Bryant

My name is Jessica Bryant. D.O.B: May, 19 1985 and I live in Floyd CO. Kentucky. My father is John William Bryant. His father was Norman Ray Bryant (deceased 2005) and my great great grandfather was Milford Bryant. Not sure when Milford passed away (possibly around 1998-99?). That's as far as I can remember on the top of my head. I believe some of my family members have traced further back. Most of my family on my dad's side were originally from this area. Some have moved to Florida and North/South Carolina. I was always told by my father that 'Bryant' was Scott/Irish and decedent of King O'brien. At least it says so on a Code of Arms scroll that has hung on our wall since before I was born. I have never read anything else about a King O'brien so I don't know how accurate that it. It was a nice story as a kid being old I was a real princess because I was a decedent of a King. :) If anyone has any real facts to any of this, I would appreciate it greatly. Also, I find it interesting that the majority of the people I encounter outside of my family, with the surname Bryant, are black. My family is Caucasian. We also have a lot of native american blood. I don't know where all the connections come together.


I am a Bryant. My dad is Johnnie Bryant and he is from a large family in Rocky Mountain North Carolina. I think his dad was Robert Bryant. I am trying to trace my Bryant ancestors, slaves, owners and current extended family. tweet me if you have any info or think your related.

Johnny Bryant

My name is johnny Bryant and I am from Alabama. My father, Charles Edward Bryant is from Boaz, Alabama. His father Chalmas Bryant (no middle name) was from Gwinnett Georgia. His mother was a full bloodef Cherokee Indian and I do not know my great grandfathers name?

lacey bryant

Hello from California! I'm a Bryant born in Kentucky, with a lot of family in southern Indiana. My grandfather was William bryant, and that's as far back as I know on his side. His children number 10, my father was Charles Edward bryant, the middle son. :)

Diane Bryant

I am in southern Indiana across from Louisvile Ky.

Meredith Bryant

I'm in Louisville KY :)

Benjamin Bryant

Im with the Bryants from North Carolina my Grandfather was Walter Clayton Bryant


Anyone related to the Bryants from New Jersey? My father name is Douglas L Bryant

Anyone related to the Bryant's from evansville Indiana?

Josh Bryant

Hey, I'm a bryant related to a family from evansville. My dad and brothers were born in evansville and henderson. I live in Portland Oregon now.

I am a bryant from evansville in

I am a bryant from evasville in

My mother lived in craawfordsville ..last name Bryant ..Betty Lou Bryant

My mother lived in Crawfordsville ..last name Bryant ..Betty Lou Bryant

Wayne Bryant
I am a direct relative of Daniel Bryant and Nancy Plummer, Cabin Creek, Lewis Kentucky 1795. Daniel died 1841 from there the name of Daniels father changes or remains Peter O'Briant who married Mary Millikan. Peter was born in 1750 died 1825. Peter's father was John O'Briant, born 1725 and died in 1809 in Mifflin, Ohio, Where did we start? The coat of arms differs from the Bryant's and the O'Briant's. O'Briant started in Ireland, the Bryant name is related to England, can any one help with more family history? I am at a cross road of an awesome story no matter what , most my family resides in Iowa, I live in Florida. Thanks, any help is great!

Sam Bryant

Hello Wayne, I'm Canadian but my father John Bryant was actually born in England. My Grandfather says that our name had its origin in old French. We were part or the Norman aristocracy when William the Conqueror took over England. He said its origins were actually occupational, meaning briar, but had been anglicised to Bryant. But then he may have just not wanted to be Irish and made the whole thing up, who knows.


You might indeed be surprised at how many currently English folk are of ultimately Irish stock. They were as common as Mexicans in the US at one point, with the difference that once they'd been there at least one generation, and in some cases had joined the Church of England, it wasn't as though they could easily be distinguished from their neighbours, especially once they'd lost the 'O' (derived from Gaelic Ó, Úa, and more commonly lost than the similar Mac, Mc). I have no idea about your family or Bryants in general, but an Irish origin is not unlikely, regardless of what your grandfather says.

Lynnette Bryant
Bryant is my maiden name. My Father was James. Born in Michigan. He was one of two children born to L. and C. Bryant. My grandfather was Lester Bryant which was married to Clara (Shwartz)Bryant. I've always heard we go back to England and Germany. I live in Indiana.

I am looking for the bryant out of Parksville Sc Robert Bryant Married Mary White Bryant in the late 1800's to early 1900's Children was Lillian, Mattie,James, Manch, Tom, Robert , Katharine,Barbara, and the history on the Bryant family from the 1800's

K. Bryant
Im a Bryant from Alabama. I have traced back to Edinburgh, where family artisans immigrated to Alabama to grow cotton in the 1700s. They became large plantation owners in west Alabama. With over 20 freed slave worker families on his land, all but one of the families adopted the name as their own. I hope that gives you a possible clue Troy.

Julie Bryant Goodman
I am looking for information on Rufus Bryant who married Jamima Jane Hitson. They are from the Graham, Texas Area. He may also have gone by Rudulfus or Rudolphus. Dead end!

Jonathan Bryant
Hi im from Mineral Wells tx 1 hour south of you, Do you have a Richard Bryant in your family tree

Rhonda Bryant Arnold
My Father is Richard Gary Bryant from SC

Hello , I am Black and an descendant from Cody C. Bryant and Lydia Gray Bryant. Some of the children died and others moved to Michigan in the early 1900's. I have found the burial site on line and trying to extend my search for family history prior to 1850's in Jasper County, Georgia. If you recognize these names, please contact me. It's amazing to find out that Bryant comes from the Irish so now that further research. I know that my people migrated to Michigan and died .

Dominique bryant
hello my name is Dominique bryant im don't reconize the names but i have alot of family that comes out of michigan with the last name byant it might be a wired a cerence but maybe there is a chance we can be related through a family tree

Brenda Jones
I am looking for information about the Bryants, my maiden name was Bryant my dad is Reggie Bryant his dad was Loyd bryant from cumberland county ky mud camp area moved to mud lick he married Bruntte Ross walden Loyds dad was Geroge Dick Bryant and he married Zella Tooley. this is as far as i have gotten I would appreciate any help.. Loyd Bryant was born in 1908 in Cumberland County ky..please help thanks

Terris Bryant
I have been trying to locate my dad Woodrow Bryant who was born in Camilla GA and moved to Jacksonville, FL for a while. Haven't been able to catch up with him I live in Florida the panhandle area. Would like to get more information.

Margaret Ann Bryant Schwuchow
I have traced my Bryant ancestors back to my, John Calhoun Bryant. Born about 1800 in South Carolina. His wife was Matilda Holder from Georgia. My family is in South Carolina. Aiken, Barnwell and Charleston Counties. My father, Alfred Jennings Bryant, Jr. alway told me the family was from Ireland, but they where the "Scots Irish" and where Prodestant. Would love to find more information.

Richard C Bryant
Hello I would like to say what a pleasure to read all the interesting comments , especially our cousins in the USA. I live in Plymouth UK and my family have for many generations.They have lived here for approx 500 years according to a maiden aunt still living. I am proud to be a Bryant and my forebears. I will try to answer as much as i can but my personal knowledge on the subject is limited

Janice Hunt
Sorry, I made a mistake … It is suppose to be "I found that some of Clara Bryant Ford's sibblings had the same names as some of my relatives in Mississippi."

Janice Hunt
I have had no luck tracing my Bryant roots past 1800's who settled in Ms. My great grandfather was ML Bryant or Marvin Lamar Bryant. I have been told he came from the North Carolina area, but I am not sure about that. I did speak with someone that told me that Henry Ford's wife was a Bryant from that area. I did research and found that some of Clara's sibblings had the same first names as Clara's family. I know these relatives were not the same as Clara's sibblings, but I found it odd that they had some of the same names as Clara Ford. Also, Clara Bryant Ford's family came over on the Mayflower and were aristocrats from England or maybe Ireland(not sure about Ireland.)

Brenda Jones
My maiden name is Bryant I am trying to do my family tree my dad is Reggie Bryant from Tompkinsville Ky, his dad was Loyd=LLoyd Bryant he was born 1908 he died at the age of 55 -56, he married Burnette Ross Walden Bryant, I am very interested in finding out more if you think we might be connected or if u know more about my side of Bryants.. They lived at Mud Camp KY then moved to Mud Lick Ky thanks for any help

My name is Troy Bryant. Interesting trying to figure out how I'm black with this last name.

Lily Bryant
Wow... I never knew my last name had so much history! I have finally confirmed that my last name is, in fact, Irish. It's really cool.

hi candace my family is the same way we started out from cody c bryant who had 17 kids in ga they moved throughout the south the north or stayed but all or family has passed away too

my name is candace bryant from tn. most of my family members of the bryant's have passed away. this site very interesting.

Dave Newsome
Hello everyone my name is Dave Newsome(35yrs old).My father's name was Rachel or Racher Newsome(1925'-1984')I believe he was born in NC or GA,but I'm not sure.My mother's name was Jean Newsome (1936-1996),her maiden name was 'Bryant'.I believe she was born in Richmond,Suffolk or Norfolk VA.I have (2)sisters named Betty and Laura and Have I have (1) brother named Roy and we all live in NJ.My parents died when I was young and I don't have any info of my father's side or my mother's side of the family.I would sincerely appreciate any info that anyone can give me.

Rhonda Ray
There are tons of Newsomes in Pikeville, KY. My great uncle Dave Newsome passed away several years back. Maybe a connection?..

Brenda Emley
There are tons of Newsomes in Floyd County KY also.

Sam bryant
Interesting, I am a Bryant, living in Australia, however, my father is British. My grandfather who is in his late 80's has information regarding our origins to a surname of debriancon from the briancon region of France. He beleives the name was anglo sized to bryant some time in the 11th century. I have been unable to find further reference through Internet searches - anyone with further information?

Sam bryant
Forgot to add, he lived in Portland with his family, his name is Roy Bryant and he and his brother Charles were on school camp during the early parts if ww2 when Portland was bombed, he never saw his siblings again and was told they were all killed along with his mother. His father was ok, he was in the navy but fell out of touch due to being at sea. If anyone has further info on that libe of the family I would love to know.

dan bryat
my name is Daniel Bryant, my Bryant's are from Tennessee mainly with some roots in North Carolina and Virginia...haven't gotten back too far, but would like to start looking grandmothers name was Minnie Ola Rainwater a cherokee native american... in Stewart county tennessee..

Jim Bryant
I talked over the weekend with my sister, who says that there is a Bryant line from Daniel Boone's wife. Not our line, but might be yours?

Evelene Hutchinson
I had an uncle Jim Bryant. He was shot and killed back in 1978, it was just odd seeing another Jim Bryant. His children are Doreen, Hollis Bryant, and Shelly

Miranda Bryant
Hi, I'm a Bryant from hazard KY and I am a descendant of the Rebecca and Daniel Boone line. If you think you may be too, maybe I can help.

Brenda Emley
My grandmother's name was Mary Bryant she lived in Floyd County Ky. around Price and Hi Hat. Her father's name was Ab Bryant and her mother's name was Lyndy. Mary married Greene Johnson. I have tried tracing the Bryant and Johnson family tree and I keep hitting walls due to the poor records kept in the past. I would love to trace my families heritage so any help would be appreciated.

Richard Bryant
I am a descendant of the Rebecca and Daniel Boone line as well. My Family is from northern Kentucky. Maysville, Tollesboro, Mason County area.

Janice Bryant Hunt
Dan, I am a Bryant from Mississippi, but now live in Tn. My great grandfather was Marvin Lamar Bryant. Supposedly, he came from the North Carolina area. I have researched him but came to a dead as he may have been an orphan, a run away, My family says nothing was ever told about his family.

dorothy greer
Brenda emly mymother in law was a Bryant her parents were William Lawrence and betty hall Bryant. ab was her grandfather.i am trying to help her track the Bryant family history also.she was told that lyndy was her father lawrences stepmother . only thing she knows is lawrences birth mothers name was rilda caudille Bryant. and she died when he was a baby any help would be wonderful thank u

Brenda Emley
Dorothy Greer I remember the name Lawrence and Betty Bryant so I have a feeling your husband and his family are related to mine. I will check with my Uncle and see if he can shed some more light on this. Thank you for responding.

Naomi Lyn Bryant
Hi i'm a Bryant from Kennewick, Washington. I was just working on a project for school when i found this. Wow! Cool! =)

Ashley Bryant
I'm a Bryant in Seattle, WA. Weird!

Bryant is my maiden name. I've traced my Bryants back to around 1700 but can't get back any further. All were in Botetourt Co, Roanoke and Fincastle, Va. But I am stonewalled with Eppa Bryant, can't find anything futher back. Heard they might have been from Wales but don't know the accuracy of that.

Gregory Mantell
I've traced my Bryant line to Stephen Bryant (son or Richard Briant) who married Susannah Malone in Botetourt County in 1813. Stephen was born 1783/4 and died in 1850. His father Richard was probably born before 1860. Family tradition says that (part) of the family was English, though you would think Irish with that last name. However, because of destruction of so many Irish records, I am hoping they turn out to be English after all.

Jim Bryan
Gregory, how have you been able to establish Stephen's father as Richard?

connie bryant sawyer
just a note my family roots were traced back to ireland they were potatoe farmers who settled in southampton county va ..they were orginally o'briant but dropped the name to bryant

kevin Bryant
Kevin John Bryant Love the history of kevin (st.kevin from Ireland) John (friend of jesus) Bryant ( my spiritual retreat Cornwall) many bryants Live there & my Grandfather was born there! all names Are good Proud of mine!!!! kev from Lincoln, England ;@)

Theresa Bryant Farnsworth
My maiden name is Bryant and I've traced my "roots" back to Plymouth colony in the 1600's and then back to England...but no further back than the 1550's. My roots back to the plymouth don't go any further south than Massachusetts, so it's interesting to hear about all the southern Bryants. Would love to hear from those who might have info about the Bryants in England. for those who have roots in the south, I believe if you go back far enough, your roots will reach back to New England. I believe some of Stephen Bryant 's (of Plymouth)descendents moved around and eventually made their way into Kentucky and points south.

Chris Bryant
Then perhaps we're related! I've gotten as far back as John J Bryant, born in southern Maine, 1808. Several generations were in the Portland, Maine area before moving to Connecticut (where I am now). I'd love to figure out if I'm related (even distantly) to William Cullen Bryant! I'm always hanging out in Bryant Park in NYC (not because of the name, it's just a nice area). =)

Evelene Hutchinson
Hi, my mother's maiden name is Bryant. She is Johnnie Bryant Bohannon, her parents were Ida Francina, and William Harvey Bryant from Hazlehurt GA. His Mother's name was Effie Brantly Bryant. Due to his father thought MIA in the war, she married a Singletary, but my grandfather kept the name Bryant. His father came home eventuall and reclaimed him and his brother. Some of his siblings were Fannie Bryant Harrel (not sure of spelling) Florie, Odessa Simmons Wells, Mary Magdalene. At least one brother, Frank Bryant. I do not know the falf siblings names. My grandfather was originally from Coffee County, GA. , but moved and married in Hazlehurst, Jeff Davis County, GA

Evelene Hutchinson
I forgot to add my great grandfather Bryant was Bartow . Hope this helps.

Diana Margaret Bryant
According to my grandfather William Cullen Bryant (not the poet) we are directly related to the Poet. I don't know how true this is. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1947. William C. Bryant the poet supposedly had relatives in Missouri and back east. We have had poets, writers and story tellers in direct ancestors.

Adrian Bryant
My line traces back to Stephen Bryant of plymouth and my family migrated from Virgina to Kentucky and to Kansas in the 1800's

It's good to meet all of you .i am researching my family ,my maiden name is Bryant and most of the Bryant's in my line are from Kentucky .hope some of you can help

Brenda Jones
My maiden name is Bryant as well and mine are also from ky,, my dad is Reggie Bryant his dad's name is Loyd bryant he is deceased, they said that they called loyds father Dick (Richard?) Bryant, loyd had 3 brothers Cleary,Verry, and Marsh, 1 sister Desla she married a Graves,, Loyd was from Cumberland county ky,, they lived at mud camp Ky he married Brunette Ross Walden Bryant after mud camp ky they moved to mud lick ky, loyd was born in 1908 he died at the age of 55 or 56, so i f anybody can help me i would appreciate it,, thanks,,

Brenda Emley
My grandmother Mary Bryant Johnson is also from Floyd Co. KY. She had a sister Josephine Bryant Mullins and a brother Buddy not sure if she had more siblings. Her family had a homestead on top of the mountain in Bryant Branch. Hope I can connect with some of my relatives.

james bryant

mecca bryant
what part of the south

james bryant
I come from a long line of Bryant's and all of them from the south I have and old bible with the oldest being from the early 1803 would love to find more relatives

Jim Bryant
Any mention of an Elisha Bryant in Virginia?

Jim, I am also trying to find information on my gr, gr, gr, gr Grandfather Elisha Bryant from Floyd Co., VA. Have you had any luck?

Betty Cirillo
I'm looking for a history on Bertha Bryant. She married Carl Ploutz. They and 4 children came to USA in 1891,from Germany. Settled in deleware co. NY. Bryant isn't German sooooo?
My Bryant family is from Virginia to Tennessee and ending Kentucky when some of the family moved to Indiana and the rest stayed in Kentucky. My father's cousin still lives on the family farm land.

Tracy McCann
Hello loriunanue,Ive read your post here and Im very curious.My Bryant line also is from Virginia to Tenn. and Kentucky and moved to Indiana.I have lots of Bryant relatives that stayed in Indiana.I am very much interested in speaking with you to see if we are from the same line.

Any mention of John H Bryant/Briant and Elizabeth Puckett?

Rebecca Bryant
Just to honor St. Patrick's Day, checking in with the other "Bryant's"! My family has been in Arkansas for generations with the oral history being that Grand-Daddy (from my Grandfather) came from somewhere in back east to Mississippi and finally to Arkansas. The older generations pronouce the last name with a rather long i which sounded less like a Bryan-t and more Brine-t (does that make sense?). It is subtle but the difference was enough to get me laughted at and corrected at school as a child.

Pamela Bryant Nacke
Rebecca, I'm a Bryant and know exactly what you mean with the pronounciation. My Bryants settled in Enola Arkansas back in the 1850's. if you go to you can see our history. Don't know if we are from the same line, be we could be.

Pamela Bryant Nacke
i meant to say sorry.

Robert Bryant
Just a country pronounciation they say it that way in E. TN.

Brenda Emley
Yep just the way of saying it in the south

mecca bryant
nice to meet you too im not sure and my fathers great grandfather cody c. bryant had 17 kids with his wife lydia in jasper county after cody died they split so when it comes to people in georgia with the last name as me I feel as though we are related since the kids split up

Tim Bryant
Hey cuzzo, just reading all this info about Bryant's. Looking for more family but interesting to see your comments here.

Cool to see all these Bryants! My name is William Bryant from a long line of Bryants in surry county NC!! My great grandpa's name was George washington bryant born in the 1850's in Rockford NC

Michael C Bryant
Hello William. I think we may be related. I'm related to James Bluford Bryant, (1817-1870), George W Bryant's brother. The following is a little history of this line of the Bryant family who established Bryant's Station in Kentucky:

Four Bryant brothers; of Irish and Danish
descent-William, James,Samuel, and John-came to the Bluegrass
region in 1779 and established Bryant's Station, one of Kentucky's
earliest settlements. The Bryants,who came from a prominent North
Carolina family, had accompanied Daniel Boone from the Yadkin
Valley in North Carolina to Central Kentucky. Daniel Boone married
Rebecca Bryant, niece of William Bryant. William Bryant, from
whom the Waveland Bryants descended, married Mary Boone,
Daniel Boone's sister. Hence the relationship between the Boones
and the Bryants.
However, as early as September 1773, Daniel Boone,
Squire Boone, James Morgan, James Sparks, and William Bryant
started from North Carolina with the intention of establishing a fort
on the Kentucky River. On October 19, 1773, they started across the
Cumberland Gap and were ambushed by Indians. Six men were killed
out of the party of five or six families and "forty well-armed men."
Among the dead was James, one of Daniel Boone's sons. They
decided to bury the dead and return to Virginia
Two years later, the party set out again to Kentucky,
along with William's entire family of 10 children, including Daniel
Boone Bryant. They proceeded through the Cumberland Gap this
time without incident. The Boones stopped at Boonesborough, which
was built by the summer of 1775, while the Bryants proceeded
farther north on Elkhorn Creek. Under William's leadership, they
erected a stockade fort which they named Bryant's Station.
The Bryants were big; restless, ambitious, and
adventure.-seeking people; rugged people who were not afraid of
hardship. There is little doubt that the Bryants were leaders in the
westward movement. Like other restless pioneers they were hungry
for more land and greater adventure. Large numbers of the family
migrated from Virginia to Bryant's Station in 1779 and 1780. Daniel
Brvant. son of William and Marv Boone Brvant, described the settlement in a letter:
"I came out in 1779 to Bryant's in
order to make corn for my father to move his family there in 1779.
The Station was commenced in a short time. Cabins were built, but
not more then a half dozen. I think there were only four, but some of
them were double cabins. The space between was stockaded. In the
fall of 1780, after the attack on Marvin's and Ruddle's Stations, my
mother returned from the troubles of Ky., to the troubles ofN.C."
The Bryants, believing: they were on their own land
at Bryant's Station, built a very strong fort intended for years at use.
William, James, Joseph Morgan, George, David, Samuel and John
Bryant all entered land in Tracts totaling approximately 13,000 acres.
However, they found that the land on which their fort and homes
were built, and about 1000 surrounding acres, had been entered in the
name of Col. Preston of Virginia.
In the spring of 1780 after a very difficult winter, a
party from the station set out to hunt for game. Half of the hunting
party was led by William Bryant. This party was ambushed by
Indians and in the fierce fight that followed, William was mortally
wounded. The men carried him back to the fort and he died a few
hours later.
The death of their beloved leader William Bryant, the
knowledge that they were not the rightful owners of the land on
which they had built their fort, coupled with the Indian attacks, so
discouraged the entire settlement that many of the families decided to
join the Bryants and return to North Carolina. Not a Bryant remained
at the station after the mass exodus, and, although the entire party
returned to Kentucky four years later, none of them lived at Bryant's

William R Bryant

Another Bryant in South Carolina, with family from the Seneca Anderson area. I live in Charleston now, but that was an optional movement by the generation before me. I have a grandfather by the name of William Bryant in Seneca, but the information before that is somewhat vague. My Great-Grandfather went by the name of George (Potentially Washington as a middle name as well) and was a WWII veteran, however due to the fact that he died quite young i'm reluctant to bring it up with my grandfather. Beyond that, my great-great grandfather and several generations before him owned a 120 acre cotton plantation around Seneca SC.

Hey Mecca. Nice to meet u. Is that close to mitchel county by chance? I don't know much about my Bryant side unfortunately.

mecca bryant
hello erin my family is from jasper county ga

Jan Lindley

Mecca -- my Bryants were in Jasper co., GA for many years. My gg-grandfather, Harrison Bryant, was born in GA in 1810; he bought land in Jasper Co., GA in 1837 from his mother Nancy. He was in Jasper Co. until 1847 when he and a daughter moved to east Texas. Harrison had a brother named Bird who stayed in GA (prob. Jasper Co.) and a sister, Mary Ann who married James Jackson Fincher in Jasper Co. That is all the names I know, but Harrison told his TX family that he was from a family of at least 11 children. So there could be a connection between our Bryants.

Erin Bryant
I wonder if it is a coincidence so many of us have roots in the south. With the exception of my immediate family, my entire family is in Georgia. Grandfather was Peter Bryant. From Camilla Ga. Is this near where the other Georgia Bryant's are from?

Stacey Davis
My Bryant family is only a few miles from Camilla.

Ashley Bryant
My family is in and around Biloxi, MS and Santa rosa beach, FL. Weird. Plantation starters, maybe?

billy bryant
iam william (billy) bryant,my grandpa was born in jelico tn. on the kentucky border. a lot of the bryants were coal miners. my great grandfather was george arland bryant, his wife hellen grant bryant was a first cousin of general grant.

billy bryant
i live in morganton nc.but grew up around piegon forge tn.

Mamie Guy
I am still searching for anyone who is related to John Pickney Bryant dob about 1807. I think he was born in Georgia. He married, Amanda Champion. Her dob was appx 1842. So he probably had a previous wife.

James Richard Bryant
Hi Mamie, my name is James (Jim) Richard Bryant. My uncle has traced our line of Bryants back to Pickney Bryant. I don't know much about this line but would be glad to help in any way I can. Our family of Bryant's live mostly in Cumberland Co. Tennessee.

james bryant
I come from a long line of Bryant's

peter bryant
My grandmother was a Bryant who married a Gould and lived in Croydon England,anyone with a connection it would be nice to share info.

Reuben Bryant
There are many Bryant's and so many with the same name ((Billy's and Johnny's) it is hard to know anything for sure. My GGGF Perry Bryant's people were in SW KY. I am 54 yrs. old and white as far As I know, The generations back had dark complexions and hair they had anglo features and facial hair. I have a picture from 1905.

Brenda Emley
My Bryant family is from Floyd Co. KY any help gathering more information for Mary Bryant Johnson would be greatly appreciated. She had black hair and dark complected with high cheekbones. She almost looked Indian.

My Bryants settled around Christian county. The Bryants in my family were dark in completion dark curly hair. We have high cheek bones and sort of a pug nose.

Are any of you related to a Daisy Bryant, her father was a Thomas Bryant, and his father was a William Bryant?

Justin Bryant
I too am from GA, and I would love any type of help from whomever is willing to help trace our roots. Never know we could all be some kin to each other, God does work in mysterious ways.

Jan Lindley

My gg-grandfather, Harrison Bryant, was born in 1810 in GA; later lived in Jasper Co., GA; his mother's name was Nancy, but no idea of father's name (poss. T. Bryan). He moved to east Texas in 1847 with his daughter; a son possibly stayed behind in Jasper Co., GA with a relative named John Horton. Harrison's first wife was poss. a Horton.

Justin Bryant
This is very interesting to see people who share the same last name as myself try to track down our roots.

I'm a Bryant from N.C. as was my father and my paternal grandparents. However, we have little knowledge of my grandfather's family or childhood, only that they may have been from Norfolk and/or Suffolk, VA. My grandfather was Samuel Paul Bryant and he had a brother named Charles as well as other siblings I did not know. They are caucasian but very olive-skinned, appearing to me to possibly have Native American Indian in them. Myself and my kids are olive-skinned as well. Who can help me know more?

Jim Bryant
My dad was born in Surry County NC. While we can't find any genealogical connection, family legend has it that he was 1/8 Cherokee. The earliest Bryant we can find had a farm in central Virginia. Courthouse records list a couple of spellings including Briant, which leads me to believe that he was probably illiterate and the clerk wrote the name however he thought it should be spelled.

Sam bryant
Hello sheryl, my family are from Portland uk, however, my grandfather (born in early 1900's) believes we came from the boarder town in France - briancon and our original name was debriancon. We too have olive skin and are often asked if we are Italian, or one of my auncles is often mistaken for aboriginal ( he lives in Australia!)

Janice Hunt
Sheryl, I am a Mississippi Bryant, My great grandfather was said to be from the North Carolina area, I cannot find anything past his marriage to Martha Davis(?) have to double check that. He supposedly came to Mississippi by horse back and settled in North Mississippi. His name was Marvin Lamar Bryant and I think he was called "Mack". I'm not sure about his complection, but all of the children down to my dad was red headed and freckles. No one knows much about him other than they think he came from North Carolina Area. I do not know if his parents were dead, or if he was orphaned. It sounds like your family may have some indian blood in them, where as mine has a lot of Irish blood. However, who knows sometimes genes change and different dominate characteristics fade and others become dominant over the years and there may be a connection between yours and mine.

mecca bryant
i live in covington but my family is from jasper county

mecca bryant
wat part of georgia are you from ms. davis

mecca bryant
i am a bryant in georgia ive always wanted to know my roots family is important no matter what your going through family can be a blessing !

Stacey Davis
I live in Georgia and my grandmother's maiden name is Bryant.

The Rev. Jason L. Bryant, OSL
Rev. Jason Bryant here in Virginia. Tracing my family history seems to be almost impossible. Glad to see a website such as this that give at least the origin from which all of our's last name is derived. Any other Bryants in southwest Virginia, e.g. the counties of Patrick, Henry, Franklin, Floyd, etc., drop me a note sometime about what you've learned about our "family".

Rev. I am researching my ancestors and we are stuck on Elisha Bryant, born in 1800 or 1805 in Floyd Co. VA. I am piecing a lot of information together but haven't gotten very far. Have you ever heard of Elisha Bryant?

I'm erin Bryant. It's interesting to find my first and last name coming from Ireland especially considering I'm African American.

I am Black and a Bryant and found out through research that there is that possibility I am Irish to an extend. It is difficult to research because there are so many connections to research? What state are researching. My paternal ancestors come from Georgia.

Sonja Bryant Stewart

I am Sonja Bryant Stewart. I come from a large family of African-American Bryants who are based in East Texas. However, they too have origins in Georgia.

Jan Lindley

My gg-grandfather was Harrison Bryant (b. 1810 Georgia); lived in Jasper Co. GA and moved to east Texas in 1847. He was a slave owner; could be some the black Bryants trace back to the same family.

Michael Bryant
My family comes from Whitley City, KY in McCreary County. According to family stories, we are descended from in-laws of Daniel Boone, who emigrated from North Carolina. The North Carolina Bryants were descended from Morgan Bryant, a wealthy plantation owner who made his fortune off importing horses and Zulu slaves. The slaves were allowed a high degree of autonomy, being allowed to run their own schools and community centers. After the Civil War, many of the freed slaves took the Bryant surname. There are now almost as many black Bryants as there are white Bryants.

Rhonda Parker

Hi Michael - my maternal grandfather was William Bryant from Thomasville, Ga. We had a 37 marker dna test that is about 1 to 3 off your Whitley City line. I know our line goes back to the Bladen, North Carolina, but I cannot seem to pinpoint which of those Bryan/Bryants were the direct line for our "William" - born in 1815, and turning up in Grady County, Ga, married to a Mattie or Martha Singletary. We also have close matches with the Bryants who moved to Leon County, Fl, and then were massacred by Indians. The survivors returned to Thomasville, then some moved out to Texas. I'm open to any leads. My email is

cornelia bryant
wow! My name is Cornelia Bryant and i sure would like to know my family roots.

ruth bryant
Ruth Bryant - its interesting to see where the name came from. my dads family came from wales and seemed to be quite religious a few generations back - according to what i remeber of the family bible family history

Lericka Bryant-Henry
My maiden name is Bryant and I just recently traced my ancestry back to Ireland.

my last name is bryant and i only know my mom and my grandmother and uncles and aunts...this is pretty neat!

I am a Bryant with ancestors on my paternal side from Georgia. Where is your location?

wow my last name is bryant and this makes me feel nice that every body knows my lasts name meaning and what i mean so thank you for having this website!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie Bryant
Wow interesting, my dad is John Bryant and his dad was Kenneth Bryant, wish I knew more but I was born in South Africa and my Dad and his Dad in the UK.x