Last name: Buckley

This interesting surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is locational from any of the minor places so called, such as Buckleigh in Abbotsham in Devonshire, Buckley Heath in Sussex, or Buckley Green in Warwickshire. Most of these placenames derive from the Olde English pre 7th Century "bucc(a)", meaning a he-goat, plus "leah" a clearing or wood. However, several instances of Buckley and Buckleigh in Devon derive from "boga", bow, plus "clif", cliff. In Ireland, the surname is found as an Anglicized form of the Gaelic "O'Buachalla", composed of the elements "O" meaning descendant of, plus "Buachaill", a byname meaning cowherd or servant. The surname is first recorded in the early half of the 13th Century (see below), and other early recordings include: William de Bockeleye, noted in the Subsidy Rolls of Warwickshire in 1332, and John Buckley, who appeared in the 1545 Subsidy Rolls of Wiltshire. In the modern idiom the surname has many variant spellings including Bucklee and Buckleigh. Among the earliest of the namebearers to settle in the New World Colonies were Ben Buckley, aged 11 yrs., and Daniell Buckley, aged 9 yrs., who departed from the port of London aboard the "Suzan and Ellin" bound for New England, in April 1635. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Alan de Buckeleg, which was dated 1235, in the "Feet of Fines of Warwickshire", during the reign of King Henry 111, known as "The Frenchman", 1216 - 1272. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Joan Buckley Whitley

My grandfather , many generations ago, came to America in 1735. We believe he is the same boy mentioned in "The Old Bailey On Line". They are the same age and the deportation of one is the arrival of the other in the US. We are looking for a United Kingdom connection.We are haplo group R1a1 and the Buckleys on the Ftdna site are not ours. I would love to hear from a Buckley relative that is our haplo group.Thanks

Neil Barrow
As Tony Buckley 11/6/2012 points out the majority of English Buckleys originate from the Saddleworth - Oldham area. Saddleworth Historical Society has trees going back to the early 1600s. The Irish families & Cheshire families are separate. This is supported by the Buckley family site at ftDNA where the Saddleworth families fall into a different DNA type (haplogroup). There is also a Saddleworth surnames project at ftDNA. DNA testing will establish which area Buckley ancestors come from & both projects welcome participants.

Ronald Wattam
I am trying to find out more information of a John Buckley b. 28 Feb. 1847 Cork Ireland who married Sarah Cook 9 Dec. 1871 Surrey, England. Johns parents were Michael Andrew John Buckley b c.1822. both were christened Inchigeelagh, Boherbue, Cork, Ireland and his wife I believe to be Catherine Connell also of the same area married 23 Jan. 1852 at Dromtarriff. Any help would be appreciated. Reply to

my great grand father is a albert buckley (1919-1969) married a dorothy slinn (1920-1987) in 1939 in sheffield south yorkshire. if anyone has them in their family tree id love to hear from you on facebook.

Dylan Buckley
Astonishing! Albert is on my Family Tree. I have been doing research on my name for hours now... Haha. Well, hello!

karen court
Hi, My grandfather was William Buckley and he lived in the Litherland area of Merseyside. He was married to my nan Margaret Buckely. If you need any more information just let me know.

Tony Buckley
The more I look at this scroll, the more I am concerned about its lack of scholarship. I would advise potential purchasers to think twice before buying. The absence of any reference to North West England as an origin of the surname is mystifying and suggests limited real research was done to prepare this scroll. I suggest that this is a commercial offering and should not be taken as academically sound. From the work done by University College London, the 1881 census shows that the highest population densities of Buckleys was in the Cheshire and Manchester areas. With opportunities for travelling around the country only just opening up, this alone is clear evidence that the population was clustered around its origin. I refer you to for more information. Similarly, as Michelle points out, the Irish origins from the gaelic for Boy, are mistranslated.

Matt Sears
My name is Matt Sears, I am currently coordinating research into the Romany Community of Britain. As part of this study we will be taking DNA samples from males who carry documented Romany surnames, Buckley being one of those chosen. The research has full ethical approval and the results will be accessible online towards the end of the study. If your Buckley paternal ancestry has Romany origins and you can provide some detail of your male line back to 1900 or thereabouts we would be interested in sending you a kit through the post. The study is free, the results will help us better understand the origins of Britain 19s Romany community. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Siegfried Buckley
I have a lot of BUCKLEY in my South Africa database. Will share with interested parties.

Clyde bucklew
Looking for anyone in the Clyde Bucklew or Buckalew family. Preston County, Morgantown west va.My father was in the Army. We lived in Columbus Ga. Most of the time.

Any ideas on the saying when looking for something lost/missing "you've got yours and Buckleys?

Emmie Germishuys
Hi, I am looking for any decendants of Helen Buckley who was born in 1831. Her daughter Emily Buckley b 1874 was married to my gggfather FRED HARRIS in June 1888. As this is the only information I have at this stage, I will be most greatfull for any/all info I can get - PLEASE???

Tony Buckley
From research carried out by my uncle in 1963, in association with Genealogical Quarterly magazine, we have slightly different origins for the Buckley surname. In 1963, GQ reported to William Buckley, my uncle: 1CThe heraldry of Buckley is very complicated because of its identification with Bulkeley. It seems that all forms of the name derive from Robert Bulclogh, the first Lord Bulkeley of Bulkeley, Cheshire. Even the Buckleys in Kent have arms that obviously derive from the main grant to Buckley or Bulkeley in Cheshire. It is difficult to say to which of the several coats-of-arms detailed in our Spring 1962 you may be entitled. 26 1D From this and subsequent searches, we reached the following conclusions for the origin of our surname: "Buckley is an anglo-saxon name, with its origin most likely in Bulkeley in Cheshire, England. It comes from the Old English: 22 Bucca 13 a stag (buck) or a he-goat 22 Leah - meadow, field, tract of open ground (lea) 1CThe people from the stag 19s meadow 1D It seems that all variants of the modern Buckley surname, worldwide, derive from Robert de Bulclogh, the first Lord Bulkeley of Bulkeley in Cheshire about the year 1200. De Bulclogh was granted a Coat of Arms, consisting of a shield denoting preparedness, peace and sincerity and a crest denoting valour and benevolence. The Buckley motto is 1CNec Temere Nec Timide 1D, which means 1CNeither Rashly nor Timidly 1D. " You should note that as well as Bulkeley (pronounced Byew-klee) in Cheshire, there are several places in the North West of England and North Wales called 1CBuckley" 13 See especially Buckley in Rochdale and Bwcle in N.Wales. I have not come across references to any Buckleys prior to Robert de Bulclogh 13 but of course I am always open to new information.

Emmie Germishuys
Hi Tony, do you have a family tree for the Buckley family? They are my family as well and I am trying to piece the family together, but are having difficulty. My ggmother was Emily Buckly (married to Fred Harris) and Emily's parents wer John and Helen Buckley. William was either Ethel's brother or uncle - trying to get all the info.... Please help???

Buachail means boy in irish . not servant or cowherd....from an irish buckley

Shay Ó Buachalla
Actually it could mean servant, cowherd or boy. A sept or family of Buckley's or O'Buachalla's originated in Lemanaghan in County Offaly and its said the name came from a boy from there who worked under St. Manchan who established a monastery there. He was the saints cowherder and servant. The family thus became known as ''decendants of buachaill'' and carried on the tradition of being cowherders. It's not clear what it exactly means but Buckley in Gaelic can mean all three. Learn about our ancestors properly. From an Offaly O'Buachalla

Chris Buckley
Hi Tony, my Grandfather Peter Buckley immigrated to Canada from Chester England in the 1920's. I am still in contact with the Buckley's there, and I can assure you, there are quite a few.

Rob Buckley
Buckley, good old NORTHERN name that dates back generations of my family in Cheshire. My dad was Roy Buckley, my grandparents were Albert and Ada.

sylvia Davies
Suggest that you look around the villages of Saddleworth for Buckleys I am one of them