Last name: Burke

This ancient and aristocratic English and Norman-Irish surname was first held by Burhred, the king of West Mercia, England, 852 - 874, and several centuries later by the original earls of Ulster and Clanricarde in Ireland. The surname is recorded in the spellings of Burgh, Burk, Burke, and Bourke, and is particularly popular in Ireland, where it has long held great state. The name is topographical, and originates from residence by, or probably the ownership of, a fortress on a hill. The derivation is from the Olde English pre 7th Century "burh", or the Anglo-Saxon "burg". The villages of Burgh in the county of Suffolk, and Burgh in Lincolnshire, England, are typical examples of the placename, and both provided early surname holders. The surname is distinguished by being amongst the very first ever recorded (see below), and other recordings include Geoffrey de Burk of Herefordshire, in 1272, and Hubert de Burk of Somerset in 1273. The name was introduced into Ireland by William de Burgo, of Burgh in Suffolk, who accompanied Strongbow, the earl of Pembroke, in the Anglo-Norman Invasion of 1169 and 1170. William de Burgo later succeeded him as Chief Governor of Ireland under King Henry 11 (1154 - 1189), and was rewarded with great estates. Amongst the many interesting name holders was Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797), the leading English statesmen of his day, whilst one of the first recorded passengers to the new American colonies was Jeffery Burke, who sailed on the sloop 'True Friendship" from Antigua to Virginia in 1679. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Ailricus de Burc, which was dated 1086, in the Domesday Book of Suffolk.

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michael burke born 1956 son of philip burke born 1921 medford mass son of John Joseph burke ..not sure year born died 1977 89 yo

John Joseph came to Medford, mass USA with 4 brothers from Galway Ireland,,,had 2 children John and elenor in Maine ..then 8 more sons and 3 more daughters all deceased but 1 Mary looking in Galway Ifreland for any survivors of Patrick Burke and related to Bridie Burke family last known alive in 1974

michael burke born 1956 son of philip burke born 1921 medford mass son of John Joseph burke ..not sure year born died 1977 89 yo

galway Ireland

michael burke born 1956 son of philip burke born 1921 medford mass son of John Joseph burke ..not sure year born died 1977 89 yo

looking for relatives of bridie burke from Galway Ireland...if any last time alive I believe was 1974


My mother's maiden name is Burke. The Burke side of my family are from the Portland, Maine area.

Gabriel Burke

Wow interesting

Lami Burke

looks like everyone in here are all Burkes. I have found some family documents dated 1816. My Great Grandfather John Bourke or Jack Burke is from Kensington London England DOB 08.12.1876 somehow made his way to Tonga and have a family there. I am not really sure what happened in Tonga but he made his way to Samoa where he met my Great Grandmother Sivai Godinet and tied the knot in 1941. John/Jack's parents are James Burke and Margaret Burke and on the document she has put down that she was formerly known as a Moran. Whoever did the recording of births and marriages back then recorded the two spellings - Burke (from the Samoa and England Records) and Bourke (from the Tongan Records) and I can see that my great grandfather have signed all this documents. My grand aunts and uncles claim that we are descendants of Bishop James in 1700 Anglican church ?. Any help would be greatly appreciated on tracing my family tree.

pat burke
My dad was terence burke grandad robert burke my dad was scottish. Grandad was from elephant an castle in london..

hi all i was born geraldine burke my dad is sean burke sone of margret buckley and micheal burke he was the middle of 15 children am trying to trace my family tree but having no luck any help would be great x

hello i am rob justice on facebook aka HRH Robert Clyde Justice of isle of man earl of mayo dna tested in 1986/87 i had the burke broach threw ELIZABETH BURKE MY 3RD GGM the only pice missing besides the broach is the earrings that shows the burke /bourke bloodline ELIZABETH was the oldest burke femalebloodline line that gives me my title my dna from what princes charles said opend the door to many burke/bourke cousins feel free to look me up on facebook as rob justice mansfield ohio in a blue t shirt

i cant find you on facebook

i am easy to find follow the link


Rob Justice Profiles | Facebook

should be the 2nd one

ok have sent messages to people with your name

Jumaane Burke
I'm a Burke and my dad John Burke and his dads family are from Barbados I have been trying to trace the name and can it find a lot on how it got over there can you help please

hello there i am tracey marie burke from wellington new zealand born 1979 , i have a sister kristina ann burke 3 years older and we are the daughters of raewyn burke maiden name oconnor and david (norman?)burke , my father is irish and has many brothers patrick john etc, he came over here when he was a little boy , sadly his parents are now both deceased but we wrer told we are direct desdents to william the conqure and we had been posted from in ireland a invitation to meet the family clans, this was a global invitaion and it would have been round 1988 that we wrer invited and this heritage paper had all the name history and clans related in order from mot important to least.. the burke family name was at the top of the list , unfortunatly we couldnt attend and this was being held in a cstle somewhere over in irland or scottland not too sure , but we no long5er have this as my father had lost this and i would love to find more about my family history and if what ive been told is true or not ? thanks for accepting me on this page too :)

wayne burke
Hello Tracey Burke, ( Cead Mile Failte ) Thats Irish for one hundred thousand welcomes,Re your message above,I advise I attended the Clan gathering of the Burke sive Bourke and De Burgh families.note they are all the same family, having all descended from the original Normans ie the De Burgh's.The clan gathering was held in Ireland in june / july 1990 in County Galway and County Mayo.people came from all over the world , including Burkes / Bourkes from New Zealand,The event was organised in part by Eamon Bourke and also by Maureen O'Brien,Note Maureen O'Brien descended from the Burke's on her mothers side and she wrote a book titled ( A history of the Burke / Bourke Clan, available from Clan Publications,Ireland.) Also Eamon Burke wrote a book titled Burke people and Places ,available from De Burca Rare books Ireland) both books are excellent.( I have a copy of both books) De Burca is the Irish spelling for Burke. Hoping this is of some interest to you, Kind regards to you and your family, Wayne Burke, Onkaparinga Hills 5163, Adelaide South Australia

hi wayne my maiden name is burke but am having trounle tracing family do any of your relatives come from effin in county limerick, ireland?

wayne burke
Hi Fee Booth, re your query above, I do not have any immediate family relatives in effin, County Limerick, however there are numerous Burke's Bourke's living throughout Limerick,I had the pleasure of visiting Limerick
and it is very beautiful indeed, Kind regards, Wayne Burke,Onkaparinga Hills,5163,Adelaide,South Australia.

liam burke
im a burke im from ilkeston derbyshire uk
My Dads name was Joseph Fred Burke he lived in Georgia and Florida. While in the Army in Germany he had a son (probably would be 60 ish now). We don't know his name , my dad passed away in 1965. We would like to locate our brother but, have little to go on.

Ashley Kay Burke
Hello, My name is Ashley Burke. My grandfather, John Burke, said we originated from County Cork, Ireland. Anyone here from there? Or know of any Burke's still living there?

Susan Giordano

My father's mother Mary Elizabeth Burke was from County Cork I don't know if she married John Barrett, also from County Cork in Ireland or if they met in New York City. My father, also John Barrett was born in New York City as was his sister Mary. My Aunt Mary wrote letters for awhile to her uncle (mother's brother) James Burke who stayed in Ireland in Cork area. Could be James Peter or Peter James Burke.

My Mum is/was a Burke, and it's a very facinating surname =) "Burke" means fortress (apparantly, from what i've read and heard), so hello to the fellow Burkes. =)

Jeffrey Burke
We too, hail from Alabama, particularly, Gadsden, AL

Dr. Don Burk
Translation from Norman to Gaelic was difficult, thus spellings of Bourque, Bourke, Burke, Burks, and Burk ('es' I haven't seen). It is the world's most popular name attributable to one individual - note the "Lard's Night" tradition - Fitz Adlem was most prolific. In the "Free State" the great bulk of the clan is spelled Burke, but my research would indicate that many protestants leaving during the famines omitted the final 'e' when no longer troubled by bias - there are currently none of the clan in the Free State that venture to spell their name "Burk" - too dangerous. Dr. Don Burk

Hubert Burk
I am from Germany with the last name Burk, without e, as there are plenty of them, growing up in a cathlic village.. My brother told me the story that 2 brothers from Ireland came about 200 years ago to Germany and settled in 2 villages and all Germans with the last name Burk can be traced back to these 2 villages.

wayne burke
Hello to Hubert Burk and family in Germany, re your message above it has good credibility, as Burke's from Ireland migrated to many places in the world including Germany.( In 1990 I had the pleasure of visiting Germany ) and the local people were extremely friendly and I really enjoyed myself in your wonderful country, Kind regards,wayne burke Onkaparinga hills 5163,adelaide south australia

Ethan Burke
My relatives had migrated from Germany to South Australia, being involved in the wine industry.

Brad Crabtree

My great grandfather was General Burke from Oneida,Tenneessee my grandmother was Ola Burke Crabtree

P Snowden
Most Burkes in America truly hope to find that our ancestors were noble and perhaps royalty! I attempted to trace our Burke side back finding that my great-grandfather Burke cited his family's origin in Limerick Count y, Ireland. I think the great's name was John, and perhaps his father's first name was the same. In attempting to find John Burkes in Ireland, I was faced with the fact that BURKE is a VERY common name in Ireland (not unlike Smith or Jones here), as is JOHN. Does anyone know of a website where additional information can be found about the Burkes in Limerick? I know great-grandfather lived in/near NYC in the late 1800s and perhaps up to the early 1930s. He was part owner of a local newspaper, and his son Jefferson Dowd Burke worked there as well.

my dad told me that we where desendents of william the conquer and his half brother odo and robert and we came to ireland through roberts gran son william deburgh

Wayne Burke
Good afternoon Paddy, in reply to your message above your father is correct, Odo and Robert de Burgh were half brothers of William the conqueror, they had the same mother as William the Conqueror, Odo was made Bishop of Bayeaux and Robert was made Earl of Cornwall by William the Conqueror and the three of them are depicted on the Bayeaux Tapestry,which was made in the reign of William the Conqueror. William de Burgh an Anglo Norman Nobleman came to Ireland in the time of King Henry the Second and was created Earl of Ulster by King Henry. Kind regards Wayne Burke, ( Adelaide South Australia )

eric murray
hello all my grand mother was burke from rathgormack co waterford she had to sisters that moved to boston some time in the 40s their names were mary and margaret sadly margaret was killed in the late 60s early 70s and no body has had contact since hope some reading this might know more to help find them margaret had two boys matt and joe

Hello, my name is de Burgh Hemming (born 1969) which is said to be part of the burke clan. My great grandmother was from Mauritius and its said a member of my family many centuries earlier who was an admiral on a ship that docked in Ireland married an irish peasant girl and settled there. Before the de Burgh Hemming it was de Burgh Walsh. I was informed that the female of the de Burgh clan kept the name and added the husbands name on the end.My late and existing family including myself all now reside in The United Kingdom. Not yet come across any other with the de Burgh name.

Deborah Burke
My "Burke" family has no trace of Irish but are all from England. First names of males as far back as we can go include Abraham, Joseph, Andrew, Edmund and James. The root of the name appears to be Norman but who were the Normans? The Normans came from northern France, invaded England and then moved into Ireland, but were originally descended from the Vikings of scandinavia. It is purported that the Vikings are part of one of the 10 tribes of Israel. What do you think about that?

Wayne Burke
Good afternoon Debora,in reply to your message above,you state in part ( that your family has no trace of Irish but are all are from England ) end quote,That may well be the case in the not so distant past,However if your surname is Burke,then your ancestors were originally from Ireland as the Burke name was derived from the original Norman name de Burgh and later Anglicized into Burke.In relation to your comments that the root of the Burke name is Norman and the history of the Normans,you outlined,you are correct and I commend your comments. Kind Regards Wayne Burke ( Adelaide South Australia )

Mr. Burke or Bourke
You seem to know much about the burkes so i was wondering if you help with something, I've not only been looking for the burke origin but the ancient blood thats in me, I've always thought it was viking, but I'm wondering about the warriors we were before the vikings and before the warriors before the viking etc. Any info will do. Around the early 1900s the Irish government destroyed our family records so it's so hard to find. I have Burke family in Australia also

wayne burke
In reply to above message to me,the Burke's / Bourke's are descended in the following order :Hiberno Irish, Anglo Irish, Normans,Vikings .Note the Vikings settled in france in the North and were so powerful that the french king granted them the duchy of Normandy,(A book titled Burke people and places ) is available from Eamonn Bourke at De Burca Rare Books in Ireland,You can find contact details on the Internet,It contains very useful information Kind regards, Wayne Burke Adelaide,South Australia

wayne burke
in reply to above query,anyone with the surname,Burke, Bourke, De Burgh,
De Burca has Viking blood, we are descended from William the Conqueror,
who conquered England in 1066,.He was Duke of Normandy in France and which was an area settled by the Vikings, who then became the Normans,
the Vikings originly came from Norway and Denmark ,Kind regards from
Wayne Burke, Esquire J.P. ( Justice of the Peace for South Australia,)
Onkaparinga Hills,5163 South Australia

I'm Charles Burke the 3rd. The name has always been a facibatuon. At Blarney Caslle the put in a pound and get the origin of your Irish name said Burke came from a French king named Bourque, an French King hired by an English Kong(name?. Year? But in the seventh century) to conquer Ireland'. The French King Baroque conquered. He gave all his General large tracts of land. In appreciation they assumed his Mamet, Baroque, which later bastardized to Burke Another version the was a band of evil people in Ireland, something similar to today's Mafia. they called themselves the "Burkes."

wayne burke
Good morning Chas,In reply your comments above they are incorrect. I suggest it would be in your best interest to properly research the actual origins of the name Burke,which after all is your surname and you should be proud to have the honourable name Burke as I am,Kind regards to you Wayne Burke ( Adelaide South Australia )

Anamaria Burck
Anamaria Burck My family came from Germany not Ireland. This is the first time I have heard this.

wayne burke
Good morning Anamaria, In reply to your comments above,the name spelt Burck comes from Germany not Ireland.Kind regards Wayne Burke, ( Adelaide, South Australia )

Gerald F. Burke
I'm Gerald Francis Burke. My grandfather Burke, was Francis Burke, he came from Ireland, settled in Pennsylvania, worked on the railroad, was injured, and as my father, his son, said, "never worked again a day in his life" The family moved to Nebraska where they farmed, my father later moved to Idaho, was a federal marshal, a deputy sheriff, and the first chief of police of Burley, Idaho, where I was born.

Angela Burke
wow how fascinating.. the McWilliams and Burkes are all related?! Angela May Burke, Australia.

Dr. Don Burk
I'm Dr. Don Burk - within the various spellings, I find the absence of the final 'e' to be protestent - none in the Irish Free State, as to the addition of an 's' denotes movement to Wales. My ancestors migrated to Alabama prior to the Civil War, but my more specific ancestors married ladies of French decent and chose to settle in So. Michigan. The name has always been absent the final 'e'. My research indicates the name is the most numerous that can be traced to an individual = Fitz Adlem d Burg (William deBurgh). His sons adopted the vacant Irish name of McWilliams rather than remain Norman invaders.

My surname is Burke and I am from Barbados. Quite a few of us there...

I have the Burke sir name in my family tree, John Stuart Burke he lived in Barbados and married an Ashby. The family moved to Trinidad but I don't know their origins.

Geoffrey Bruno James De Santis-Burke
HAHA! im Geoffrey Burke!

kerry harrison
my nan was charlotte nora burke ,and i know she came from ireland but unsure were ,would love to know if there is still relatives over there if this name means anything can you email me on thanks everyone

Alan Burke
My last name is Burke, my grandfather was Irish, he was born in Castlebar. At least that's what my Dad told me.

justin Burke
i pretty sure Burke means kingdom or castle

Karl Burkes
Anyone else here spell their name 'Burkes' like me? I've had numerous explanations of where the 's' came from...any theories ?

Michael Francis Burke
i'm irish,and i'm proud to to be a burke.

wayne burke

Hello Michael Francis Burke, I love your comments, you should be proud to be Irish and proud to be a Burke. My eldest Son Is Michael Shawn Burke. Kind regards, Wayne Burke, Onkaparinga Hills , 5163 Adelaide, South Australia

John Burke
Never really knew where my surname came from. My father and grandfather were cowboys from Taft, California. That is all the history of 'Burke' that I know. (prior to reading this website). Now I need to find out what happened between 'William De Burgo' (Burke) and modern day to bring me about.

patricia john
patricia john nee burke love all the comments.suffering from peoples interpretation-including my own family-has been a lifetime's problem but now i can now show them this website to prove that i really come from VIP's-perhaps?? and does living here in suffolk mean i have "come home".....

Wayne Burke

Hello Patricia. Yes you are descended from VIP'S. Home is where the heart is. We Burke's are spread all over the World Kind regards ,Wayne Burke, Onkaparinga Hills 5163 Adelaide South Australia, Australia