Last name: Burton

This famous name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a locational surname deriving from any one of the numerous places called Burton in England, found mainly in the midland and northern counties. Most of the places are recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as, variously, "Burtone, Bortune" or "Bortone", and most share the same meaning and derivation, which is "the settlement by a fort", derived from the Olde English pre 7th Century "burg, burh", fort, often referring to a Roman or other pre-English fort, sometimes a fortified manor, with "tun", enclosure, settlement. Some of the places mean "settlement belonging to a fort", from the same Olde English elements, while Burton in Somerset means "the settlement on the River Bredy" or "Bride", and Burton in Sussex translates as "Budeca's settlement". The surname was first recorded in the mid 12th Century (see below), and one Gerard de Burton was recorded in the 1178 Warwickshire Pipe Rolls. The modern surname can be found as Burton, Borton and Bourton. Richard Burton (1821 - 1890), the explorer and orientalist, was a member of an ancient family, holding lands in Shropshire since the 15th Century. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Ioluard in Burhtun, which was dated circa 1150, in the "Yorkshire Charters", during the reign of King Stephen, known as "Count of Blois", 1135 - 1154. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling. 2

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Cindy A Burton
I am a Burton from So. California. I would be interested in any information about where we all came from. My father was Robert Lee Burton and his brother Gene was my uncle. There was a boy, Terry, born in the 50s to my dad. We have never been able to find him.

Jeff Burton
Burton is of British origin. There is a castle and estate in England to this very day that belongs to a prominent Burton family. There have been many Burtons knighted down through the years.

Kage burton
My third great grndpa is in the hall of fame in star valley,WY

William Burton
Hello fellow Burton's!

Mr. Erwin Heinrich Lepiarczyk II
I have always been very proud of my Burton family heritage. My earliest known Burton family ancestor was Thomas Burton, who owned the Cobbs plantation in Virginia along the Appomattox River. When Thomas Burton's descendants came to Kentucky as pioneers by the early 19th century they settled in Pulaski County, Kentucky near present day Nancy. From there, my Burton ancestral family members moved to Adair County, Kentucky and established the famed Burton Ridge. My lineage includes: generation I- Thomas Burton (ca. 1633-before 1687). generation II- John Burton (ca. 1666-ca. 1754). generation III- James Burton. generation IV- James Burton (ca. 1733-1814). generation V- William Burton (-1814). generation VI- Arthur Burton (-1855). generation VII- James Madison Burton (1818-1897). generation VIII- Chrisley Burton (1853-1939). generation IX- Effie Burton Grider (1896-1987). generation X- Katherine Louise Grider Lepiarczyk. generation XI- Erwin Heinrich Lepiarczyk II.

chris fox
my mom was is a burton ,family from delaware which started in england got a land grant from the king of england 1600 in accomac virgina up in to southern de know as longneck. the one that started my line was called william of accomac, family can be traced to late 1100's in england. family help founded st georges chapel.

I was born a Burton, my grandfather was born in southern Ireland Co.Kerry. Patrick Burton. a sfar as i am aware i dont know where the name comes from? but it didnt sound Irish!! but there it is my gt grandfather, Paddy Burton married a Mary Mannix on the 14th of june 1840. then they produced my grandfather Patrick Burton. they had 9 children one of which was my father Joseph Burton who was one of a twin William Burton. i saw the birth/baptism records in the book Aat the church in Cahirciveen. co.kerry. much emphasise is placed on who was born first.. which was my father Joseph Burton.there parents went through the potato famine as such a lot of people then.

J Burton
Sadly i do not know much about my heritage on my father's side, but after seeing this on our last name, I am interesting in researching as far back as possible. People have told me I look irish/english/german, mostly due to my reddish beard even though I have brown hair.

I do know that most of my dad's family resided in Colorado Springs, CO, but after that, I don't have any info or resources to go back further in time :(

I am planning on doing a DNA test (natgeo/23andme) to see where I come from and recommend you all do the same! For anyone that doesn't have a maintained family records/history book I highly recommend this process as it gives you scientific evidence of where your genes came from!

happy hunting guys :)

P Burton
Interesting read. My mother has been doing the genealogy for both her side and my fathers side. It is interesting to learn some of the family history.

Angela Burton Jones

I am very proud to be a Burton, I have always heard we are Irish but when doing my research, I have only found relatives from Whales. I wish I was better at this because I would love to know where we come from and what we have been through. My father was Robert Alan Burton from Alabama, My grandfather Guy Frank Burton Sr, his brother was Garland Burton, his father Boyd Avery Burton. If any of you know these Burtons, please feel free to contact me

Angela Burton Jones

I am a proud Burton, daughter of Robert Alan Burton of Alabama, granddaughter of Guy Frank Burton Sr., great granddaughter of Boyd Avery Burton. I have always heard we are Irish but when I began my research, I only find ancestors from Whales. I wish I were better at this because I would love to know where I came from and what my ancestors have been through.

Terrance pius burton

I am from cape Breton Canada. But my grandfather was from York.

Kim Burton

I am from Texas. Not much history from my dad's family. I have met very few Burton's outside of immediate family. I do know that my grandfather was originally from Iowa.


Burton, first recorded in Greece. Meaning, Lord

Stephen Rex Burton

My great grand father is Joe Burton. I have a hard time remembering the southern state he's from but im pretty sure its Kentucky. I also know he ran moonshine.

Ron Burton

Burton's from Bethany Mo.

Doug Burton

Burton from the Ottawa valley area. Family history says of English and Irish decent I'm currently living in Northern Ontario Canada

Michael burton

We are Irish welsh Scottish Saxon Norman decent and from Belgium and luxenburg and if your family s are from this area we are some way all related you must also look up bourton it is the same. But have looked as far as I can go the English crown has sealed all further records of family and can not be opened found this out in Ireland as well in Scotland and Belgium

Dayjah Burton
Unlike Some Of You I Am Not White... I'm Pretty Sure Down The Family Tree Somewhere There Is Caucasian Ancestry In Me But I Am Trinidadian Descent, African American, & Native American Ancestry

Margaret Duncan nee BurtonI
I am the 1st member of my clan to be born in Canada. My parents Richard & Rose Elsie came from Birmingham & Sheffield England And go back as far as 1699. I have been trying to find out what happened to my brother born July 20th 1907.After working as a farm labourer on cming to Can in 1923 he worked for ashort time for the CNR repairing train tracks, then went to USA and joined the military. He was posted to the Phillipines about 1927, When he was returned to America he went AWOL and told my mother he had destroyed all his identification and the last timehe was heard from was a Hostel in Clamath Falls. HE has died but I wish I could have a clue to what happened to him. I have tried every resource I know but have had no luck. Margaret

Dana P Burton
I'm from Ottawa Canada, and all my Burton relatives come from North East Margaree Cape Breton NS. My line goes back to a William Burton which came from Newfoundland to Margaree in the early 1800's

Dylan Burton
I'm a Burton from California, part of the first generation of my my paternal family born in America. My father, Paul Burton was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. His father, George William Thirwell Burton was a stone mason who spoke with such a thick Northern English accent you could barely understand him. The name is English, there are several towns throughout England named Burton. I've heard the name can be traced back to the Normans who came came over from France in the 11th century. I had a friend in high school named Colin Berton, who was of French descent (spelled the name with an E in place of the U) so maybe the spelling Burton could be an anglicization of an old Northern French surname. Curious.

Rachel Burton
I'm from England and as far as I know my whole family have been British. I think some of my relatives came from near Scotland but I'm not sure.

my grandmother was a Burton in Texas.Ive gone back to 1116 .Several of the Burton men were Knights for the King.MY 16th Great grandfather was a Knight.Thomas deBUrton.

I am a Burton & descendent of a line of burtons being my mothers maiden name. We are all from the Philippines originally, currently living in California, USA.

I'm a Burton. I live in Upstate New York. Trying to find more info about my family. I know this side of my family came from Wales.

Chris (de) Burton
Hi fellow Burtons, I have a family tree hanging on my wall which dates back to 1034 with Ingenulfe de Buton, who came over to England with the Conqueror from France. My tree needs updating, as I've found loads of info on the net relating to my family. However if there is anybody out there who may think they are related to me then please get in touch via e-mail

Christopher Burton
Hi all. I'm a Burton and at the stage where I'm very interested in where my Burton side of the family originate from. I am from Bury, North West of England and as far as I know the Burton side have all been around the North of England, maybe Scotland. My Father is Neil Burton, My Grandfather who has now passed away was called Ronald Burton. If anyone has any information or knows if we could be family it would be nice to keep on touch at

david burton
i am david burton live in leicester england i can trace my family back to 1778 in cottesmore rutland england

Robert Burton
I have traced my line of male Burtons in an unbroken male line back to mid 1500s all appear to be from the Warwickshire and Spaldwick areas of England and a strong military history.

Grant lee burton
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