Last name: Butler

This famous aristocratic surname is of Norman-French origins, and is one of the very few to be accepted as being pre-1066 in origin and recording, and even rarer still to be recorded in France itself. It is in a sense job descriptive, deriving the Olde French 'bouteillier' and meaning "one who supplies the bottles" but more specifically the wine. However 'Bouteillier'in the surname sense defines status in a royal or at least noble, household, along with the Marshall (Master of the Horse), The Steward (Head of the Estate), The (dis)Spencer (Head of Provisions) and the Bouteillier or Butler (Master of the Pantry). That the original 'Butlers' were much more than servants of any sort is shown by the fact that when Theodore Fitzwalter accompanied King Henry 11 on his conquest of Ireland in 1171, he was not only appointed 'Chief Butler of Ireland' but he subsequently adopted 'Butler' as his surname. In England and Ireland no less than ninety four Coats of Arms have been granted to Boteler and Butler, the first being to Robert de Pincerna, butler to Randolf, Earl of Chester, in 1158, and the first of the Butlers of Cheshire. This original and ancient arms has the blazon of a red field, a bend between three goblets, all gold. The Butler's were also amongst the first into the new American Colonies, Francis Butler, aged 18, being recorded as a settler at 'Elizabeth Cittie, Virginea'in January 1624. He arrived on the ship 'Bonaventure' and was a member of the governors guard, history repeating itself. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Hugo Buteiller, which was dated 1055, The calendar of preserved ancient documents of France, during the reign of King Henry 1 of France, 1031 - 1060. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Sharrie Butler- Patterson
Hi, I am looking for information about the Butler family in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. My father Norman David Butler Jr. was born there to Eva and Norman David Butler Sr. I am just starting out tracing my ancestors, and would like any information anyone can provide. N.D. Butler Sr. was a Baptist preacher in Southern Oklahoma and had been married several times. My aunts and uncles have passed on and I am not able to ask them any questions. Thank you for any information I receive.
All of my Butlers came over from England. Henry Atkinson Butler came over around 1869 and the family said he came into Savannah, Georgia, although no ships came directly from England to any places other than New York, I think. I have tried to find his parents in England but it is very hard when you do not know their names. I think our ancestors came from every country. Henry came over with two brothers, William and Thomas. Thomas died on a ship going back to England and supposedly William remained in New York but I can't verify this. is the best bet to find any of your relatives if you know enough information to enter the names, etc. I anyone knows anything about these three names, I would appreciate the information.

Esther Butler
I am looking for some further information on my relative Christopher Butler born 1724 in North Carolina. I have hit a "wall" and I cannot find any more information about him or his parents. Anyone got any help or ideas?

Randy Miller
I am a Butler maternally; my mother's maiden name was Butler. She was born in New Castle, Indiana, USA in 1928 and died in 2011. Her father was William Harrison Butler (1890-1963; born Spring City, TN). His father was George Washington Butler. That's the furthest back I can go. Any help appreciated.

Lois Butler Herr
I am trying to find the parents of my Great, Great Grandfather Shedrick James Butler. He was born 1843 Place unknown to me. He married Angelina Wisor in 1865 . They lived in Clearfield County, Pa. I was told he moved up to Pa. from West Virginia. Any help would be welcome.

Butler's last name is Jewish

Brandon Butler

1 Norman Bernard Butler 1852 - +Almina Gardner 1852 - I am descendants of the above let me know if that helps any

chris butler

How do you know we're your family is from? Most say Irish or German for the Butler name. I have no idea nd or no way to know we're to start, as my grandparents have passed. Any help?

Diane Butler

Mostly Irish , mainly in County Kilkenny,my father was from there thats the home of the Butler name in Ireland , there is also a Butler castle in Kilkenny and one in county Tipperary, but most of the Butlers are in Kilkenny. Contact me on if you need more details

A.J. Butler
James has always been a family name and Norman, don't know where my family branched off. The clan is from New Brunswick Canada, all I know is we are Irish.

calib cosgrave butler
i am a cosgrave a george and a butler on the george side i an related to queen elizibith the second and her family too.

What's on your mind?

I need any help I can get My mom is a Norman and my dad is a Butler.. Please anyone help me

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