Last name: Campbell

This ancient Scottish name has its origins in a Gaelic nickname "Caimbeul", meaning "wry (or crooked) mouth", from "dam", bent or crooked, and "beul", mouth. That it was originally a nickname can be seen by a charter of 1447, which records Duncan le Cambeli, the first Lord Campbell, the "le" being the Scottish "lie", meaning "so called", or "known as". A sizeable group of early European surnames were gradually created from the habitual use of nicknames. These were given in the first instance with reference to occupation, or to a variety of characteristics, such as physical attributes or peculiarities, mental and moral characteristics, supposed resemblance to an animal's or bird's appearance or disposition, or to habits of dress. Clan tradition has it, that the Campbells were originally known as "Clana Duibhne" or "O'Duine", from one Diarmid O'Duine of Lochow. About 1390, Duncan Campbell witnessed a charter by Duncan, Earl of Levenax, and is believed to be the first namebearer to introduce a "p" into the name, influenced by the erroneous theory that "Cam(p)bell" comes from the Norman-French "de Campobello" i.e., "of the beautiful plain". Campbell is the family name of the hereditary Dukes of Argyll, dating from 1445, and their Coat of Arms is described thus: "Quarterly, first and fourth, gyronny of eight gold and black, the Crest being a boar's head couped gold". The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Gillespic Cambel, which was dated 1263, in the "Exchequer Rolls of Scotland", during the reign of King Alexander 111 of Scotland, 1249 - 1286. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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John S

Hi Campbell descendants, As told to me, my grandfather Campbell was from Switzerland and migrated to Mexico. Any other Campbell dependents are on this family tree line? California Campbell

Helen Jane Campbell Hoffstedder

Looking for Campbell family in Scotland

Jaiden Campbell

I don't really know much about my last name other than I got it from my father (who i've never met)

My Granddad was a Campbell from Galway that came to Liverpool then to London. Both my grandparents and parents met at Lancaster Gate near Marble Arch. Home is where the hearth is.

thomas campbell clark
My mother was a campbell. I have heard that my family came up from virgina. We all live in ky now.

david dudley

my grandmother -- Maggie -- was a Campbell from KY. Her father was Birchel Fields; her mother was Laura Campbell

David Stuart Campbell
My branch of Campbell's were all boating and Shipping Engineers for around 19 generations from the early 1400's up until the early 1900's. My Father has traced our branch back to Inveraray, Argyll, then Carradale, Argyll before they moved to Glasgow in the late 1700's due to in part of the Highland clearances that took place between 1720 and 1780 when many Clan's were heavily taxed by the Clan leaders. Scotland was almost destitute at that time after King James of Scotland encouraged many Clan leaders to fund a failed mission to conquer Central America in the late 1600's. Thereafter, due this heavy taxation imposed on many Clans to recover lost monies with regards to the above mentioned by Clan leaders of the time many Clans either emigrated to North America or settled in the cities of newly formed Great Britain which came to the fore in 1708 when England made a deal with Scotland to finance their as a result of their failed mission to create an empire. England introduced new laws to Scotland, and granted King James VI as part of the deal to become King James I of England. My branch of Clan Campbell moved from Glasgow to Liverpool, England in 1860, then central southern England in the late 1940's where we live today.

Liam Mac Graith
It is true that Campbell is an Anglicization of Caimbeul, meaning wry mouth, the surname of the well known Highland clan of Argyll, and its offshoots of Breadalbane, Cawdor and Loudoun, but only in the majority of cases. There is also the lesser known use of the name Campbell as an Anglicization of the separate Irish sept, Mac Cathmhaoil (Mac, son of, Cathmhaoil, battle chief). It is strange that an information service founded on an Irish database makes no mention of this fact. The situation in Ireland regarding the origin of the surname Campbell is further confused by the fact that some Irish Campbells are in fact descended form professional soldiers (Gall Óglaigh, or Galloglasses in English) introduced, as allies, form Argyll, in the late middle-ages, by the powerful O 19Donnells, whose territory was in the present-day Donegal. These professional soldiers were often sent as a part of a dowry, from one important chieftain to another, across the North Channel, and in both directions.

Horace Campbell-Cline
My father was a Cline, an Irish surname, but it was anglicized from the German/Jewish surname Klein to Cline. My mother has the maiden name Campbell and she is Dutch and French. It was changed from VanKamp, some Dutch-Afrikaans settlers (Boers) in South Africa. Campbell, even though a Highlands Scottish clan, had Irish origins, from Dalriada, emigrated from Northern Ireland, only to come back to Ulster as half-Gaelic, part-Pictish, part-Norse as gallowglasses, Scotch-Irish people. Thanks, Horace.

Susan Campbell Long
I am a Campbell and proud of it. Haven't done any research in family history, but I guess this explains my daughters red hair (no one else in family has it!) lol

M. Campbell
So I'm a Campbell and a Barrett...but I'm mostly German. Am I a product of Satan or something?

Lexi Campbell
Yeah, my Dad is a Campbell and my mom is a Ewen. When they got married, her side of the family actually sat her down and gave her a talk about how the Campbells and Ewens were constantly fighting in Ireland, At one point, the Campbells invited the Ewens over for dinner, and any Ewens stupid enough to come got killed as they walked in. Also, the Campbells have a castle in Ireland, while the Ewens only have a carne (burnt rubble of a castle). So, there's a bit of history for you. (Well, if not history, at least family tradition, and to some extent what else is History?)

My grandfather's family descended from the Campbell line. His surname was Ogletree. I am proud to have Campbell blood!

Keatric Campbell
My name is Keatric Campbell born in Dallas, Texas on June 12, 1984........... Proud to know about my family heritage. It explains why my hair turn a sandy red color when new growth comes in. LOL

Reina Shelby

are you related to the Campbells from Comanche? My husband's great grandfather was Richard Coke Campbell, one of 21 Campbell kids from Comanche, TX. Richard moved around and his daughter ended up in Austin where the other side of our family has been living since 1840s.

im a campbell

James P. Campbell
I'm a Campbell obviously and the first English born male in my family as far as I know. All my known predecessors were Irish and I have managed to trace back as far as my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather Joseph Campbell born in the 1750's. Can anyone tell me if one of my early ancestors would have had to have originally come from the great Scottish clan or is there a separate Irish form of the name independant from the Scottish?

James W Campbell
As I have tracked my lineage, I have discovered that I have ancestors in the Dalriada kingdom which originated in the northern region of Ireland. They pushed into Scotland and married up the daughters of nobles and such in order to expand their kingdom and acquire land inheritance. Many were called Campbell as a result of marrying onto the Campbell clan. As a matter of fact, the Dalriada were the ones the Romans first coined as Scotti.

I'm a campbell from argyll! Our motto is "home is where the hearth is" at least that's what I thought....

Andy Campbell
I'm a son of a Robert Campbell born and still living in England but proud of my Scottish heritage. Never forget...... (FTM)

Lou Campbell
Stabed in the back? Interesting that McDonalds still haven't learnt to spell properly after all these years!

James Campbell
To all those Campbell hating scots out there. Read the book by John Prebble called Glencoe. The Argyll regiment had orders from the king to get the Mcdonalds. There was a long standing hate for them from alot of people . They were not exactly saints themselves the Mcdonalds. The regiment just happened to have a few Campbells in it. Not all were Campbell. They were only following orders. Maybe if the head of the Mcdonalds would have gone and signed the pledge of allegiance he was supposed to have on time none of this would have happened.Also this happened over 400 years ago. So get over it. Talk about holding a grudge. The Campbell moto is Forget Not. Sure sounds like the Mcdonalds have taken that motto to heart...

GOD!! forget about clans and history all is pass im a CAMPBELL to,,,macdonals where the stupid ones,,we were just ahead of them!!! lol

Ive missed a B out of campbell twice sorry family its late!!

Im blood of campells and hamiltons Grrrr.And if any one reads history they would know the true storey of times.Not the wingin mcdonalds who after all were cattle theives and robbed off the campbells more than once and the campells could of killed them for that back in the day!But in glen coe there were some soldiers with the name campell but not all and they were given there orders,these orders to kill the traiters was soley becouse someone somewhere scribbled out their name on a list of supporters for the king of england they scribbled it out becouse a set of surcumstanses made it signed out of the time limit and the mcdonalds would be made an example.Robert campbell drunk himself mad for carrying out his orders,but made the orders in his possesion known and brought to allso to get histroy right and look up glen coe and bredalban campbell ect.campell motto is forget not.Keep history true.Details and individuals....Get serching

joshua hamilton
I am a product of the hamiltons mating with the campbells i guess that makes me a midlander. there can be only one.

Heather Campbell
I once got the sack for being a Campbell. I was 17 and he was a bully, a coward and a MacDonald. Problem was, so was my best friend! My dad said our family motto is Never forgive, Never forget, Always get revenge, Preferably cold.

antonio campbell
so does this mean we're bad bloodline

I love my surname CAMPBELL. so no compliment about it. anyone who is called by that name. your my bro and sis. contact me and lets flow as one family and lets forget whoever give out bad compliment about the CAMPBELL.

r campbell
grow up the lot of you! you are born, you are given a name. you have no responsability for those that came before. all you can do is live your life to be the best you can be, for the good of all and the world you live in.

clan wars still? seriously? im a campbell

H MacEachern

There is a growing amount of historical evidence to prove that the Campbells were originally the Scottish highland MacEachern's.

California Cambell

Hello Campbell descendants, My grandfather, as told to me, was from Switzerland and migrated to Mexico. Any other Cambell's that fall into this line?