Last name: Capaldi

Recorded as Capaldi and Capaldo, this is an Italian surname. These are the most difficult of all European surnames to research. Not only were there until quite recently at least six spoken languages in the country, but also a wealth of local dialects, to the extent that the same word often had quite different meanings in the different regions. Added to this confusion was the problem until 1860 that Italy was a loose federation of states, all of whom went about their business (or not), as they could afford or saw fit! Efficient recording of births, deaths and marriage, often being left to personal resources. Italy like most European countries has had hereditary surnames since at least the 14th century, but whilst most countries adopted "locked" spellings, or at least spellings that remained recognizeable from generation to generation, not so in Italy. There each generation often decided on its own spelling, adding or subtracting both prefix and suffix diminutives and patronymics to the point where a name might only contain as few as two original letters! In this case the surname would appear to originate from the medieval "capo" meaning head, from which developed many surnames including Capalbo and Capialbi, both meaning "white head" or Caporusso, red head. In this case we believe it may derive from Capalbi, which is the name of a fortress in Maremma, but this is conjecture. The earliest recording in any spelling is believed to be that of Mattheo Capaldo, at Palena, Chieti, on May 25th 1808, when he was a christening witness.

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Christine Capaldi
hi, my dad was Guido who passed away in 2009,his parents who i never knew were Giovanni and Elizabeth nee Hanlon

My great-grandmother was a Capaldi. Her father was Ferdinando Capaldi, born in 1819 a few kilometers from Cassino. Ferdinando was married to Agostina Coia, who was born in Filignano in abt 1820. Agostina's parents, I think, were Valenzio Coia and Lucia Capaldi. Contact me at if there might be any with my ancestors. I do not have anything on Ferdinando's parents.

Jamie Capaldi
Hello, I have been researching my Capaldi's back to Cassino. Majority spellings on records is Capaldo, but when i got back as far as 1828, i found the spelling was Capalto. I have lots of information on Capaldi's from Cassino, and if anyone is interested please contact me on As for Anthony Peter Capaldi (above) please contact me on your Grandfather as i have some news!

Mark Capaldi
Grandfather was Alex capaldi he came from glasgow
To dublin in the late 1940s ?he set up palm grove ice cream
And perri crisps in dublin

Stuart, I'm very pleased with your anwers to my question. Now I know where I can start my investigations in Italy. It is strange that only after 20 years of genealogical work I found out that the "Cabalt's" originally were Capaldi's. I found that a few days ago in a English publication about Punch and Judy!! As I told, the Cabalts were streetmusicians and puppetplayers who travelled around in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. I was not sure about there homeland because the name Cabalt or Kabalt is also an Bohemian name (perhaps with Italian rootes). Now I will try to find out were "Joseph Cabalt" (Giuseppe Capaldi, I think) who stated to be born in Naples around 1767, really was born. By the way, he came to Holland, walking with a group of artists! If you ever find a Giuseppe Capaldi born around 1767, please let me know. And again many thanks for your help. Your website is wonderful and I sure will visit it many times to search for Capaldi's. Greetings, Harry

Jamie Capaldi
Hello Harry, I found a Marriage for a Giuseppe Capalto (capaldi) in Cassino for about 1809 to a Rosa Pacitto. Does she sound familiar?

hi , i'm related to joseph capaldi , we are living in holland , amsterdam , inholland he called himself cabalt. thats my grandmothers name an he married maria Louise dameron (dámaront).he was born in piscini italy in 1767 and died in switserland 1814 lived in amsterdam .left a hole family here and a history with puppet playing. i've been surching for our family tree and i came pretty far.if you get this and want to know more let me know.sandra..roebersen
you can contact me at

Stuart Capaldi
Please note that most Italian immigrants gave their port of departure e;g. Naples. In my research I have identified that the majority of Capaldo and its plural Capaldi come from the following 3 locations:- Cassino, San Michele Picinisco, San Giuseppe Filignano, Selvone I know that the Filignano Capaldi family originally came from Picinisco San Giuseppe one of my ancestors set up in Selvome circa 1800. Check my website for more info.

Harry Buisman
Hello, For over 20 years I am searching for the ancestors of Joseph Cabalt (Capaldi) who came to the Neherlands in about 1790.He claimed to be born in Naples. Perhaps someone can help me with that? The Cabalt's were wellknown streetmusicians en puppetplayer for over a century in Holland. Looking around on internet learns that the Capaldi's all around the world are very often musicians or are related to the showbusiness. I'll be very thankful for any hints that can help me to find any ancestors of Joseph (perhaps Guiseppi?). Harry

Stuart Capaldi
Harry, Please note my comments below. The Capaldi families have a history of working outside their homeland. My ancestors worked in Germany. Many also worked in Russia, France, Belgium and UK. Jim Capaldi deceased of the group Traffic, ancestors came from San Michele, Cassino. Peter Capaldi, actor, ancestors are from Picinisco, San Giuseppe

Stuart Capaldi
Please note I have now gone back to Leonardo Capaldi 1548 The records for the church in Picinisco are very good. Katrina, Michel Vacca can be contacted on or you can check my website Stuart

David Bentley monks
My Great Grandfather Anzelmo Capaldi and his brother Domenic came to the UK in the early 1900's- 1902 to 1909. They were originaly from naples. They were sent here to avoid conscription into the army during the spanish civil war 1902-1909. I have no other information as yet. If this helps please let me know. Regards David B Monks.

Peter Capaldi

I am Peter Capaldi, not the actor but an american. My great grandfather was Joe Capaldi, presumably Giuseppe. He immigrated to the U.S. at some point in the early 20th century, but was born in Italy in 1888. Just wondering if there is some record of his birth in either Picinisco or Cassino.

Vivian Simonelli

Hello, my father was born in Cervaro, FR a small town near Cassino. His father, Franceso Capaldi was born in Cassino. He married a Pacitti and had two children. I would love to find out how much information you have, and how I can make a contribution.