Last name: Carr

This interesting surname is of English, Scottish and Irish origin, and has three possible source, the first being a variant of Kerr, which is of Northern English and Scottish origin, and is a topographical name for someone who lived near a patch of wet ground overgrown with brushwood. The name is derived from the Middle English (1200 - 1500) "kerr", from the Old Norse "kjarr". The second source is Irish, and it is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic "O'Carra", descendant of Carra, a byname meaning "spear". The third source is also Irish, and it is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic "MacGiolla Chathair", son of the servant of Cathar, a personal name derived from "cath", battle. Traditionally, Irish family names are taken from the heads of tribes, or from some illustrious warrior, and are usually prefixed by "O", meaning grandson, or male descendant of, or "Mac" denoting "son of". The surname development since 1200 (see below) includes: Robert Ker (1231, Northumberland); William Carre (1279, Oxfordshire); and John del Car (1332, Lancashire). Among the recordings from Scottish Church Registers are: the marriage of John Carr and Emilia Macullum, on June 23rd 1807, at Irvine, Ayr, and the marriage of Thomas Carr and Margaret Mar, on August 21st 1809, also at Irvine, Ayr. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Osbert de Ker, which was dated circa 1200, in the "Records of the Abbey of Rivaulx", Yorkshire, during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Marimar Carr
Hi. My father was Ronald John, his father John Thomas; then Charles William, then Charles Robert, then Achyndachy (!) and finally his father Charles (born c. 1774). All born in the East End of London, all metalworkers and gunsmiths, except Ronald who was an engineer.

Robin McGrew
My grandmother was Ruth Carr Reiff, she passed in 1968 on Long Island NY, I am looking for Carr family history.

Hi, My Grandfather is a Carr - from wiltshire... anyone else?

Kendrea carr
Hi my names is Kendrea Carr and my grandfathers name was Harold Mack Carr and i wanted to find out some of my family history.

victoria carr
hey people im 13 about to be 14 and my bday wish is to learn my family history. and ive always new i was irish . im a proud irish person and proud of it, make fun of irish people and i will beat you to a pulp. peace!!!! this has been really helpful for me!!!!! if anyone can give me more info on the surname Carr email me at DO IF YOU FIND ANY MORE INFO

Atiya Stanford
My dad's last name is Carr :) and my mom's last name is stanford

chase carr
My name is Charles Edward Carr II and this is awesome to know

James Carr
My name is James R. Carr, was bored and decided to do some research. This is very interesting to. Live in U.S. serving in the military. Didn't really know much about the Carr history.
My name is Rodger Carr, and found out my last name was spelled Kerr or Ker at the beinning. I'm doing a family tree. I was doing research on the family tree, and came across a book on the Carr name. The book name is the Carr Book, by Arthur Carr. Before I had to say it's my family in the book I did a lot of time, and research. Happy to say yes it's right. I live in the U.S.A

My name is Virginia CARR-Martinez. My hobby is genealogy, and seeing that our KARRs were in Germany back to at least 1600, Hans KARR magistrate of Schwaigern, Baden-Wurttenburg. Boy was I surprised to find the originin was SCOTLAND back beore 1300. Now I'm going to to go crazy until I find out what a Scots family was doing in Germany, unless the were mercenaries. Now I'm going A-HUNTING! PS our KARR/CARR was spelled various ways back in BERKELY CO. PA. When the moved to Virginia ca 1750 it was changed to CARR

William J. Carr
My fathers name was Thomas. Francis Carr he was from Clifton in Conamara County Galway Ireland, lived in So.Boston,Ma. His fathers name was Thomas E.Carr who left the family & went to New York City &was never heard of again.

Alex-Ann Carr

I'm a Carr from Liverpool :)

Tamara Carr Young

My grandmother's maiden name is Carr and it's my middle name. I want to learn more about her side of the family.

ann white

My dad was Harry Carr from Nothwood, and my mum name was Doris Clayton from Burslem, Both from stoke on trent, stafffordshire, England, he had a brother's sam & jack, both served in ww2, and a sister phebbie.

Simon Carr

I'm Simon Carr, Father Michael Carr, Grandfather Harry Carr. all from Swansea, Wales.

jamie carr

Jamie carr from england,my dad michael francis carr his dad was also michael carr,we have land in ireland still and are trying to re claim as my dad is the eldest son but has never been officially notified to claim the land and dish out to his siblings,can anyone help? the farm was turned into holiday homes.


my great great great grandfather was Edwin CARR born about 1806 in Dublin, Ireland died 26 Mar 1864 in Brown River, Rolleston (Near Springsure), Qld, Australia my email is if anyone is also related to edwin carr please contact me

Alyssa carr

My name is Alyssa Carr my brother is Tristan Carr our dad is Nathan Carr born in Coventry england he has 5 other siblings (aunt Maurice (reice) micha Arron shellen akita) my grand dad is Maurice was born late 30's in a small village in england has 12 aunts and uncles the youngest one is 2/3 years older then him his wife is Elizabeth if anyone has any connection please email me

Louise Carr
I am from the North East of England and our family have lived in the pit villages around Durham for many generations. My father is called Walter Ian Carr and his father was called Elijah James Carr, and I believe he was originally from near Looe. If this sounds familiar to anyone please get in touch.

Chase carr
Wow so many people with the last name carr

My name is chase Carr and son of Charles carr, we live in Mississippi. There and a lot of people with our last name

Preston Carr
My name is preston Carr son of Ray Carr I live in Natchez Ms , we are the only Carrs of color in my town there is one other group we are not the race but became close because of our name why is it that different have the same name did they all come from the same descendants

Preston Carr
And my family is A. American and French

Brandon Carr
I'm from the UK but my family vary from Australia and America

Martin Carr
My family come from Galway Ireland but I am from the UK

Jodie carr
I am a Carr from Manchester my dad is Bernard Carr named that after his dad Bernard Carr who married Norma Carr and had 4 children

Martin P Carr
I was born in liverpool my father came from Tonabrocky Galway

christine carr
My surname is Carr but from a dysfunctional family so have no idea where dad was from but im a north London girl .

Brian D ranger
Mother ethel Marie carr

Steven Carr
From Liverpool, my father Stephen Carr and his Father John Carr. All from Liverpool U.K.

Spencer Carr Bresett Hockey
My grandmothers median name was Carr -- from Northern, Upstate New York, USA!

Chris Carr
I am from Flint, MI - my father (Gary), grandfather (Frank), great (Harry), great-great (George Carr). It is believed we are from Canada, but where in Canada (and from where in Europe) are mysteries. There are other Carr's in the phone book (if we still have one), but are only related to our immediate family and my dads cousin Randy Carr, son of Claude Jay Carr and grandson of RJ Carr (or vice versa)

donna carr
I am from Baltimore Md my dad Eugene grandfather Delaghetto great grandfather George Washington Carr that's all I know

Tami Carr
Hi all I have been researching my family tree for about a year and was told that my grandfather was placed in an orphanage in 1896 and all records were destroyed by fire. However I traced him(Robert d.j. Carr) to Robert Carr born in Ireland in 1828 and immigrated to Philadelphia PA in 1832 with brother James Carr born in 1830 and his mother Jane Carr born in 1806. They left out of Londonderry Ireland on the ship Vernon. This is where I am stuck. I have not been able to find any connections to family in Ireland nor have I found out information from time the three of them landed in Philly. So I am looking for links to my family if anyone knew James or Jane Carr please contact me at my email. Thanks.

Derel carr
I can e to find out about the origin of the name carr and its meaning

Dean Warren Carr
Looking at the family tree I can see some possible links. My Granddad was Stephen F Carr from West Derby, Liverpool. His father was John Latham Carr married to Lydia Leathwaite, Siblings, Son John Latham known as (Jack) Carr(1905–1981) 8 Mar 1905 • West Derby, Liverpool, England. Daughter Lydia Carr(1906–1980) 15 Oct 1906 • West Derby, Liverpool, England. Daughter Harriet Lilian Carr(1908–1985) Sep 1908 • West Derby, Liverpool, England. Son Samuel J Carr(1911–1940) Mar 1911 • West Derby, Liverpool, England. Killed in action I belive WW2 24 May1940 • Picquigny, France Son Sidney Frank Carr Mr(1913–1991) January 1913 • West Derby Son Stephen Frederick Carr(1915–1986) 6 Feb 1915 • West Derby, Daughter Florence A Carr(1917–1972) 9 Jun 1917 • West Derby, Liverpool, England. Also found links to Durham, Gateshead and Hetton-le-Hole with John Carr or Jon and Jno Carr Does this help anyone? Can you help me?

Ryan Carr Barrie ontario Canada
My family is Dan Carr Leonard and Merle Carr Brett Carr and Tyler Carr and Sandy Carr all from ontario canada

lollipop Carr
My last name is Carr. My dad is from California and his parents were from California too. I don't know if that helps with anything that someone is doing but I just felt like I should put that out there. And my name isn't lollipop I just don't want my name to be where everyone can see it

Jonathan Carr
I grew up in Maine. My father's cousin, traced our family back to Ireland where my ancestors left Ireland during the Potato Famine and came into Maine through Nov Scotia.

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