Last name: Cooper

Amongst the most important of all medieval crafts was that of barrel or tub making. The origin is Anglo Saxon, deriving from the German "kuper" itself a derivative of "kup" - a container. The word being first used in England in the 8th century. Over the centuries the spelling and the later surname became confused with other forms such as Cowper and Copper, which themselves can also describe a maker of metal containers. In these cases the derivation is from the Olde English "coper", itself a "borrowed" word from the Cyprian "cyprium" meaning "bronze". This latter description is confirmation of the trade existing between "Britannica" and the near east before the time of the Christian era. The surname is not surprisingly one of the earliest on record in England, and likewise in America, Walter Cooper being recorded in "The Muster of the Inhabitants of Virginia" as early as 1619, and prior to the arrival of the Mayflower (1620). Early recordings include those of Selide le Copere of Norfolk in 1181, John Copper in the 1424 Friary Rolls of York and Ricardus Cowper, also recorded and Richard Cooper, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire on October 10th 1562. The Coat of Arms is a silver field, charged with three red martlets, a red chief engrailed charged with three gold annulets. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Robert le Cupere, which was dated 1176, in the Pipe Rolls of Sussex, during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The Church Builder", 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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sharon cooper

i love the name cooper i will keep it always even if i ever get married

uio cooper

i love name cooper

carys cooper

I live in the UK. my dad is a cooper and my mum is a edmunds ( not married )


My Grandfather was a COOpEr as My Grandmother was an O'Malley... I find it facinating that we are one the first families here in America....

Dean Cooper

I am a Cooper from Newfoundland Canada and I am trying to find out any information i can...I was told that in the late 1700s or early 1800s there was two brothers that moved from Ireland one came to newfoundland and the other went to Boston any information woutld be greatly appreciated

Shelby cooper

My family is a descendent from a cooper in Boston, I think k my mom said there was a brother???? I don't know the details.

Larry Cooper
I traced my Cooper heritage back to my gggggg grandfather David Cooper 1724-1760 his son Joseph Cooper 1760-1843 fought in the New Jersey Militia during the Revolutionary War. I believe David's father's name was William I'm not sure when he arrived in America if anyone has any information my email address is

its always good to know where your come from and the meaning

My g-g-g- grandmother is Anna or Anne Cooper born approx.1812 and died 1890 in Johnstown, Cambria County PA She married Samuel Benson, he built the Somerset County Courthouse approx 1857. They had 5 children Can't find any family connections, does anyone know of her ?? Thanks

pauline ann nee cooper
I am the only daughter of the late ronald eric cooper died 1950 i have 2 brothers david and philip cooper we live in sheffield south yorkshire

About the Anglo-Saxon origin of the name Cooper, no doubt! I'm from the Saxon speaking part of the Netherlands, and we have people here with the surname "Koeper" which is pronounced "Cooper". In our dialect "Koep" or "Kuup" means a barrel. Barrel-maker was a very common profession from the roman period until as late as the mid 20th century. So it's not surprising this surname's rather common, just like other surnames deriving from common professions.

I am related to James Fenmore Cooper. The man who wrote "last of the Mohicans"....anyone else?

who love their last name cooper!!!!! i do

Cameron Cooper
I don't really know much of my family history but i do know my great great grandfather was a Cooper but he came over here from Ireland married a Scottish woman but somehow ended up in the east midlands! I think its amazing that the Cooper name has such an incredibly diverse history!

James Cooper

I think we might be related.

Ralph Cooper
Matt, Didn't hear Cooper was considered Romany. I can trace my YDNA line back to Cavan Ireland 1748. As they were Presbytarian, I thought probably Lowland Scot. But my YDNA is J1c3 P58. Considered Semitic, do you think it would fit Romany YDNA ?

Matt Sears
My name is Matt Sears, I am currently coordinating research into the Romany Community of Britain. As part of this study we will be taking DNA samples from males who carry documented Romany surnames, Cooper being one of those chosen. The research has full ethical approval and the results will be accessible online towards the end of the study. If your Cooper paternal ancestry has Romany origins and you can provide some detail of your male line back to 1900 or thereabouts we would be interested in sending you a kit through the post. The study is free, the results will help us better understand the origins of Britain 19s Romany community. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Moses Cooper
I will love a Kit am a Cooper who lives in the Bahamas. My P.O.Box is F41122 Freeport Grand Bahama Bahamas.

sabrina cooper
im an cooper live in nc but from brooklyn mother from florence south carolina

John Cooper
We live in Ireland now, but we were always told our family came from Oban in Scotland. We used the Gaelic spelling of cooper which is Ó Cúipéar. My great great grand father was a minster in the ship yard in Belfast. He changed his religion and now we are all Catholic. Because of this his family in Oban was meant to have disowned him.

Janie Russell
I am a cooper as well. I've traced my lineage back to William Cooper late 1700s. who was born in PA but died in Ohio. Married to a Mary Polly Cooper. Both buried Old Blue Church Cemetery in Ohio. Had a son named Lycurgus. Any connections?

Corey Cooper
yah I would lik to know to lol

Felicity Mary Cooper
I am a Cooper and proud! It is really interesting to read all these replies from like other Cooper's it makes you wonder how many of us are actually related? Even if it's just distantly.

Royston Cooper
Feels good to read all about the coopers. Makes me proud and I think we all should feel proud. Well I am a Cooper from India a place called Calcutta.

farrah cooper

im a cooper from Texas and i think its cool that there are coopers all over the world like this if you think its cool to :)

Adriana Pacheco
My Great great great grandfather was Lancelot Cooper of York England. My Great grand father was Jose Joaquin Pacheco Cooper. We are from Costa Rica.

Amelia Cooper-Bevan
My parents joined their last names but my mum's family is Cooper, Cooper's square in burton is named after all the barrel makers from around their because of the beer factory.

Kevin Cooper
Hey Derek - Sorry to disappoint. Yes I am.

roger cooper
am roger cooper am trying to trace my dad family he died in 1973 in bucklow in cheshire he was married to jean cooper they lived in partington bucklow i whould like yr help thank you

derek hughes
Kevin ur not irish get over it

Louise Cooper
Very interesting!

Ken i know why im an alcoholic lol

i thought we were all just wine barrel making folks you know but this is interesting facts here. I'm Grayson Cooper by the way

also my family name of cooper in my family history begin in somerset,apparently a family of butchers,kenneth ernest murray cooper married mary margeret kemble of shoreditch east london,

John Cooper
My grandfather's name is Murray and his line originated in somerset....

John James Cooper
My Grandfather's name is also Murray

Ny'Jah Cooper
That's my family's past last name omg

Again, the earliest use of the name originated in Scotland, County Fife, and not of Germanic origin. Again, the Celtic origin is not of the Germanic tribes but of those of the Gauls.

You wish, Cooper is old English, the Anglecynn used last names before the Celts did.

It's of English origin, many surnames in other countries can be traced back to England due to heavy diaspora from England it's self.

Kevin Cooper
One more interesting fact. Cuipiere is first found in Scottish census and later versions of the name, MacCuipiere and Irish versions of O'Cuipiere also appear in the Donegal and the west Ireland coast of Galway, Ireland. It was probably of Gaelic origin and not of Germanic origin as has been widely popularized. Celtic tribes of Cuipiere probably merged into numerous clans and septs coming from Scotland and Wales.

Kevin Cooper
Interestingly, Cooper is a craft probably originating from the Anglo-Saxon name Cupar anglicized version from the Gaelic name Culb bhar. The name was actually shortened to Culpyre. However, if we look deeper and examine the area where Cooper is the most prevalent, Northern Scotland, we see "Cupar" was the shortened form or Culpyre. The celtic word "cul" meant the back or hind lying part. Pyre, another celtic word meant a castle where monks once lived. The whole word "Cul pyrie" meant the back part of the castle. The Scottish name is Cu par or Cupar. It represents the town of Cupar in Fifeshire, Scotland where a castle once stood. Thus, so cooper is a trade, it is also a town in Scotland and probably was attached to many names such as mine to say Kevin (from) Cooper. Variations of the name are found mainly in Scotland and Northern Ireland in such forms as Culbreath, Culbert, Culberson, and Cooper. Most historians accept that the Cooper probably was of the Scottish or Northern England origination and found it's way into parts of Ireland during Cromwell's invasions. Many immigrants from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England bear the name Cooper and it is one of the most common names in the United States.