Last name: Covert

This surname recorded as Couve, Couves, Couvet, Couvert, Covert and Covet, is of French origins. As a refugee (Huguenot) surname it was introduced into England at the end of the 17th Century, by people fleeing the religious persecution that was rife on the continent. This followed the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, by King Louis X1V, and the loss of protection and rights of the protestants in France. The surname is probably topographical, for someone who either lived by a sheltered bay, or more likely an area sheltered by trees. The formation is similar to couvert, meaning a wood or covert, and originally from the Latin "cooperio", to cover. In this case the surname is from a village called "Couve" in the department known as "Cotes du Nord". Sadly in the religious "passion", almost all early registers relating to protestant families, were deliberately destroyed, even those of high rank that jad served France for many generations. In this case we do know that a coat of arms was granted to the family before 1680. It has the blazon of Gules a fess ermine between three martlets, the crest being a leopard's face or. Early examples of the surname taken from English church registers of the period include Joseph Couve, the son of Jacque Couve, christened at Spitalfields, London, on January 5th 1724, and Thomas Couves, christened at St Pauls church, Deptford, on September 13th 1801.The first recorded spelling of the family name is probably that of Marie Couve, the daughter of Henri Couve, christened at St Jacque Angers, Maine et Loire, France, on December 1st 1634, during the reign of King Louis X111, 1610 - 1643.

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Kaitlin Theresa Covert
Hmmm.... this is interesting. I like my last name because it's unique, but finally after many years I found out where my name came from :)

Matthew Covert
My family was never sure where our name came from. I don't even know how this is possible. Anyway, my mother's side is definitely Irish, so we just go with that. Also, I have read that Covert could be a French "Norman" name who eventually ended up in Ireland.

Chris Coovert
Yes the Covert's are from Holland. I cannot remember his first name. I will look up his first name and post it. He came from Holland, and became a magistrate in what would become Manhattan. He later owned most of Manhattan and Long Island. The State sued to gain it. The court records still exist. Some of his grandchildren changed the name to Coovert. One of his very famous Granchildren is JC Coovert. Uncle John won best of Show in the Paris Worlds Fair.

Mary Jeane Howerton
My grandmother's maiden name was Covert. She told a rich family history of the family coming to New Amsterdam, from Holland, before it became New York. She also said the family owned land there and still actually owned land that had been leased to the railroad for 99 years. (might have been just a small right or way). Unfortunately we did not pay enough attention to write down any names before she died.

J. Covert
My maiden name is Covert. Never met my father all I know is he came from Rochester New York. I think it would be interesting to meet some of those family members from his side. Had the oppertunity to visit the tiny town of Covert. It is a beautiful area!

Sue Covert

What I have read is that the first Covert in New Amsterdam was named Theunis Janse Coovard and that he arrived from Holland around 1650. 2 of his children stayed in Holland and 10 were born here. The Revolutionary War information is that 20 of his descendants fought in the war. I have found many Bergun, 2 Daniels, Eder, Elisha, 2 Issacs, John, 2 Lukes, Peter, Samuel, and Tunis. These are listed as Covert or Coovert. Luke moved from New Jersey to Western Pennsylvania and has many descendants in that area.