Last name: Cronin

This famous Irish clan surname has three quite distinct settlement points in Counties Cork, Kerry, and Limerick, and in some respects it is arguable whether there is any relation between them. The name translates as "the son of the saffron coloured one", and is therefore a nickname for a fair-haired person, possibly a Viking - or one of Viking ancestry. Most nameholders today are found in County Cork, although in the 1659 "census" of all Ireland it was recorded as a principal name in the Barony of Connello, County Limerick, and the Barony of Magunihy, County Kerry. In early times the name was commonly recorded as "O'Croneen". The village of Ballycroneen in East Cork was once believed to be the place of origin of the O'Cronins, but surprisingly this is not proven. The first recorded nameholder (below) was tutor to Donal O'Sullivan Beare, hero of Dunboy and the march to Ulster in 1600. Unfortunately god moves in mysterious ways, and Father Donagh O'Cronin paid for his support with his life. Early recordings of the surname include Bartholomew Cronin, a witness at Killarney, County Kerry, on the occasion of the christening of his daughter, Catherine, on May 8th 1791, whilst amongst the earliest famine emigrants was Patt Cronin, who left on the "Montezuma" of Liverpool bound for New York, in May 1846. He is described as a 'labourer', aged 10 yrs! The clan coat of arms has the blazon of fusily, azure and ermine, suggesting support for religious and even royal causes. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Father Donagh O' Cronin, which was dated 1601, who was hanged at Cork for treason, during the reign of Elizabeth 1, known as "Good Queen Bess", 1558-1603. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Rick Cronin
I Am Rick Cronin from Oshawa, Ontario Canada great grand parents from Cork County .Patrick Sean Cronin and May Louise Lytle

My great grandda was from Cork Cornelius Cronin father was John and mother was Maragret nee Looney.. came to Us and settled in South Boston He was married to Ellen Cronin nee Fielding Looking for any information that will help.

Udo Wilhelm Cronen
My grandpa was Joes Cronen born 1723 in Germany in Breyell but y don´t no from were hi es coming and whos was his vather

Peter Cronin
Peter Cronin here from County Cork representing.

Robert Cronin
My great grandfather was Patrick Cronin, born in New Brunswick in 1861. His father was Denis (born 1815 in Ireland, maybe Cork) and his mother was Ellen Sullivan (born 1824).

Erica navarro
My grandfather's name was Jerome James Cronin. His grandparents were from Cork Ireland. Grandpa has brothers and sisters who live Minnesota, Washington, and South Dakota. He lived California. I think it Be neat to see if I can find some relatives still in Cork and to visit Ireland.

Daniel P. Cronin
Born in Waltham,MA. My Dad was born and raised in Stoneham,MA. i believe my ancestors are from the Cork area. Anyone familar?

margaret cronen
My father John James Cronen was raised in Louisville Kentucky. My grandpa Thomas Cronen and my grandma Emma raised five wonderful sons and one daughter. Our ancestors came from Cork County Ireland, and I am so proud of my irish heritage!!!

Francis Kevin Cronin
Hello all. I live in Clovis Ca. Due to absent father know little of my Cronin family. But there appear to be mostly from Illinois, East St. Louis, Rockford and Chicago. My father Francis Eugene, AKA Frank. His father Robert (I think) you died in 1956. Frank had at least one son Larry, who died a few years ago around the Rockford area. Frank also had a brother Robert, who was a polio victim. I assume him dead also but he did have children. Anyone familiar?

Hello all Cronin's
My name is Stephen Patrick Cronin. I was born in Des Plaines, IL, USA. my Parents are James Michael Cronin and Virginia Marie ( originally Robinson) both from Boston, MA, USA. My father's father was Michael James Cronin, born in Malas, County Kerry, Ireland on our families farm, now known as Cronin's yard, which is a famous approach to climb Carrantuohill, Ireland's highest mountain.
I have a son, Samuel Chang Cronin. You can tell by his middle name that his mother, Hongfeng Zhang, came from Shanghai, China.

Adam Cronin

Baltimore MD

Christopher Cronin

I am second generation Australian my family came from Adare, Limerick I am named after my grandfather Christopher Cronin (John) I am currently 17 and finishing year 12 with full intent of travelling to his home town and finding out every detail there is to know about the family, after finishing a Bachelor of Music at uni or college.

David Kane

My mother was Virginia Mary Cronin, daughter of Charles A Cronin. My grandfather's family left Cork and ended up in the Boston area (Malden MA) probably during the famine years and were lucky enough to prosper as pharmacists and professionals during the late 19th and early 20th century in New England. This at a time when many other Irish immigrants (my Dad's side among them) were working long hours under brutal conditions in the many mills that operated in the region at the time. It is amazing to witness the progress of such a smart, hardworking, and resourceful group of people. Makes me proud to be of Irish descent!

Dorothy Scott

My father carried an Alyssa, but have been told his name was Edward Cronin. He left New York in the 50s with a woman, my mother and left behind a wife and 3 children. I believe one of his sons was Michael and he may have had a sister and two brothers. The sister may have been in law enforcement and one sibling or a child may have had polio. His birthday may have been Feb 11 or some other date in February. Searching for any info on these Cronins.

Aidan Cronin

New York name changed from Ocronin to cronin at Ellis island

Christopher Cronin

My great, great Grandfather, Jeremiah Cronin left Ireland around 1850 with his wife Ellen, and settled in Hebron, New York. Jeremiah was born about 1812. I"ve been unable to find much more sadly, as I am located in the states. Not far at all from the family farm, which we lost during the Great Depression.

Paul Cronin

Born in Herentals ,Belgium. Youngest of five Chidren . My dad is Jerome Cronin , born in Fermoy(?) Ireland.Father arrived around 1955 in Belgium with the British Army.

Erin Cronin
Born in Connecticut, USA. My great grandparents came from a small town called Cloyne, Co Cork, Ireland.

Mary cronin
My aunties grandmother was a teacher

Patrick Michael Cronin
My family is from County Kerry. My Great Grandfather was Bartholomew Cronin and served as Chief of Detectives of the Toronto Police Force into the 1920s. His brother, Dennis, played hockey for the Toronto Maple Leafs and organized baseball as a ringer, always playing under assumed names. Their brother, Charles, worked at and frequented various Pubs. Do these names pop up for anyone else here in their lineage?

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