Last name: Curry

This unusual and interesting Anglo-Scottish surname has three possible origins. The first of these is English and a locational name from any one of the places in the counties of Cornwall but mainly Somerset such as Curry Mallet or Curry Revel, which are named from the river Curry, on which they stand. The etymology of the river name is obscure, but it may be from the pre 7th century Olde English word "cweorn," meaning a mill or mills. The other possible origins are both Scottish and also locational. The first is from the place called Currie in the former county of Midlothian, and recorded in this form in 1230. This is thought to be derived from the Gaelic word 'curraigh', meaning a wet plain or marsh, or secondly from the place called Corrie, in the former County of Dumfrieshire. This is named from the ancient Gaelic word 'coire', meaning a cauldron, but used in a transferred sense to describe a circular hanging valley by a mountain. The first recording of the name in Scotland is that of Philip de Curry of the town of Melrose in 1279, whilst in England an example is that of John Goddard and Margaret Curry who were married at St. George's chapel, Hanover Square, Westminster, in the year 1742. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard de Cury. This was dated 1212, in the tax registers known as the Fees Court, for Somerset, during the reign of King John of England, 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Marquia Curry

I'm an African American girl so naturally my ancestors took the name of the master more than my knowledge there is no record of anyone who came from across seas with the last name Curry. I'd really love to know who I am. And where my family came from

David Curry

I had understood that the Irish form of the name Curry tends to be spelled "Currey" and Scots "Currie". My family are from Northumberland/Durham and family folklaw suggests that we were sheep-stealers. An old word for dog is Curr and the Currys supposedly used dogs in their sheep-stealing activities. In the border areas, the Turnbulls stole cattle (crossing from Scotland into England) and the Currys went the other way to steal sheep. Who knows for sure but another explanation.

Pamela Currey

Wow that is so similar to the history i've heard. I'm in New Zealand - and was often told of our 'relatives' who were hung on the border of Scotland and England for Sheep stealing. I went to England and Scotland last year and the only history really documented is the Irish to Scottish (MacMhuirich). I've traced our branch of the family back to Cumberland (1640) but don't know how they came to be there... I've not heard the spelling suggesting origins before but am interested if you have any other information like that.

Brian Curry
My name, (if not shown), is Brian Curry. My family comes from the city of Durham located in the county of Durham, England. Durham is a coastal town located in the north of England along the eastern coast. I have genealogical records of this. It was my 3rd great grandfather Thomas Curry who came here.
I hope this helps someone who is looking for ancestors. There are still Curry's who live in Durham.


aimee curry
Curry is the anglecized form of McMurrich as in the very famous Muiredach McMurrich. McMurrich is the galecized form of Korach or Korah as in the Sons of Korah we are all Levites. You know why Curry men die premature deaths from heart attacks? Because God cursed the male descendants of Samuels two sons because they were prideful, arrogant, and rebellious. It is a family curse of ours. Korah was punished for contending with Moses. Elijah the prophet actually had two female bears kill 42 children for teasing him about being bald. Most of the Old Testament Prophets and New Testament apostles were from our family. Our family is special and superior to others. There are 7 places in the Old Testament where God lists out our family geneology and he keeps making a special mention of the fact that there is something unusual about our physical strength and our mental capabilites. Even King David in Psalm 78 says the "great strength" of Israel and it's chiefest of men were lost.

Gavin Curry
Curry is an irish name,mainly around south Tipperary,and County Clare

I am researching the Curry family from Suffolk, England.

Sean Curry
They keep telling me that my surname has Irish origins but I don't feel Irish

The Curry surname was changed from the Gaelic O Comhraidhe ( When the Irish & Scottish Gadhlaig languages were made illegal in the mid 1800's) and is very uncommon, except for my hometown in Ireland, where there are several families with that name. The arms I prefer to go with for the Gaelic septs is the red shield with the saltire ( an x ) with the rose at the top end.

Thanks for the Info! I am currently embarking on a genealogy mission. My grandmother's surname was "Curry". Although her surname changed when she married my grandfather, all the women in our family take enormous pride in the Curry surname. So much so that now the men in our family have taken an interest as well. So far, it appears our Curry ancestors come from Northern Ireland. That is somewhat tentative, still confirming. THANKS AGAIN, Jake, for the info!

hey name is jerlisha curry ineed to know all my family curry i am 16 year old and my father dead last mouth his name is jim curry

hey my name is jerlisha curry i am look for all crry family i need know my family here my number 9042260955 i live in plam cost fl

Alli Curry
This is my husband's last name.

Can you update a german origin for curry and cornwell

James Curry
My name is James Curry, my passport is Sheamus O Comhraidhe, so as far as I'm concerned you are correct, but there was another sept in the North of Ireland and the name is common in some parts. The Scotish Currie maybe came from an old scotish clan name McVurrach, which were wiped out by the English and their names were wiped from history, cant remember where that story came from.

Aimee Curry
That scottish clan of McVurrach's was Muiredach McMurrich's family from Ireland he is one of my ancestors. The reason that they were wiped out is because the Brittish Israelites wished to rewrite history and they couldn't do that if there were any bards left to tell it. The McMurrich's is the galecized form of Korach or Korah as in the Sons of Korah we are all Levites. Korah our ancestor who disputed with Moses was at the time not only the richest israelite but Moses said to him "isn't it enough that out of all of the tribes of Israel God has chosen your family to bring a little closer to himself? We were the only ones that God allowed to touch or transport the Ark of the Covenant and sacred vessels from the Holy of Hollies. Most of the Old Testament Prophets and New Testament Apostles were from our family. If you read a book called the Invention of Scotland by Hugh Trevor-Roper. It was online and if you scrolled down to about 48 you could pick up the part where it started alluding to the fact that we were Levites who once had in our possession a book, that was the compilation of all of the oral histories of the Israelites dating back to the time of Adam and Eve.

r. t. curry chhanuon

my maiden name is curry and there is a lot of controversy about our surname. all my life i was told that i was irish, black irish to be exact but it seems when i do more research, it surfaces that we may just be scottish and or northern english. my grandmother's maiden name is finney, which i heard is extremely irish and true gaeilic (original gaelic)...if you could shed some light on this situation that would be great. i am from nc and i briefly spoke to a curry in ga and he said his family/ancestors were scottish. thank you all.

r. t. curry chhanuon

please contact me at, thank you so much.

Rick Curry

As far as the Curry name goes it is the same localized area of the Enland, Ireland and Scotland Area. To make it simple the Irish were tribes and more than likely relocated in other areas of Scotland and England. As a Curry you are indeed of Irish decent. Now quit drinking so

Jake Curry

Hey my name is Jake Curry I have an uncle with the name Rick Curry would you happen to be him?

Curry Ryan

My name is Curry Ryan. My fathers name was Curry too but it was his grandmother's maiden name. He died before i was born but i know our ancestry has been traced back to a Sara Curry from co. Down, ireland. I am trying to figure out if it is scots-irish or irish in origin. Thanks