Last name: Dale

Recorded in a number of spelling forms including Dale, Dales and Daile (English), Dahlen, Dahlin and Dalman (Swedish),Thal, Thalman, Dahler and Dallmann (German), Daal, Van Daal, Van Dalen and Daleman (Dutch), Dahl and Dall (Danish) and many others, this ancient surname is of residential origins. It derives from the Scandanavian word 'dalr' meaning a valley, and describes somebody who dwelt in such a place. In England where the surname is first recorded, there was an ancient British tribe called the 'Dallingas', who may also be a source of the surname. 'Dalr' forms the first element in many English place names such as Deal, Dalwood, Dalham, and Dawley, although the more usual name style is as Lonsdale or Wensleydale, with 'dale' as the second element. What is interesting is that the very first recording of the surname anywhere is in the county of Suffolk, in the region known as East Anglia, and here the land is renowned for being almost flat and without valleys, so there may have been an alternative meaning one thousand years ago! The name is also a very early recording in Germany, Lutz up dem Tal being registered in the town of Fussen in the year 1370. Scandanavian recordings are much later, hereditary surnames were the exception rather than the rule until the 18th century. The name was one of the very first in the new American Colonies, and certainly the first with status. Sir Thomas Dale (1560-1619) being Marshall of Virginia in 1609, and Governor from 1611 to 1618. Sir Thomas was responsible for the original land grants to the new settlers from the English Crown. The first known recording of the family name in any form is believed to be that of Ralph de la Dale, which was dated 1275, in the 'Hundred Rolls' of the County of Suffolk. This was during the reign of King Edward 1st, known as 'The Hammer of the Scots', 1272 - 1307. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop", often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Zac Dale

Representing from northern new York, kinda lost as to heritage so figured this would help!

Ashley Dale

I'm also from NY but from the Syracuse area. My Dale line traces back through Missouri and Kentucky to Virginia. I do have a Thomas Dale in my line in Virginia but the Birth and Death dates don't quite match with the above mentioned Thomas Dale...His parents and grandparents came from Yorkshire England, but that's as far back as I've been able to get.

Rohan Dale

Well represented in Melbourne, Australia too. Dales everywhere.

Hi I'm looking for a James Dale from Glasgow. He worked as a carpenter in Goldbergs in Glasgow in 1956. Can anyone help. Thanks

Roger Joshua Dale
I'm from Alabama. My father is Roger Lee Dale and my grandfather is Thomas Everson Dale. I have no idea where my lineage traces back....I've heard Scotland but don't know much beyond my grandparents.

Ryan Harris Dale (Dallas, TX)
Hello all,

Many of us Dale's here in Texas. I am told from my father (Robert Harris Dale) and grandfather (Charles Harris Dale) that our direct Dale lineage traces back to early settlers in late 1700s/early 1800s Tennessee. Ive tried to research the history of Dale Hollow Lake and Dale Hollow State Park in northern TN but couldnt find much. Anyone else here know of any Dales settling in Tennessee? Feel free to email me directly at

Terence Dale
Terence Dale of Illinois here! I was able to trace my lineage back to Nicholas Dale 1604 Yorkshire, England, and census info from Jamestown, VA in 1624.

Jim Dale
Yes, I have data back to Nicholas Dale. DNA data, too.

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Hi All I'm Deborah Rose Dale living in Cambridge, ON. Been trying to trace my family tree, there are so many Dales. My grandparents came to Canada I believe in the 1900s, William Dale & Ethel Dale (Johnson) They had 4 sons: Arthur / George / Don / Robert all deceased now. Arthur had 3 daughters Marilyn / Beatice / Donna Robert 1 daughter (me) 1 son Robert Bruce brother. Not sure where to go from here.Any help would be welcomed. Good Luck To All

Gareth Dale
Hi everyone, my name is Gareth Dale and i'm from Glasgow. My father is Michael Dale and all the family from my Dads side are from Aberdeen. I would love to know how to trace back family and ancestors but I have no idea on what to do. Could anyone please give me some advice on how I can do this. I don't want to have to pay to use any sites, so other ways on how to do it would be great.

James denis dale
Hi im james denis dale 15.9.1983 from sutton in craven , keighley . West. Yorkshire My dad is andrew dale and my grandfather was charles brian dale.

andrew dale
I am related to David Dale the industrialist from Glasgow and have developed a large family tree. If you have a family tree going back to him as well please contact me at

Richard Dale
David Dale was involved in the founding of RBS and was my 7x great grandfather.

Andrew Dale
If you are related to David Dale of New Lanark contact me at maildale@sky,com. Relatives now found in Canada, USA and New Zealand. 850 in family tree so far

Mark Bonn Chin
Hi, I'm Mark Bonn Chin my great grandfather is Samuel Dale in my mother side...He was born in West Virginia, California..We are living here in Cadiz City, Philippines.

Bethany Dale
Hi, im yet another Dale but from Manchester. I do have a few within my family that have originated from Yorkshire (Yorkshire Dale's?) I'd like to find more Dales within this area. Daughter of Mark Dale (Manchester) Mark Dale- Son of Alfred Dale (Manchester) Bethany Dale

D Dale
Hi all. My name is Dean Allan Dale. I'm from south Africa. My father was Arthur david dale and my grand father was Alan Dale. He was married to Hilda dale I'm not entirely sure where we fit in to the Dale tree but would be really interested to find out. I know my grand parents originated from the uk. I believe it was Cornwall.

Kathleen (Dale) Rice
Dean, Do you happen to know who your grandparents were? I have a good portion of the Cornwall Dale's going back to the 1500's. It was a joint effort of people from Penzance, Porthleven, California, New Zealand, Australia, and me (I'm from Massachusetts USA) The woman from Penzance actually went to So Africa to track down her relatives and met up with a number of cousins. We found that just about everyone named Dale in Cornwall belonged to the same tree. There are a few that we couldn't figure out the connection to, but as in all genealogy, it is never done. Kathy (Dale) Rice

Helen Dale
I have two distinct branches of Dales in my family tree, one from Staffordshire potteries area traced back 18th century , the other from Cornwall 17th century

I am looking for Robert Dale born in the mid 1930's. In 1959 he lived in Hamilton Ontario. Robert had three children; two daughters and a son named Charles. He moved from Hamilton to Ottawa either late in 1959 or early 1960. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Dale
My name is Peter Dale from South Affrica. My wife is an Owens and her family were related to David Dale buchanan the Scots industrialist> Looks like another Dale married an Owens back in the 1800"s. Maybe I'm related to the piano tuner since much music in the family, in fact my sister reached teaching grades on piano and my brother could play several instruments at once--mainly guitar though.

Hello all I'm D.A.Dale--from Columbia, MD.

Hi All Alan Dale here ! We are all from Lewisham south east London. I am trying to find out what my true family crest is we are originally from Yorkshire I think. I have done the obvious and searched Google etc and keep coming back with same old swan crest but there are others with hay bales etc . How do i find my actual family crest ? Please Help !! email me please Best Regards Alan

Clare Dale
hello I am Clare Peggy Dale i was born in Windsor 04/11/1987, I now live in Derbyshire and really wanting to fine out more of where I come from. my grandpa Harold Ewart Dale was born 25th November 1916 at Catford, London died 22nd oct 1993 who married Kathleen Peggy Dale NEE Rushton born 20th feb 1916 Portsmouth southsea died 17th sep 1969 they had my mum Lynda Dale 26th May 1945 and judy Osborne NEE Dale 15th feb 1948 who married jim osborne and had martin Osborne 10th sep and Kathleen Osborne born 5th sep 1987 his father was William Ewart Dale was born in yorkshire who was married to Violet May Dale NEE Rolfe who then married William Thorne born Middlesex my grandmas parents where Frank Rushton and Elizabeth Kathleen rushton NEE unknown if anyone can help that would be great as i really want to fit it all together and maybe get in touch with relatives that are still about

gilbert dale
hello my name is gilbert dale i can trace my ancestors to 1762 fordingbridge james dale. his son joshia dale ,fordingbridge, his son william dale, fordingbridge, his son thomas dale, ringwood who came to newfoundland. his son joseph dale northern bay newfoundland his son gilbert dale my grandfather, my father leonard dalr and myself gilbert dale. some day i would like to travel to england to see some of the places my ancestors came from and what they did.

William Dale
Hi I'm William Jeffrey Terrance Dale from Toronto Ontario Canada my grandfather was Edward Dale that's all I know he died when I was 11 now 42 any help he married my grand ma June Ethel Griffiths back in the 1920's

Daniel Dale
Hello all fellow Dales, I am Daniel Dale and live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. I am just starting to research our name and history and have not gotten far at all. In fact, I have to sit down with my oldest relatives to get some ancestors names. Anyhow, I saw the post from John Dale in regards to music. My father, Robert Preston Dale, Jr. is a wonderful guitar player, and my brother, William Wesley Dale, is a semi-popular up and coming local musician who is currently finishing up the recording of his second album. Couldn't resist the opportunity to share this information. Cheers

Lisa Dale
Hi, Im Lisa Dale and live in Tupelo MS. My father is Alan Dale and his father was Irl Dale. Other children were Mary, Dorothy, John, Marshall and Warren. There are a few Dales in the Hattiesburg area that you may be related to. His name is Rocky

Winward Dale
link me up on facebook all Dales, am so proud to have this last name. Winward Dale or

Winward Dale
Winward Dale, Jamaica I am so proud to know that my name goes back so far.......

Johnn Dale
Hi Every one, I 19m Johnn Dale and have just found this site and have been fascinated to learn a little more about the Dales. For me it is interesting to learn that Christopher Dale from London was a piano tuner by trade. My father came from London and was a good pianist. I myself play guitar and build Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque musical instruments. Are there any more musical Dales out there? Cheers.

Richard Freeman Dale
I am Richard Freeman Dale a direct desendant of Sir Thomas Dale who died in India. My family were also blacksmiths for hundreds of years and came from the black country (Warwickshire) my grandad Herbert Dale (Warwickshire Yeomanry WW1) moved to Manchester after WW1 and built Manchester town hall gates still there today. My late father went to Trafford boys school Manchester and served in the Royal Navy WW 2, I served In the Army 1977 to 1990 and as far as we can see my family has served in the armed forces since records began. However I will not allow my only son to serve in our Armed forces for obvious reasons. My family fought in the English Civil war in the New Model Army. I lived in Carlisle, Kentucky, U.S.A and found there was a clan of Dales there. They were a poor and sadly ill educated lot living in trailor parks.

William Dale
hello dales cheers for all information