Last name: Daugherty

This is an anglicized form of the Olde Gaelic name O'Dochartaigh, the Gaelic prefix "O" indicates "male descendant (of)", plus the personal name Dochartaigh, from "dochartach" meaning "hurtful" or "obstructive". The leading sept of the O'Dohertys (the usual anglicization of the name) belonged to Co. Donegal where they became Lords of Irishowen in the 14th Century. The earliest recording of the name in Ireland is 1208, the year which David O'Doherty, a chief of Cinel Conaill was killed. There is an earlier recording of the name in the Isle of Man (see below). Today, the name Doherty with its variant forms Docherty, Docharty, Dougherty, etc., numbers fifteenth in the list of the most widespread names in Ireland. The spelling Daugherty first appears in Donaghcloney, co. Down on October 9th 1847 when one James Daugherty married a Jane Scott in that parish. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Donnall O' Dochartaigh. which was dated 1119, in the "Manx Names" by A.W.Moore. during the reign of High King of Ireland "with opposition" 1022 - 1166. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Keeley Daugherty
My family is originally from Dexter Kentucky. Great great Grandfathers name is Clint don Daugherty the first. He married a woman who I've always known as mama Luna ( don't remember her real name) they had a daughter that was Clara Daugherty ( I believe only ever called her mammy) there's a cemetary in the town that's the Daugherty Gordon cemetary. if anyone knows any information please email me at

Eric Daugherty
Keeley, my name is Eric and i saw your comment i would love to know more about our name all i know is all of my family is from henderson and owensboro ky I've been in tuscaloosa al my whole life hit me up and will talk

Rebecca Daugherty
I don't really know anything bout the daughertys except we hav a remarkable temper so I would like to know more. U can find me on facebook too

Carl Daugherty
hey my name is Carl i don't really know where r how my name was originated but i would really like to know as much as i can before i leave this earth my dad name is asbourne daugherty i have a aunt an uncle living near by with the spelling dougherty i am living in Jamaica in the caribbean

Briana Daugherty
My ancestors date back to 1803 when George Daugherty came from Donegal with his 4 brothers to Maryland. After 7 generations I now live in Oklahoma, but my father and his 3 or 4 siblings (I can't remember how many) lived in Indiana. And I know his grandparent's lived in Indiana too. So I'm not sure when, but several generations of the Daugherty family lived in Indiana. We haven't spread out too much and most of the Daugherty's in my family tree live in the North East Area. The original spelling of our name is Doherty, but due to the fact that my GGGGGG Grand father was just a potato farmer, he couldn't spell. The immigration officer asked for his name and when George couldn't spell his last name, the officer sounded it out, wrote it down, and BOOM! That's how pretty much all Daugherty's and other variations got this weird spelling. So there's a little history for y'all.

Martin Daugherty
Hello. I am from Indiana as well as two of my brothers. My father Charles Daugherty was from the Caryville Tn. area. My G-dad was Robert Daugherty also from Tn. Any info would be nice on the Daugherty clan.

Sara Daugherty
I've lived in Nebraska my whole life as has most of my family. I know that our last name I think used to be spelled dougherty but it was changed for reasons unknown to me. My grandfather ( Gale Edward Daugherty) I think may have come to Nebraska from Iowa and before that I have no clue but would love to. I have a total of 18 aunts and uncles. My g-father was very busy. His wife passed when she was still young of heart problems. There are 3 sets of twins within those 18 children. I think maybe my heart would've given out as well. Lol. There are also two other children by my g-father from a marriage before that we have never met. Anyone know of anything can email me at I would love any info at all. Thanks

Samuel O. Daugherty J.r.
My aunt did a lot of research and found out that my decedents named Daugherty came over to America in 1768 got of the boat in south Carolina and eventually made their way to anderson county in East Tennessee and me and my people now live in neighboring morgan county TN.

Clara Lynn Holtman
My grandmother died young in 1928 in Concordia, Kansas...she had three daughters and was married to Elmer Rogers....Her maiden name was Daughtery...we found her old autograph book and in 1910 she lived in Dresden,Kansas...think she was born around 1889 and had a sister Katey...think her mother had remarried ..a name Burke was listed..anything know e-mail me at Thanks....

LaKoda Daugherty
Well I don't really understand my background that much my grandpa Tommy Daugherty (Born: in Tennessee Married: Jule(Ruby) Seabolt Child: Timothy(Timmy) Daugherty) passed away when my father was 12. My father doesn't know much about our family because they stopped invited us to family reunions after my grandfather passed. If anyone has any information please contact us at or thank you.

Paul Anthony John Daugherty
My father and I were both born in Douglas, Isle of Man.On reaching school age we as a family all moved to Manchester and then to Plymouth where my father retired.I got married came to London and I am still here !!

william daugherty
wanting to know my last name originated?

My name is Tina Elizabeth Daugherty Brown
Most of our family is in the Northwest part of Indiana. I have a cousin who has researched a lot of our family genealogy if you are interested.

Matt Daugherty
I've traced my Daugherty line back to James Daugherty, born 1823 in Virginia. Can't figure out anything before him. His son, Benjamin Franklin, was born in Missouri. His son, David Delwin, was born in Arkansas. His son, Otis Franklin Sr, was born in Oklahoma. His son (my dad), Otis Franklin Jr, was born in Los Angeles, California. Anyone out there related or want to share info? Reach out to me through email: peopleoftheoaks at yahoo dot com.

Chad Daugherty
Were we all protestant? And anyone that has family that migrated toward st Louis and ended up in lower Kentucky and Campbell co. Tn. I'm probably kin. My grandfather was Carlos. I don't know much else.

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