Last name: Daugherty

This is an anglicized form of the Olde Gaelic name O'Dochartaigh, the Gaelic prefix "O" indicates "male descendant (of)", plus the personal name Dochartaigh, from "dochartach" meaning "hurtful" or "obstructive". The leading sept of the O'Dohertys (the usual anglicization of the name) belonged to Co. Donegal where they became Lords of Irishowen in the 14th Century. The earliest recording of the name in Ireland is 1208, the year which David O'Doherty, a chief of Cinel Conaill was killed. There is an earlier recording of the name in the Isle of Man (see below). Today, the name Doherty with its variant forms Docherty, Docharty, Dougherty, etc., numbers fifteenth in the list of the most widespread names in Ireland. The spelling Daugherty first appears in Donaghcloney, co. Down on October 9th 1847 when one James Daugherty married a Jane Scott in that parish. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Donnall O' Dochartaigh. which was dated 1119, in the "Manx Names" by A.W.Moore. during the reign of High King of Ireland "with opposition" 1022 - 1166. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Briana Daugherty
My ancestors date back to 1803 when George Daugherty came from Donegal with his 4 brothers to Maryland. After 7 generations I now live in Oklahoma, but my father and his 3 or 4 siblings (I can't remember how many) lived in Indiana. And I know his grandparent's lived in Indiana too. So I'm not sure when, but several generations of the Daugherty family lived in Indiana. We haven't spread out too much and most of the Daugherty's in my family tree live in the North East Area. The original spelling of our name is Doherty, but due to the fact that my GGGGGG Grand father was just a potato farmer, he couldn't spell. The immigration officer asked for his name and when George couldn't spell his last name, the officer sounded it out, wrote it down, and BOOM! That's how pretty much all Daugherty's and other variations got this weird spelling. So there's a little history for y'all.

Elizabeth Daugherty

What part of Indiana? I am Elizabeth Daugherty and I was born in Ky but lived in Indiana most of my life.

Carl Daugherty
hey my name is Carl i don't really know where r how my name was originated but i would really like to know as much as i can before i leave this earth my dad name is asbourne daugherty i have a aunt an uncle living near by with the spelling dougherty i am living in Jamaica in the caribbean

Rebecca Daugherty
I don't really know anything bout the daughertys except we hav a remarkable temper so I would like to know more. U can find me on facebook too

Jacob Daugherty

We must be related then ha ha. Why is it that no one is trying to find out more? I'd give anything to meet my entire family tree. Most of my 'daugherty' family are stuck up and diverted from having anymore family reunions. I'd rather have some kind of family than none at all.

Eric Daugherty
Keeley, my name is Eric and i saw your comment i would love to know more about our name all i know is all of my family is from henderson and owensboro ky I've been in tuscaloosa al my whole life hit me up and will talk

Keeley Daugherty
My family is originally from Dexter Kentucky. Great great Grandfathers name is Clint don Daugherty the first. He married a woman who I've always known as mama Luna ( don't remember her real name) they had a daughter that was Clara Daugherty ( I believe only ever called her mammy) there's a cemetary in the town that's the Daugherty Gordon cemetary. if anyone knows any information please email me at

David Thompson
Hello My name is David Thompson I live in Greensburg , my Grandmother was a Daugherty and my father often talked about Daugherty Grove as place that they had picnics when he was a child. My grandmother was born around1885 in Murrysville.; I would think on the farm. I have information on Leasure back to Abraham arriving in Pennsylvania.

Hughie Fawcett
Hi I am Hughie Fawcett from Greensburg,Westmoreland County,PA and I am trying to find my GGGG Grandparents and siblings and GGGGG Grandparents and siblings which I am sure they would have been located in Ireland or Northern Ireland or Scotland but chances are it would be Ireland. I would like to know where they emigrated from and what ship they came over on to America and what port they set sail from. Were they tied to any Lords and how old is this Family Line? My GGG Grandparents were John Dougherty,Daugherty born in August 13, 1804 in Weavers Old Stand or Armburst in Westmoreland County,PA and he married Catherine Leasure in 1830 and Catherine was born in June 1812 from Greensburg,Westmoreland County,PA and she died in July 1874 in Penn Township, Westmoreland County,PA and John moved in with his Grandson William Daugherty Jr in Pitcairn, Allegheny County,PA and John and Catherine were living down by Abers Creek where they had a farm and it was near the bounderyline of Penn Township and Murrysville,PA and their younger daughter Heneritta Daugherty Dible who was married to Franklin Dible and lived across the road from John and Catherine and John died at Henerittas home while visiting and he died in Sept 21, 1889 and John and Catherine had nine children and John and Catherine were buried up in The Buelah U.P. Church Cemetery on Pleasant Valley Road in Penn Township, Westmoreland County,PA but if you look that Cemetery up under the Redstone Presbyterory it is listed as Buelah U.P. Church in Claridge, Westmoreland County,PA. Any help or old pics or info would be certainly appreciated. Sincerely Yours, Hughie Fawcett Greensburg, Westmoreland County,PA and my email is and a educated guess thinks he had a brother William but not sure and I was told by Family Lore that William Daugherty was a Ship builder in Elizabeth, Allegheny County,PA off of the Monongahelia River and they had a Farm on the other side of the river which would have been Westmoreland County,PA. Please Help!!!

Richard McCallum

I am trying to find my xxDougherty who married my xxMcCollum and had a son, Edward in 1810 derry; and xxDougherty was of the 'family' that lead to Cardinal Dennis Joseph Dougherty of Philadelphia; his, ggg grandfather was George Dougherty who came to America in 1795 and settled in Butler County, Penn; I was hoping his oldest daughter, Hannah, was a match; but other sites have her as marrying a McLaughlin and having children past 1810;; so I am thinking maybe a brother or sister of George; could still claim to be "of the family" Yesterday at 4:17pm · Like