Last name: David

This famous medieval surname is recorded in over one hundred spellings, and found throughout Europe. These include examples such as Daud, Dewi, and Taffe, through to patronymics Davidge, Davidovich, and Davitashvili. It owes its popularlity to the Hebrew male given name "David" meaning "beloved", which as a given name has always been very popular with both the Jews and the Christians. The reasons are rather confused, but essentially the original King David, regarded as the greatest of the early kings of Israel, is held upto be a popular hero by both races. The popularity of the name throughout Europe followed the famous "crusades" of the 11th and 12th centuries, when successive generations of kings mounted expeditions to save the Holy Land for Christianity. All were unsuccessful, but returning soldiers and pilgrims fired by their experiences, gave biblical names to their children in commemoration of their father's exploits. David was one of the most popular. In addition the name was given a further boost by its adoption as the patron saint of Wales, and later because it was borne by two kings of Scotland, King David 1st, 1124 - 1153, and King David 11nd, 1329 - 1371. The first known recording of the surname anywhere in the world and in any spelling, was probably that of Robert David, recorded in the English charters known as the "Hundred Rolls" for the county of Leicestershire, in the year 1278. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" in spelling. This has often lead to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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South Texas

Genesis David
Tarlac, Philippines.

Adrienne Nicole David
Hey Folks! This last name is such a mystery but my father is Nelson David from the Philippines. Now, I know the Filipino people have bloodlines coming from Spain because of the discovery and settlements in history by the Spaniards but when doing research about the last name David some websites directed it to Portugal decent. All I know is that my grandmother's maiden name was Sobrevenias and my grandfather was Cruz-David so that def. sounds Spanish to me. But, I have totally met White people here in Texas with David lastnames and it blew my mind. Anyway, I love my people and my last name even though all my life (34yrs) people always ask "that's your last name?" I just look and say well it isn't my first name lol! My people look Asian-Pacific Islander- Spanish!

Jeff David
I converted in Judaism and changed my last name to David.

My last name is David and my ancestors are from the Czech Republic (specifically Bohemia), where apparently there were quite a few Davids in southern Bohemia. Because my grandfather was off the boat and his name was David and his father before him was also David (spelled exactly the same as I spell it) - we always figured if we searched enough, we are probably Jewish although we weren't raised Jewish. In the NYC area the surname David, is normally considered a Jewish name.

im Steven David from texas ive also wondered about my last name only met my dad twice but he was from louisiana his name was Jerry David

Ron David
I always wondered where surname David originated since people always ask if that was my last name. My father was from Tarlac,Philippines.

Richard David

My great great grandfather Louis Napoleon David arrived in New Orleans La in 1808, moved to Philadephia later....great grandfather followed the 49er's to San Francisco....grandfather to BC by 1900...some David's went north to Nova Scotia

Igor David

My last name is David and I am Ruthenian, my ancestors are from area which is known as Zakarpattia (between Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland). There are quite lot of people from that area in USA, would be interesting to see if there are any other David families from this area.

Dorothy David

My husband is Stefan David & he's from Germany.

George David

My family traces it's US heritage to Taylors Bridge DE in the mid 18th century. Any leads would be appreciated.

Cheri Arthur

Matilda David was my great grandfathers mother who came here from France and lived along the border of France and Germany in the 1850's - they were Farmers - trying to figure out if they were French or maybe even Jewish because a lot of the jewish people let that area and were farmers - trying to find Davids from this area in the 1850's

Marcus David
My name is Marcus David, I do not know how my family acquired this last name as I am of Torres Strait Islander descent which is located in between Australia and Papua New Guinea & I derive from fierce, sea fairing warriors. As I stated, I do not know how or who gave this last name to my ancestors..

Alexandra David
My family immigrated to the U.S in 1895 to live in Baltimore, from a small town called Richardson near Wales. I don't know the name of my family member who immigrated to Ellis Island, but I do know they were factory workers under poor living conditions.

shasha pantsman
whats davids real name?

I am descended from Julien de Etienne David 1175–1240; St Etienne, Ardeche, Rhone-Alpes, France. He is my 23rd great-grandfather. Several generations later, Blaise Didier David. 1597–1662 of Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France came to the Americas via Canada I believe. He is my 11th great-grandfather. The Davids came south eventually settling in Virginia and Georgia. My great grandmother Annie Lou David was the last David on my direct line. She married Paul Edmundson Davenport in the 1800s in Georgia.

Henry David
Your blood is my blood the David last name originated in United Kingdom. WALES is the country where all started. We always love the land and farming is in our blood. We are all intelligent and beautiful. We are easily to like and love.

I was told I am Hungarian and Polish. My Hungarian grandmothers last name was "David" . I am confused. Is this not Hungarian? I was also told my great grandfather was a cheater and had two families. Is this where the David last name comes in? 😯

Deana David
|: soo my dad is from Grenada and my mother is from Panama. Soooooo im black and hispanic and im really confused...

Dean David
I am Welsh (and British)

Robert k david
My grandfather name was Paul V David us from Pennsylvania. I believe Greene County. His father was Houston David and I think we came from whales

Ramon David
I'm Hondurian David It's not a common surname in my country. people get confused they think its my namelol

Marcelyn David
Dad was from the Philippines🙌

Melanie David
My father, Klaus David, immigrated to Canada (Quebec) from Bavaria, Germany. His father was born and raised in Schlesien, Poland. To keep his freedom, he had to move after WW2 and went to Germany. The remainder of his family who decided to stay in Poland (Gliwice) had to change their last name to DAVITZ. My great-grandfather was born Franz David and died as Franz Davitz.

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