Last name: David

This famous medieval surname is recorded in over one hundred spellings, and found throughout Europe. These include examples such as Daud, Dewi, and Taffe, through to patronymics Davidge, Davidovich, and Davitashvili. It owes its popularlity to the Hebrew male given name "David" meaning "beloved", which as a given name has always been very popular with both the Jews and the Christians. The reasons are rather confused, but essentially the original King David, regarded as the greatest of the early kings of Israel, is held upto be a popular hero by both races. The popularity of the name throughout Europe followed the famous "crusades" of the 11th and 12th centuries, when successive generations of kings mounted expeditions to save the Holy Land for Christianity. All were unsuccessful, but returning soldiers and pilgrims fired by their experiences, gave biblical names to their children in commemoration of their father's exploits. David was one of the most popular. In addition the name was given a further boost by its adoption as the patron saint of Wales, and later because it was borne by two kings of Scotland, King David 1st, 1124 - 1153, and King David 11nd, 1329 - 1371. The first known recording of the surname anywhere in the world and in any spelling, was probably that of Robert David, recorded in the English charters known as the "Hundred Rolls" for the county of Leicestershire, in the year 1278. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" in spelling. This has often lead to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Cheri Arthur

Matilda David was my great grandfathers mother who came here from France and lived along the border of France and Germany in the 1850's - they were Farmers - trying to figure out if they were French or maybe even Jewish because a lot of the jewish people let that area and were farmers - trying to find Davids from this area in the 1850's

George David

My family traces it's US heritage to Taylors Bridge DE in the mid 18th century. Any leads would be appreciated.

Dorothy David

My husband is Stefan David & he's from Germany.

Dan David

My grandfather, who dies many years ago, was Albert David, and he lived near Essen, in Germany. (Incidentally, my mother's name is Dorothy David.)

Igor David

My last name is David and I am Ruthenian, my ancestors are from area which is known as Zakarpattia (between Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland). There are quite lot of people from that area in USA, would be interesting to see if there are any other David families from this area.

Richard David

My great great grandfather Louis Napoleon David arrived in New Orleans La in 1808, moved to Philadephia later....great grandfather followed the 49er's to San Francisco....grandfather to BC by 1900...some David's went north to Nova Scotia

Ron David
I always wondered where surname David originated since people always ask if that was my last name. My father was from Tarlac,Philippines.

im Steven David from texas ive also wondered about my last name only met my dad twice but he was from louisiana his name was Jerry David

Robert David
From my genealogy research, there were three individuals with the David surname who initially settled in Louisiana. One was from Quebec, one from Nova Scotia (my family), and another came directly from France. The only Jerry David I've come across was from the Pointe Coupe, LA area and that would be the Quebec, Canada family (Etienne David - listed in the census as a finishing carpenter)

(BYW - the French pronunciation of David in Louisiana is "da-Veed"

Houston, TX

Rachael David

My last name is David and my ancestors settled in Texas in the 1890s. They were Czech / bohemian. There are many David's in Granger Texas and pilot point Texas.

My last name is David and my ancestors are from the Czech Republic (specifically Bohemia), where apparently there were quite a few Davids in southern Bohemia. Because my grandfather was off the boat and his name was David and his father before him was also David (spelled exactly the same as I spell it) - we always figured if we searched enough, we are probably Jewish although we weren't raised Jewish. In the NYC area the surname David, is normally considered a Jewish name.

Rachael david

My last name is David and I am from Texas. My ancestors were from Bohemia and arrived in the 1890's at Ellis Island and then entered the port of Galveston. I am third-generation Czech in America on my dad side.

Rachael david

My last name is David my ancestors are from Bohemia. They Arrived in the 1890s at Ellis Island then sailed to Galveston where they settled in Texas. It's very likely we may be related.

Jeff David
I converted in Judaism and changed my last name to David.

Adrienne Nicole David
Hey Folks! This last name is such a mystery but my father is Nelson David from the Philippines. Now, I know the Filipino people have bloodlines coming from Spain because of the discovery and settlements in history by the Spaniards but when doing research about the last name David some websites directed it to Portugal decent. All I know is that my grandmother's maiden name was Sobrevenias and my grandfather was Cruz-David so that def. sounds Spanish to me. But, I have totally met White people here in Texas with David lastnames and it blew my mind. Anyway, I love my people and my last name even though all my life (34yrs) people always ask "that's your last name?" I just look and say well it isn't my first name lol! My people look Asian-Pacific Islander- Spanish!

Genesis David
Tarlac, Philippines.

South Texas

My new surname is David through my husband's Portuguese family..apparently it was a christian surname in PT and SP.

Eneida David
How funny!! I'm from the Bronx too!!! My father and his before him are Ramon David

Eric David
Im from the bronx too and was curious about my last name so i was surfing the web. I didnt know a lot of people had David as a last name like me.

Hi,my name is Alexandra David & I reside in Bx,N.Y. My father is Abraham David from Santa Isabel,P.R. I also wonder how did my dad end up with last name David when he was born & raised in P.R. & David is not a Latin last name!!! Hmmmm,I wonder

lyzette david

Hi my name is lyzette david my father's name Dionisio David his family is from Coamo, PR. Maybe were related.

Dilsia reyes
Correction to name . Luisa Salichs David. She did live in coamo pr.

Dilsia reyes
My grandmother was Lukas Salichs David. I do not know where the surname David originated

kelvin morales david
I'm really trying to figure out why my family is David's we are the only Puerto rican name David does anybody know if a David settled in Puerto Rico

Kelvin el apellido david viene de coamo pr

hola somos de los David de Puerto Rico espero que nos podamos conectar a traves de esta pagina

Apellido David - Puerto Rico -
Esta página es dedicada al apellido David y sus orígenes, cualquier información contribuida será de...

Chris David
Yeah same here. Always wondered where it would have come from.

Sylvie David

Hello, I am from Quebec, Canada. My grandfather search our genealogy and supposely 2 brothers and one cousin arrived in quebec around 1680. In quebec it is a small family. He founded out that we came from Lyons, France. I also meet a lady Jessie David who was from the north of India. It is interestig to found out that so many people with this last name are coming from so different part of the world.

Connie David Piech

My grandfather Edward David, his father Ludwig David came to the US from Warsaw, Poland. Ludwig came into Ellis Island and settled in Oklahoma and Edward came into Texas with his mother and was met by Ludwig. Edward was 10 when he got here and as a young man came to Endicott, NY. My ggggrandfather was Leopold David from Warsaw, Poland. Not a clue about our family other than the above.

kelvin morales david
I'm really trying to figure out why my family is David's we are the only Puerto rican name David does anybody know if a David settled in Puerto Rico

hola somos de los David de Puerto Rico espero que nos podamos conectar a traves de esta pagina

Apellido David - Puerto Rico -
Esta página es dedicada al apellido David y sus orígenes, cualquier información contribuida será de...

monique DAVID
i am trying to find relatives of my great grandfather John DAVID who emigrated to the Mauritius island in the indian ocean in the 18th century he was married to a lady called Ida Jean-Pierre in Mauritius.

Leean David

My last name's David too but my family and I are Filipino and are currently living in Southern California. I've always been confused as to how a southeast Asian family like us ended up with such a Anglo surname, since I've only met three other Filipinos outside of my family with the same last name, and when I do geneology searches people with the last name David tend to be mostly Anglo-Saxon and a few are from South American countries. I do know that the Spaniards have influenced the Philippines greatly, I've always assumed that Filipinos adopted David as a surname due to this and the religious aspect of the name (Since the spanish&filipinos are both devout catholics

Hilda Butler
The David side of my family, as far back as I know, originated in Nova Scotia. They setteled in Louisiana, and continued with a rich and vibrant culture now call Acadians or Cajun. This was my mothers family.