Last name: Dawson

This interesting surname is of English origins. It has more than fifteen entries in the Dictionary of National Biography, and no less than twenty-two coats of arms, and is a patronymic form of the medieval male given name Daw. This is a nickname form of David, adopted from the Hebrew male given name Dodavehu meaning "beloved of Jehovah". This name was borne by the greatest of the early Kings of Israel, and led to its popularity, first among the Jews, and later among the Christians. In Britain the popularity of the name was increased by the fame of St. David, the patron saint of Wales, and by the fact that it was borne by two kings of Scotland, David 1st 1124 - 1153, and David 11nd 1329 - 1371. David clericus, of the county of Lincolnshire in 1150, is one of the earliest recorded bearers of the forename in England. The form as Dawe first appears in the county of Lancashire in 1212, with the patronymic Daweson emerging in the early 14th Century (see below). Richard Dawson, aged 31 yrs., who embarked from London on the ship "Phillip" bound for Virginia, in June 1635, was an early settler in America. The Dawsons have been prominent in Ireland from Elizabethan times; those who settled in Ulster became Earls of Cremorne and Dartrey. Another family acquired large estates in Col Laois, and a third gained possession of the Glen of Aherlow, in Co. Tipperary, hence, the appellation Dawson's Table in connection with the mountain, Galtee More. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Thomas Daweson, which was dated 1326, in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield, Yorkshire, during the reign of King Edward 11nd, 1307 - 1327. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Zoe Dawson
Hi all, I am Zoe Dawson, daughter of Brian Dawson from Catterick - Yorkshire, I am looking for my 2 half sisters and below is all the information I have of them: Hazel Shout born in 1956 in North Allerton Elaine Dawson born March 1980 in Richmond Helen Dawson born 1977 in Richmond. Dad born in Catterick – sister Maureen Please email with any more information -

Tim Dawson
From Nebraska, Grandfather from Oklahoma and that is ALL I know. Does anybody else have any connection from Oklahoma going back further?

Neil Dawson
My name is Neil Dawson and I am from Virginia.My Dawson relatives moved here in the mid 1800's from Randolph Co. N.C. I have traced my oldest ancestor back to around 1755 in North Carolina.His name was Daniel Dawson..I would appreciate any info. i can get.

Dave Dawson
Dawson from Newcastle Upon Tyne in England here. I still keep reading mixed origins of our surname and it is hard to know which is the true origin or if it had several infact. This one seems to be Anglo-Saxon, deriving from 'David' another version is that it originates from the Normans. I've read from a couple of sources that our ancestors were either Normans - or or Normanised Frenchmen originating in D'Osson France. Apparently they were either involved in the battle of Hastings 1066 or one of the families who sent soldiers over to invade. Which exactly I do not know. They were then awarded lands in what is now Carlisle apparently. I would love to know which is the 'real' version anyway.

Trent Dawson
Our family has been in East Texas for 3 generations and trace back to Ohio and Illinois during the mid 1800s. My dad has followed our line back to Scotland pre American Revolution.

Robert Dawson
Sub clan of the Davidson's of Tulloch, originated in the highlands, was a member of the Chattan alliance and left for Ireland after the downfall of the Stuarts. My particular line immigrated to Canada and settled in Ontario. I am first full citizen of the U.S. in the family as we reside in Michigan currently.

shaun Dawson
My Dad ray Dawson was from congelton cheshire. Trying to find bit more about his family is mum was Emma Dawson who remarried to become Emma Rowe.

Jeremy Dawson
my family is in ohio and was in west virgina

Wayne Dawson
I was under the impression it was an Anglicised name of Norman origin. It doesn't pay to be too inquisitive, I enjoyed telling people that we went over with William the Bastard and kicked Anglo-Saxon arse, turning a backwater into a modern state. Now what?

Craig Dawson
My father came across a book with a title something like Three Hundred Years of Dawsons in America, published around 1960. It started with a Dawson landing on Kent Island in The Chesapeake Bay in the 1630s, and the various branches traced thereafter included my grandfather's name. I'm 13th or 14th generation. The family moved up the Potomac through Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Our branch went out to Ohio and central Illinois during the 1800s. My grandparents moved from Illinois to Michigan after WWI. The book mentioned that the family traced back to a Duc D'Ossone, who went over from Normandy with William the Conqueror and fought at the battle of Hastings. The name was anglicized to Dawson.

I'm a Dawson by birth. I was born in Northern Virginia. I've been working on my ancestry for awhile now and have hit a dead end. My great grandfather Thomas Joseph Dawson Sr was born in New Bedford Massachusetts in 1891 and died in 1961 in Fairfax Virginia. He enlisted in 1917, he ended is 3rd enlistment in 1923. He moved to Centreville Virginia and married Elsie Marie Robertson. Their children were Jane Elizabeth (Dawson) Markey, Margaret Edith (Dawson) Brown, Thomas Joseph Jr, Edwin O, Anne Virginia (Dawson)Nachman and Sarah Eileen (Dawson) Brown, only Anne is still living. Thomas J Dawson Sr would not speak of his family. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well My family are Dawson's they are from Scotland we are Clan Davidson....I have written history, Daniel Dawson. My great grandmother was Bethea Kirkland Dawson married to Julius Kerstan

Linda Ives
I am just starting our Dawson family tree. Any help would be appreciated. My grandfather Miles Dawson was born in 1928 in Tynside & was married to Jesse. They had 4 children, Dennis, Phyllis, Frank and Gerald. Wondered if David Dawson from Newcastle any relation? We now live in York.

Brandon Dawson
I don't know much about the Dawson side of my family but i would like to learn a lot about it. I just don't know where to find out information as none of the Dawsons really talk >.<

Scott Dawson
dawson was my grandmothers surname she is from the newcastle area in england and she has 5 other siblings from around that area and id imagine they would all have children so if your from around their we are probably related

alan dawson
hi all, I'm was born in Sheffield south Yorkshire England. I am the only son of William Ernest Dawson,( known as Ernest) eldest of 7 brothers and 2 sisters, as far as I know I am now the patriarch of the family. I now live in oz, and have no contact with my many, many first cousins. If I remember correctly my fathers sibling were. Wilfred, David,Walter,Albert,Lennard,Sidney,Mary, Agnus. All very old English names. Would like to hear from anyone who might know anyone from the list or any history.

Steven Dawson

I'm a Dawson from Manchester, would love to know more about the Dawson side of my family tree though not much is known, my Grandfather died when I was very young and as far as I know had no brothers or sisters. His name was Richard Dawson and the info I have is that he was in the RAF and based in Malta during the WWII, when he came back he married Lucy, and had 4 children, Maureen, Elizabeth, Kath & Michael (my farther) this is all I have, but you never know who could be reading this!

William Timothy Dawson

Hello , I am William Timothy Dawson of Gilmer , Texas , United States of America. I am a strong blooded Dawson and I would like to come to know of my blood kin and ancestors . I love each and every one of you. Stay blessed. My e-mail address is

Jeffrey mark Dawson

I am half Australian half Scottish and trace my line back to "the Bruce" of William Wallace fame. But also there's my Australian

Ethan Matthew Dawson

My branch of the family immigrated from England to Virginia in the early 1600's then we migrated to the Sissonsville area of West Virginia around the era of the Civil War. My dad is John Matthew Dawson, my grandfather is John Curtis Dawson, and my great grandfather is Curtis Dawson.

Rev. Ron E. Sanderson

Looking for a "Lert" or " Lerton" Dawson, wife's name Connie.(deceased) Please reply how to reach Lert. Thankyou These folks were members of my church in Tempe, Arizona and I really want to get in touch with him. Reply to



Njål Dawson Svane
Hello, my mom is norwegian, my dad is english and from the isle of man, and i want to know more from my dawson surname,

Steve Richard Dawson
I am a Dawson, I looked into my specific family history and found during the 18th - 19th century a good amount where taken to Australia from London meaning if your tree originates from western Australia around 1826 - 50 you're possibly an age old relative

Lisa Kerstan
I am the great granddaughter of Bethea Kirkland Dawson and she nor her family were not from England... my family origins are from Falkirk Scotland

good day;i am kenneth dawson ,born in horsforth , west riding , yorkshire .I have been able to trace my lineage back to "john dawson "of otley area in 1691 but run into nothing before that.My parents (now deceased) spoke of scotish ancestry & part of the clan davidson from dingwall . my great grandfather
Good day:I am kenneth william dawson from hors forth, otley, yorkshire. I have been able to trace my dawson family back to a "john dawson",1691 in the motley area. Before that i can find no specific records .I do recall my parents occasionally mention a connection to the 'davidson" clan in scotland in the dingwall area but no specifics. my mother was an "aide" born in dundee scotland but thats another family tree. I would appreciate any specific facts on my branch of the damsons. There sure seem to be a hell of a lot of us around the world.Thanks in advance

Lani Dawson
Hi, my name is Lani Dawson and I would really love to find some relatives on my grandfathers side. His name was William Murray Dawson born 3.2.1902 in Fettercairb, Scotland. He moved to New Zealand where he met my grandmother and had 2 boy's, Robert and William. My great grandfathers name was Alexander and great grandmother was Mary. If anyone has any info or may know someone who may be related please email me

Graham Dawson
Looking for my English Dawson extended family - Grandmother Olive , her now deceased son (my uncle) Terry Dawson , his daughter Jenny and son Stephen. Please email me :

Steve Dawson
I was born in San Diego, CA, as was my dad. His dad was born in Illinois, and his father was from Indiana. The earliest I can find is a William Dawson, born around 1700 in Queen Anne's County, Maryland and his wife Catherine Hollingsworth, who was born in Cecil County, Maryland. Does anyone have any information regarding this William Dawson's ancestry? Please email me at

Dereck Dawson
My Dawson family is from Memphis tn.... my grandfather name was Richard Dawson. Any info on The Dawson's ..

Marissa Dawson
I am a Dawson, born in San Diego County, California. My dad is Mike Dawson, born in North Carolina, and his dad is Gerald Dawson, from Indiana. My Grandpa doesnt know anything about his father or his side of the family, and I really want to know about my Grandpa's family, so Im probably going to look into it

Roniece Dawson
I am a Dawson.... my great grandparents came to New Zealand from England.

What's on your mind? My mother was a Dawson by birth, her father name was Charlie Dawson; Problem I'm having is: I can't find out any information about her father: Where he original came from, what his father and mother name's were and where they original came from? My mother was born in Woodville Mississippi. Who can help me with this information and more? Anyone with accurate information on my ancestor please contact:

Flora Dawson
Hi I was born a Dawson in the United States of America in the state of Arkansas. All of my family was born in Arkansas. My dad's dad was born there. I know I have relatives living all over America. I would like to know them all. My grandfather's name was William Dud Dawson he married Ollie Hamilton

Daniel Dawson
Born in wirral, UK, 28, male

Jennifer Dawson
I traced my family back to Kilmoremoy in Ireland. They came from there to Scotland during the potato famine and settled in Muirkirk in Ayrshire. My second great grandfather James died there in 1860 and his brother took over the care of his children. The 1871 census finds them all in Glasgow, with the exception of my second great grandfather's wife Agnes. She did not appear in the 1861 census along with her children and my second great grandfather's brother Michael and his family. The children grew up and married in Glasgow. I have traced them through censuses and further investigation.

Giselle Dawson
My dad Randall Dawson and I were born in born in Suriname. And we are living in Aruba. My grandfather his name was Max. But we were always told that our roots are set in Scotland. My grandfather died young. If you can help me in any way with the family tree, please let me know.

nancy de grauw
im looking for any relatives on behalf of a 76 yer old kind scotsman named MICHAEL DAWSON. BORN 10/9/ 1940 he imigrated to new zealand in the early 1960s. THS IS A VERY URGENT MESSAGE TO HIS FAMILY MEMBERS. i know he has a sister called cathie and a marion plus a brother no name. he has a niece called DONNA WHO IS WITH A PERSON BY THE NAME OF FRASER.. MICHAEL IS ORIGIONALLY FROM GLASGO ( EXCUSE MY SPELLING MISTAKES) .

REGARDING MICHAEL DAWSON AGAIN. living in new zealand . this is an urgent message to anyone who knows the were--abouts of any of his family members please contact me a.s.p on CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS spread the word around glasgow regarding this urgent mesage the other names i found relating to him are as followed : allex and betty, david welsh born on 12 july annie and tommie. i think he origionally lived in or near "POLLOKSHAWS" thank you. you can olso message me through my face book page which you can find under the name nancy de grauw

Amy Berglund looking for Anna Dawson
My father was adopted as a newborn in 1949 in Florida, the son of an unwed, teenage mother, Anna Dawson, who was from the Pennsylvania area. We don't have much else to go on. The adoption was brokered by the hospital and the Dr. that performed the delivery, and from what we understand that hospital had a fire in the 50’s and all records were reportedly lost. Anna, my grandmother, was sent from Pennsylvania to Florida to live with an aunt during her “confinement”, then forced to give her baby up for adoption. Anna would be quite old now, and may be gone, but I would love find any information on her and any other children she may have later had. If this story sounds familiar to any Dawsons out there - please feel free to email me at

Cameron Dawson
Looking for Dawson family , I was born in New Zealand, Father was Brian Dawson, his father was Robert Dawson. I am lead to believe that the rest of the Dawson Family came from Ireland to New Zealand in the 1800's ,any info would be great

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