Last name: Day

This is a very interesting surname. Altough usually English, it has two possible origins. This first is as a derivative of the famous personal name "David", a popular given name throughout the British Isles during the Middle Ages. Derived from the Hebrew word meaning "beloved", it was one of a large group of similar biblical names introduced into Europe from the Holy Land by the famous crusaders of the 12th century. Its popularity was due in part to the fame of the king of Israel, and much later to its being the name of the patron saint of Wales. It was also the name of two kings of Scotland: These were David 1st, who reigned from 1124 - 1153, and David 11nd, 1329 - 1371. In England the personal name is recorded in 1150 in Lincolnshire as "Dauid clericus", and as "Davit" in 1278, in Cambridgeshire. The second possible origin for the modern surname spellings of Day, Daye, Dey, Deye, or the unusual D'Eye, is the Olde English pre 7th century personal name "Daei". This is from the word 'daeg', meaning 'day', and it may also be a short form of the compound personal names such as Daegberht and Daegmund, translating as "day-bright" and "day-protection". The early surname development includes: Aluric Dai of Berkshire in 1196, and Ralph Deie of Leicestershire in 1211. Other recordings include Arthur de Yes, recorded at the church of St Gregory's by St Pauls, London, on December 16th 1619, whilst Richard Day was an early emigrant to America, leaving London on the ship "Plaine Joan" in May 1635, bound for Virginia. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Godina Daia, which was dated 1095, in "Feudal Documents from the Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds", Suffolk. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Hello. My name is Sean Day from Lancashire, UK. My Great Grandfather was Richard Day who married Elizabeth Fargher on the Isle of Man. My Grandfather was George Stanley Day who married Jessie Quayle in Birkenhead, UK. They had 6 children: Edith Day, Phyllis Day (Later Lucas), William Day, Richard Day, Allan Arthur Day and lastly my father George Stanley Day. If anyone has any information, or is related please feel free to get in touch.

Kenn Day
My father was Woodford Day, from Magoffin County, Kentucky. His father was Thomas Jefferson Day and his grandfather was Jefferson Davis Day. The family myth is that we were from Ireland by way of Wales, but it is difficult to prove and the DNA evidence is inconclusive.

Jerry Day
From the east of Canada, Most of my family resides in Prince Edward Island. Uncommon last name around the area. Father is James Day, his Father is Bill Day. I have no doubt that we came from Wales or somewhere thereabouts. Hard to tell though.

Cameron Day
Guess What! im a Day too. I am Cameron Day (South Africa) son of Gary Day (South Africa) son of Brian Day (South Africa) son of Walter George Day b1906 d1968 (South Africa) son of Aubry/Aubrey Day b1878 England d 1940 South Africa - any information would be great appreciated. im stuck and this is as far as i can go, i cannot find my connection the Uk and am desperate to know. kind regards Cameron Day

Jaime Day
Hello fellow "Day's" , I am a daughter of George David Day Sr of PA, and grand-daughter of James Anthony Day Sr formerly of PA. Just searched the surname to find its orgination. Never knew it was an english name. The Day family is very private about its history and ancestory, if anyone knows or heard .

avery day
I'm Avery Day born in Texas

Teresa Day Wells
From Jackson, Mississippi. My father was Henry Howard Day.

ryan day
Hello im trying to locate my farther Terry Kenneth day if he's here

Julian Day
Hi Days! I'm from London, England & my father is David ;)

Nickolas Day
I'm Nickolas Day

Hi, I'm from Texas. The farthest I can go back is to William C. Day, Sr. from Virginia (1759-1830). I'm on too. My tree goes like this: William C. Day, Sr. (1759-1830) Virginia to North Carolina James Day (1781) North Carolina Warren Day (1812-1895) North Carolina to Mississippi James Lawrence Day (1851-1920) Mississippi to Texas William Washington Day (1873-1915) Mississippi to Texas Jean Levin Day, Sr. (1908-1969) Texas Jean Levin Day, Jr. (1943-2011) Any relatives from my tree?

Dennis Lloyd Day
Hi Days I'm Dennis Day first generation in America my father came here from England in the early 1900 he was 21 born in 1897 his father was with him and a brother. he told me that his father had 7 siblings that came over before him. they went into Canada first then to the US

Adreanna Day
am a day too. my father is Jack Day (Indiana) all I know is that I have a lot of family that I don't know and would like to . I have 15 siblings all to gather half I have not met. I don't not know my grandparents all are died. on my dad's side his mother is a full blood Cherokee Indian I have seem her photo. please if any knows anything please post it.

Justin Day
I am Justin Day, son of Glen Edward Day Jr. And its cool being a DAY!!!

Kenneth Day
Kenneth ?Day born in Hampton Va. 1946
Father Norman K.Day born Delta Co. 1917

June Day
Wow...its all so wonderfully overwhelming. I don't know family tree that well. But I know that I keep seeing the names, Frank, Edmond, Edmund, Minette, Melville, Grace, Sarah....and from Australia and Western Canada

Shawntavia Day
Hello. I am also a Day, obviously. My father's name was Michael L. Day. His father was Humphrey Day, Cherokee and Irish I'm told. His mother was Jennie French-Day, full blooded Blackfoot Native American. They were from Bell, Tennessee as far as I know. My grandparents had seventeen children together. I don't know that side of my family very well, but I am looking forward to meeting new family. I know the last name isn't very common, so if any of my information looks familiar to any of you, contact me. Thanks.

Sadie Day Pasha
My maiden name is Sadie DAY, I was born in 1952 in East Harlem, NY. My father was Daniel Day from Hampton, VA, his dad was Frank Wilson Day, and his dad was John W. Day, his dad was Wilson Day born 1838, All of my fatner's people were from James City County, Virginia. I could go on further, I'm a genealogist, but I won't. :)

Jackie day
Im from London,my dad was from hammersmith,west London...

Cathryn Day
From Victoria BC originally. Father was Robert George Day from Leyton, Essex. Emmigrated when he was 8 yrs old (1924). His siblings were Thomas, Edward, Frank, Reginald, Georgina, Gwendolyn, Corinne. Most settled in Alberta except for Frank in Ottawa. My Grandparents were Robert and Edith Emma Day. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. We have a pretty large extended family...tons of cousins etc. We have a site on where my sisters have done a fair amount of research into the family tree. It's tricky though when those who have the most information about the family history are already gone. Talk to your parents/uncles/grandparents etc, before all that wonderful information is gone!

zachary day
the last 2 generations of my family have been in alabama i do not know the for sure date my hertiage migrated to this area

JM Day
Zachary, are your from the Sand Mountain area? That's were mine came from. If so we may be related.

Sherrie Day Wood
I once had some genealogy info on my Day ancestor who came over as an Indentured Servant from Wales in about 1650. My Day ancestors worked in Munitions in the Revolution. William the Conqueror Tobacco Plantation belonged to my/your Day family. Does anyone have Colbert Day in their tree? I believe he was either my grandfather's grandfather or his g-grandfather. My grandfather James Loren Day was born in New Tazewell, Tennessee in 1903. He later moved to Texas during the Great Depression era. His father James Wylie Day & mother Catherine Widener-Day had already settled in Texas several years before in an area called "Greens Creek" in Erath county. ANYONE HAVE ANY INFO? T.I.A.

Anne Day O' Sullivan
From Cork City, Ireland. Father Richard, Uncles Jimmy UK, Jack, Leslie(UK), Bob, Aunts Maura and the last Aunt Elizabeth who is being laid to rest tomorrow at 91yrs RIP. grandfather Robert born 1885 Cork.

Steven day
Grandfather Ronald day from Liverpool
Family now living in northumberland

Ben Day

Hey just tryin to find some info on the origins of the old Days in rocko?

Nancy Anne Day

Looking for relatives of my paternal grandfather Stephen N. Day born March 16, 1867. He & his parents were born in NY, NY. Stephen may have had a sister, Emma. Believe Stephen moved from Queens, NY to Long Island, NY as a young man living in Hempstead, NY and finally Seaford, NY. Had one son, my father, William Allen Day, Sr. aka Allen Day & "Steve" Day.

brook day

Any days in north Alabama? I know my family came from the cullman area. I have names for some. I'd like to know more about my history

Martin Day

Just wanted to flag-up another potential route for the name DAY in the Engish language. Many French Huguenots (Protestants) fled to more welcoming countries including England and North America during their persecution by Rome in the late 17th/early 18th Centuries. There is a suggestion that some were from the d'Ay area of France's Champagne region and that the name was 'anglisised' from d'Ay to DAY.

Michelle Day
The Day last name symbolizes the unification of Asia and Europe and is spelled in English. The Originallast name was Asian and was SUN. After that was the last name SON. When we migrated to Europe it became many different names. Day is the one most commonly used in America. The last name SOON is used in Indonesia. All the names are from our family, but DAY is the International Melting Pot name. It symbolizes many things including Jesus' relation to Buddha. Many people with the DAY last name are bullied in America because of wars fought with Asia. I'm hoping that stops as time goes by. What's wrong with being Asian mixed? Day is an Imperial last name. There is an Imperial Royal Hoouse in every country of the World including France and Britain. Imperial Europeans help keep peace and what's so bad about that?

Amy Day
My great great grandfather is Randolph Collier Day from Letcher County, Kentucky. My Grandfather is Anthony Claiborne Day and my father is William Day, both from Letcher County, Kentucky.

Melroy Day
Hello i am Melroy Day From india ....having a surname like this in india is really funny because most people dont have it here and make fun of me due to my surname ...i did not track the history of my grandfather since he died before i was born so would like to know anyone who know a person Jo Day and lady Mary Day possibly from UK i suppose ...and also i would like to meet some Day and talk to them right now i live in Germnay and about to obtain PR for Germany ,,,thank you cheers

A connection between the days of new England around 1650 and the Day family of Trinity Bay nl Canada of 1750. More specifically john day of Trinity bay nl who died there on may 27, 1770.

Hi I'm Veronica Day from Maine

Jacqueline Day
Hi All, My name is Jacqueline Day born in Portland Oregon in 1965 and my father whom I have never met is John Clare Day. I have very little information on him. According to my documents he was born in Flint Michigan in 1932. He had a brother named James, mother's name was Margarit and according to documents I have his father's first name was Freedom. Interesting name and I wonder if it is real. Any one know any Day's from Michigan? Would love to be able to trace my father's family tree even though I am pretty sure he has passed on.

Jonathan Patrick Day
Father is Cecil Burke Day, Jr. Grandfather Cecil Burke Day. Great grandfather was Rev. Lon Day.

Mary Day
My name is Mary Day, born in Nova Scotia, Canada...I've seen a family tree once, would like to connect with other Day Family members

My father was HUGO Day and we are from TRINIDAD. He had 2 brothers LIONEL and WILLIAM and 3 sisters - NORA, ELSIE & IRIS. We know nothing more than this

Deb Raymond
Seeking verification of the parents of John Day (1760-1837) [DAR verified] married to Rebecca Daily Howe (1765-1856) Virginia. I believe the parents of John to be Joshua Day (1740-1785) and Lucy Ann Gibson (1739-1786) of Virginia, but can't find any probate, wills, or birth records. Any help greatly appreciated. If this is correct and can be verified, then Joshua's parents hopefully were John Palatiah Day (1720-1760) married to Mary Ann Travis (1722-1746) of Virginia. If so, I can trace Travis back to John Alden and get into the Pilgrim Society. PLEASE HELP! God Bless, Deb.

Steve Day
Hello all. My name is Stephen Day, Jr. son of Stephen C Day, Sr., grandson of James Hiram Day and great grandson of Stephen Day. My first born son is also named Stephen C Day III. Our Day family tree goes back many-many generations here in south western Pennsylvania. I have an Uncle David L. Day that is big into our family genealogy. I find it incredibly interesting what he is doing and wish I had time to help him more

Maria O'Connor
I had never realised how popular this last name was! This name isn't my own but is my mom's maiden name and comes from my Grand-father. I don't know much about his heritage, all that I have been told is that my mother is just about as English as they come...haha. Anyway, lovely knowing where my family roots come from. For those interested my grandfather lived in Birmingham in England where he had 3 children. All of whom are women who sadly are all married so there's no one to carry the name. It's a shame but nice to know there are people out there carrying on with the name!

Sterling O'Deaghaidh
Another origin states that day comming from tbe irish spelling "dea" derives from an old nickname for a wolf. Thus making dea mean wolf.

Bob O'Dea
Looking for William Day 1821

Bob O'Dea
Looking for information on William Day of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, born 1821

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