Last name: Day

This is a very interesting surname. Altough usually English, it has two possible origins. This first is as a derivative of the famous personal name "David", a popular given name throughout the British Isles during the Middle Ages. Derived from the Hebrew word meaning "beloved", it was one of a large group of similar biblical names introduced into Europe from the Holy Land by the famous crusaders of the 12th century. Its popularity was due in part to the fame of the king of Israel, and much later to its being the name of the patron saint of Wales. It was also the name of two kings of Scotland: These were David 1st, who reigned from 1124 - 1153, and David 11nd, 1329 - 1371. In England the personal name is recorded in 1150 in Lincolnshire as "Dauid clericus", and as "Davit" in 1278, in Cambridgeshire. The second possible origin for the modern surname spellings of Day, Daye, Dey, Deye, or the unusual D'Eye, is the Olde English pre 7th century personal name "Daei". This is from the word 'daeg', meaning 'day', and it may also be a short form of the compound personal names such as Daegberht and Daegmund, translating as "day-bright" and "day-protection". The early surname development includes: Aluric Dai of Berkshire in 1196, and Ralph Deie of Leicestershire in 1211. Other recordings include Arthur de Yes, recorded at the church of St Gregory's by St Pauls, London, on December 16th 1619, whilst Richard Day was an early emigrant to America, leaving London on the ship "Plaine Joan" in May 1635, bound for Virginia. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Godina Daia, which was dated 1095, in "Feudal Documents from the Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds", Suffolk. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Martin Day

Just wanted to flag-up another potential route for the name DAY in the Engish language. Many French Huguenots (Protestants) fled to more welcoming countries including England and North America during their persecution by Rome in the late 17th/early 18th Centuries. There is a suggestion that some were from the d'Ay area of France's Champagne region and that the name was 'anglisised' from d'Ay to DAY.

brook day

Any days in north Alabama? I know my family came from the cullman area. I have names for some. I'd like to know more about my history

shayla days

If you look up sherron days on Facebook, her family is from Alabama

Nancy Anne Day

Looking for relatives of my paternal grandfather Stephen N. Day born March 16, 1867. He & his parents were born in NY, NY. Stephen may have had a sister, Emma. Believe Stephen moved from Queens, NY to Long Island, NY as a young man living in Hempstead, NY and finally Seaford, NY. Had one son, my father, William Allen Day, Sr. aka Allen Day & "Steve" Day.


Any relation to a George E. Day., wife Edith (Williams) Day they have a daughter Albina (?sp) born 1848

Ben Day

Hey just tryin to find some info on the origins of the old Days in rocko?

Steven day
Grandfather Ronald day from Liverpool
Family now living in northumberland

Anne Day O' Sullivan
From Cork City, Ireland. Father Richard, Uncles Jimmy UK, Jack, Leslie(UK), Bob, Aunts Maura and the last Aunt Elizabeth who is being laid to rest tomorrow at 91yrs RIP. grandfather Robert born 1885 Cork.

Peter Day
Hi Anne, I'm a many generation Day from Australia, but I am told that we once came from Cork. I am trying to do more research from my end, but am wondering if there is a Day family crest from the Cork Days? Are there many Days in Cork?

Sherrie Day Wood
I once had some genealogy info on my Day ancestor who came over as an Indentured Servant from Wales in about 1650. My Day ancestors worked in Munitions in the Revolution. William the Conqueror Tobacco Plantation belonged to my/your Day family. Does anyone have Colbert Day in their tree? I believe he was either my grandfather's grandfather or his g-grandfather. My grandfather James Loren Day was born in New Tazewell, Tennessee in 1903. He later moved to Texas during the Great Depression era. His father James Wylie Day & mother Catherine Widener-Day had already settled in Texas several years before in an area called "Greens Creek" in Erath county. ANYONE HAVE ANY INFO? T.I.A.

Peggy Johnson

That would be Nicholas Day? b 1742 d 1815? Served under Lt. Edward Oldham?? In the Continental Army?? His father was John Day and mother was Isabella Blair? Check information at the Maryland State Archives, sorry I don't have the web address, just use a search. It has info. Colbert Day, Nicholas Day's son with 2nd wife Grace Angelly, was born in 1810 and died in 1894. has a lot of Nicholas Day information, and there were many Nicholas Days out there. I am looking for Rachel Day, who was born in 1817 and married Harris Stanley in North Carolina and then moved to Wisconsin during the Abolitionist Movement that was pre-Civil War, in the late 1840s and early 1850s. Let me know if you have any information on her, thanks.

JM Day
Zachary, are your from the Sand Mountain area? That's were mine came from. If so we may be related.

zachary day
the last 2 generations of my family have been in alabama i do not know the for sure date my hertiage migrated to this area

Joy Boothe

My great grandmother was Lena Bell Day died Jan 25, 1935. She had married Sam Boothe my great grandfather and was the mother of Julian Boothe, who was my grandfather. Lena Bell Day was possibly born in Barbour County Alabama. Looking for information about the Day Family in South Alabama

Cathryn Day
From Victoria BC originally. Father was Robert George Day from Leyton, Essex. Emmigrated when he was 8 yrs old (1924). His siblings were Thomas, Edward, Frank, Reginald, Georgina, Gwendolyn, Corinne. Most settled in Alberta except for Frank in Ottawa. My Grandparents were Robert and Edith Emma Day. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. We have a pretty large extended family...tons of cousins etc. We have a site on where my sisters have done a fair amount of research into the family tree. It's tricky though when those who have the most information about the family history are already gone. Talk to your parents/uncles/grandparents etc, before all that wonderful information is gone!

Cathryn Day (again)
I think I typed Victoria because I had just read Patrice's post! lol. I'm actually from Sidney, BC originally. Also forgot to mention my mum...Patricia Elaine Day (nee McPhie). Mum and Dad were married 55 years...until Dad passed.

Jackie day
Im from London,my dad was from hammersmith,west London...

Sadie Day Pasha
My maiden name is Sadie DAY, I was born in 1952 in East Harlem, NY. My father was Daniel Day from Hampton, VA, his dad was Frank Wilson Day, and his dad was John W. Day, his dad was Wilson Day born 1838, All of my fatner's people were from James City County, Virginia. I could go on further, I'm a genealogist, but I won't. :)

Shawntavia Day
Hello. I am also a Day, obviously. My father's name was Michael L. Day. His father was Humphrey Day, Cherokee and Irish I'm told. His mother was Jennie French-Day, full blooded Blackfoot Native American. They were from Bell, Tennessee as far as I know. My grandparents had seventeen children together. I don't know that side of my family very well, but I am looking forward to meeting new family. I know the last name isn't very common, so if any of my information looks familiar to any of you, contact me. Thanks.

June Day
Wow...its all so wonderfully overwhelming. I don't know family tree that well. But I know that I keep seeing the names, Frank, Edmond, Edmund, Minette, Melville, Grace, Sarah....and from Australia and Western Canada

Kenneth Day
Kenneth ?Day born in Hampton Va. 1946
Father Norman K.Day born Delta Co. 1917

Bonnie Day

My Father was also Kenneth Day, and my grandfather I believe, but my father was born in 1959

Justin Day
I am Justin Day, son of Glen Edward Day Jr. And its cool being a DAY!!!

Adreanna Day
am a day too. my father is Jack Day (Indiana) all I know is that I have a lot of family that I don't know and would like to . I have 15 siblings all to gather half I have not met. I don't not know my grandparents all are died. on my dad's side his mother is a full blood Cherokee Indian I have seem her photo. please if any knows anything please post it.

Dennis Lloyd Day
Hi Days I'm Dennis Day first generation in America my father came here from England in the early 1900 he was 21 born in 1897 his father was with him and a brother. he told me that his father had 7 siblings that came over before him. they went into Canada first then to the US

Where in UK do your people come please?? x

Karlos Day
I'm a Day also, as you see; my Day family came from Haiti in and collided witha mix of Cherokee, Creole and white..

Hi, I'm from Texas. The farthest I can go back is to William C. Day, Sr. from Virginia (1759-1830). I'm on too. My tree goes like this: William C. Day, Sr. (1759-1830) Virginia to North Carolina James Day (1781) North Carolina Warren Day (1812-1895) North Carolina to Mississippi James Lawrence Day (1851-1920) Mississippi to Texas William Washington Day (1873-1915) Mississippi to Texas Jean Levin Day, Sr. (1908-1969) Texas Jean Levin Day, Jr. (1943-2011) Any relatives from my tree?

glynda lane

Very likely we are from the same line of Days out of Isle of Wight, Va arriving from England in the med 1600's. possiblly your william c day is a son of John William Day b. 1735, d. 1795 in Martin Co., NC. Married to Mourning Humphreys b. 1730 in NC. I also live in Texas

Nickolas Day
I'm Nickolas Day

Julian Day
Hi Days! I'm from London, England & my father is David ;)

My Grandfather was born in London in 1918...then moved up North x

ryan day
Hello im trying to locate my farther Terry Kenneth day if he's here

Teresa Day Wells
From Jackson, Mississippi. My father was Henry Howard Day.

avery day
I'm Avery Day born in Texas

Jaime Day
Hello fellow "Day's" , I am a daughter of George David Day Sr of PA, and grand-daughter of James Anthony Day Sr formerly of PA. Just searched the surname to find its orgination. Never knew it was an english name. The Day family is very private about its history and ancestory, if anyone knows or heard .

mike day
Hi Jamie, my grand father was WILBER Day. I was always told I was pa. dutch on doing research I found my 4 times great grand father came from wales sometime before the revolution was wounded and given a farm in pa.he then bought a farm in Virginia sold it and migrated to Kentucky. my granddadmoved to Indiana the early part of 20 cent. I have more info if you like.

paul day
im from swansea valley in southwales uk but i now live in neath. my side of the family is from barnstable in devon the story i heard 3 brothers whose name was lock were brought up bye their aunty who was married to a bloke called day.they took is name.

Joshua Day
From Texas.. son of Danny, son of Marshall.. hello Days!

Cameron Day
Guess What! im a Day too. I am Cameron Day (South Africa) son of Gary Day (South Africa) son of Brian Day (South Africa) son of Walter George Day b1906 d1968 (South Africa) son of Aubry/Aubrey Day b1878 England d 1940 South Africa - any information would be great appreciated. im stuck and this is as far as i can go, i cannot find my connection the Uk and am desperate to know. kind regards Cameron Day

Jerry Day
From the east of Canada, Most of my family resides in Prince Edward Island. Uncommon last name around the area. Father is James Day, his Father is Bill Day. I have no doubt that we came from Wales or somewhere thereabouts. Hard to tell though.

Kenn Day
My father was Woodford Day, from Magoffin County, Kentucky. His father was Thomas Jefferson Day and his grandfather was Jefferson Davis Day. The family myth is that we were from Ireland by way of Wales, but it is difficult to prove and the DNA evidence is inconclusive.

Larry Day
My father was Elmer Day, from neighboring Knott County, Kentucky. He was the second oldest of thirteen children, twelve boys and one girl! He left home at the age of thirteen and moved to Lexington, KY where I was born in 1951. Today I live in Montana.

Levi Day
My great grandfathers name was Elmer Day one of my middle names was after him my other middle name is Olen maybe that was one of his brothers or father or uncle ether way Elmer lived his last years in Washington with a couple sons and daughters " my grandpa and great uncles and aunts" my grandpas name is Rodger John Day but he past away his sister still lives today her name is Twila she is married so her last name has changed I don't know of any of this information will help any one but that's what came to mind

pauline ann hodkin nee cooper
My grandad was a william day my mother rose ann day was the eldest daughter of 7 children i have litte memory of them they lived on the outskirts of sheffield south yorkshire

Taylor day
Hi I'm Taylor day from denver

Lonnette Christensen Wardle
Hi , My Ancestor was Anthony Day who came over from England , was the founding father of my Day line, Anthony Day -Susan Matchett- Gloucester , Mass John Joesph Day- Elizabeth Gooch Attleboro, Mass William Day- Jershua Day ( daughter of his cousin Samuel Day)she died Attlebro Mass, he died Danby Vermount . William Day, and Ann Nancy Manhand , Rutland Vermont, Leeds Canada William Day and Elizabeth (Betsy ) Johns , Vermont, Leeds Canada Hugh Day, Susannah Content Leeds Canda, Salt Lake City Utah Laraonzo Day, - Elizabeth Jane Russell Salt Lake City , Utah Etta Day - Heber Eugene Ridd Salt Lake City , Floretta Ridd - Rulon C. Christensen Salt Lake City Utah Lonnette - me

patrice day
I am patrice day I am from Victoria British Columbia Canada my dad is John Alan Day and he was born here as well My Grandfather was John Day and he came from england when he was 5 with his family, a week after the titanic sailed (lucky about that) he worked for the Sunbeam company.

I am Tom Day from Dry Ridge, father is Robert Day also from Dry Ridge, sadly he never meet his father also Robert...

Kari Day
My grandparents are George and Mary Day from Montana and I am in Oregon :)

Hello. My name is Sean Day from Lancashire, UK. My Great Grandfather was Richard Day who married Elizabeth Fargher on the Isle of Man. My Grandfather was George Stanley Day who married Jessie Quayle in Birkenhead, UK. They had 6 children: Edith Day, Phyllis Day (Later Lucas), William Day, Richard Day, Allan Arthur Day and lastly my father George Stanley Day. If anyone has any information, or is related please feel free to get in touch.

A day from las Vegas my dad is john day from lllonios and my grandpa is Lloyd day and the name goes back really far. I love being a day! My family is supposted to go the Mayflower

J Day
Mine too and I recently moved to Las Vegas

Anne nee Day
The surname originates from Somerset. Many of the Day's moved to the Swansea area of Wales in the early 1800's. The majority of Day's came from Worle, Somerset.

Peter James John Day
Hello fellow Days, my name is Peter and I'm another Day from Islington North London! Born in Barts in 68. I'm amazed how many of you share Arthur as a family name, we too have Arthur through our history . I always thought our surname came from Kent and was a derivative of dairy shortened to Day. Apparently our name was mentioned in the Doomsday Book so we go back a fair way in British history!!!

Jane Scales
I wonder if we are related as my paternal great grandfather was Arhur Henry Day who unforuntately was killed in a road accident and his brother Leonard Edward Day married Arthur's surviving widow, Alice Annie Day nee Rose. Leonard served in WW1 and was killed. I have family tree information that my Day family originated from Norfolk/Suffolk and I expect they migrated from the countryside to London during the agricultural revolution to seek work. Are there many Days in the Islington area these days?

Jill Simmons
my family are Days from Poplar London UK.Parents Sarah and Thomas 1845, children were Grace Day emigrated with son Terence Day to Australia. Sisters Ada(child Iris) and Alice remained here.Brothers were Harry William,Thomas, Margaret and David.

Pandit A.K. BeheraDey.
There are two types Day in India one who use Dey/Day/de/Dev are from original Indian Brahmin Community and the word is derived from Deyulia( Devalaka) Pandits who provide their service in shrines(especially in temples)and in homes on special occasions like marriage ,death,birth etc and the other one who came from Corofin, County Clare , Monster Province,Ireland (UK) are living in Kolkata(Culcutta -old name) that was the capital of British-India before 1912.The Irish use only Dey/Day/De while the indians use Dey/Day/De/Dev/ De julia/Deyulia and claim themselves Saraswat Brahmin behind the name of Saraswati river that was flowed in northern India a long time ago and disappeared suddenly during God Parsuram.

Larry Day
Larry (Ronnie) Day Jr.: SyderStone England. English Surname was "Edge" though My grandmother was June Edge. I am Living in Gulf Breeze, FL. USA Dad "Larry Day" is in San Diego, CA. USA

JC Day
Hi, my name is JC Day and my familly is in Indiana. There's a ton of us here and I know I have alot of relatives in Mississippi and Louisiana. Man, I knew our family was big, but knowing all you are Days too is mind blowing.

My great grandfather is Wesley W. Day from Shelby county Indiana. He was in Company F of the 70th Indiana during the civil war. I was born in New Orleans. My grandfather is Frank Ellsworth Day Sr. My father is Frank Ellsworth Day Jr. My ancestry can be traced back to Nicholas Day Sr. from Wales England.

Chris Day
Hello, My name is Chris Day and my father is Robert W Day of Seattle, his father was Raymond Albert Day of Framingham,MA, his father was Harris Leonard Day(who died young) I am having a hard time going further than that and was hoping someone might know the generations further back, I do do but want to make sure, I think the next is George from Ireland,

S. Day
I have a lot of Day family in Boston. Email me.

Christine Day
Hello Chris Day My father is Richard William Day from Minnesota I love your name...

Jane Scales
My maiden name is Jane Day. I have recently lost my father, Edward Ernest Day who hailed from Highbury, Islington, N London. His father was Ernest Harry Day who married Winifred Emily Eldon in 1918 at St Peters Church, Islington and her family home was 43 Colebrook Row, Islington. Are there any Days or Eldons out there that could be related to me?

Daye Changed From Day, My Day line Comes From Jamaica From Standford H Day I have a family Tree on Ancestry .com I Have Knowledge of some Family in NC Detroit and my grandfather lives in Fl I have not contacted no Family in Nc Because my grandfather can barley see i really don't like pestering him to read phone numbers. look at my tree or contact me on ancestry.

Rachel day
From australia

do you know your ancestors name that took your family to Australia? My ancestor that moved to america had a brother that moved to australia in the mid 1800's and i have even acquired some old photos of some of them

Rachel day
I'm a day :) from my dads side they all stil have the last name day

stephen day
hi all i had a uncle jim and his children jimmy and carol who lived in colchester my dad reg and his brother jim were from enfeild in london,,,sure is a good surname

Anus Day Jr.
i no think i related to this of the day family of all of you I live in hio and my name funny when i say it it not my real name but i homeless now and the people help me to wrote this say it mite help find mama or pappy the names are ednut and anus Day thankyou i am at times place home the home when it snow and ice it remind me of the home the lady at the home sayd i need to stay at the home, My name is Rhonda , I am a caregiver for Mr. Day, he has been in our care for 23 years he still believes he is 9 years old, he used a voice recognition program to make his very first computer entry, he cusses like a sailor so I did edit some of that out. His name is really Anus Day Jr. and his mother is Ednut, they are from the hills in North Carolina and he likes to go by Ron-o, as he found out what his name meant and wasn't very please , so we call him that. He was sent to us here in Ohio, which he always says Why-o Why-o why-o , Ron-o in hio. It is almost like code but we are happy to have hime with us. Due to privacy I cannot say what institution he resides. But if anyone would happen to know his parents Anus or Ednut Day please ask them to contact us, as they have not been to see him in some time..thank you

Tyler Day
I wish I knew which it was- from David, patron Saint of Wales or from the word meaning day. If it's from the former, I kind of want to change my name. I don't like how a Middle Eastern religion overtook all of Western culture. I wish the old Norse religions were still dominating in the North.

russ chandler
Hi all im trying to find some info on the Days family. My grandma was Lily Day she married John Robertson, her farther was Arthur Day and he married Agnes King, they had other children called, Arthur Edward (died on siamese railway) Stan (married Joan Kale) john (married dorothy Gates) Violet (married John Jenkins) Margaret (Married Vittorio Massocchi) Many thanks

Mariclaire Further to my post yesterday I now have the above Family Tree of all my Grand-father's siblings and parents. My Great-Granfather Henry Day and twomembers of the Day family died in WW1, Henry Day and his brother Jessie Day. They are all buried at Coln St Dennis, Glos. See link to church and WW1 details in link below. It was my Father's Aunt Lou who went to America and made her money in oil. Hope this helps:)

Hi All, My father (Norman Frederick Day) was born in Cirencester, Glos, UK, on the 8th Oct, 1945. His father was called Frederick George Day and was born in Gloustershire in 1913, on Nov 30th. I believe he had quite a few brothers and one sister who went to America and was involved in some of the first oil exporation, (Jessie Day b1856)? I was told my Grandfather had at least one brother who died in WW2 however when looking at some records my Uncle's wife (my father still has three living brothers and one sister living in and around Cirencester, UK) I have the name Henry Day, b1879 d1918 so I am guessing this brother died in WW1. My father left home at 16 and does not keep in contact with any of his family he has lived in Scotland for over 40 years. He is vague about his family but I do know my Grandfather had quite a few living siblings one was called Hubert he lived in Gloustershire and died in the 1980's I believe. Does anybody recognise any of these names? Kind regards, Mariclaire Elder

Adam Day
Adam Day here from London, Father is Paul Day. Raised in Cirencester. He moved to London after joining the French foreign legion. Met my mother Antoinette Coyle and had me, my older brother Paul-John Day and youngest Kimberley Roberta Day. German descent with the name Nordoff. This was a family member looking for my father.

Mariclaire Elder
Hi Adam, Is your father still alive? If he is what age would he be? My dad was also a military man and he told me that his family were also in the military. My dad is 69 and was born in Cirencester as were loads of his family so it is probable that we may be realted in some way. From doing more digging it seems that quite a few of my dad's relatives died in WW2. In fact a few of them are burried at a Saxon chapel in Glos.

Julie Higgins
I am seeking information on Isabella Day of County Cork who was born in about 1754 and married Harmer Bond in Cloyne, Ireland in 1774. Any information gratefully received.

Patricia Reyolds MacRae
Hi, All, My maternal grandfather was George Ernest Day, son of Wesley Day (1861-1926) and Delilah Francis Mae Fudge (1856-?) His brothers were Caleb Maderson, Samuel and Arthur H.; one sister, Annie. They lived in Kentucky. I would love to "bust through" to another generation. I have no idea if Wesley's family was from England, Ireland, or Scotland. But I did visit Dysert O'Dea in County Clare, Ireland, hoping to find "roots". By the way, my great uncle Caleb (1888-1970) had sons named John H., Tom, Frank, Caleb, and daughters Anna Lisa, Martha, and Mary Francis. It was great reading all of your info and backgrounds. We are a mixed bunch!

Larry Day
My father was Elmer Day, born in Knott County, KY around 1929. I have lived in Montana for the past 25 years.

Bradley Day
My mother is Holi Day and my Father was Sonny Day. I recently got married to my wife Autumn Day on a Saturday and it was a very hot Day. It was a cloudy day though but my father Sonny Day brighthened things up. After that my mother Holi Day decided to go on holiday. I have also discovered that my wife Autumn cheated on me on a hot summers day. I hope you all have a good DAY :-) Regards Bradley Day

Joni S.
Sounds like a Day to remember! :o)

haha my name is Mistee Dawn Day

Todd A. Day
I am Todd Day from Indianapolis In, My Day family comes from Ohio. Not to sure where it came from before then.

Allyson Day
Hi, My name is Allyson Day, I am from Swansea, Wales, U.K. The prolific male family christian names in our family are: Ronald, Thomas, Robert and John (in various combinations of Ronnie, Tommy and Bob) with nicknames such as 'Spud' lol. However, there were two families in our town with the surname Day that appear to be unconnected. My understanding is that the Day's had always lived in Swansea though we have connections with Cornwall through my grandmother. I now live in Canada but was brought up in our home town through till my mid thirties. My great grandparents were 'bookies' at a time when making bets was illegal and used their sons as 'runners' for them. All interesting stuff.

Joni S.
Mine made "moonshine"....LOL

Ally Day
That's funny, an irreputable lot eh? lol

Tim Day
Joni, mine did too...My Grandpa (Roy L. Day 1907-1980) and his brothers Art, Ed (Henry) and Bob all did...They were all buddies with NASCAR owner/driver Junior Johnson as they all ran shine togeter...My family would go to KY, and bring it back to Central Illinois...mainly Springfield

I live in Kennington South East London. When we moved to our present house we found a bookies runners board with the name Day Bros on the top. Could this have belonged to your family?

Roni Kincaid
I have heard of the Pirate story in our line as well as a supreme court justice (prior to Sandra Day O'Conner) Again,. three brothers on some delayed crossing around mid 1600's. Dayton , Ohio named after one branch who inhabited Ohio valley and Michigan (my group)

Joni S.
I am a descendent of the following: William Day Sr Birth 1770 Letcombe Regis, Berkshire, , England Death 1840 Virginia Spouse Elizabeth (Nelly) Corder (-) Married 1785 Children Joseph L Thomas Vinnie William Jacob John Michael (1841-) Their son, William Day, married Elizabeth Frye. They had a son, Clinton Day, (1828-1897), who married Catherine Rudder. He was a Union spy during the Civil War. Captured, he survived as a prisoner of war in Andersonville. Their son, Thomas Bedford Day married Virginia Jennifer House (she was the first of his three wives, and died in childbirth. They were the parents of my grandmother, Mary Jane Day. This branch of the Day Family settled mainly in Kentucky and Tennessee, later branching out to Nebraska and Iowa by way of Oklahoma, and ending up in California. I hope this bit of information will help anyone else trying to determine their family roots.

Josh from TN
Im a Holman but my fathers grandmothers madien name was Day. Her father was a full blooded Cherokee. I still live in TN and from what ive gathered from older family members, A few of the Days still do too. I wish i knew more about my Cherokee roots. But both the Days and Holmans originated from the hills of TN and Ky. I like to know if u found any information regarding to native American roots in your family or maybe its just what to do coincidence

S Day
I also have Cherokee Day family from Bells, TN.

James Darrell Day
. JOHN DAY was born Abt. 1725 in VA?, and died Bet. 1766 -1768. He Married BETHLEHEM BOWLING February 21, 1747/48 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA. She was born Abt. 1725 in VA? My GreatGGG Grand father was John Day born in VA, that is as far back as I can trace my Day ancester. Overwhaton Parish where he and Bethlehem Bowlingmwere married in in King George County at the time of their marriage,

helen day
hi my dad was walter day his dad was charles robert day i know in the past our days come from bedfordshire im stuck on the family tree though ,charles my grandad born in derby,my great grandad joseph then robert born in 1784 then thomas1754,robert 1724 after that it sais oliver day and his son oliver 1660 i cant finde any records of thes at all,but the trail leads to yorkshire then wails its doing my head in Help please.

Roni Day kincaid
@joni Thanks for that!!! There still are some Days in Gardnerville Minden. Are you related. Last time I spoke to them was about 1993ish and we thought we were all related.

Joni S.
Here's some info about George Day, Bridgeport, CA. The link at the bottom will give more information. Also, there's a town named John Day, Oregon, who my grandmother said we were related to somehow, but little is known about him. "The first white men to settle Big Meadows in 1859-1860 were brothers William T. and G. A. Whitney, on what later became the Upper Day Ranch on the west side of the Valley. Other early settlers included George Byron "By" Day, who brought the first wagons up the West Walker River into Bridgeport, when there was only an Indian trail through the canyon. Day was one of the first white men to spend a winter in the valley and legend has it that his horses survived the winter by eating tree bark."

Roni (daughter of Eugene) Day
Ok, 3 Day brothers (this according to a family Bible that went West coming over in 1500-early 1600's One settled in Ohio/Michigan (Charles my Granddad was from that group) There is a "Day" museum in Bridgeport, Calif. That Day was the first white man to spend the winter in that freakin' cold place. We spoke to nearby Days in Minden or Gardnerville back in the 90's and Charles and Eugene were family names out there's a connection. Anyone in possession of the Day Bible???

Max Day
My Great Great Grandfather's name was Samuel Day he was born in Compton UK 1818. His wife whose name was Harriet Moon was also born there. Anybody got any ideas of whom or what institution I should contact to try to find them? Just to muddy the water, I have found there are 5 Comptons in the UK. HELP!!

Mary-June Day
I am Mary-June "M-J" Day. I am 70 years old and born and raised in Hartford, CT. My mother was a Burke. My father, Ed Day, was a Hartford police officer. The Burke/Day family is scattered and I do not know what happened to most of my relatives. If anyone has any info, please get in touch.

June Day
Hi Mary June sister is Marilyn after my grandmother Mary (on my moms side) and wow..or dads name was Ed. My great grandfather was Ed. Edmond Minnette Day

june day
you can find me on face book

Kenneth Day
HI there Days! I'm in Colorado looking for info on the line of Nicholas Day who came from Wales to Maryland in the 1600's. Cheers!

Sara Day
Im also a day obviously lol. i live in ontario canada. my dad moved with his family from Scotland when he was 8 and has lived here since. i know we have family still over there and some of my aunts are still in contact with them. but its so interesting to see so many people with the same last name all over the place. my grandpa used to say he was from scotland but my dad says they lived in a town that was on the border of scotland and england.

Robyn Edmonds
Funny but a great idea Danielle are you organizing it?

Danielle Day
We should all get together for a family reuion lol!

Billy Day
Danielle: There is already a national Day Reunion every August in Montgomery, Alabama . There was a lady name Earlene Hughes that headed that up, but I have not heard of her in at least 5-6 years. It would be interesting to check this out.

S Day
I agree. My grandparents had 17 children together. So, my family is huge. I don't know a lot of them.

glynda lane

I attended that "Day"reunion about 8 years ago. It was in Selma, Dallas County, Alabama. The Days who originally migrated from England to Isle of Wight, VA-- on to Edgefield Co., SC (as early as 1600) settled in Alabama, Louisana & Texas. These Days are predominately descended from Henry Day, Sr (b. 1685) & Mary Walton Day- Bertie Co., NC. The core Alabama group are direct descendants of Henry & Mary's son John R. Day-his son William I. Day, Sr.(b. 1754 Fort Moore, Ninety-Six Dist, Edgefield, SC- below Edgefield & near Augusta, GA.& d. 17 Mar 1836, buried Originally- Old Town Bapt Ch Cem ; moved to Sister Springs Bapt. Church, near Tyler, E. of Selma, AL). The reunion was held at the church where there is a cemetery with an engraved memorial to William Day & his children. I am descended from Peter Day, younger brother of William. He did not leave Edgefield Co., SC, but his son did- traveling with his uncle and extended family to Alabama and the on through Louisana where some of them stopped and then on to Texas- Simon Day my gg grandfather settled in Cherokee Co., TX before 1850. I believe there were representatives from other Day lines there as well. I remember some from Pennsylvania.

Robyn Edmonds
My names was Robyn Day. My dad came out to New Zealand when 16yrs from Plymouth, England. He had three sisters who married and had no children. My grandfather was Richard and I'm not sure if he lived in Plymouth or Hastings, England. I think his mother may have been a Carey. Would love to find family.

Alan Day
I'm Alan Day from Kenton/Kingsbury NW London but now living in Buckingham, Bucks, UK. Hi to everyone! My sister is Christina and my cousin was Wendy Day but she's just married. Me and my sis are the only two left of our branch! Me and my wife are trying to rectify that!lol!

SuzanneSuzanne day
I am Suzanne Margaret Day from Australia. My dad is Gary Donald Day and my grandfather Donald Day.

do you know when your family moved to Australia and what your first ancestor's name was?

chris day
hello chris day jr. from ohio, always wanted a lil family history anybody have any FREE ancestory websites???

Roni K
Chris, my dad and grandfather (Eugene and Charles) always said the town of Dayton was named from our side of the 3 brothers who came in the 1600's. E and C lived in Michigan.

Beth Day Jordan
Chris, try

Hi Guys, Day is also an anglicised version of the Irish Gaelic name O'Dea, and O'Deaghaidh. When the British colonised Ireland they found it near impossible to work and administer for our Gaelic names, so not only was the languaged outlawed, so too were Gaelic surnames, hence so many name changes. Murphy a name you will all know is actually O'Murchu, Kelly is O'Ceallaigh, Kennedy is O'Cinneide, and so on. This could help steer some people in another angle.

Christina Day
Hi my name is Christina Day and I am trying to find information on my grandfather's side of my family. His name was Stanley Day and he was from Maine. His father's name was Robert Day and his mom was Evelyn. He also had a brother named Neil. My grandfather died in Oklahoma in 1995. He also had half brothers and a sister. There names are Blaisdell. I believe they were in Maine or Nh. I currently live in Mass.

Amy Day
My father's name is William Day and his father name is Anthony Claiborne Day. All of father's family originated from Whitesburg, Kentucky! I changed my name while I was married for a year and then danged it back to Day! Proud to be a Day!

Jennifer Day
I did the same thing too! Very proud of my Day name. Cheers!

Matthew Day
I am a Day from Bay City, Michigan. I have been trying to get info to trace my family tree but it is difficult with such a used last name. Any information please share.

Have only really just started looking. My grandparents must have moved in the 80's, I was born in 74 and only remember visiting them in the london home a few times. My grandad died a few years after moving there. My nan remained living in colchester along with her sister Eva....who lived with her and my grandad throughout their married life. I'm unsure if my Uncle Barry is alive...he would be approaching 70 I believe. His wife, Barbara died in the early 90's if I remember rightly

michelle day
Michelle day, my father is Michael day, his brother was Barry day and my grandfather was called Charles, my grandmother was florence. Originally my grandparents were from the dalston area, then they moved to Colchester and spent their last days there. My uncle followed, with his wife Barbara and their sons David and Alan. As far as I'm aware the only ones still living from the Colchester area are the sons, my cousins Alan and David

Steve Day
Interesting Michelle. Do you know why your grandparents moved to Colchester ? Have you managed to go any further back with your family history ?

Selina Day
Hi! I'm a Day too, my family came from the UK over France to Basel, Switzerland a long time ago. We now live in the greater area of Zurich, Switzerland.

Felicia Day
I'm licia day from Australia. My family hailed from the UK.

Adam Day
^ I'm quite saddened by the fact my family were looking for us on genes reunited but I was obviously too young at the time to check it. Here is what was post, I remember the day descibed so vividly :( Read more:

Adam Day
Adam Day here from London, Father is Paul Day. Originally from Liverpool but raised in Swindon, I believe. He moved to London after joining the French foreign legion. Met my mother Antoinette Coyle and had me, my older brother Paul-John Day and youngest Kimberley Roberta Day. German descent with the name Nordoff (spelling may be wrong). Told they lived on Breck Road, near Stanley park.

Ryan Day
Hello Everyone my name is Ryan Day i am from a small town in northern New York in St Lawrence County i have 7 generations of info and trying desperatly to go to the 8th what i have is Benjamin Day born May 27, 1787 in Swanzey NH and he married Elima Fuller born March 28th 1792 in Schenectady NY they had 7 children Alzina 4/26/1816 , Erastus Chauncey 12/17/1818, William Henry 1/18/1821, Lauren 12/23/1823, Theodocia 3/26/1826, Charles Elimis 4/20/1831, John Benjamin 10/15/1833 if any one has any additional information i would love to share what i have Thanks Again

I'm a Reginald Day. Grandfather also Reginald Day. He was born in Franklin county Alabama. He father was a baptist preacher who left and never was heard from. Jess day half brother Curtis Day. Need help!!!

Orville Day
That is very interesting Tim ,we just might be ,What did you hear about the connection with Captain Kidd ?

Tim Day
Hi Orville...Well to be honest I am not certain how the story goes, my dads memory of it has faded some, he is 78 and battling cancer, but I sent a letter to his brother So maybe he can tell me more, but I do remember bragging about that, and the fact that on my mothers side I was related to Vachel Lindsay, which in Springfield IL. is kind of a celeb of sorts...Not sure if my classmates believed me, but I'm glad that you have also confirmed this for me...I mean really what are the chance of 2 people with the same last name, having never met before hearing of the same family story...and Capt. Kidd to boot, not like he would be a common subject like coming over on the Mayflower or something..My email is please stay in touch....Tim Day

Rev. William F. Day
Hi! Bill Day again. My mistake. My Father's Mom's name was Florence Walker, NOT Rose. Rose may have been her middle name. Thanks, Fr. Bill

Rev. William F. Day
Hi! I'm William Frederick Day. Father was James Charles Day, mother Elizabeth Sarah Ward. We were all born in South Philadelphia(Philly). We lived on 2nd Street, near Mifflin, Moyamennsing Ave., and Segal Street. My father's parents were James Charles (Zigler) Day and Rose Walker. They also, I believe were born in Phila. Dad had two brothers--Freddy(Frederick) and Chalres(Charlie). My Mom's parents were William Henry Ward and Amanda M. Ward nee Bivens(Bivians). Never asked any questions about my grandfather's family, so don't know his parents. Grandmother's parents were John H. Bivens(Bivians) and Sarah(Sally)Bivens(Bivians). No mother's name known. My dad, Jimmy, died at the V.A. Hospital in Philly around 1982. I am the last of my Day family on my Mom's side. If you have info please contact me. Like many, I never asked questions about family heritage. It is painful at times not to know where you came from. I am currently a retiredCatholic Priest since 1986. Dad and his brothers played in the Ferko and Durning String bands in South Philly. If any of Dad's relatives read this, please contact me. billday@frontiernet,net Thanks. God Bless!

melroy day
same here....n hope that the DAY surname reaches at every corner of the world....!!!!

melroy day
Lisa terry(nee day) thank you for giving me a information abt my family but i m sure than my grandfather was from WALES...if not from WALES then PORTUGAL i guess...coz i have sum documents of him written in portuguesse n another in english... i dont know which 1 of them is right but my dad always keeps on saying that we are from WALES..anyways thanks for sharing information with me...and if you find anymore information then plz let me know...

Lisa Terry
With pleasure Melroy, it would be nice to have family in Mumbai. Love from Wales xx

melroy day
hi...even m a name is Melroy day...i m 17 years old and my father's name is Keith Day..and my grandfather's name was joe Day.i m from mumbai grandfather moved here from WALES...its good to see so many people of the surname DAY...i guess we have the most rare surname and the best i guess were the lucky want to track my ancestors does any 1 hav any information then plz let me know...

Lisa Terry
I am in Wales, Melroy, and have traced the Days back, as yet I don't see Joe Day but if you have any further information, perhaps I can find a conection. Lisa Terry (Nee Day)

A.K. Behera Day.
Madam, There are many Day/Dey peoples in Kolcutta(Calcutta) India.Thanks

Tim Day
I am Tim Day...From Springfield IL......My father is Donald (Hoot) Day ,his father was Roy L. Day from Riddle Hill,IL......on my mothers side her maiden name was Cave ....Born to Clde and Dena (Eason) Cave in Pawnee,IL...and that side of the family are 1st cousins with the famous poet Vachel Lindsay

Bradley Day
I am Bradley Day from South Africa....the best I can figure is my ancestors moved here in the 1800's

Orville Day
I am from Jamaica ,the Day family is quiet a small family here. We are multi racial but my grand father was Mixed race ,afro and anglo ,and I can trace our name all the way back to the 1840s and possible beyond. My understanding is we are from a line that has been traced back to LIverpool.And one of my ancestors were part of the in famous Captain Kidds crew of pirates.

Valerie Day
I am from a Day family from Jamaica (in Jackson, St Mary). Many of the familly live in the UK now. My father is named Lloyd Day, his father: Bernard Day and his grandfather named John Day and his greatgrandfather Sonmy Day.

Irene Sambrook
I am tracing the Day family as My Great grandparents lived in St Georges in the East. Docks of London. Richard Day decended from William also Born in Ratcliff and his father John Came over from Ireland Kerry who was a coal whipper. Propbably the time of the potato Famine. Any Day's in Kerry who can help?

Irene Sambrook
I am tracing the Day family as My Great grandparents lived in St Georges in the East. Docks of London. Richard Day decended from William also Born in Ratcliff and his father John Came over from Ireland Kerry who was a coal whipper. Propbably the time of the potato Famine. Any Day's in Kerry who can help?

Paisley Day
My surname is Day:) .. From Canada !

I am a Day from Ridgeway South Carolina.. does anyone have any information about that? Additionally, the other side is Watkins.. all of which are hard to trace. Thanks in advance

Maurice a. day
my grandfather is melvin day and married catherine watkins but i think they moved here to olympia washington from springfeild missouri

Lisa Terry
I am in South Wales G.B. My Dad is a Day, and I have traced us back to 1732 in Sommerset, England to a John Day.

My great grandfather Thomas Griffith Day Moved from the borders of Wales to Mitcham, Surrey. He was a vet to racehorses. I understand he had some relationship to the forebears of the jockey Lester Piggott and to a John Day of Somerset

i have a john day in my tree that had a father named george and he named one of his sons george from sommerset

Day myself. Hard to trace it. The name is in Kentucky four generations ago but it's hard to find out the parentage and such, although my great grandfather once said "we're Irish". There's an Irish group of people called the O'Dea clan from County Clare, and over time O'Dea got changed to O'Day, Dea, Dey, and Day for their descendants.

Amy Day
What part of Kentucky? My father's family settled in Eastern Kentucky... Whitesburg... for many many years!!

Beth Day Jordan
I haven't been able to make much progress on the Day line with my genealogy because James Nelson had Jacob Neal who had James Nelson ad infinitum but from what my Dad told me (James Nelson) if your last name is Day in the US you're related somehow. There were two brothers who came over and proceeded to be prolific. :)

Elaine Warne
Elaine Day Looking for family members from Harleston Norfolk. Grandfathers name was Rupert Fredrick Day moved to Devon in 1930 s His father might have been a Fred Day who had a fish and chip shop in Harleston during the war. Can anybody help

Alex Day
Day from North East Lincolnshire here.

Chantal Day
Hi, I also have the4 surname Day, but is in South Africa and dont know much about my grandparents. I only know that my father is from South Africa as Johann Adriaan Day. Does any one know more about our origin and how we ended up in SA?

A.K. Behera Day.
Dear, You may be from India Kolcutta or UK Ireland.

Seeing all the comments, I should mention my grandmother was Mary Jane Day, daughter of Thomas Bedford Day, son of Clinton Day. The first Day we have been able to trace in America was William Day, who came across on the Endeavor from England.

Donna Day
Well, my name is Donna Day too! I'm from Canada, but my family immigrated here from England around 1908. We were originally from Gloucestershire, England.

Donna Day Topar
My father was Robert Noel Day [1905-1987] from Carbondale,PA. His father(or adoptive father I am not sure) was Adelbert Day who died around 1912 or1913. My father told me many times about a Day family Bible that had the geneology of several generations of Days. My grandfather died and the Bible was taken by my fathers half brother who was not a Day.

Donna Watkins
I am Donna Day ( now Watkins) my father was Orlan Day we were both born in California. My dad was an only child, he did have a son Randy Day still living in California. Daughter Karen Sutton

roni kincaid
Donna, see below - Bridgeport, CA connection. Mono County seat. Gardnerville and Minden are on the Nevada side, but nearby...from gold rush days