Last name: Dunlap

This is a famous Scottish surname, which derives from a place near Cunningham, in Ayrshire. The original meaning was the fort (dun) at a muddy place (Lapach) from the olde pre 10th century gaelic, however it could not have been so unpleasant a spot as the original family have remained in the district since the 13th century. The name was pronounced locally as Dulap or Delap, and occasionally spelt that way as well, an example being Neel Fitz Robert de Dullope in 1296, in fact this record is a confusion of spellings in many ways. It translates as Neil, the son of (Fitz) Robert of Dunlop, who in that year rendered homage to the Scottish revolutionary government. Later in the same year he is recorded as Nel de Dunlopp, when he appeared as a witness on an inquest into the ownership of lands in Berwick. He was probably the original holder of the ancient coat of arms granted to Dunlop c1300 a.d. this being a red two headed eagle displayed, on a (silver) white field. The name is today very popular in the America and Canada, although the spelling form has almost reverted to the original dialectal of the middle ages being found usually as Dalape, Dunlap or Dunlape. Early examples of the recordings include Constantine Dunlop of that Ilk in the Buccleuch Manuscripts of 1496, and William Dunlop the Elder, who it is recorded having emigrated to California in 1680, before returning to Scotland to become Principal of Glasgow University in 1690. He died in 1700 at the age of only fifty one. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Dom Gullelmus de Dunlop, which was dated 1260, a charter witness at the town of Irvine, Scotland, during the reign of King Alexander 111 of Scotland 1249 - 1286. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Jake Miller
My mom is a Dunlap. These Dunlaps landed in Georgia as far as I know.

Michelle Dunlap
My father is a Dunlap. He and most of his family were/are in Pennsylvania. Having a hard time tracing his line back because there appear to be quite a few branches of the Dunlap's in the area.

Luann Dunlap
My dad's family are Dunlaps, most from from the South, Alabama, Tennessee and later Texas.

Milton Ray Dunlap
As far as I can trace my family came from Kentucky, Tennesse and then Texas. Allen Dunlap lived in Kentucky and Tennesse,but was born in 1799 in either North Carolina or Virginia. Would appreciate any family contact or guidence

I am a Dunlap from West Virginia and like Michelle said its difficult to find anything due to there being so many scattered families that share the name.

Kelly dunlap

I am a dunlap from North Carolina. And often my last name gets pronounced Dunlop quite often.

Emily Burns Dunlap

I married into the Dunlap surname. They were out of Kentucky. I kept the name for my kiddos after divorcing

Tracy joe Dunlap

I am a Dunlap from Texas trying to locate my dad bobie joe Dunlap.he was adopit.from the davis faimly.he was born in Ft worth Texas.please help if u e mail is thanks

james dunlap

Yougest of 13 children father Robert E. Lee Dunlap mother Ocie Mae Peeler Dunlap Arkansas and Louisiana


My late Mother's maiden name was Dunlap,she was from Lincoln Nebraska where most of her family still live today,her family also happens to come from neighbouring Iowa,South Dakota,Kansas and even Upstate New York. My Mother's name was Barbara Ellen-Dunlap(born 1958-died 2005),I believe the name Dunlap originates from the Western Scottish county of Ayrshire something for which for my Great Uncle(My Mom's Uncle and Grandpa's Brother) has a plaque about on the wall of his house in suburban Nebraska.


I forgot to mention that I was actually born outside of the United States in London England United Kingdom where having said that my late Grandpa(my late Mom's Dad was a US AirForce Pilot from Nebraska who was stationed in England during the Second World War and thats how he met my English Grandmother,he would later pass away at age 44 from MS back in 1977.

Amy Dunlap
Another Dunlap here, my fathers side originating in Tennessee. My dad is Edward L Dunlap and my Grandfather is Clarence M Dunlap.

Jennifer Dunlap
Dunlap is my married name. My husband's family are all from the Kansas City Missouri area. He has one uncle who moved over to the St. Louis area. We now live in Arkansas.

Nicole Dunlap
My dad is in Oregon and I am currently in nebraska. I will have to do more searching on where our Dunlap family originated from!

Anna Dunlap Shelton
My Aunt started a family tree. She got as far as John Dunlap B: April 30, 1800 in New York D:Nov 6, 1864.St. Claire, IL He married a Cordelia Potter in Bellevue IL. Oct. 24,1824. Would like to add more to Dunlap side of tree

Jill shields
My maiden name is Dunlap ... William Dunlap came from Ireland and settled near Winchester VA the original Dunlap house is located in Hampshire co wv

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