Last name: Duran

This interesting name is of Norman origin, introduced into England after the Conquest of 1066 as the personal name "Durant", it is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as "Durandus", and derives from the Olde French "durant" meaning "enduring", from "durer", to endure, last, itself from the Latin "durus", hard, firm. As a personal name Durant and Durand were popular in the Middle Ages, recorded in the Middle Ages, recorded as "Durand" in 1115, Hampshire, "Doraunt" (1312, Yorkshire), and taken to mean "steadfast", and perhaps "obstinate". The modern surname can be found in at least thirteen different forms, ranging from Durant, Durand, Durrant and Durrand to Dorant, Dorran and Dorrins. One Nathan Durant was an early settler in the West Indies, he is recorded as a land-owner in the Barbadoes in 1678. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Walter Durand, which was dated 1196, in the "Pipe Rolls of Westmoreland", during the reign of King Richard 1, known as "The Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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my last name is also Duran, however my parents are both Colombian (born there) but my mom with Spaniard heritage and my father a true Scotland, my DNA taken not long ago for medical reason shows I am 80% Scottish.. proud of my mix.

I'm from the Philippines :)

Julian Duran
I am Julian Duran from Phoenix, Az I have type O+ blood common for Latinos about 90% of Latinos have O+ blood. I wish I could see all your faces all the Duran's I have met have common distinguishing facial features and a common stubborn, resilient, and tenacious attitude. A lot of my family is light skinned and very few people still have the colored eyes. I myself am very dark and have brown eyes. As far as I know the Duran’s in my family have always been here in Arizona even before Arizona was bought from Mexico on Valentine’s Day.

Anne Savoie
My great-grandmother was a Duran fom Hillsboro, New Mexico. They were tall woman with red hair and light skin spainards who ancestors came from Chihuahua, Mexico.

Duran in California
My last name is Duran. My family are from Guanajuato, Mexico. I recently visited family out there last year and was told that the last name was originally Durant. The port of entry was Guerrero, but somehow between Guerrero and Guanajuato, the "t" was taken out. Majority of the family have light complexions with colored eyes.

my boy is 12 years old and i wanted something unusual and i nmed hm after i think the one of best boxers in boxing history any way my boy's name first name is Duran

Jessica Durand
I have all my family in fl and b4 that it was ga. Apparently my great grandpa changed his last name from Duran to durand. I can't find anything before that tho. Help!!!

Sasha Duran
Hello everybody, My name is Sasha Duran. I live in Livno, little town in Bosnia and Hercegovina. First of all, I want to salute you all, I am glad that so many people are interested with their roots. My ancestors come from Spain. At that time they were sephardi jews, before their expulsion in late 15 century. Afther expulsion one branch of that familly was seeking refugie in eastern parts of Europe (some branches remained in northern part of France). They found it in parts of Bosnia, where they, after some time, accepted islam for their religion. At this moment, in Livno exist 10-ish homes that bear "Duran" fammily name. There are other parts of Bosnia (Visegrad, for example, in which man could fined more than 100 Duran homes). To these informations I come upon while reading a Livno historic book wrote by prof. Stipo Manderelo. Anyway, I am glad that so many people bear that surname.

Justin duran
I don't know of my grandfather just my dad he was born in California we now live in Mississippi.

Daniel Durán
Hello, My Name is Daniel Durán. I'm from Barcelona, Spain, and all my ancestors (as far as I know), came here from Andalucia, in southern Spain. It's amazing to find so many people that have the Durán surname!! Greetings to all!!

Luis Duran Juarez
Im from Juárez chihuahua and but raised in Vegas and all my duran side of thee family are mostly lightskined stubborn great hearted people with a real great sence of humor when happy and a real nasty attitude when angered haha

Isobel Kuzma
Hi I am a Doran from Ireland and I have found out my name is a variant of Duran. In Gaelic it means Exile/Wanderer. I have been told the Dorans came into Ireland via France and possibly at the time of the Inquisition. If any you have any info on the Doran/Duran link I would really appreciate it, thanks

Kevin Duran
Sup guys my family is also from mexico Guanajuato and some other part of mexico. My grandpas name was Eraclio Duran some names hu guys XD nice to know the family roots is big :D contact me anytime Peps unless your stuck up XD peace :)

Edward Duran
From Philippines, raised in California, US

Rene Brunes
Hello, Interesting info and interesting to see a similar connection from the comments below. My paternal Grandmother's second last name (so her mom's last name) Is Duran. She is from El Salvador with Spanish/French mixed with Mayan Native and I know that there was Sephardic Jews in my dad's family so that makes sense hearing that many of you also have a connection with Sephardic-Spain.
While I'm happy and proud to be a Catholic, I think that it's also pretty sad that due to the Spanish Inquisition many if not the majority of Spaniards and Latin Americans are not aware of their Jewish side. It's a bloodline we have lost track of.

For those interested according to recent study done somewhere in Spain , it's been said that 70% of today's people with Spanish Origin have Jewish in them to which most are not aware of.

Rodolfo Duran
I always wondered where my last name came from. I talked to my grandparents, and that was not much help, they originate from Mexico i have heard my parents say they lived or are from these places Nochistlan, teocaltiche and a few others that i can not remember. What i find interesting is that my dads last name is DURAN DURAN he says his mothers maiden last name is DURAN and his dads last name is obviously DURAN, hence his last name DURAN DURAN. My grandma is dark skin, my grandfather is light skin, he has 18 kids and they all vary in skin tone and eye color wild mix. I my self and light skin but get pretty dark if i am in the sun for too long. Also i have a lot of hair, and my beard has red,black,brown,blond hairs. which is crazy. The quest continues..

Danijela Duran

I'm so happy to see so many people all around the world with surname Duran. I'm also Duran and I'm from Croatia/Europe. My dad was born in a small village near Drniš. My plan is to explore my origin, but the problem is as always, time.... so far I fine an old grave, near church in dad'y village with the name Pasquale Duran (it is so old that no one knows how was that person). It is interesting besause that first name is not croatian common name, so I guess it has italian or french origin. You writed about colours of your eyes and hair...My eyes are green and my hair is brown, but with red shades...

David Salvador Duran

How cool! My name is David Duran, I'm from Southern California, My family is from L.A. and the surrounding areas. We are Mexican/American. Our family roots are from Jalisco Mexico. I was told growing up, we are Spanish decent. Much of my family looks Mediterranean, very similar to how the people in Spain look. Olive skin colored eyes, curly hair. Some of us are brown. :) I always wondered why the band Duran Duran from England had my name? Lol.. I also grew up around white American kids with the name Durant or Durand. I never would have guessed we come be related some place hundreds or even thousands of years ago. So cool! :)

Jesús Durán

Increíble to know all of you guys with the best last name DURÁN !!!! originally from parents from Guanajuato Mexico, and seems that many of you are from Guanajuato Mexico, I am US naturalized and living in France for the moment, I would like to find the origins of the DURAN last name and how it came to Mexico If someone finds nformation either in Europe or in Mexico please share it with me, I will go personally to find the information to our origins, Let's continue our research, and perhaps we all are from different places but the same origin you can contact me at

Monique Durant

It's so good to find so many Durands, Durants, and Durans. In our family the Durant name comes from the original Durand. My great grandfather came south to New England from Canada where his name was Durand and changed his name to Durant to seem more anglicized. (He even lied on the census forms that he was Canadian-English, the fashion being to pass for Anglo.) We are told that his people were originally French Basque - a very old and culturally rich race of people. Would love to hear more from Durands who have common ancestry.


Hello Duran's. My name is Robert Duran and I am an American of Mexican decent born and raised in Toledo Ohio USA. I too am interested in the origin of our surname. My paternal grandfather Ysidro Duran was born somewhere in Mexico and my father Sylvester was born in Crystal City Texas USA. Any information on our surname would be greatly appreciated. Nice meeting all of you.

Jesse Duran Jr
My name is Jesus Duran, my Dad is Jesus Duran and my Dad's family originated out of the State of Zacatecas around the Nochistlan, Tlachichila area.. Lots of Duran's there.

Jesús Ramirez

My father's mother is of the Duran family Paula Duran daughter of Marco Duran. Lived in Piedras Negras, Mexico. And some relatives in Eagle Pass, Texas.


Hello Duran's My family is all from the Dominican Republic, I was raised in New York City.

Duran D

My 1st name is Duran. And I'm very enduring but some may say stubborn.

Marcos Duran

Duran from Leon, Guanajuato Mexico!!

Duran Yugoslavija (Serbia)

Hello Duran's My family is from Serbia. But, my father told me that our family is originaly from Turkey or some place near Syria. Duran's all around the world! :D

Lance Duran

Well this is intriguing! Hello Duran's! My family and i originate from the Philippines!

angelica lizett duran

My dads family is from guanajuato, mexico. My family is known for their " DURAN EYES" big brown eyes. Some of the Duran's in my family have really like skin but others have really dark skin

Kevin duran
I am also a Duran from Aguilares el Salvador is where my parents are from my grandfather last name was Duran as well he said we have Turkish decent so yeah a lot of Duran's out there

Ronald Duran
It's Good to know the Clans of the Duran"s have expanded alot. I'm from NYC but my family is from Costa Rica.Pura Vida!! Duran"s

Ms. M. Aguila
My Great-Great Grandfather's last name was Duran...he was a Spaniard ...not sure where in Spain...possibly Islas Canarias is what my father said. Any Duran descendants directly from Spain? My e-mail is

Natasha Duran
Originally from Spain, now in Bosnia, trying to connect the dots.

Hello everyone, My father's name w as Jesus Duran. He was born in Morelia is Michoacan. He was also tall and light hair and hazel eyes. We were always told that his family came from Spain. My son just did a DNA test and found out that that it does show Spanish, Jewish and Irish in him.. anyone else is from Morelia?

i want to know where did the Duran family come from

Katherine Puente De Duran Medina
My Grandfathers name was Eduardo Duran, I'm not sure what his middle name was. From what I understand, his father migrated to the San Louis Valley in Colorado. My grandfather had Grey eyes and very light complexion. None of his children got his eye color; all brown eyed, with a mix of both dark, olive and white skin tones. Would love to find out more.

Endrico Duran
My grandfather's name was Faustino Duran from Daro Dumaguete, the history of our blood line was so vague, since my father (Fabian Duran) don't even know the names of the siblings of his father(Faustino Duran). According to my father, our grandfather stow away from Dumaguete, my father was born in Zamboanga City, and we are now in Isabela City, Basilan, we can speak chavacano( spanish like), visayan, tagalog, english and tausog. Hope I can find some clues here, if any of you guys can help me tracing back our family line just add me on facebook. Buenas dias y Gracias!!!!

what is the nationality

i am from the Netherlands my name is duran i am from turkish origin. i think the name duran comes from the dorian empire in the middle east look it up maybe it will help you.

Frances Duran
It seems somehow as my fathers parents came to this country from Ireland Aron Islamd with the name Durane and somehow it was changed to Duran,can that be having hard time tracking us with the name Duran

Egemen Duran
Hey There,I've been trying to find my Last name's origins but It's so damn hard.I have Turkish origins.Could somebody help me?

Gökhan Duran
Hi, this is also a Duran from Denizli, Turkey.

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