Last name: Elphick

This rare and interesting surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and derives from the Olde English personal name "Aelfheah" (Middle English "Elfegh" and "Alfeg"), composed of the elements "aelf", elf, with "heah", high. The given name is well recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as "Aelfec" (Hampshire); "Aelfech" (Sussex); "Aelfhag" (Nottinghamshire); "Alfeg" (Cornwall); and "Elfeg" (Derbyshire). The name was sometimes given in honour of St. Alphege (954 - 1012), who bore the Norman form of the name; he was archbishop of Canterbury in the early 11th Century and was captured and stoned to death by the Danes, thereafter being revered as a martyr. The surname is first recorded in the late 13th Century (see below), and can also be found as Elphicke, Elfick, Elvidge and Alphege. William Alfegh is noted in "A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds", Kent (1318). Recordings of the surname from London Church Registers include: the christening of Thomas, son of John and Elizabeth Elphick, on August 8th 1649, at St. Andrew's, Holborn, and the marriage of Esther Elphinck and Peter Robinson on August 8th 1693, at St. Katherine by the Tower. A Coat of Arms granted to the Elphick family is a silver shield, on a red chevron between three red eagles with two heads, three silver plates. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Elpheg, which was dated 1297, in the "Coram Rege Rolls of Kent", during the reign of King Edward 1, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Christine haynes
My grandmother is Alma Elphick , she married and passed in 2004 as Alma Zoretic! RIP grandma I'm just looking.

Martin Elphick
Hi, we are prolific in East Sussex, especially around the Wartling/Pevensey area.

Paul Elphick
I live near Croydon, Surrey but found through family research that my ancestors moved to Croydon from Eastbourne, East Sussex in the early 1800's. Most Elphicks I have come across are in Sussex.

Lisa Elphick
My Name is Lisa Elphick, i have found in my family line that the Anglo Saxon traveled from Germany to wales, most then travel to south England. My great grandfather was from wales but my grandfather moved to the northwest. Most Elphick still live in the south of England.

Rachel Elphick
Hi! I'm Rachel. Age 16. Daughter of Brian, who was son of Jack, who was son of Henry, who was son of James, who was son of Thomas who was the man who was born in Fletching, Sussex, England (1836) but died in Rochester, Monroe, New York in 1913. My family, (meaning grandparents, great aunts/uncles, ect) all live in the York, PA area. If anybody recognizes these names you are welcome to to contact me and I can you you my Genoom if you'd like birth years, names, and any other info that I might have. Happy geologing!

My name is Joe Elphick
I live in Canada Ontario My grandparents are James and Mary Elphick My dad is Wayne and he has a Older Sister Gwen (Married a Cassidy) and a Older Brother Ron Elphick, My dad passed back in 99 who's mom passed away back when he was a small boy,so not much been told about my grandmother who was a Richardson. My family and relatives live close to one another so we didn't move far from one another but yet we don't speak. My family right now is torn apart which I hope one day we will forget the past and just enjoy one another's company. That is one prayer I hope gets answered. My parents divorced back when us kids were young and ever since there has been a division split between us even with my own brothers. My mom who was a Whitehead who's parents were Elgin and Anne Whitehead Grandmother Maiden name is Lang. Anyone who knows anything more on my family tree would be greatfully appreciated.

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