Last name: Farmer

This English medieval job descriptive surname, recorded in the spellings of Farmer, Farmar, Fermer and Fermor, is of Olde French pre 10th century origins. Most people are surprised to know that originally the surname had nothing to with actually tilling the soil. Based upon the word "fermier", the name describes an early financier or collector of tithes and taxes, one who specialised in "farming " land leases. These first farmers would act as brokers for the crown or the major landowners, selecting applicants to work the tenanted lands on the basis usually of who paid most. The "farmers" in time became rich in their own right, and then reversed the process by purchasing land themselves on which in the modern sense, they then "farmed". Amongst the earliest of all recordings is that of William Le Fermer, in the rolls known as the "Feet of Fines" for the county of Essex in the year 1238. This was not a hereditary surname and nor was that of William le Farmere of Cambridge in 1279. The first known recording of the hereditary surname may be that of Richard Fermor, in the Fees Rolls of the county of Devon, in 1293. This was during the reign King Edward 1st, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307.

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Annie Farmer

I was only searching this for homework, but I'm glad i found this website. I'm surprised it's French though.

Aidan farmer

My families from Virginia and a long way back their from Wales England I would've never guessed the name was from France

Julie Farmer

My Farmer family came from Ireland - James born c1799 son of Hugh Farmer and Helen McBryde - no idea where in Ireland though.

Bruce Farmer
My family is from New Hampshire at least to back before the Civil War, I'd like to know more about it

Abby farmer
I thought it would be an actual farmer from a farm !!! How I was wrong

eva haynes
My mom's from the Farmer family with most of her relatives in the Maryland/Virginia area.

cayle farmer
Canada :)

ronnie farmer
i like know wher last name farmer came from?

Farmers of Mallow & all others in Co. Cork would love to hear from you. re family tree.