Last name: Ferris

This is an Anglicization of the Old Gaelic name O' Fearghusa - a compound of the Gaelic "O" (meaning "grandson" or "male descendant") and the personal name Fergus, composed of the elements "fear" - a man and "gus" - vigour or force. The name is also Anglicized as (O) Fergus, Farrissy and Farris. Ferris and Farris are widespread names in North-East Ulster where Fairy and O' Ferry have been used as synonyms of it. They are thought to have come from an Old Donegal sept - O' Fearadhaigh. Ferris and Farris are also well known in Kerry. Here they are believed to be the cognomen of a branch of the O' Moriartys - a sept intimately associated with County Kerry. A Father Edward Ferris (1738 - 1809) became the first president of Maynooth College. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Ferris (Gaelic O'Fearghusa), which was dated 1586, in the Census of County Kerry, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1, known as Good Queen Bess, 1558 - 1603. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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david ferris

I am a descendant of Abraham Ferris, son of Daniel Ferris who came from Wiltshire (Rowd) Southern England. Abraham lived in Syria with a Turkish passport before moving to Sault Ste Marie Michigan.

We are ferriss's from Ontario Canada and tracked out descendants the the late 1700's in Kentucky. With ancestors fighting in the war if 1812.


Really??? I'm a Ferris and have Ancestors that came over from ireland to Ontario in the 1840s, though.


Hey Bryce. I'm a Ferris with Ancestors who arrived to Ontario in the 1800's. We live in SK now.


TL, that's great to hear. My ancestors were David Ferris and Many Bates Ferris. They had 12 kids near Hawksbury.


I am a descendent of a Ferris from Kentucky.

lisa ferriss

I am married to a Ferriss from Ontario whose father was from Manitoba, we have family in Saskatchewan, we would love to know more of the family history

Keith Farris
I am a Farris from Alabama, USA, my Great, Great, Great Grandfather is as far back as we can trace the family. He was born in North Carolina in 1814. I would like to know the origin of our family but have not found the link as of yet!

I Am a Ferris from New Zealand . My grandfathers dad is Irish


No way:) You should look into finding his roots...

I'm a Ferris from Dublin. I've always wondered about the name, I know we're Irish for at least the last several generations but as to actual origins I've never found out!


I hear you...I'm a Ferris from America. I've traced my Ferris Ancestors to County Cavan, Ireland.

My mother's maiden name is Faris. I can follow her line back to Farmington, Indiana, then Kentucky, then Virginia. Before that the first Faris appears to have come to the New World from Dublin, or possibly someplace else in Ireland. Faris is also a common name in the Middle East--Arabic--meaning horseman or knight. I now live in New Zealand, before that California. It would be nice to find out more.

For years i thought my Ferris sirname was from Ireland but no...i am from the Ferris clan in the South West with generations of my family being blacksmiths in the small village of Hockworthy in Devon. There is many place names(Sibford Ferris for one)in the South West. i was led to believe that Ferris was origanally Ferries from France who went to Ireland as mercanaries to fight the English many moons back.

Rebecca Ferris
I've traced my fathers Ferris last name back to Dittisham in Devon, near Torquay I believe. To a Mark Ferris whom had a large amount of children.

I'm a Ferris and I'm from Belfast Northern Ireland. Although apparently alot of my family came from Scotland. :)

Where in Scotland?


My Ferris Ancestors came from County Cavan around the early 1800s. I know nothing about after that. His name was David Ferris b.1818.

Any reading I have done on Ferris, suggests that it came from the de Ferres line from France via Scotland, The De Ferres were French aristocrasy but the Ferris connection seems to be the poorer end of the family and Farriers (Blacksmiths). My own great grandfather having that occupation. there is also a connection to the Ferguson clan and often 2 differing Coats of Arms

My mothers maiden name is ferris and they are all Lebanese


I've been reading about the expulsion of Spanish Jews and the family names. Ferris was a Spanish Jewish name.

Is this name also sometimes spelled Phares?

Im a not a Ferris but i'm a Ferres does that matter or does it have to be the same spelling to mean the same thing.

Its all derivatives of the same Irish Celtic ancestry :-D

It's not even Irish. It's originally Scottish. Its origins are rather specific... down to a particular location in Scotland. Clearing that up now.

You do know that the picts and celts come over from Ireland to colonize Scotland dont you? We are Irish in Scotland

my maiden name is ferris and was my mothers maiden name. her father came from Malta so a mystery how Ferris got to that country. my grandad was a seaman so maybe he's ancesters were s well

If Ferris in Ireland is an anglicization, doesn't that indicate there is a separate English line?

anjel halo
im a ferris :) and all i want to know is if i have native american indian in me .?

I would be hard to tell. There are resources that can analyze your blood and give you a difinitive answer for a price. One problem that occurs in searching Native roots is that when records began, there was a lot of racism that could have prevented for instance a White man from recording he had concieved a child with a Native. The Name Ferris is definately not a name that says Native Haritage, however this does no mean you do not have Native ancestors. It just means the name Ferris would have most definately overruled a Native name. For example I am a Ferris from Canada, and though records do not show, it would not be surprising if we had intermixed with the Miqmaw people of Nova Scotia through Maine.

No, it means the English took the "Irish" out of the Irish name.

My 5th Great grandmother was a Ferris and I have traced her line to Dauntsey in Wiltshire to a Thomas Ferris and Elizabeth but unable to find their christening or marriage. Their first child Sarah was christened in 1693.

Thomas Ferris
I'm a Thomas in Wiltshire! :)

Mary-Jane Ferris
This a coincidence we were in the Dauntsey last week my husband Jeffrey Ferris mentioned that his father and uncles all went to school in Dauntsey.


I am helping my grandson do his family tree on the Ferris I got back to 1865 in England, from there to Syria,then Ont.

Don Ferris

From what I can gather Ferris is similar to Farris, Fergus and so on. If it sounds like Ferris then your probably from the same mob. I have always thought Ferris was from Scotland and you can see Scotland from Ireland so Imagine there has always been a fair bit of mingling going on. My linage is from the mob that went from Scotland to Ireland and landed at Ferris Bay in the North East. Stayed over there a while ( a few hundred years) and moved to Australia.