Last name: Finch

This interesting surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin, deriving from the Olde English pre 7th Century "fink" the finch bird, and has two possible interpretations. Firstly, it may be a metonymic occupational name for a breeder of finches or for one who caught finches and sold them as songsters. Job-descriptive surnames originally denoted the actual occupation of the namebearer and later became hereditary. The finch is a songbird, noted or his bright plumage, so it may also have originated as a nickname for a colourful person or one with a beautiful singing voice. The creation of surnames from nicknames was common practice in the Middle Ages, and many modern-day surnames derive from medieval nicknames referring to personal characteristics. The surname is first recorded in the mid 11th Century and can also be found in the variant forms Fink, Vink and Vinck. Gilbert le Finch is noted in the Curia Regis Rolls of Norfolk (1205). One Frances Finch was recorded as being in the Virginia Colony in 1620, before the arrival of the Pigrim Fathers in the same year. The Finch family have no less that eight Coats of Arms granted to them; one granted to the Earl of Aylesford is silver, with a black chevron between three griffins passant. The motto "Aperto vivere voto" translates as "To live without a wish concealed". The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Godric Finc, which was dated 1049, in the "Olde English Byname Register", during the reign of King Edward the Confessor, 1042-1066. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Jason William-Duglas Finch

Do any finches here no in which part of Ireland we derive from

Andrew Finch

Shropshire based finchs traced them all back to around 1700 I still live here in shropshire England as many still do.Find me on face book if i can help any on tracing .

Syd Finch

Well, my family has carried the name Finch for a few generations now.. My grandmother told me that back in the 1800's they changed their name from James to Finch because of Jesse James.

Alyssa Finch
I'm Alyssa, from the United States. I've traced my family's lineage back to Thomas Finch who was supposedly the first Finch born in the US in 1730!

Zachary finch
Hi I'm from Illinois and my grandfathers family was mostly born in Schyler county Illinois. Find me on face book add me and help me learn my history

Susan Finch Laymon
Hi! I'm the daughter of Sidney Francis Finch (Lorraine Adams) GD of Grant Finch (Anna Beckwith) GGD of Daniel C Finch (Sara Ann Thompson) GGGD of Charles Beanon Finch (Isabel Harford) GGGGD of Moses Beanon Finch (Sarah Brannon).GGGGGD of Isaac Finch of Goshen, Orange, NY born 1772. This family of Finch's were pioneers that traveled the rivers by flatboats helping to settle new territory. They were known as the "Fighting Finch's". At some point they settled in Story County, Iowa and became farmers. My GGF Daniel C Finch left there in the late 1890s with all of his immediate family, sons, daughters, in-laws and grandchildren. My GF Grant and his family ended up in Cougar, OK. Until I started researching my roots, the Iowa Finch's never knew what had happened to Daniel C and his family. I contacted them and attended a wonderful "Finch Family Reunion" in Iowa. That was about 10 years ago. Several of my Aunts and Uncles were born in Iowa. My Father was born in Oklahoma in 1900.

Brian finch
In Brian finch my mum is rosemary finch and my NANs name the same lived in custom house sliver town east London but belive mt great grand parents emigrated from Waterford Ireland

Hi I am from Vine Grove KY (moved to GA when i was young but now live in south FL). Son of Vera Ellen Finch. Grandson of James Donald Finch. Do not know much of my family name. I am also 5'8'' blonde hair blue eye.

Bill Finch
For every Finch in the US, a great point of reference is a book by Ruby Finch Thompson. Finch families of Dixie: 300 years in the South

john finch

How do I get a copy?

Janine Finch
We should all have a meeting....all the Finch's flock together... lol! I was born and raised in Didsbury, Manchester but emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia. It would be a far distance to fly over that pond!!! Live a long and happy life all you Finch's.

hattie finch
i was always told it meant village idiot/ bird brain or maybe thats just me

Susan Finch Laymon
Hattie, where is your family line from? Mine is Oklahoma. Have a picture of a Hattie, who was a young girl in the early 1900's. Any connection with the Beckwith name?

Dustin Finch
Hi i was wondering if finch have royalty in their blood line cause i have found out about earls and bunch of stuff about parliament in england so any info would help and im from Virginia if that helps any at all thank you very much

Mandy Dustan
Oh yes, for sure .... The last two week I have been helping my friend Pauline to find out about her ancestors Finch and have found out hat Margarette Find was the Queen of the gypsies in the 17th century... My surname is Dustan.... Face book page is Mandy Dustan we are in London.. Margarette Find Finch was the Queen of gypsies in Crystal Palace in London... and theres' more....

Frances Green
By the way all the Finch people in my family were blond and tall with blue eyes

Mike Finch
My Aunt who lives in Essex England, did say that the old saying was ' a true Finch was dark haired and blue eyed'. Not so sure about the tall though! I am six foot five, but that bit seemed to have been passed by the family in Essex!

hattie finch
i am from sussex but our family are blonde with blue eyes but really short

Derrick Finch
im from indiana in the U.S.A im 6foot3 brown hair brown eyes bothe of my brothers have blonde hair and brown eyes my dad is tall blonde and blue eyed it all just depends on who you wed and have children with i guess.

My great Grandmother was a finch and I look like her alot when she was my age. I have red hair and blue eyes and am quite small

My three times great-grandmother was a finch her name was Elizabeth Livingstone and she was born in 1825 and married John Drake in 1853 in County Armagh and they lived in Victoria Australia and then Moved to Invercargill New Zealand. I know her father was called James and that she had two doctors as uncle but that is much i know about her

Frances Green
ISAAC FINCH: Who is my great granddad, was the innkeeper of the Anchor Inn 13, Nile Street Preston Lancashire England UK in the 1881 census. He was born in GOOSNARGH, LANCASHIRE in 1835/1834/1836? He was a widower in 1881 at the age of 47. . My mum who was his grand daughter said they used to have a shop which was a pork butchers also in Preston My grandmother was Mary Ellen Finch b1874-1928 his daughter and my mother was Ann Lilian Brindle. Mary Ellen had two brothers James b 1965 and Issac W Finch who went to Canada. Way back in the 1970's I met a Canadian Isaac Finch in a lift in a London hotel at a conference and mentioned my gt uncle having gone to Toronto. I am sorry to say he did no want to know about the family and my mum was so sad as she would have liked to know more. Any Toronto Finchs out there?

Angela finch
My great grandfather was stationed in Gibraltar and went back home just before the start of ww1 to serve in the war.He was married to Charlotte and as far as i know was born in Torpoint. After the war he was stationed at Seahouses in the coastgaurd,losing both legs when a old ww1 mine went off.He had two sons William and Percy (William being my dad).

Finch Groes
Well, as interesting as this was, it doesn't help me at all xD my first name is Finch

janet kukuc
hi i was a finch my father was james he had 2brothers and 2 sisters and as far as i know he always lived in sheffield s.yorks

Emma Finch
I was born in Sheffield 1987

Hi ... i'm angela finch,my dads family are from north london...Dads name is william john and his dad was william who had a brother percy... hi to all finch's out there.. xxx

Michele Mc Avoy
Hi Mike I was a Finch...but do not worry I also have green eyes, though I had black hair. I have traced mine back to ireland and ma loooking for a Humphrey Finch who was my Grandfather James's younger brother.

Earleen Bell
My name is Earleen Bell and my great grandmother was Bridget Laura Finch born in 1853 in Queens County, Ireland (she is buried in Jackson county, Iowa and on \her tombstone it says this), my gg grandfather is buried in the same cemetery and he was born in 1809 in Queens Cty, Ireland. I believe the came to the usa between 1853 and 1860, as they show up in the 1860 census. Any of you Irish Finch's please help!

I have only been a finch for a month but my father in law has quite a good family tree on the go so I will point him in the direction of this website! as far as he is aware all of his family have always lived in norfolk UK, but he has family who emigrated to Canada in the 60/70s

Mike Finch
Hello fellow Finch's! My name is Michael Finch and my family originally came from in and around Halstead, England. My fathers sister who over the years has been doing the family tree digging and has discovered a few interesting facts about the east Anglian side of the family. It appears an ancestor of mine, even yours, fought for Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil War. I am not sure to what level he rose to, but it appears that when the Round Heads finally took the day, he was given Gosfield Hall (just out side Halstead) for his help. I was also told that the eldest son was always named George but that tradition may have fallen by the way since I am named Mike!!! I was further told that once Charles II returned to the throne the originall owners wanted there country seat back for some reason or other . . . . . . Following the Finch's loosing Gosfield it appears the extended Finch clan went to all points of the compass. From what I can gather they could be found in Hertfordshire, Cambs, Lincolnshire to name a few of where they travelled to. One other thing my Aunt told me was the expression of, along these lines, 'a true Finch'! It relates to a Finch having dark hair and blue eyes! Yet again that blows me out the water . . . . I am green eyed and fair!!!! If anyone has any details out there or would like to get in contact, my email address is attached. Mike

Mike Finch
Hey Mike Finch i'm also Mike Finch and i live in the US in great state of Alabama. ROLL Tide Roll. Im named after my Late father James so my full name is James Micheal Finch. If you would be iisnterested in contracting me is Thats myto wirk email. Have others but don't just very ofter.!

Mike Finch
Yes it would be good to make contact! Also my email is In the men time I will send you an email! Mike PS did you enjoy the election! Did the right guy get in?

Larry E. Finch
My name is Larry Finch, son of Harry Edward Finch and grandson of Elmer H. finch born at Sandyville, W.Va. In 1880. He was the son of William and Matilda Medley Finch. William was a Civil War veteran. would like hear from any relative who could help back track on the family history.

John D. King Sr.
I am a grandson of Daisey O. Finch, she was a sister to Elmer H. Finch. She was born in Noble county Ohio in 1877 according to birth record. She is a daughter of William Finch and Eliza Matilda (Medley) Finch. Would be very interested to hear from you.I am on face book and you may request me as a friend if you like.or contact me @ . William's father was Dasson Finch and his mother was Polly Cashell. I know when they died and where they are buried,if you don't. However I only know that William died in 1897 and don't know when Matilda died or where either are buried,if you know that I would love to hear from you. thanks, John.

Michele Mcavoy
My Maiden name was Finch, My Grandfather, James Finch was born in Rathaspick County Laiox (Spelling) was Queenscounty Ireland, in 1886, His Father was named Richard Finch. I have foound them in the Irish census for 1901 and my Gfather was head of the household then at the age of 14. Have tried to trace them further but found it difficult. I cannot find when my Great Grandfather Richard died, or what happened to a brother Humphrey after 1901. My Gra ndfathe James died in a industrial accident here in the UK in 1927. Any relatives out there?

Hi, I'm Barry John Finch from London, England!

You got any relatives living in Essex area .Im Russell Finch from Hornchurch Essex.

John Finch
John Finch here. New Orleans,LA USA. I was curious in where the Finch name originated from and found this site. My grandfather was born in Virginia, USA. From what I understand his ancestors are from Ireland.

Kathleen Conti
My mother's maiden name was Finch. Her father, Robert Finch, was a ship's carpenter in the Belfast shipyard just after the Titanic was built. Her father was born in or around Tandragee, County Armagh, where his father was the manager of the mill. I have been told that the family came to Ireland in the 1700's, there were French Huguenots escaping religious persecution. The family settle in Drumbangher Parish and their are many Finch headstones in the cemetary there. My mother's aunt was still living in the family home near there built in the 1700's on a mountain top with a beautiful view of the Mourne Mountains. She died in the lat 1990's and the property likely went to the state.

I'm Jennifer Finch, im probably the coolest finch out :D I live in Ft.Lauderdale,Fl USA. My Father Kevin Finch is from New York.. Yay finchs

Warren Finch
Nice to have a positive Finchy out there

Diane Finch Combs
I'm also a "FINCH" born and raised in So. Cal. My great grandparents, Elizabeth and William, lived in St. Joseph, Missouri in the early 30's. I'm clueless to anything prior.

I am also a Finch. I have been researching my family history for some time now, but have hit a wall. My ggg grandfather Walter Thomas Finch lived in West Darby with his wife Emma Nicholass. My gg grandfather, Walter Edwind Finch immigrated to the United States in the early 1900's with his wife Eliza Stewart and my g grandfather Robert Stewart. They live in Minnesota for a while and then they moved to Sacramento California. There are several members of the Finch family living in the Sacramento area. I know that my line of the Finch family lived around Lancanshire ,West Derby? I know they were fisherman at one time and then got into the accounting business.

Eric Finch
Hi Natalie, My Dad is one of the Finches from Sacramento. But we'd moved to Albuquerque in the early 70's.

Natalie Finch
Hi Eric. What was your fathers name and are you decendents of Walter Stewart, Walter Edwin or Walter Thomas Finch as well?

Ray Finch
Hi Natalie. West Derby (district) in Lancashire (county) is a part of the City of Liverpool. My family are from the area. If you are tracing them, the oldest I have is my grandfather Reginald Finch who would have been born @ 1910. That may help as I know that in the Liverpool phone book in the 1970s all the Finches were part of my family.

Eric Finch
Hi Natalie, (sorry for the long delay in reply) My father is Sidney Ray Finch, My Grandfather was Stephen Finch, (my older brother is Ray Stephen Finch) I don't know much beyond that. I know they had been in Sacramento in 1943 when my father was born. I haven't had chance to research.

connie Moss (Finch)
Hi to all the 'FINCH' people who share my maiden name. I am married to Ralph Moss,but my father was a Finch. His father was from a very large family from HYDE nr.Stockport,Manchester. His father was Henry Finch a widower who remarried to Isobella Donald,direct ancester of the 'Donald Clan' The Lord of The Isles.My granfather was a circus clown along with two of his older brothers, Victor and Louis they also trod the music hall boards with Charlie Chaplin begore he became famous. Later, grandad Joe Finch married Gladys Victoria Lillian Hill,settling down to surburban life and a factory job in engineering in cars,ford cars I think? My dad was an only child, Derek Victor William Finch, He had Cousins who left uk to live in California so maybe some of you guys are my half cousins ?

Perhaps Connie, I do know that my family went to MN prior to settling in Sacramento. Maybe we can find that link.

Eric Finch
Interresting. Connie do you know when, abouts, your cousins moved to California? Any Names?

I am also a Finch. I live in New York now but grew up in Connecticut where most of my other "finch" relatives live. I just wanted to see if I fit into anyones history.

My name is "finch" also and I'm trying to understand all this... and look back somehow to see where I came from and see what my ancestors were...I'm from the. USA and got lots of Finchs over here

jackie walsh
hello, my maiden name was Finch and at the moment I am in northamptonshire.Love to see others with this surname.

My family was actually based in Hertfordshire too. Its interesting to think how many members of my own family I have not met.

mike finch
Judging by the messages here, I would say quite a lot!

judith mari not a finch but dated one years ago in my teeens in zimbabwe and wanted to touch base...hi george....must say i have seen a few of streets named finch here in victoria.australia......

Martyn Finch
Hiya, i'm a Finch too, at present I am in Essex, England. Although my family is believed to originated in North London and Hertfordshire.

Warren Finch
Hey there a dozens in Gestingthorpe, Essex, from where our Finch line goes back to (so far)

Finch Is My Last Name Too. I Live In The United States, interesting to see others are searching this surname!

Connie moss
This surname website is Brilliant!!! The History of my Family Name 'FINCH' was very informative and since I am researching the family history, this site will be used time and again I promise.

Colleen Finch
Hi Connie, I am interested to see you are researching the 'Finch' surname. I am a 'Finch', living in Malawi - Africa. Wonder if I fit into your tree anywhere, my grandfather was Lionel Finch - born in Zimbabwe, my father is Raymond Finch also born in Zim...

Hie Finch am a Finch in Zim as well