Last name: Finney

Recorded as Feeney, Fenney, Finney and Finnie, this is a famous Irish surname. It derives from a pre 10ty century Gaelic name O' Fiannaidh, which was composed of the elements O' meaning a male descendant, and Fianna - a soldier. The main O' Fiannaidh clan was located in the parish of Easkey, County Sligo, whilst a smaller sept known as the Feeneys, who write their name O' Fidhne in Irish, resided in County Galway. The name is very numerous in Connacht and the clan have given their name to Ballyfeeny in County Roscommon. The first element bally comes from the word "baile" meaning a town. Early examples of the surname recording include Mary, the daughter of John Fenney who was christened on April 9th, 1654 at Acton by Nantwich, Cheshire, whilst Thomas Phennah was christened on March 7th 1742 at Churton Heath, also in Cheshire. The name was probably introduced into England by Irish immigrants looking for work in the major cities in England, whilst Michael Finney, aged 32, left Liverpool for New York on board the ship "Marmion" on November 28th 1846, during the infamous Potato Famine of 1846 - 1848. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Teag O' Feinneadha which was dated circa 1603 in the Annals of the province of Connacht. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Carlos Finney
I've joked about being half Hispanic and half Irish, but in reality, I'm African American. I'm curious to know if I truely do have an Irish background.

Mia finney
My dad's sides surname is Finney and my grandad is full Irish and lived there when he was young.I asked him one day if our surname is common and he responded saying "yes darling very common in Irland,I knew a lot of people with the same surname as me.IDont come across it much now though now that I moved to England". Just to say my grandad and family are all white and I have a large family knowing many of my relatives,and some still are living in Irland but some live all the way in Australia.

Jason Finney
Gerald Finney I am a little blown away to see that there is a Finney DNA project. I have looked for information on the Finney line and I was always told that contrary to the more obvious, we were not of Irish decent. My father Richard told me some time that he traced back to a Belgian heritage. I think maybe this was later in the evolution of the Finney family. Does this make sense?

J. Finney
I'm black too, yet I have this last name which is odd. I doubt that one of my ancestors were owned by an irishman though, because I assumed that they were being oppressed and forced into indentured servitude around that time. :p

Not every Irish person was slowly starving to death, as always those at the top were faring relatively well.My family are from the original Irish contingent, we have our own crest (it sucks, I want wolves and ****, I get ****** doves). War has always been the family business, and slaves don't make great soldiers.

Gerald Finney
I would like to contact you in regards to your Finney family history. I am the admininstrator of the Finney DNA Project hosted by We have proven a connection between Robert Finney born 1668 in Londonderry and Robert Finney born 1767 in Donegal. The Robert Finney of Derry came to the US in 1720 and the Robert Finney of Donegal came to the US in 1795. YDNA testing shows these two families are related and I am curious if you know of a Finney living in the Ulster Proviince who has an interest in Finney Genealogy and has records and information we can compare on our common ancestors? Thank you and God Bless. Gerald Leland Finney, Administrator - Finney DNA Project.

my mothers side of the family are finny, but I carry my dads last name fairweather, I know quite a bit about my dads side but not much on my mothers

My father was Albert Cabbell Finney born in KY (I think Paris, KY) but I'm not sure. He was born in 1919 and had two sisters........Evelyn Finney and Carolyn Finney. I'm very curious about my roots.

FINNY s ma bst bst frnd's name. . . . .

terrie finney
Im black as well, and this is very exciting to know that Im part irish!!

You aren't any part Irish if you are black, at least not from the Finney male name.

Art Morgan
Glad to see most people ignored the comment above, but I can't help commenting on "Huh?"'s ignorance. Obviously it's totally possible to be of part Irish and part African descent. It's also possible your Finney name goes back on your paternal line to Ireland and was not simply adopted by a former slave. DNA tests are a good way to confirm that.

Aside from the possible slave owner/slave connections in colonial America, another possibility is a Caribbean connection. Many Irish were sent to the Caribbean in the 1600s as indentured servants (and sometimes without indentures). So if you have any Caribbean connections that's another possibility to explore.

Hey, there are about 25 of us, all related living in one city here. You wanna test me for something? okay, thats cool. I am white, of irish heritage. my email is

jasmine finney
well im the great niece of sir thomas finney

Jemar Finney
Well I'm black so I guess its safe to say somewhere along the lines my ancestors were owned by irishmen.

Krystal Finney
This is very interesting I know nothing of my heritage and id love to know more or how to look up more stuff from my past ancestors anyone have any information for me?

Rhys Finney
I'm from Wales and have only just learnt it's from an irish descendant lol

Alex Finney
My family all come from the north west primarily the Mersey side area and Liverpool so this makes quite a lot of sense that I would have some sort of Irish connection.

Lucille Matlock
Looking for my Finneys The last finney I have is Thomas D. Finney B 1801 d 1881. sure could use some help Lucille Matlock (Finney )

Mike Finney
Huh, I left for the states in 1846...No wonder I feel old sometimes! lol

Danelle Finney
I am both Irish and English, but i think mine is on the Irish side

Anthony Finney

My great grandmother and grandfather came over to the states from whales on the queen mary back in the 30's i believe...

Jennifer Finney
This is all very interesting I am just looking for my heritage it is said to come from Ireland I am 1/4 irish.

Hi there, anyone interested. My 2x great grandmother - directly through the female line - was a FINNEY born in Staffordshire England in 1823.