Last name: Fox

As a surname Fox is found recorded all over the British Isles with great frequency, as would be expected of a soubriquet likely to be handed down as being complimentary. The derivation is from the Middle English "fox", itself coming from the Olde English pre 7th Century "fox". The fox was universally admired for his speed and cunning, attributes which the first namebearer undoubtedly possessed. The surname first appears on record in the latter part of the 13th Century. Other early recordings include: Hugo le Fox, (Cornwall, 1297), and Johannes Fox, "a smyth", noted in the 1379 Poll Tax Returns of Yorkshire. A notable namebearer mentioned in the "Dictionary of National Biography" was Richard Fox (1448 - 1528), bishop and statesman, who shared in the first years of Henry V111's reign, and founded for the secular clergy, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, in 1515.An English family of the name settled in County Limerick where they became extensive landowners and gave their name to Mountfox, near Kilmallock; however, in the provinces of Connacht, Leinster and Ulster, Fox is mainly an Anglicized form of the Old Gaelic "Mac a'tSionnaigh" (son of the Fox). Sir Patrick Fox of Moyvore, County Westmeath, was State Interpreter (of Irish) in 1568. John Fox, aged 35 yrs., who embarked from London on the ship "Abigall" bound for New England in June 1635, was an early emigrant to the New World. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Fox, which was dated 1273, in the "Hundred Rolls of Yorkshire", during the reign of King Edward 1, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Angela Lyons

HISTORY OF CAMBRIA COUNTY. 491 county, where for some time he worked in the mines. He then went into the livery business at Defiance, and until recently was engaged in that branch of industry, having not long since retired. He is a Republican and a member of the Roman Catholic church. George Fox married Mary Malarkey, a native of Ireland, and they were the parents of fourteen children, two of whom died in childhood. The others were: 1. Maria, wife of John McCavit, of Bedford county. 2. John, married (first) Anna Wilson (second), Ella Wiser. 3. George, married Anna Satterfield. 4. William, of whom later. 5. Rosa, wife of Edward Grafnus. 6. Anthony, married Ellen Brennan. 7. James, married Anna Howell. 8. Ella, wife of John Crocker. 9. Thomas, single. 10. Maggie, wife of John McCabe. William Fox, son of George and Mary (Malarkey) Fox, was educated in the public schools of Bedford county, and until 1895 was engaged in mining. In that year he purchased the Lake Hotel in South Fork, of which he was for seven years the proprietor. He then rented the building and went into the fire insurance and real estate business, which he has since greatly developed, having erected several properties in the borough. He is a member of the school board, treasurer of the school fund and for two years has served his borough in the council. He is a stockholder in the First National Bank of South Fork. He affiliates with South Fork Lodge, No. 838, I. 0. 0. F., and is a Republican in politic. Mr. Fox married, July 17, 1886, Rose, daughter of H. C. and Mary J. Appleman, of Defiance, Bedford county, and the following are their children: 1. Clarence, born March 4, 1887, student in high school, will take a professional course. 2. Ivonita, born March 14, 1892. 3. Maxwell, born March 9, 1899. 4. Kathleen, born September 9, 1902. 5. Raymond, born September 29, 1903. JOHN G. BROAD, D. D. S.. of South Fork, was born in 1864, in England, son of Thomas Broad, and grandson of John Broad, who was born in England, 1806 his wife, Mary Ann, was a native of the same country, having been born in 1809. They spent their entire lives in their native laud and there ended their days. Thomas Broad, son of John and Mary Ann Broad, was born June 11, 1843, in Cornwall, England, and in 1867, emigrated to the United States. Two years later he sent for his family, and on their arrival settled in Huntingdon county, Pennsylvania. He was a miner and frequently changed his abode in consequence of the demands of his calling. In 1884 he moved to South Fork, where he passed the remainder of his life. He was a Republican and a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. His death occurred April 7, 1903; his wife died April 10, 1902. He married Margaret, born in 1845, in Cornwall, England, daughter of Walter Wilkeson, and twelve children were born to them, of whom the following survived infancy: 1. John G., of whom later. 2. Margaret, born September 15, 1870, died in Huntingdon county, 1883. 3. Harriet M., wife of Samuel Mears, has seven children: Nattie, Melville, Harold, Charles, John G., Margaret A., and George. deceased. 4. Martha A., born in 1876, died in Juniata county, 1880. 5. Fanny M., wife of Gilbert Clements, has two children: Gretta B. and Margaret, deceased. 6. Marie A., born in 1880, died at South Fork, 1887. 7. Gertrude, wife of Arthur Scofield, had one child, Gretta C., deceased. 8. Walter H., living with John G. John G. Broad, son of Thomas and Margaret (Wilkeson) Broad.. I hope this I'd helpful to everyone. The family is large. And they are everyone. This is a picture of George Fuchs/Fox and Mary Mallarkey.

A. Fox

My last name is Fox. This side of my family comes from George William Fox by way of Nashville, TN. He was probably born in the early to mid 1800s and ended up in the midwest. Thomas, Jimmy and William were his 3 sons. One of their mothers was a woman named Nanny/Nana Cody/Coty.

Randall Fox

Then you and I are related! I am a descendant of Thomas. We have continued the name Thomas among the first born males, as late as 2003 when my son Thomas James was born. Going back: Thomas James to Randall Thomas to Jerry Thomas to Thomas Edward and so on....we are settled in south central TN.

Angela Lyons

Hi Randell... Welcome to the family.. Do you have any information on George Fuchs/Fox and or Marry Malarkys siblings or parents? We have hit a brick wall. When your ggggreat grandfather's cabin was burned down by the Indians the only family bible went up in the fire. Thank God he escaped with his life for you would not be here. Unfortunately we lost important information. Also would encourage you to jion the puonernfamiky of Pennsylvania project. Thanks for your respons. Keep in touch.

Preethi Nakkala
My surname is 'Nakkala' which means Fox' (Fox's) in Telugu (a South Indian language). Nice to read about this surname :) Thanks!

My 3rd great grandfather (on my maternal grandfather's side) was William Fox. He was born in County Tyrone approx. 1758 & arrived in the US in the 1790's. His petition for naturalization in Pennsylvania is dated 20 February 1798. He lived in Greene County, PA in 1820. On 1August 1844, he was granted a little over 39 acres of land in the Marietta, Ohio area. President John Tyler signed the document stating such. I only found out all of this within the last year.

my great grand father was a fox and was Irish and came over to Fiji Is..Nw we av a big family of Fox's in Fiji...Bula from Fiji..

Bruce Fox
I'm an American Fox. I am often cunning and used to be speedy.

bishop fox comes from a line of normans that came to england with william the first. the name was originally De Vaux pronounced with a French accent. later in england it was pronounced with a british accent and sound like fox. eventually they just adopted the name Fox. This is the only line of Fox's that didn't come from the original meaning, which was name after the animal. when the family first took the name De Vaux it referred to where they were from. De Vaux means "of The Valleys" they came from and area of Scandinavia that was an area of many valley's. thru out france and europe the name De Vaux is still alive.

Lori Fox Fritzel

I always thought my dad's family was from England but just found out that they where actually Scandinavian. Exciting to read your post that explains a little more on this.

Joshua Foxua
ayooo ima fox and yeah Long live the fox's

Lexus Fox
Hi :D Omg, so many foxes! I'm a fox from my grandad he was a fox and was Irish :) He then came to america c: and here I am. I always thought it was a coincidence he was Irish but I can see that fox is actually an irish surname o: Anyways it's cool meeting you people which are probably related to me somehow x)

Janet .I was Fox just over 40yrs ago. My Grandfather,Father, Brother and his son where all called William Fox and born in Peckham South London.They have since left the area.we have lost the first two William Fox. But gained another William.Anyone related to the PECKHAM FOXES

Chris Fox
We should start a secret Fox society. Foxes are cool.

hi im a fox, and my grandfather was romeny gypsy, and i cant get any mo info than that x

glenn fox
Were did the family live

Kyle Fox
No Native American Fox's? Trying to find info, West Virginia Fox's? Email me please?

April Fox

My grandfather was a native American Fox from Kentucky.

James Fox
Proud to be a FOX

My Mother was a Fox. I live in Germany in the region between the rivers Saar und Mosel, close to the Luxemburg border. Almost all Foxes in the region originate from the village Borg (Saarland), as well as many Foxes in the USA, who immigrated in the 19th and 20th century. The earliest Fox recorded in the church records of Borg is my ancestor Mathias Fox, who died 1694 in Borg. It is unknown when and why the first Foxes came to the region. A Fox family story, passed on by 1Cword of mouth 1D from generation to generation, says that 2 or 3 brothers had emigrated from England to take up some of the tax free lands, Duke Leopold had opened in 1695 for foreign immigration, to reoccupy the land after the 30year war. However, Duke Leopold was much too late (1695) because other records mention a Nikolas and Johannes Fox in Borg in 1656 and a musketeer Michel Fox from Borg recorded 1627 at an army examination in Remich (Luxemburg). Can anyone give me a hint, when, why and from where the first Fox came to the Mosel region Germany.

My maiden name is Fox. George Fox (founder of the Quakers) was an uncle.

Judy Calliham
My grandfather was a Fox from Kentucky. He moved t Oklahoma and married a kilgore girl. His name was Frank and he passed away in 1948. Anyone out there who may have information?

troy fox
well judy there is an entire town of foxes in kentucky. there is a small village called foxtown just outside mckee, kentucky. it is where my family is from. my grandfather hiram fox moved to indiana and was born in kentucky. we are descendents of john fox and the foxes have been in kentucky since at least the late 1700's. there is a massive fox family geneology reunion there every summer.

Ian Fox
Like the idea of a secret Fox society lol. My last name comes from the German name Fuchs which obviously had to be changed when coming to America

juli rogers

Judy , interesting your Grandfather Frank Fox in Oklahoma. I'm from southwest Kansas and my Grandfather ( maternal) names is/was Franklin Delano Fox. Last known living in Arnett Oklahoma. Have not seen or heard from him since 1998.

Amanda Fox
I am a Leeds Fox and I believe when my Jewish ancesters came over from Eastern Europe in the late 19th century (maybe earlier)the name Fuchs ( no jokes please ;) ) was translated to Fox but I would like to know and if there are any other theories out there. Thanks.

Patrick Fox
Fuchs is German for fox. I lived in Germany for 4 years and my ex-wife is German. My family is from Irish descent, although I have relatives in Canada./

Hi. I'm from Leeds also, and my grandad's grandma was a Fox, so it must have been around the 19th century sometime. Apparently, the Foxes owned Braham Park (where Leeds festival is held, if you've heard of it), but she went on to marry a farmer. That's my two cents, I hope it helps. :)

Jackie Fox Purcell
Hi Greg, I also come from a fox ancestry and was told that our original name was shaughnessy. I was told that my family left Ireland and changed their name to avoid the racism against the Irish in England. Apparently Shaughnessy can be translated to Fox, although according to my research, it is actually Shanaghy. Hope this helps.

Ciaran Fox
Hi Jackie my name is Ciaran fox originally from Ireland and i can tell you your leading poor Greg up the garden path there. maybe there was some translation issues because the names do sound the same, but the irish fox comes from Mac an t-Sionnach which literally translates to "son of the fox" the irish shortened that to O' Sionnaigh which means "from fox" and this is pronounced "o shunny" so it could be easily mistaken for the O Shaughnessy. Don't be associating with those O Shaughnessys Jackie they're not as noble as us foxes:) (joke O Shaughnessy ok?)

Damian Fox
Long line of the Fox family in Blackburn, Lancashire, England

My grandmother was a Jesse Fox who married a Alfred Cowsley, they lived in Burma. How and why did their family go to Burma. They got married in 1903 Insien Burma

Burma was under British rule from 1824 to 1948.

I too am a Fox .....from the Appalachian area in Eastern Ky. Irish and Native American .

Kyle Fox
Hey Wanda the Fox in my family is from West Virginia and its Native American Great Grampa was Glenn Edgar Fox if you have any info I would love to here, please and thank you

I'm a Fox too... My Grandfather was an only child, from the West Midlands... Thats as far as I can get, tracing back the "Fox" line in my family :(

glenn fox
Were in the midlands

Greg Fox
I'm a Fox, too... shock... anyways, I don't know where my family originates from, that died with my grandfather, and his living brother doesn't know for sure but the only lead I got is we are from Ireland and our name was O'shaughnessy, but I was doing research and I don't see O'shaughnessy being related to fox whatsoever, so I don't know if someone heard or read wrong and we are actually Sionnach, because they KINDA look alike, right? Am I just in denial? :(

Im a Fox too surprisingly :) haha. My Grandad is from Birmingham uk. and possibly warwikshire before that .. Fox seams to be worldwide to be honest..mainly in my favourite places :).. Ireland..New York..Mexico..

My granddad was a fox and has family in brum! Maybe we're related :D

Anthony fox
I'm a fox from brum also

Jordan Fox
I am also a fox and i have known for a very long time that my family has come from Ireland carrying the fox name. Perhaps not a coincidence? It would be nice not to think so :)

Jordan Fox
Hiya I'm A Jordan Fox Too!!! x Female, 14 nearly 15!! x

Oregon Foxes
My family name is Fox from the Portland Oregon area..Native American background...

Heather Fox
Well, even though it's said to be Irish, my surname came from Scottish family, and it has had a history of being used around Scotland (though i couldn't tell you where exactly, this is only something i've heard or read somewhere). Hopefully that helps, Alexander. That's two regions for you, hope this helps!

martin fox
hi,my names martin fox,i am from fife in scotland,with irish ancestry,reading up on the name the origins of our clan seem to come from the irish midlands.

Steve fox
My family are from Kirkcaldy and the family name is Fox from the Anderson Clan

hi I also hold the surname Fox through my fathers mothers mother which is my great grandmother . But my fathers family is Mexican I was wondering what nationality is the last name fox and who I can also be related to I will appreciate the information thank you .

Heather Fox
Ha ha, something i've remembered, J.K Rowling has an aunt, Marian Fox who lives in Edinburugh! Possible relation there? Maybe not, but it's nice to hope x

i know someone with the surname fox and she lives in england county durham

Heather Fox
I'm a Fox aswell, but my surname comes from my Scottish father. I've always wondered what clan Fox originates from (although, because of my scottish grandmother, I'm supposedly of the clan MacDonald). I didn't think Fox had origins in ireland. If anyone knows where fox has origins in Scotland then please let me know! I've always wanted to know, and it would honestly make my day. Please reply with info! xxx

Rachel Fox
Apparently quite a few Foxes cames to Scotland from Ireland. I'm not sure if it's true, but if anyone can back that up, that'd be great! See you later, twin. ;D

Paul Fox
You can find the name of Fox in the Scottish Lowlands as early as the 1500's.. The County of Roxburghshire had them for certain. The Scots name for Fox is Todd, so I'm pretty sure that they have English roots. I come down from William Fox who was born in 1710 in Loudoun County Virginia. According to our DNA we are Scots-Irish. Which were transplanted Scots and people from the English Border region. The DNA rules out the Irish Clan Fox or the Norman English Foxes that came to Ireland, and there are no Scottish Clans or any of their septs that bear the name. That leaves the Border English Families and Lowland Scots that were included in the Ulster plantations in Northern Ireland as well as those that remained behind on the Scottish and English Border Lands.

Steve fox
The Anderson clan

seamus fox
i am a fox with a long line of foxs all in ireland

"very interesting"- said by my grandmother (Maureen Fox of Norristown) on 11/2/2010 as I read this to her over the phone. (Pamela Fox of Ambler)

Brenda Fox
Hello all Fox Relatives!! I have been studying the Fox family for a few years now and have found so many nationalities in this name. We Originate from Ireland as far as I have studied and concluded It would seem we are all related.I am from Oklahoma and my Dad, Bert Lee Fox is from Tennessee but we As the Fox Family are spread Far and wide, got to go for now to dig up more bones,first will leave everyone with a laugh........I am a Fox but Married A WOLF. Have a wonderful life Fox Family.