Last name: Freeman

The Anglo-Saxon society was divided into various classes, of which "The Freeman" could be described as "Middle Class" in 20th Century terms, although direct comparisons are not possible. Certainly to be a "Free born person" denoted considerable and jealously guarded status. Since most people were effectively slaves. The surname derivation is from the pre 7th Century "freo" meaning "free born" and "man" a servant or worker. The 1188 Pipe Rolls for Essex record one Freman Sceil, and this shows the use of the compound as a rare personal name. Other recordings include Reginald Le Freman, of Worcester in 1221, and Osbert Friman of Bedford in 1240. Edward Freeman (1823 - 1892), wrote "The History of the Norman Conquest" in 1867, whilst James Freeman of Nottingham, who died on June 20th 1968, was the last known survivor of the famous charge of the 21st Lancers at Omdurman, Sudan, in 1898. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Freeman, which was dated 1196, in the "County Pipe Rolls of Norfolk", during the reign of King Richard 1, known as "The Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Lucretia Freeman Griffin

Any Freeman's from Western North Carolina?


What is a female african american slave with the last name freeman other than Morgan Freeman

She`Quaya Freeman

Hi my name is SheQuaya Freeman, my family name is Freeman from my Jewish and Nubian back round hints my ancestors where slaves married into royalty. I wanted to see what else the internet said about the beautiful Freeman surname that's why I'm here, and maybe display some examples of my history to kinda help out whoever doesn't know how the surname came about.

Frederick Freeman

Hi. My name is Frederick Freeman from Namibia, born in Upington, South Africa where our generation Freeman's originated from. (Next to the Orange River) The Freeman names known to us is Willem (William), Hendrik (Henry), Francois (Frans) & Benjamin (Ben).

How many people named bodie in britain

Shirley Freeman
I am Shirley Freeman. The older ones in my family was Jenny Freeman, was the oldest and I think James "Temp" Freeman was her son? and his children is Ben, Joe and I think they have a sister, lives in Birmingham, AL. Some of the old men was named Isaac Freeman, David Freeman, Seems like I was told they was out of Kentucky. Carrie and Ola was sisters to James "Temp" Freeman. My mother name is Edna Ruth Freeman, she has one sister Mary Lee Freeman (Boot) and one brother Woody Freeman (he is now deceased)? Ollie Bee and Mamie Jones was relatives of mines.

Thomas Freeman

I have family in Kentucky with the last name

Rebecca Ann Gosnell
please any info on my grandfathers family Clifford William Freeman born 1898 died july 1960 he called himself c.w. freeman. he lived in spartanburg, s.c but had 4 children and lived in greenville, s.c my mom frances p., siblings, lamar lee, clifford avery , gwendolyn freeman. my grandfather c.w. freeman married Annie Mae Price. not sure where he was born> thanks

Kristina Garcia
I am looking for William Freeman born in Louisiana around 1936. His family lived in Alaska, not sure if they relocated and not sure where he resided. He was a serviceman at the time. He fathered my mother who was placed up for adoption immediately. She was born in Colorado in 1959. Anyone have any info? Please email me at

Stephanie Jeffries
My mothers name is Carole freeman her mother my grandmas name is Bertha Freeman and she married "Busta" freeman. They are born and raised in South Carolina. If you have any relations hit me up

Quincy Freeman
Hey my name is Quncy Freeman I'm named after my fathers side full of Freeman's but I don't have much history on it except that there is a slave plantation named the Freeman plantation in South Carolina I would like to know if there's any relation?

Heather Freeman
I too only know that my fathers family came from a slave plantation in South Carolina. Please contact me

Caitlin Freeman
My last name is Freeman. I am trying to learn more about my father's side my grand father's name was James Fulton Freeman he died in 1995. My family lives in louisiana

Kristina Garcia
Hi - do you know of anyone by the name of William Freeman? The only information I have of him is he was born in Louisiana and his family lived in Alaska. Not sure if they relocated or what the story is.

Mac Souza
Do you have anymore information? I have a William and William Henry Freeman, whos decendants (some of them) to live in Alaska.

Caitlin, was he married to Anna Kelly?

Caitlin Freeman
My last name is Freeman. I am trying to learn more of my lineage my family come from louisiana my grandfathers name was James Fulton Freeman

Jeff Freeman
We are related text me 4062350043 my dad is James Fulton Freeman as is my grandpa

That's my bloodline too! James Fulton Freeman was my paternal grandmother's father! Do you have the Freeman family book?

I too am a Freeman, just starting to research family history on my father's side. My father Arthur Byrd Freeman (1925-1997) born in or near Cherokee Tenn, his father James Franklin Freeman (1892-1966) born: unknown, married to Mary Magdalene Tipton Freeman (1896-1967) born: unknown. The only I know is what I have been told that my grandfather was Irish and my grandmother was part Cherokee. Anyone else out there search this line of Freeman and have any information?

George Patrick Freeman
Hello, Im George Freeman. Son of Clive Freeman, man of most men. Brother to William Freeman, brother of all men. Brother to Stuart and Natalie Freeman brother and sister to all brother and all sisters. Brother to Miss Emily Grace Freeman sister of all sisters. The reason we are not based in Ireland is because you have no mates you little gimp. Im sure we keep taking all the pretty women's surnames anyway. Proud and Single, I wish only to reign as Prince and concern myself with the frolicks of your hair. In that small cavity which is the present lonliness I wish to emerse myself, I worry how far away we all are. The South and London are my trotting points. I am pleased to hear that our James Freeman of Nottingham stood to be received by his fallen comrades. I am proud of George Freeman current Norfolk MP and sitting chair and our recent Peace disclaimer (not going to war in Syria). Despite the comments Freeman still rings true as the Union we always will be.

Julie Caplow
Trying to search Freeman's on my father's side. Father was Clair Edward Freeman, Jr., born in Kansas. His father was Clair Edward Freeman, Sr., born in or around Pond Creek Oklahoma. Clair Sr's., father was William Tecumseh Sherman Freeman, probably born in Jasper County, MO to Jacob Freeman (born in 1826). The trail ends there. Anyone searching that same line of Freeman's and have information?

Marty F

Interestingly, My name is Clair Ole Freeman III. I never thought of Clair being a common name for men at any point. Not sure if there is a connection since I know almost nothing of my fathers side of the family

Kevin Freeman
Hi, I was born in the UK, same as my dad Chris A Freeman. (Bradford). My Granddad, Kenneth Freeman was also born in (Bradford) The furthest I can go back is early 1700's and coal distribution on bradford Canal. Doe this sound familiar with one else

Steve Lominac

Kevin, I am working with a paternal line Freeman DNA Project and in particular, Freemans in the UK to try to connect our American branch. There is some pretty deep research going on with some of the UK paternal haplogroups if you are interested. Regards, Steve Lominac Sudduth Freeman FTDNA Project Administrator

Stacy freeman
Most of my family is from Colorado anyone know what line we might be from?

Stacy Freeman
My grandfather was normal b Freeman and my grandmother is Dorothy m Freeman if that helps at all

Carol Cramer,my mother was Emma Freeman from French Lick Indiana,brothers Elvis and Willie that is about all I know.

Larry Freeman
son of Ralph one of 13 born in Ruthven Iowa son of Henry

james freeman
Hey just wondering if anyone is fron newnan ga that might be kin to me my father is janes scott Freeman his daf is norman Freeman

The Freemans in my fam came from Atlanta to Columbus Ohio dad is Michael Freeman mother Angela Gravely....ringing any bells?

I've been tracing my 'Freeman' lineage on and hit a wall around 1830. Although my family from that point onwards lived in London, family legend suggests we originated from Cork in Ireland... Can anyone shed any light ?

I was looking at my family history and there are some freeman's who came over from Ireland in the 1770's. Here is a family group sheet for the Freeman's I am related to from there.

Family Group Sheet
Orphan Irish boy raised in South Carolina; South Carolina

How many Fenton Freeman Eames are there so intertwined is the real question?

Diane Freeman Goss

My father's name was David O Freeman, the son of Herbert and Anna Freeman of Cincinnati, OH. Both Herbert and Anna were born in Russia - Jewish - I have found their parents names on their death certificates, but am looking for other siblings of both that may have more information on the Russian heritage. Herbert lived in Israel for 23 yrs after leaving Russia and before immigrating to the US in the 1930's. He had brothers and possibly sons from a previous marriage that also immigrated to the US. Anna also had brothers that immigrated to the US as well.


My father's name was David O Freeman, the son of Herbert and Anna Freeman of Cincinnati, OH. Both Herbert and Anna were born in Russia - Jewish - I have found their parents names on their death certificates, but am looking for other siblings of both that may have more information on the Russian heritage. Herbert lived in Israel for 23 yrs after leaving Russia and before immigrating to the US in the 1930's. He had brothers and possibly sons from a previous marriage that also immigrated to the US. Anna also had brothers that immigrated to the US as well.

K. Freeman
This surname is very common. In fact, over 210,000 people share the surname in the United States alone. As a result, searching for a specific Freeman family is difficult.

thierra ( harris) freeman

Husband related to Alford Freeman that is as far as our family has got back too.

I had found a name in my grandpas paper work about are family the name is D.B. Freeman he was from saginaw MI. in 1894 I any one knows about him can you mail me at

Hello, I am doing research on my family tree. my great grandmother was Isabell Freeman-Siptroth. All I know about her is that she was born in 1880 and died in 1942. She had a sister too, Myrtie Freeman, born in 1889. Both were born in Pennsylvania. I don't know whose kids they were or who were the other siblings. Isabell was married to Albert Siptroth in 1899 and had 3 children with him. After Albert passed in 1920, she either remarried or lived with someone and there was a child Earl Cramer. We don't know if it was hers or the man she was with. Her children from her first husband passed down that he was a stepbrother or half brother. Any info would be appreciated. Email me @ with subject ISABELL FREEMAN

my last name is freeman i am looking for my dad i have not seen over 18 years. i have found my dad, mum and brother grave and now am in search for my dad joesph m freeman if your out there some were i just want to let u know that am looking for you

My great grandfather name was joseph freeman he lived in michigan

I am from Michigan. Grandfather is George

MY grandfather was Joseph E Freeman married to Polly Mayhone. They were from Kentucky/ West Virginia. My father was Joseph E Freeman married to Rose Lenora ( Pennington) lived in City View West Virginia then moved to Chicago in the later part of the 50s. My grand parents moved to McHenry Ill.

My last name is freeman as well and I live in Michigan .

my last name is freeman and my father grew up in Michigan

I too am a Freeman. Trying to trace my history and have came to a brick wall. My G-G-Grandfather was William Freeman (believe his middle name was Eli or Elijah) married to Theodocia Caroline Henderson (also known as Docia, Dosha, Dosey), I believe they were in Arkansas when they passed away. Not sure where they were from or when they were born or died. I know for sure they had 1 child (my Great Grandfather) George W. Freeman (b.2/14/1881, d.7/12/1945 in Newton Co., Ar). Anyone know this line?

Seth Freeman
Hi I'm not from the George W. line but I know he was a sibling to my line email me at I'd love to help each other out.

Jimie Tolson
It has been an interesting read, but quite a few of you Freeman's might not realize that your families came to America during the Puritain, "Reformation Period in England and Scotland. Read about the"History of Milford, Ct. 1639 " very informative. That would also go for the Scot's of Roxburg. They were part of the migration to America during this same period. I am not named Freeman but my ancestor's were. They arrived from England about 1639 and lived in New Haven, CT.for a short period then went to Milford, CT. to start their own towns and then onto Newark, NJ. And Here is where I lose track of my family, but I pickup a my Great Grand father 11 times- Philip Freeman who lived in Southwestern PA and buried in Stahlstown, PA. He was an enlisted member of the Continental Army enlisting August 13, 1776. which he lived through and made a name for himself. Check out the "Compass Inn" in Ligionere Valley, PA area. He renovated it in 1799. Philip was b. 1744 Bloomfield, NJ. his wife name was Mary, I do not know why he moved to PA, Can anyone help? Thank you, Jimie Tolson

Claire Darke
I am doing some local history research in to James Freeman mentioned above. His face was badly injured in the battle at Omdurman and he had facial surgery in Wolverhampton under the care of Mr Grove. Is there anymore information about Sergeant freeman out there please? where was he born, where did he die did he marry ....etc Thanks

Peter Davies
I believe I have met Mr Freeman. My father Joe Davies was a Sgt Major in the 17/21 Lancers. When he was based at Carlton, Nottingham I remember him taking me along to visit Mr Freeman and at that time (about 1960) he was one of 2 survivors of the Battle of Omdurman. I was only about years old at the time but I remember him as an old man with war wounds from the battle. If you find out any information about him I would be grateful if you could pass it on. The best of luck with your research.

Bruce freeman
I am a black freeman from lecompte louisiana my grandma is willie mae freeman and my granddad is willie freeman any body related 2 me

Chris Freeman
I am also an african american freeman...lets chat

ef freeman

A Freeman

Have a willie Freeman he is great grandfather in oklahoma have to look up where hes from

Jalil Freeman
I'm a freeman but i'm black.....i wonder am i related to white Freemans or was the last name just given to my ancestors after they were takin as slaves

Georgia O'Freeman
Jalil, If you look at the above postings, you'll see replies from several black Freemans. All of the black Freemans got their name the same way all of the white Freemans did: they were born free, or released from bondage to a Lord/Master. So in one sense all Freemans ARE related.

Chris Freeman
I am also an african american freeman...lets chat

kevin freeman
It is very interesting to read what my 'freeman' kinship are posting. I am inspired by the assertion that we 'freemans' share a bond embedded in emancipation and hope. My personal connection lies with the fact that I live in the area where the pilgrim fathers originated and where Anglo-Saxon traditions are still valued eg the Haxey Hood. I look forward to reading more from the Freemen (and women) of the world !!!xxx

Deborah Ann Freeman Strohlin
My name at birth was Deborah Ann Freeman but I know absolutely nothing about that side of my family tree other then my father's name James Henry Freeman Jr who had a brother by the name of Richard who I called "Uncle Witchie" My mother cut off contact with that whole line of my family tree when I was 5. All I know for sure is that they were living somewhere in the New England area in the 60's . If any thing is ringing a bell with someone please speak up :) Thanks

Roger Freeman
I'm a Freeman from Cape Town, South Africa. i dont know much about my history and am trying to find out as much as possible. much like Maxwell Freeman, i find there is not alot of information about Freemans in SA.

Hello, I just found out my grandfather, Harry Lightfoot Freeman, was born in 1874 in Cape Town South(ern) Africa, and died 02 Aug 1933 in Woolahra, NSW, Australia. That's what we found on this family tree that someone else had compiled:‎ Regards, Leo

Maxwell Freeman
Im from Port Elizabeth South Africa I dont know my family tree but I guess I have Irish blood in me as an Catholic & like potatoes. There's not much information of South African Freemans on the net.

I am Irish and in Ireland and i have never heard of the surname Freeman im afraid not here anyway half of the world like potatoes and are catholic , Spanish for instance where the Potatoes came from and they are catholic or French like Pots and are Catholic .

Patrick Freeman

I am Freeman and from Co. Monaghan Ireland

had too many guinnesses Daithi?

Terrie Leigh Relf
My mother was born Constance Kay Freeman to Hobart and Florence Freeman from Clarinda, Iowa. I've been trying to recreate - and create- some family connections since she passed away almost two years ago.

Carol Perrow
My Grandmother, Ellen Freeman left the UK to travel to South Africa in 1901. She was in her 20's. She came from Edwinstowe in Nottingham, her parents are buried in the churchyard of St Mary's Church in Edwinstowe.. Does anyone know of any Freeman who lived/lives in this area?

Richard Hallam
My Grandmother was Nora Freeman who came from Edwinstowe. A lot of her family are buried in the churchyard there.

Lavar Freeman
I am a freeman and looking on I learned that the name freeman comes from various places. I am looking to see where my family came from. So far I know that I am an Native American(Indian) but I would love to see what else I might be mixed with or just my heritage.

Jena Hartnett
Hey I am a Hartnett but my grandma was a freeman and all I now about her is that she was a native american... So if you find out about what tribe your family is in please let me know because it will tell me where to start

Michael Freeman
I know nothing for sure but my Dad always told me I was part Blackfoot.

Maureen Freeman
My estranged father, Franklyn Edward Freeman was born 6-11-1924 in Ponca Oklahoma of Irish, German, and Choctaw descent. His birth certificate is not available. His estranged father: Harold Freeman claimed to be Irish German, and his mother Ethel Marsh to be Choctaw from Arkinsas. Research shows that Harold Freeman was in the army from Illinoise. Frank Freeman , my father had to other children: Thomas Edward Freeman and Dolores Mar Freeman.

Heather Freeman
I was also told im part blackfoot... i would love to chat!

Donna Evans
I am also related to Freemans who immigrated from Ireland but they traveled to Canada. From my research I was able to find Freemans who settled in "Scotts Plains" now know as Peterbrough, Ontario. While some later settled in Bobcaygeon. Ontario. I am just starting to do research and I am a novice at this process. But I would appreciate any info that you may pass on. Thanks! Donna

Hi Donna. My Freeman ancestors emigrated from Ireland to areas near Ottawa, Ontario and then further to Manitoba. Would love to chat with you if you are still around this site to see if we have any in common. Have taken a break from research for a few years but getting back into things a bit. Thanks. Hope to hear from you.

steve lominac
A lot of Freemans aren't even related who have the same paper trail. NPEs (non-paternal events) were rampant in Colonial America from New England through Appalachia and I'm sure elsewhere overseas. I have done a lot of research on the various paper and paternal line DNA trails and there are a number of reasons someone has a Freeman surname or not but carry the same DNA...or not. I know, I am one of those people. Through testing of several branches, we pinpointed my grandfather as an NPE...from Freeman Irish Paternal lines. I'm not trying to sell anything here but is a good place for figuring out where your line might lead. Hope Freeman Carnicle is the admin for the Freeman DNA project there. Regards, Steve Lominac

Barbara Freeman Black
True, not all Freemans are related. Some came from Scotland, some from Ireland, and others from other countries. Still others adopted the name when they were freed from bondage. Indeed, there are families in the province of Nova Scotia who are no relation to Edmund Freeman. I can only present my family tree, of which I am very proud.

Not heard of any Freemans here in Ireland before , maybe they came across from England to get ships from Ireland to America and because the last stop they came from was in Ireland they were listed as being Irish but were actually from England .

Brian Freeman
Actually I have strong documentation showing that Freeman's did in fact live in Ireland. For example Castle Cor in Cork Ireland once belonged to the Freeman's.

Georgia O'Freeman
While the list above is very interesting regarding the origins of early Freemans in New England, I found no evidence of any relationship these Freemans have with my ancestral family. I didn't even find any FIRST names that were common to our family in antiquity. I think it is important to remember that like many early surnames "Freeman" was originally a title, or description of a person's or family's status in society, rather than being what we today would call a "last name." Thus when a person was either born free of, or freed from chattel bondage or servitude to a Lord he could adopt the surname "Freeman." This may help to explain why there are so many Freemans who bear no blood relationship.

Barbara Black
If you look up the passenger list for ABAGAIL,you'll find record of Edmund Freeman and family, and also John Freeman and family. Many years ago (I am now 76) I read that Edmund and his brother left England for political and religous freedom, in other words a jump ahead of persecution from the ruler of the day. However, Raymond Freeman's family history questions that they were related, He does trace the history back to Gen. Henry Freeman (1515), Gen. Lawrence Freeman (1468) and Gen. John Freeman (1442).

Jamar Freeman
As many of you I am a Freeman as well. All of the info and comments have been very enlightening to me and my grandmother, Mary Freeman Johnson. Freeman's Rule

Barbara Black
I am Barbara Freeman of Paradise, Nova Scotia, Canada. Regarding the post Barbara Ann Freeman Black. My ancestors definitely came from England, traced back to Henry of Pulborough 1442. You might find Raymond Merlin Freeman's "The FREEMANS 1442 through 2002 interesting. On line at Edmund Freeman came over on the ABAGAIL, sister ship to the MAYFLOWER in 1635. with his wife and children, settling in Lynn, Mass and was known in that area as Edmund of Sandwich. Joseph Freeman, Edmund's GGGG Grandson and family moved to Liverpool, Nova Scotia abt. 1715. Capt. Thomas Freeman, and his wife, Mary Knowles (my great, great grandparents) moved to Paradise abt. 1825, buried in Paradise. His son, David, had issue Frank, Frederick, Aubrey (Hardy) and Ralph.

I am also a Freeman and my Aunt who looked up our genealogy in Utah I believe, said we were members of the Roxburgh clan out of Scotland. I believe our true roots are Scottish and not necessarily Irish.

peter freeman
freeman all the way!!! i tell people i'm like cathy (aus. world gold medal runner winner) but quicker!. i'm from a long line of hard working freeman's, who were born leaders, and the new one's are just as strong

Heh. Freeman and proud of it. Thing is, it's weird when you read these comments and see so many people with your last name. It's just a pity it's unlikely all Freemans are related somehow, since it was a status.

Steve Lominac
I would suggest the many male Freemans in here join the Freeman Family Tree Y-DNA Project at Family Tree DNA to ferret out the lines. Some in the project are M222 NW Irish/Lowland Scot, some decidedly Anglo and there are others. Steve Lominac (M222 Freeman paternal line)

Lita Lominac
Sheesh Steve I can't escape you, lol. Now you show Freeman paternal line, is that the result of the triangulation? It's no longer Lominac?

I am from the North west of Ireland and as a main Family here for 1000's of years we hold much information and i have asked my elders and local people and no one has heard of any Freemans not only in Donegal but also Ireland as a whole , it is not a name associated with Ireland .

No offence daithi but your knowledge of surnames is severely limited. While it is not the most common of surnames in Ireland it is found in all provinces. There are several Freeman families where I come from in Tipperary. It can be if English origin in Ireland and can also be used as an anglicised form of the Irish surname McAteer

To Daithi..I believe the Irish Gaelic for Freeman is Macateer. The Freemans were granted land in County Cork in 1100 and something. Although I am English-born, I have a bizarre obsession with Ireland and I am sure it has to do with my roots. My father was John Frederick Freeman from the Newcastle area (but born in Warickshire) in the UK Good luck to all of you hoping to trace your heritage.

Hi i am from New Zealand ; i am new to all this and all i know that my late dads name was Desmond his bother is / was Bill sister/s name Phyllis thats all i know . Not sure if we are a descended from Ireland or where ? Could do with any help so i can pass down to my son

Benjamin Freeman

Hey Mark, Im in NZ also. On the Freeman side, i know back as far as my Grandfather (Jack Freeman), so, shit-all really... it really bugs me.. Theyre based in Northland.

I am an AfricanAmerican Freeman. Many Blacks named themselves Freeman after gaining freedom after the civil war. Interesting fact that Washington was the most commonly selected name for freed slaves because George Washington was an important historical/cultural hero at the time (although he was long deceased by the civil war) To this day, Washington remains the most distinctlycommonly african-american surname in the US. Think about it...have you heard of many white Washingtons?...other than George himself :-)


I think it Providential that George Washington did not have children. Can you imagine trying to live up to that legacy?!?

G. Freeman
I am also a Freeman and I have discovered that many of the Freeman's from where my father is from, North Carolina, are apart of the Lumbee Indian Tribe. I have been told that my grandfather is apart of the Lumbee tribe. If you visit you will discover that many of the members have the surname Freeman. The Lumbee tribe indians have fair skin and blue eyes and where known to speak Elizabethan. My father is African American.

Cathy Landrum
My mom is a Freeman and I've always wondered what was the history on this, My Grandpa was Fred Freeman out of Florida. His life was cut very short (48 yrs) unfortantly I never knew him he passed a year before I was born. he had no sons only daughters (3). I found your information to be very interesting - Thanks

R. Freeman
I am a Freeman, and I am looking up my name for a school project. I am in 7th grade. Good to know about all of the other people out there with the last name "Freeman". My dad tells me I am part Scotish and English.

Garry Freeman
Garry Freeman I was told about 30 years ago (by another unrelated Freeman) that the name originated by royalty bestowing the name Freeman on a child from a union that a royal had had with the hired help ie., a maid etc Do not know if it is correct but it does sound right.

Barbara Ann Freeman Black
Barbara Freeman Black. Ancestor Edmund (Edmond) of Sandwich. Nova Scotia - Annapolis Valley (Paradise) branch. Great grandfather David, Grandfather Aubrey, Father Hardy - issues Jessie Freeman Ross, David Freeman (deceased) and Aubrey Hugh Freeman now of Mouth of Keswick, with his son Michael.

i was aways told it was a welsh /galic oragin is this true ?

Danger Freeman
Fred Freeman. on acnestry dot com I traced the name back, with a lot of help. and it comes from ireland. further readind shows that it came about around 1100

richard freeman
Im a Freeman and english. In around the 11th century certain responsible peasant farmers were given their own piece of land to farm by the local Lord or knight, with this land came the title of Freeman.

Richard Freeman
Hi I am Richard Freeman also but from Australia my original ancestry was via Bell Freeman out of Suffork England, Bell and family arrived in South Australia in 1839. Bell Freeman was considered a pioneer of S.A. Bell father or grandfather was Richard Freeman back in the 1780's

Janet Buckseall
Hi Richard
My grandmother was Alice Freeman from Suffolk and was also descended from Richard Freeman through the first Bells brother Row.Just found the info on Bell,didn't know about the Australia connection until now.

Brad Edward Freeman
I am a Freeman.. Orgin I was told was Irish :) and "middle class" which works for me,We Freemans have never been afraid of a hard days work right? My mother is "Hawaiian" father 'Irish" I joke an say that makes me "Hawai-irsh" lol.. I carry my name proudly, for I've been told to do so.That other after me should not be ashamed to carry it as well..

Hi, I am a Freeman, I have heard and read a number of theories, stating the name ahs Irish, German (friedman) or English/irish origins. All I can say is that holding this name has shaped my view of my place on this earth and of those who try to impose their authority upon me. Now living in France I am always flattered when referred to as l'homme libre,

where did you get your info as its wrong im afraid as we do not even have records that far back and the English didnt come in for some time after that date , i study Irish history and travel around my homeland and have never heard of the name in Ireland , i know there is a great tendency for people to want to trace back to Ireland but Freeman is not Irish , if it were true to be Irish at that date it would bypass some very well known Irish names , ancestry is an American company who do not have there facts correct in many things as they do not have any association with any Irish registry office , i have had many emails back and forth with this company and many heated exchanges , i have been doing this with direct access to Irish records for 30 years .

Brian Freeman
Daithi, Before speaking of which you do not know, search the following site with the surname Freeman.

Irish Genealogy Search for Ireland -
Online Irish ancestral Birth, Death and Marriage records for Ireland. Irish Genealogy research center - Irish Family History Foundation

Charlotte Freeman
My grandfather told me that his family was Scottish- his grandfather ( moved to Canada and married a McNeil), and 2 generations before were born there, then I get stumped. James Freeman worked for the Richmond family, married their daughter; then died soon after their son John was born.
I wonder if maybe there was a name change, possibly after one of the battles with the English.

Georgia O'Freeman
I am a Freeman, also. I've always been told that the name referred to the fact that our ancestors were "free men" in feudal society, rather than serfs or esnes (or lords or peers, for that matter). Our family settled in North Georgia in the late 1700's, coming originally from the Irish counties of Cork and Sligo. You will find many Freemans scattered in a pretty much straight line from east of Athens,west through Atlanta to Rome, and south from there to Columbus on the Alabama border.

sam freeman
I grew up in Georgia, Catersville and alot of our relatives get back to around 1700's and then disappear..Maybe you can share some of your research with me to see if any cross path

Benjamin Freeman III

Hi, I am a Freeman, I have been told that my relatives are from Rome, Ga. I was also told that they were jewish. If anyone has any information on Jewish Freeman's in Rome, GA. Please contact me at

Allyson Freeman
I'm a Freeman. My dad claims we are Irish, while his grandmother was 50% Native American. Thus I prefer the term "American".

Ralph Freeman
I am a Freeman born in Ireland but my ancestors are in fact from a famous circus family Freeman-Biddle who have 300 yrs of English ancestry that we are sure about. The fact that they travelled all over Britain and Ireland means that lots of people with the name Freeman could be related to them.

Nevil Freeman
My Grandfather and his 5 brothers all shared the second name of Erskine. Can't find much that other than it's a town in Scotland. Anybody have good ideas on where to start tracing lineage?

I am a Freeman but heard it came from the West Indies, however, it makes sense to say that Free(dom) from slavery.

Miss Freeman
If its from the west indies, then you more than likely have Nevisian roots, like myself :)

To Daithi..I got my information from ancestory books - not anyone connected to the USA. I am not surprised you have heated e-mails with people if you are so adamant you are right and they are wrong. Also, it is not a whim of mine to be Irish...I just want the truth without people getting annoyed.

Anthony Freeman
Freemans rocks :)