Last name: Gallardo

This interesting name is one of the many variant spellings of the original surname 'Galhard', which itself derives from either of two possible sources. Firstly, it may come from the pre 5th century a.d. Old German and Anglo-Saxon compound personal name "Gailhard" with the elements 'gail' meaning joyful and 'hard', strong and brave or secondly it may be from the later Norman- French "Gaillart", the meaning being the same. The surname appears in Spain as 'Gallardo' and in Italy as 'Gagliardi' as well as other spellings, but all have the same roots. It is recorded as "Gaylordus" in the English Patent Rolls of 1206, and later in 1295 as Geylard. Other recordings include Alexander Galyard in the Register of the Freemen of York in 1426, whilst in the New World of the Americas, Joseph Segovia Gallardo is recorded at Asuncion, Districto Federal, Mexico, on November 26th 1662, and in California John Wesley Gallardo, was born at Alameda on March 27th 1884. The coat of arms has the very distinctive blazon of a black field charhged with a silver fleur de lis. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Robert Gaylord, which was dated 1125, in the charters of England known as the "Close Rolls", during the reign of King Henry 111, known as "The Frenchman", 1216 - 1272. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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my dad was born in Aguascalientes mexico and one of my dads grandfather was a Mexican indian

Juan Gallardo
Both my parents Are from Jiquilpan, Michoacan i Am proud of been Gallardo because it Means joyful, and Brave that is exactly how me And My People Are... y puro Michoacan !!!!

I'm a Gallardo thanks to dear Dad who was born and raised in Pajacuaran, Michoacan, Mexico. What a strong name! Fun that Lamborghini named one of their cars after it.

Interesting because I have the same last name and my dad is also from Coalcoman, Michoacan.

I am a Gallardo thru my Daddy .... I would really love to meet a man with the same last name , but not related to me! ! So I wouldn't have to change it...... I'm really proud of my last name.

Joseph Gallardo
Talk to me,...

Dennys gallardo
I have the same last name meet me

Desi Gallardo

My last name is Gallardo too!

Jose Gallaro
I am a Gallardo through my father. We originate from Ahualulco de mercardo, Jalisco mex.

I am Gallardo because of my father Jose Sixto Gallardo which lived in Wilmington California until he died in 1975 which was the year I was born. I wish I would know more about where this last name came from, my mom says Spain but I want to trace it back as for as possible to be able to leave more information for my kids and their future generations. Grandparents were from San Luis Potosi Mexico on both sides of my family

juan gallardo
Both my Parents are from jiquilpan, michoacan i am proud of Been gallardo it means joyful, brave And polite

Mark Gallardo
I'm also a Gallardo. I'm Filipino but I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.

Gerardo Gallardo
My father's name Francisco Gallardo born in 1917. I know that he has roots in Guanajuato, Mexico. My grandfather Jose Gallardo. good to see all these Gallardos, and interesting to see many have roots in Guanajuato. I live in Los Angeles Ca. saludos!

i have my Grandpas last name which i love we originate frm Guanajuato,Mexico and moved to el paso then to the San Fernando Valle in LA county back back in the days my grandpa was the original Gallardo Family here... my grandpa wished to reconnect with his cousins in Guanajuato...any Help would be greatly appreciated

Felipe Abel Ruben Gallardo
my family came from Guanajuato,Mexico the Gallardo name came frm my gramps and we were the original S.F.Valley Gallardo Family in LA in Northridge... my grandpa would like to get re connected to his cousins in Guanajuato and im trying to make that possible... any one close for help?

My last name is Gallardo. It came from my father, who's great-grandparents were from Originally from Spain, and my father born in Mexico.

My maternal grandmother's maiden last name was Gallardo....she was super happy when I actually married a Gallardo. I really like this name.....if I ever get a divorce I'm keeping it!

so Gallardos is not alot that we can just say o ya he is a Gallardo, its great to knw that we are still livin...hopefully we will keep growin n keep our last name tha only Gallardo from my fam...lost my dad so its just me...from tha west coast Cali....Guatemalteco, i am also proud of that...hopefully Gallardo can live on n we will find were we came from...


My fathers partner died when he was real young, he was adopted and his last name was changed to Garcia, but his biological name was Gallado, he was born and raised in NYC but later moved to buffalo ny... I kno nothing more but would love to know my roots :(

My older brother, younger sister and I were adopted after the death of our mother. My sister and I were in an orphanage for little least then a year before being adopted. Our brother moved in with foster parents and later adopted. Our biological name was Gallardo I was told that our fathers name was Edwardo or bother's last name was changed to Garcia he later moved to buffalo as well

BTW I was told our family came from Puerto Rico

Ya gallardo fort wort TX

i like a young man with the surname Gallardo. if its meant to be my name.. then it is :)

Iserlohn Gallardo
gallardo bloods is from spain my grandfather is spanish gallardo is tall peoples......

Reggie Gallardo
My family is from the Reginaldo Fierro Gallardo family from the state of Chihuahua , Mexico and I presently live in San Diego, Ca

theres 12 of us ,

I am a Gallardo My name is samantha im half white and hispanic Moved from santonio texas to rome ny my fathers fool blooded mexicain and my moms all white wat more would i be



I am 23, origanally born in Guanajuato,Mexico and my second last name being from my mother is GALLARDO and my first last name being VALDEZ. I have been living in Dallas,TX since the age of one,thanks to my jefe el coyote Valdez,gracias a el a podido conquistar a la ciudad de Dallas. Thank god my mothers grandfather is still alive and well,he's name is Jose Gaitan Gallardo. I legaly switched my last names around,so instead of Valdez Gallardo it's Gallardo Valdez, the reason behind it was to keep my grandfathers last name which is my mothers father, alive and thriving,by passing it to my son,since all of my grandfathers daughters got merried and all of hes sons had girls it led to blocking the name,so for in which i came inn and legaly placed GALLARDO as my first last name. Now i have a 3 y.o son representing my roots:)

Annie Gallardo Quintana
It's very inspiring to see so many Gallardo's. My father, Lorenzo Gallardo Flores, was born in El Naranjo, Jalisco. Later his father, Agapito Gallardo Anguiano, moved their family to Colima (Tecolapa or Tecoman). He had many brothers and sisters who had kids and spread out beyond my knowledge...I would love to get reconnected!

Jesus R. Gallardo Jr.
Jesus Reyes Gallardo Jr Of The Texas Gallardo's, Nixon Texas, Corpus Christi, Texas Area, Did Not Know There Were So Many Of Us!!!!!! Greeting To All.

Hi my dads surname is maldonado-gallardo I was wondering if any of you.knew if he had any relation to you his first name is juan


gerardo gallardo
I am gerardo gallardo 26 born in. Guerrero mexico my gradpa was born in mexico also but his parents were born in spain they were in the trading buisness and were very rich but my gradpa teodoro gallardo used all his money on women and beer and left us nothing ... now I live in california my grandpa had 32 children wich I don't even know half of them ... my gradma had 10 of them and the rest were of diffrent women all over guerrero... I come from a rich blood line ... and it be nice to get to know more of my family rich history all ur gallardos email me we are all a great big family and as such we should be in unity.

Hi, well from what I know my grandfather also inherited a great deal of money. I know he was born in Guadalajara and later moved to Colima with his family. His name was Guadalupe Gallardo. I met him once when I was a little girl and he came to Visit but thats all I know of him. If anyone knows more Of this name I would love to know. I also know that He had another woman and family while he was with My grandma so I know I have some family I dont know of :/

If you are from Guerrero we might have a connection, My dad is a Gallardo, also born in Guerrero Mexico. What's your granpas name?

Sarahe Gallardo Roman
my name is Sarahe Gallardo Roman and i am of Mexican and Spanish descent. I am Gallardo from my mother's side, unfortunately my mother isn't close to her Gallardo family so I don't know much of the family history but I am very intrigued to find out more and where my ancestors are from.

catherine gallardo idul
hi! i'm catherine gallardo idul from philippines...according to what i researched, the surname "gallardo" was formed in Spain which originated from i guess, intuitively, "gallardo" is German... :)

Hi Catherine, I'm a Gallardo too originally from the Philippines. Would love to see some of what you've researched. Email me please

gerardo gallardo
hi how u doing i am gerardo gallardo born in mexico my gradpa was born in mexico but his parents were born in spain moved to mexico were he was born in guerrero his parents had lots of money because they worked in trading bz he was left with lots of money when his parents died .. he spend it all on women and beer .. left us nothing but thats the story ... jerrygalllardo on face book :)

reymond gallardo
am a gallardo live in el paso texas

Elsa Ramos
Hi my maiden name is Elsa Gallardo, I'm from Guanajuato. Gallardo seems to have strong roots in there. I think I might be related to some of you who originate from there and have the same last name. I live in southern ca.

Adam Gallardo
I am from San Jose, Ca. found out great grandparents came from Jalisco which boarders Guanajuato. My great grandfathers name was Primitivo Gallardo married to Paula Lopez Gallardo. my family came to California around 1911. and settled in southern California around Bakersfield. any info would help

Mario Gallardo

My great grandparents hailed from Guanajuato Mexico, grandparents moved family to Bakersfield,California, where the majority of us still remain Mario Gallardo

marisol morales
I'm confused is gallardo Spanish or German or wat is it?

D. Gallardo
iKnow about a rich gallardo family livin' on Italy :]

Z. Gallardo

What part of Italy, and who are they?

K. Gallardo
Weird, i'm Portuguese & my last name is Gallardo. this site makes me want to find out my ancestor's original homeland.... Lol. Did France have any correlation with Portugal at all?

Alfredo Jose Gallardo
I second that. My whole family and I are all proud Gallardo's.

j. gallardo
i'm also a gallardo, and i'm really proud to one.

Richard Gallardo
I'm also a Gallardo and in my family the second to last male. Our family is in San Diego by way of Mexico....(60 + yrs ago). I welcome anyone who wants to contribute to the history of our name or family. My Grandfather is Jose Gallardo and his attributes and acomplishments are 3x boxing champion in Tijuana MX. RJG

Jose Gallardo
Hey Richard I see ur last name is Gallardo also n u live in SD correct well my name is Jose Gallardo n also my dads lol is a trip so can u get at me once u can

miguel gallardo rodriguez
GALLARDO is clearly of a very old Germanic or English origen. The Gaul people, die GALLIEN (in German), o los GALOS (en Español) were a germanic-french people that fought hard against the Romans. A Rooster, or a GALLO in Spanish, is the simbolic icon of current French people honoring the Gauls. GALLARDO means in Spanish, valiant and polite at the same time. But it has the germanic sounds GALLIEN-HEARTED, so it must mean a person with the heart of Gaul or a person ready to fight fiercely against an enemy. Gallardo resembles in pronunciation and writing the Spanish surnames-names LEONARDO and BERNARDO. Leonardo sounds like LEON-HEARTED and Bernardo like BEAR-HARTED. Imfrom Mexico City and study English.

my family name is also gallardo and i have always thought that the name originated in Spain. :) i stand corrected!