Last name: Gallegos

Recorded in the spellings of Gallego, Gallegos, Galego, Gallico, and Gallicchio, this is a regional surname for a person who originated from the province of Galicia in Spain. Curiously the true origin of the surname may be German or Vizigoths, since in the 5th century a.d., the Goths and the Huns swept across Europe, conquering the Roman Empire and ultimately arriving in Spain. There they stopped for several centuries only leaving when they were ultimately defeated by the Moors and the Franks. Many of todays popular Spanish and Portuguese surnames such as Gonzales and Ramirez are reminders of this time in ancient history, and this surname is probably from the same period. The word 'gall' in most ancient languages means 'foreigner', and derives from the Latin 'gallus', although the word was also used to mean a cockerel. It seems most likely that the provincial name 'Gallicia' did recall a period in history when the area was taken over by invaders. In the former kingdom of Austro-Hungary there is a province called 'Gallicia', but this is an 18th century creation, and much too late to have provided any nameholders. Examples of the surname recording include Herrera Gallego, at Esquevilla de Esqueva, Valladolid, Spain, on November 26th 1598, Candida Gallicchio, of Calvera, Potenza, Italy, on November 19th 1646, and Pedro Gallegos, at Santa Maria Magdalena, Valladolid, Spain, on September 16th 1691. The coat of arms most associated with the surname has the blazon of per pale silver and red. In the first quarter a red lion rampant, in the second a tower proper. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Francisca Gonzales Gallego, which was dated October 7th 1553, born at Nuestra Senora de la Antigua, Valladolid, Spain, during the reign of King Charles 1st of Spain, Emperor of Mexico, 1516 - 1556. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Lauren Gallegos

We're all related

Seth Gallegos

I've been on a haunt to find info about my Gallegos roots what I know is my Grandfathers name was Oscar Gallegos he had at least two brothers one named Ruben and one we believe was named Mario. They were from Chiapas, Mexico and lived in East Los Angeles as well. Oscar married Lucia Gonzalez. He passed away while my father was still a child so I've been unable to get any other info if any of this connects to anyone please comment. Ill be checking back here often.

Victoria gallegos. Born February. 28. 1951 Stockton California

Any information. On. My father was joesph. Ishmeal gallegos. Born in pueblo. Colorado. Died on. Xmas. Day in. 1957. Send any information. To. Victoria. Abril. 112 bornite ave. bisbee. Ariz. 85603.

Antonio. Gallegos

im trying to find out if I have any family outside my dads moms mom

Victoria. Gallegos

Trying to. Find. My fathers family. His name was joesph. Ishmeal gallegos He died on Xmas day. 1957. In los angles. Cali. His mothers maiden name was. Ortiz

The majority of Gallegos' in the southwest I believe originated from two brothers who migrated from Mexico (New Spain) into what is now New Mexico sometime around 1650. These two brothers were Jose and Antonio Gallego (my direct ancestor). After the reconquest Antonio never returned to New Mexico, but Jose did. As did all of their children. And thus created a very large contingent of Gallegos all over the southwest.

Juan ilizaliturri

Mexico, the country, was new spain not new mexico.

Josh Gallegos
correction, USA lol

Josh Gallegos
Am i the only Gallegos with atleast 8 generations born and raised in america? lmao...joshua allen gallegos is my name

Gina Gallegos
I'm fourth generation born in Texas. ;-)

*update on previous post* Father's name : Gabriel Andres Gallegos (now just Gabriel Gallegos) Grandfather' Name: Hugo Gallegos Great-grandfather: Federico Gallegos Diaz (had 26 children with about 12 women) married Consuelo Lopez Santiago Great-great-grandfather: Hilario Gallegos married to incarnacion Diaz That's as far back as I can trace my family all I know about Hilario Gallegos is (from what Hugo Gallegos told me) that Hilario came with Spanish settlers to La Cienega Zimatlan Oaxaca and I looked up the distance from there to my dad's pueblo ( San Gabriel Etla Oaxaca) and its pretty close less than an hour away.....if any one has heard stories of their family's past connecting them to either of these two places or connecting them to Federico Gallegos (26 my grandfather's age....I'm pretty sure some of those kids should know something) please just share :)

i am a first generation mexican american born in southern california, my mom and dad were raised in a small village in Oaxaca Mexico, i know my dad's father was raised there too but i also know that his father wasnt really around and he messed around with a few women in other places...pretty much my grandfather has half brothers and sisters that he has never met...if anyone knows anything about a man with the last name of Gallegos from San Gabriel Etla Oaxaca mexico i would really appreciate the grandfathers name is Hugo Gallegos my father and i are named after the small village (San Gabriel) my parents were raised in....any information about any Gallegos from Oaxaca Mexico would be appreciated =]....i am currently living in Germany and i plan to visit the Gallegos motherland real soon lol


Excuse me I learned that the gallegos family used to be the founding fathers of some city I dont know much about it but their is a city named rio gallegos and I wanna know if my family was the founding fathers of rio gallegos

Gonzalo Gallegos Jr.
My father Gonzalo Gallegos was born and Raised in Zacatecus Mexico. He told me as a child that the little town he was raised in was called The Portrero de Gallegos. Although I do not have any further information the town's name was confirmed to me by my cousin who also grew up there as a child. I was wondering if there is any more information on how my distant relatives settled in that region.

Mario Gallegos
My family is from a little town also. It is called Las Cruces, abd it is literally about 2 miles away from El Potrero de Gallegos, my name is Mario Gallegos, I have been to Zacatecas and both of these little towns, They are more like "ranchos".

Cinthya Gallegos
my family too is from Zacatecas Mexico and like Mario here said they're more like ranchos!!! Im from Milwaukee Wi and a whole entire family of Galleqos live here!!! My Grandfather name is Thomas Galleqos Adame and my dad had told me a lonq time aqo that i actually am a spanish decendent and you can tell because in everyone of our family there is someone who looks white like people in spain!!! I have a brother who is red-headed he inherit that from my grandfather aunt back from spain!!

Cinthya Gallegos
oh and about our "distant relatives" like Gonzalo said it was actually spanish people that settled in Mexico so yea thats how most mexicans not just us have spanish decendents!!!

oscar jose gallegos
I am from anaheim California and my father was born and raised in Mexico in the potrero gallegos in valparaiso zacatecas in that town there was two main surnames gallegos and cosio and also some villegas

Sebastian Gallego
I'm a 3rd generation Gallego in New Jersey. My great grandfather emigrated to the US from Colombia in 1907 but we have tracked down him and some of our relatives all the way to Spain and Portugal. His name was Vincencio Gallego and He had 4 brothers Mario de Jesus, Pedro Marin, Lucas Tiberio and 2 sisters Roberta Fatima and Aliria. All born in Galicia. If any of the names sounds familiar please post.

roberta Inglet
Hello, my great great grandmother was Maria Gallegos. I do not know much about her since she died in childbirth, but her husband was Michael Lynn. I know that my great grandmother was born in Trinidad, Colorado. The story went that she was from Spain, and he was a govt worker. I found him in the army in Fort Buchanan by Tuscon, Arizona in 1860, and I know that my great grandmother Mary Lynn was born in 1862 in Trinidad. I know he bought land from a Bacca in Huerfano, area and was there in 1870. If any of this sounds familiar please post. Thanks, Roberta

Brandi Gallegos
I was born and raised in New Mexico. Many of my relatives still who were born and raisid in Colorado still live there as well. Thank you all for the interesting history and reminding me just how unique being a Gallegos can be.

Q. Gallegos
I was born in New Mexico and currently live in Utah, and have family in Colorado also. It is always nice to meet new Gallegos family members.

Adam Gallegos
Interesting information Born raised in Nuevo Mexico. Majority of my familia live there too

Corrine (Gallegos) Altstatt
Hi Adam...who's your family (names) and what part of 'New' Mexico?


Adamg35 baby :0)

imelda gallegos
I was born in Rio Frio, municipality of Ciudad Mantes, Tamaulipas. I was born to Abram Gallegos and Luisa Robledo in 1948. Anyone else from this area?
Rick Gallegos Jan 17th 2014
Socorro, New Mexico

Richard Gallegos
My Father was Dick Gallegos, His Father was Andres, His Father was Augustine, His Father was Jose Tomas, His Father was Antonio Leocadio, His Father was Pasqual & his Father was Sebastian Gallegos, Any add'l info is appreciated.

Jesus Gallegos
Im wondering if all of us have direct ancestors 0_0?

Marilyn Gallego Dacallos Cardona
probably yes.....:))

Erick Gallegos-Mejia
Yeah we probably are
Hi my name is Leona Gallegos Broussard, and my Father's name is Valdemar Gallegos and my Grandfather's name was Selestino Gallegos. My father was raised in a small town outside of Antonito Colorado called Magote. I would be interested if anyone would have any knowledge of my Father's family.

Potentially my grandmothers family raisedin the same area.. I am named after her so if your family knows a Celida Gallegos, then there you go!

good job!!

Guy's... Good day I started collect all Gallego and Gallegos her in the philippines and we have 58 member's already and I keep adding them let me know if we combine or we added you guy's.... Take care all..... :)

Marilyn Dacallo Cardona
Hi Rodyard ! my name is Marilyn Gallego Dacallos Cardona from Samar. All i know about my grandparents (Gallego) they're from the province of Negros they have the looks of mexican people.....'hoping to find more of my relatives

wow nice to here from great grandfather leon gallego was origen in guemaras island he has 1 sister and 7 brothers they migrated to placer grandma died when i was 1 year old,but isaw 3 of her sister they look very mestisa beautyful woman even the cousin of my mom tell to the present.

hi dear im pretty sure your graetgrandparents are connected with my forefather,they are origen from guemaras island and migrated to placer masbate.with 7 brothers and 1 sister.

you said they look like mexican granmother die when i was a little child but i saw her 3 i child i always said why i dont look same with them they are really beautiful woman with beautiful eyes.cousin second dgree cousin of my mom they are not the typecal filipono.soo proud i have spanish blood,i been in spain 3 times already,since i reside in eurpoe its adbatages for me,want to know where in spain my forefather origen.

Hey guys, I found out more information regarding our last name, it's really amazing the more you search the more you find out. I found out that besides the misic, cuisine, language (Gallegos is a mix of spanish and portugese) there is an "HIMNO GALLEGO", a shield and colors Gallego, and of course many songs in Gallego like "UN CANTO A GALICIA" by Julio Iglesias whose father was a Gallego from Galicia, Spain. I have three children who are half Italian on their mother side and when talking to my oldest son about all this he said wow!!! and was so proud of his roots and background. go on youtube to find un canto a galicia with subtitles in gallego. take care all Joe

Thank you guys and I start it from my country and you guys also do it from your place or from your country also.... :)

Jordan Gallegos
Let's do it. I'll like to see and chat with all of you

Jordan Gallegos
That not a bad ideal. Let's do it

May I suggest...... that we make a facebook account for all gallego's, exclusive for gallego clan only, all over the world so that we can see each other and communicate, so that it is easy for us.... what do you think guys? Rodyard Gallego of Philippines

Rodyard! great idea, please let us know.

Adam G35
HEY where is the FB account? That would be awesome.

Ryan Gallegos
Hi my name is Ryan Gallegos I live in Utah. I'm trying to find out about my family history. I don't know much. My grandpa's name is Lucas Gallegos he was born in 1903 I'm not sure where. As far as I know my great grandparents came to the united states from Spain and I have heard there names was Vito and Vita Gallegos that is about all I know. Can anyone help me.

Corrine (Gallegos) Altstatt
Hi Ryan...I'm not sure it's the same Lucas Gallegos, but the date (year born) seems to fall in place with my dad's era...I asked my mom (who is 99 years and knows just about everything on the Gallegos side). She said my dad has a cousin named Lucas Gallegos and that my Great-grandfather, Bernardo Gallegos had a son (or nephew - that she wan't sure of) whose name was Lucas. He would have been from the Colorado/Wyoming area, which falls into place of your folks from Utah, cuz lots of people migrated to the Utah area as this is part of Four Corners (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, look up Four Corners States) area that lots of Gallegos initially migrated to and spread out from there. I'll look into this (Lucas Gallegos) once I get more information on my Lucas Gallegos relative. Stand by...

Jesse Gallegos
Hi all, My name is Jesse Gallegos, first generation American (we reside near Dallas, TX), my parents and grandparents are originally from San Miguel de Allende Gto. My grandma was born in 1930s, does anyone know how our family name got from Galicia Espana (1500s) to Mexico 1800s and now its here in America. Dont know a whole lot about my grandfather, any info. would help. Thank you

Edward Gallegos
Ryan, your grandpa Lucas is my dad's brother. My dad was Moises Gallegos and we used to call grandma Gallegos Vita, and Grandpa Vita, but their real names are Mariata and Juan. I believe your dad is my cousin. What is his name?

hello guys... my grand father is pedro gallego, and my father's name is rodrigo gallego, my fathers said that we are from guimaras island of Iloilo, but now we are residing @ province of iloilo, and my story about my late grandfather because, we don't know were he came from, were is her brother's and sister's and the rest of our family, when I was a kid i always wanting to go to spain, I love spain, maybe in my fast life i live in spain, when i saw in the book story about that place i really like it even on tv. I love that place, I hope someday we met the rest of our relatives in other places, if anybody interested email me... see... ya.... hermano, hermana, familia, padres, bueno dia. gracias Rodyard Gallego

Hi Corrine, nice to hear from you!!! I would love to ask more about our history to my father but unfortunately he passed away when he was still young. I have many friends throughout Spain becaus I was assigned to a NATO base and got to travel and meet all kinds of people but after traveling to Spain with my friends I was really amazed at how much our last name really means over there, you are treated as on who went away but still belongs there, and the food... forget about it. it;s great!!!nice to hear from all of you. someone should start a forum or something like it to keep everyone informed. if anyone is interested my e-mail is take care Joe

Corrine (Gallegos) Altstatt
Hi Joe...I'm Corrine. Yes, you are correct...the Gallegos had their own language, which followed the Gallegos to New Mexico, Colorado and surrounding states. My dad told me that when the Gallegos settled in these parts of the United States, they formed colonies of their own and spoke the same...other Latino's in the area didn't know some of the words and thought they were speaking Castilian, but as it turns out, it was a variation of Castilian and the 'GAITA GALLEGA', as you call it. (This makes sense now, of what he told me.) The Gallegos (and others Trujillo, Martinez, etc...) that migrated to the New Mexico & Colorado area were identified by the Mexican's (in that area) as 'Manitos', which was short for 'Hermanito (little brother)'. Yes, we have lots of stories and lots of rich history...I went to Italy (never made it to Milan), I loved it and hope to return...someday.

Hello everyone!!! My name is Joseph Alfredo Gallegos, my father's name was Julio Alberto Gallegos Marin his mother (my grandmother) was from Brazil. i was born in Peru but my family emigrated to the US when I was a little kid, then after college I Join the Army and went overseas Europe, Central America, Irak, Afghanistan, etc and after 25 years of serving I retired in Italy, where Ilive now near Milan. I have been to Spain (Madrid, Barcellona, and Galicia - where I was treated very very nice) I really don't know where my great grandparents came from but I believe that all Gallegos somehow come from the same place and have a great and glorious past (take a look at wilkipedia in Spanish-from Spain) you will see that the Gallegos' had their own language, clothing, music, bread, meals, wine, etc. to include la GAITA GALLEGA. I was impressed and showed it to my kids. they were so proud of it, I got soft for a while... there is Rio Gallegos, a town of Gallegos in Spain, etc. over 60,000 Gallegos that are registered in south, central america, mexico, switzerland, germany, portugal, brazil, etc. we're all brothers and sisters my friends!!! Joe Gallegos

cheyanne gallegos
my name is gallegos and i have never known about all of this wow

Franklin Gallegos
Gallegos from California here

Lesley ~
My surname is "Gallegos" -- our Family was from Antonchico, NM along with the Gonzales' on my grandmother's side and the Martinez' from Las Vegas, NM. My Grandfather was a WWII. Death March Veteran. They all moved and resided in #ABQ. I am so proud of my surname...

Krystle Gallegos
My grandfather, Teodoro (Theodore) Gallegos, was from Durango, MX. His father used to ride with Pancho Villa. Anyone else from Durango state in Mexico?

Flavio Valerio Gallegos
I live in Colorado and my Father Servando Gallegos arrived here from Las Vegas NM. I am working on a Family Tree

Pauline Gallegos
My Grandpa came to the U.S. from Spain as a soldier and ended up in Colorado and started his family there. Then my dad moved to California and thats how i got here. Love my last name!

Jordan Gallegos
My grandfather manual Gallegos came Crome Spain and he past before he even told us his past. My family name is unknown to the some of us and I'll like to know more. Can anyone help

R Gallegos
Gallegos from Texas here :)

Jose A. Gallegos
Yes, we do have a interesting history. Its possible that most of all the Gallegos' in the Southwest today, may have been the result of two brothers that migrated into present day New Mexico sometime about 1660. They were Antonio (my ancestor) and Jose Gallego.

Andres Gallego
Probably not htem alone because my name originated from a lineage out of Mexico on my father's side from a much earlier time. There were other Gallego/Gallegos' in other states as well; however, your statement about the two brothers could account for those by that surname in NM since Santa Fe is the oldest capitol city in the U.S., even prior to NM becoming part of the U.S states.

Charlene Gallegos McCright
Was this near Mora, New Mexico? My family moved from there to Trinidad, Colorado

My dad's name is jose a. gallegos. .. awesome :)

Rudy Hallegos
Yes. Mora, NM is just across the state line from Trinidad.

Theresa A. Pace formerly Theresa A. Gallegos
Hi. My father, Antonio S. Gallegos was born in Bent, NM. My dad's father or my grandfather is Sefernio S. Gallegos. His dad or my great grandfather help settle the small town of La Luz, NM.

Jordan Gallegos
We have a interesting history

Christy Gallegos HERE !!!! :) Its always nice to understand where "you" come from :)

Sonia Gallegos
Sonia Gallegos i love my last name :)

Holy cow! I finally know what my last name means!!!

Andres Gallego
As do I, Almira. Thank you for the information. Would love to see a graphic of the coat of arms.