Last name: Gallegos

Recorded in the spellings of Gallego, Gallegos, Galego, Gallico, and Gallicchio, this is a regional surname for a person who originated from the province of Galicia in Spain. Curiously the true origin of the surname may be German or Vizigoths, since in the 5th century a.d., the Goths and the Huns swept across Europe, conquering the Roman Empire and ultimately arriving in Spain. There they stopped for several centuries only leaving when they were ultimately defeated by the Moors and the Franks. Many of todays popular Spanish and Portuguese surnames such as Gonzales and Ramirez are reminders of this time in ancient history, and this surname is probably from the same period. The word 'gall' in most ancient languages means 'foreigner', and derives from the Latin 'gallus', although the word was also used to mean a cockerel. It seems most likely that the provincial name 'Gallicia' did recall a period in history when the area was taken over by invaders. In the former kingdom of Austro-Hungary there is a province called 'Gallicia', but this is an 18th century creation, and much too late to have provided any nameholders. Examples of the surname recording include Herrera Gallego, at Esquevilla de Esqueva, Valladolid, Spain, on November 26th 1598, Candida Gallicchio, of Calvera, Potenza, Italy, on November 19th 1646, and Pedro Gallegos, at Santa Maria Magdalena, Valladolid, Spain, on September 16th 1691. The coat of arms most associated with the surname has the blazon of per pale silver and red. In the first quarter a red lion rampant, in the second a tower proper. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Francisca Gonzales Gallego, which was dated October 7th 1553, born at Nuestra Senora de la Antigua, Valladolid, Spain, during the reign of King Charles 1st of Spain, Emperor of Mexico, 1516 - 1556. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Brandi Gallegos
I was born and raised in New Mexico. Many of my relatives still who were born and raisid in Colorado still live there as well. Thank you all for the interesting history and reminding me just how unique being a Gallegos can be.

roberta Inglet
Hello, my great great grandmother was Maria Gallegos. I do not know much about her since she died in childbirth, but her husband was Michael Lynn. I know that my great grandmother was born in Trinidad, Colorado. The story went that she was from Spain, and he was a govt worker. I found him in the army in Fort Buchanan by Tuscon, Arizona in 1860, and I know that my great grandmother Mary Lynn was born in 1862 in Trinidad. I know he bought land from a Bacca in Huerfano, area and was there in 1870. If any of this sounds familiar please post. Thanks, Roberta

Sebastian Gallego
I'm a 3rd generation Gallego in New Jersey. My great grandfather emigrated to the US from Colombia in 1907 but we have tracked down him and some of our relatives all the way to Spain and Portugal. His name was Vincencio Gallego and He had 4 brothers Mario de Jesus, Pedro Marin, Lucas Tiberio and 2 sisters Roberta Fatima and Aliria. All born in Galicia. If any of the names sounds familiar please post.

Gonzalo Gallegos Jr.
My father Gonzalo Gallegos was born and Raised in Zacatecus Mexico. He told me as a child that the little town he was raised in was called The Portrero de Gallegos. Although I do not have any further information the town's name was confirmed to me by my cousin who also grew up there as a child. I was wondering if there is any more information on how my distant relatives settled in that region.

i am a first generation mexican american born in southern california, my mom and dad were raised in a small village in Oaxaca Mexico, i know my dad's father was raised there too but i also know that his father wasnt really around and he messed around with a few women in other places...pretty much my grandfather has half brothers and sisters that he has never met...if anyone knows anything about a man with the last name of Gallegos from San Gabriel Etla Oaxaca mexico i would really appreciate the grandfathers name is Hugo Gallegos my father and i are named after the small village (San Gabriel) my parents were raised in....any information about any Gallegos from Oaxaca Mexico would be appreciated =]....i am currently living in Germany and i plan to visit the Gallegos motherland real soon lol

*update on previous post* Father's name : Gabriel Andres Gallegos (now just Gabriel Gallegos) Grandfather' Name: Hugo Gallegos Great-grandfather: Federico Gallegos Diaz (had 26 children with about 12 women) married Consuelo Lopez Santiago Great-great-grandfather: Hilario Gallegos married to incarnacion Diaz That's as far back as I can trace my family all I know about Hilario Gallegos is (from what Hugo Gallegos told me) that Hilario came with Spanish settlers to La Cienega Zimatlan Oaxaca and I looked up the distance from there to my dad's pueblo ( San Gabriel Etla Oaxaca) and its pretty close less than an hour away.....if any one has heard stories of their family's past connecting them to either of these two places or connecting them to Federico Gallegos (26 my grandfather's age....I'm pretty sure some of those kids should know something) please just share :)

Josh Gallegos
Am i the only Gallegos with atleast 8 generations born and raised in america? lmao...joshua allen gallegos is my name

Josh Gallegos
correction, USA lol

The majority of Gallegos' in the southwest I believe originated from two brothers who migrated from Mexico (New Spain) into what is now New Mexico sometime around 1650. These two brothers were Jose and Antonio Gallego (my direct ancestor). After the reconquest Antonio never returned to New Mexico, but Jose did. As did all of their children. And thus created a very large contingent of Gallegos all over the southwest.

Victoria. Gallegos

Trying to. Find. My fathers family. His name was joesph. Ishmeal gallegos He died on Xmas day. 1957. In los angles. Cali. His mothers maiden name was. Ortiz

Antonio. Gallegos

im trying to find out if I have any family outside my dads moms mom

Victoria gallegos. Born February. 28. 1951 Stockton California

Any information. On. My father was joesph. Ishmeal gallegos. Born in pueblo. Colorado. Died on. Xmas. Day in. 1957. Send any information. To. Victoria. Abril. 112 bornite ave. bisbee. Ariz. 85603.

Seth Gallegos

I've been on a haunt to find info about my Gallegos roots what I know is my Grandfathers name was Oscar Gallegos he had at least two brothers one named Ruben and one we believe was named Mario. They were from Chiapas, Mexico and lived in East Los Angeles as well. Oscar married Lucia Gonzalez. He passed away while my father was still a child so I've been unable to get any other info if any of this connects to anyone please comment. Ill be checking back here often.

Lauren Gallegos

We're all related

Nina Gallegos
I have a grandfather whom i never met. Passed away when my father was 10, I believe. Don't know any of his side of the family. I heard they live in California. His name was Thomas Gallegos, married Lillian Gasca. Anything sounds familar to anyone. Please comment:)

Esmeralda Gallegos
I thought my last name was uncommon. Ha. Guess not

christopher gallegos
i thought that no one had the gallegos last name but now that i looked it up and found stuff im shocked

Flavio Valerio Gallegos
Have read all of the posts and thought I would share some information about my family. My Fathers Name is Servando Gallegos and my Mothers name was Helena (Helen) maiden name Ramirez. I have eight brothers and five sisters. My Grandfather on my Fathers Side is Servando. My Grandfather on my Mothers side is Candido. My parents moved from Las Vegas, New Mexico to Rocky Ford, Colorado. I am presently 74 years of age being born on July 10, 1941 and still have two brothers and two sisters living all of my other siblings are deceased.

Marina Casados Wood
My mother's maiden name was Augustina Gallegos and I was told that her family originally came from northern Spain (perhaps Galicia?). I was born and raised in the Taos area of New Mexico. My father was Pedro Casados. Can anyone shed some light on this for me as I have no other information. I am 83 years old.

Angel gallegos
Just thought id look up my last name im frm Salinas ca.

David Gallegos
ive been searching for my family. they originate from Galicia Spain, that is where I heard the last name was from. and I have the Gallegos family history with the coat of arms stamped onto it. I did not think that there was so many of us. I live in Stockton CA. if any of you with the name Gallegos just happens to think we are related, PLEASE contact my my great grandfathers name was Eustachio Gallegos

Carlos Gallegos
Hello, i am looking for my grandfather's brother and lost family members. My fathers name is Jose Gallegos my grandfather's name is Ramon Gallegos, originally from michoacan Mexico. His brother left and migrated to texas in the late 50's early 60's, Luis or Esteban Gallegos. All the other details are missing since my grandfather and grandmother passed away.

Stephanie Gallegos
My grandfather's name is Aureliano Gallegos(passed away 2013) from LA boquilla Durango his father's name was Jose Gallegos (passed away 1999) my grandfather has 9 siblings 4 of whom are still alive. Of the family I know we have are in Durango, Monterey, Juarez, El Paso, Los Angeles and Albuquerque.

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