Last name: Gamble

This surname of English origin is derived from the Old Norse Viking pre 7th Century byname Gamall meaning "old". The personal name Gamel is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086. The surname dates back to the early 13th Century, (see below). Further recordings include Adam Gamel (1260) "Assize Rolls of Yorkshire", and Jordan Gambel (1297) "The Ministers Accounts of the Earldom of Cornwall". Variations in the idiom of the spelling include Gambell, Gamell and Gammil, and the Scottish forms Gemmell and Gemmill, while the patronymic form is Gambles. One, John Gambell married Margery on November 27th 1545 at Christ Church Greyfriars, Newgate, London. Mary, daughter of Thomas Gambolle, was christened at St. Michael, Bassishaw, London on March 3rd 1594. James Gamble married Elizabeth Leech at St. Dunstan, Stepney on August, 10th 1607. John Gamble (died 1687) a musician in Chapel Royal and composer, published many works. Robert Gamble, aged 34, a famine emigrant, sailed aboard the Ohio from Liverpool to New York on October 1st 1846, together with his wife Jane (34) sons William (10), James (6), Hugh (4) and daughters Margarett (8) and Isabell (2). The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Simon Gamel, which was dated 1202, in the "Assize Rolls of Lincolnshire", during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Donald Smith

The name Gamble, my maternal grandmother's maiden name, originally was Campbell when the family came from County Antrim in the early 18th century.

sheila gamble

The Gambles in N. Ireland came from Ayreshire, Scotland in the Covenanter Wars 15thC. They changed their name from the Stuart Clan, Campbell/Montgomery/Gemmel, During the great famine, many emigrated to north America, others, were sent to the penal colonies, Australia, a Mary Gamble, just a child. I'm from Norfolk/Suffolk/Bermuda. Are there any Gambles with RhNegative Blood? Let me know. Thanks.

Vivienne Susan Dale Gamble

My Gt. Grandfather was John William Gamble, Born in Antrim Ireland 1824. My Grandfather was Fredrick William Gamble born 1860 in Herne Bay, Kent. My Father was Ernest McReady Gamble, born Colombo, Ceylon, 1894. If this relates to any other Gambles, please let me know.

Caleb Gamble

Weird. Says my last name is English. Even though I'm Scottish and Welsh. No English in me

Hi from Down Under in Australia. I've researched some of my family tree from Durham County, England. I have relatives that emigrated from Ireland also. Would love to exchange information with anyone interested

G'day, from Australia, Hoping any gambles are connected with Broadstock, Weston, Brown, Schell, Nevill, Seward, Taylor, Currie, Glynn, Hilder, McLean and maybe McPhee, That's it for now, hoping someone connects...

Hi Jenny, Yes I hail from the Weston & Brown crew. My Mum and Dad gathered quite a bit of information about them. Happy to pass on what I know.

Hi Marguerite, Please let's get in contact, would love to know what you have, and where we are connected??? Having a hell of a time getting info, hope to be able to help you, email is hope to hear from you, cheers

Cheyanne Gamble
Hi! My grandfather's name is George Gamble. He was born and raised in Tampa Bay, Florida. His mother was African American, but his father Sampson Gamble was believed to be of mixed decent or Native American because of his incredibly fair skin and straight black hair. I would love to trace the lineage of our last name.

jacob gamble
A hello to all the gamble's

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The Gamble family crest came into existance many centuries ago.

robert gamble
Hello i am african american from Kansas trying to trace the Gamble name.

Jackie Gamble, my gandparents were from County Down in N Ireland. I was told by another Gamble that she traced her family back to the Cambells of Scotland.
George Gamble, my Grandparents were from N Ireland.

When I give my name to someone for an official reason etc they often think it is Campbell because it sounds so much like it. My relatives were coal miners in Durham County, England.

Angus Gamble
Hi I'm from austraila an I am trying to find out if we have a tartan.

Maurice Gamble
We don't have a tartan only the Scottish have tartans.

Go here Angus, under the Galloway District...... Gamble originate from Scotland, may have been spelt different, but we are Scottish Kilts & Tartan - Houston Kiltmakers‎

Kathryn (Stephens) Prymmer
My GG-Grandfather was William Henry Gamble, immigrated from Ireland to NY prox. 1872 (still trying to trace him back to Ireland), married Mary Ann Davis prox. 1874. Check out (I've got my tree on there) - you can sign up for a free family tree (including pix), or pay a bit and get expanded. I've found lots of folkson the site who share some of my family tree. is another great (free) search site.

Linda Rae Gamble-Shabazz
Hello to all of you, I was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan along with 2-brothers (Herbert Lee Gamble Jr., Albert Aaron Gamble) and 1-sister (Margaret Magdalene Gamble-Booker. I am the oldest at age 58. Our father Herbert Lee Gamble Sr. (1925-1995), was 2nd. oldest of 7 children. His father's name was Albert Gamble (it is believed he was Indian) and they were all from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. My father and one sister named Sue Anna grew up on the Indian reservation separate from the other sisters and brothers. My father left Miss. at age 16 and did 2-terms in the United States Army during WWII where he met my mother (a nurse in the Army), they lived in Mich. after the war. We know very little history after this because during the 1925's for Blacks or Indian there were no records of births, deaths or marriage licenses kept. History has stated that Indians owned slaves but how did Gamble come in to this? I can't get a start! (I am Bi-Racial) (father-Black,Indian)

James William Gamble
Hi, another fellow Gamble from Leicester, Midlands, England. I know of about 4 or 5 other Gamble families in the area too, and none of us are related in any way!

Adam Gamble

Hi there, my name is Adam Gamble and I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. My Great-Great Grandfather was also born in Leicester. Are you related to a Walter Gamble?

James Edward Gamble III
Hello fellow Gamble's I live in southern Mississippi where quite a few Gamble's call home

shantoria gamble groves
are you Afican American?

jackie gamble
im only a quarter african american and the other american

Jack Gamble
Greetings fellow Gambles from Alice,Texas! :)

pamela gamble

I would like to hear a greelyville south Carolina gamble im from baltimore

Jackie Gasson
Jackie Gamble, my gandparents were from County Down in N Ireland. I was told by another Gamble that she traced her family back to the Cambells of Scotland.

i have the same linage names change do to cambells being hated

Michael Gamble
WoW all of theses Gamble's, well hi everyone Michael Gamble, Barbados

Vicki Garnes
Hello Michael, another Bajan here, doing a bit of research on my Grandmothers side of the family, her mother was a Gamble. If you have any family tree info you could share that would be fantastic! :)

Mary Gamble (Rice)
Brothers name is Michael too, we have traced our tree back to Northern Ireland GGG fathers name was William Gamble... have run into a dead end there.

Margaret Gamble
John Gamble was born @ Londonderry in 1899 was in the police force before immigrating to Auckland NZ.Regards Margaret Rainbow

My mother and grandad are of Gamble lineage, although I don't know whether it was on his mother or fathers side. From NW England

My family tree is mainly in Durham, England. Might you be a relative?

Dustin Gamble
Dustin Gamble here from Canada, eh! Beavers and bacon common not Gambles though. hockey to!

Paul Gamble
Hi, alot of Gamble,s came out to Australia & New Zealand from Ireland, county antrim and settled in Otago,NZ.

funny my family name is gamble like all of u dose that mean we once could have been related

I read once that the first person with the name Gamble in Ireland was a Swedish sailor, I dont know if this is correct or not,any ideas anyone.

Robin Gamble O'Connor
Gamal is of Danish origin means OLD in Old Norse. In other words it was brought to Ireland, Scotland and England during the Viking raids and invasion of the Isles in the 8th Century.

AILEEN GAMBLE live in Northern Ireland.May have family in U.S.A Scotland but most in Northern Ireland.

Candi Curtis
My grandmother maiden name gamble.. Her sister was Aileen Gamble. I have been trying to find family. To which I do not have to pay.. So I am googling all sides of my family. This is so interesting... Wonder if we r related. My aunt Aileen died when I was young cant remember my age.

Christopher Gamble
Hi I'm Christopher Gamble From the Uk

Christopher Lyle Gamble
Hi i'm Chris(topher) L. Gamble born PEI, Canada, living in NS Canada

Sarah Gamble
Hello from Melbourne Australia- not many Gamble's down here either!

G'day sarah, plenty of Gambles here, connecting them all is the hard part, but i reckon there's a link, Who's who in your family, we might link somewhere....

Brandon Gamble
Brandon Gamble. My wife Katie is on Link to her and find out if we're family!

maurice gamble
maurice gamble; are you my cousin