Last name: Gandy

Recorded as Gandy, Gandey, and the very rare Gandee and Gandie, which are probably extinct, this is an English surname. Like the surnames Game, Games and Gammons, the origination is from the pre 7th century word 'gamen', meaning game, and hence was a nickname for a person (-day) who was good at games (gamen). It is not easy to explain how over a period of some fifteen hundred year 'gamen' should become (for instance) Gandy, but during that period the language passed through at least three distinct and complete changes, which effected both spelling and dialect. This is in addition to the French influence following the Norman Conquest of 1066, when for three centuries thereafter, French was the official language of England and most of Scotland. Briefly it may be summarised that the changes were from Gamen which may well have been used as a personal name as well as a nickname, to Gameday, with John Gameday being recorded in Suffolk, apparently the centre of the surname, in the tax rolls of the year 1327. Thereafter it changed again to Gandy or Gandey, with as an example, Katherine Gandy marrying Thomas Munnes at the church of St Nicholas Acons, in the city of London, on May 20th 1562.

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Brad Wright
Best I can tell Edward Gandy is my 7th (I think) Great-Grandfather through his son Brittain Gandy, Sr. My maternal Grandmother was Mertice (Friday) Gilliland of Billingsley, AL. Here is's blurb about the Gandy surname. "English (of Norman origin): of uncertain origin. The most plausible suggestion is that it is a nickname for someone who was in the habit of wearing gloves, from Old French ganté, a derivative of gant ‘glove’ (see Gant) or an occupational name for a glove-maker, Old French gantier. However, a certain Hugh de Gandy was High Sheriff of Devon in 1167; it is possible that his surname is a habitational name from some unidentified place in France or even from Ghent in Flanders."

My mother's maiden name was GANDY from NE Pennsylvania. She was born in 1943. I am not 100% sure of spelling, however, I believe her parents were Zebulum and Marguerite Gandy. At least one set of mother's grandparents resided in Philadelphia. There is a possibility of NJ and/or NY family too. I believe we are of Polish & Jewish blood. Kindly email me if you know anything: karenpompom @

Paul Gandy Lankford
I am the son of the late James Paul Lankford, Jr., of Isle of Wight County, VA, and the late ThomasEna Gandy Lankford of Wadesboro, NC. My mother's parents were Thomas Abel Gandy of Dovesville, SC, and Irene (Ena) Hendley Gandy of Wadesboro, Anson Co., NC. In the 1960's while I was a student at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, one of my classmates who was a sociology major told me one of his professors had talked about the Gandy family plantations in Mississippi and Alabama. Does anyone know anything about this topic? My grandfather was the son of James LaFayette Gandy and Elizabeth (Bettie) Lavinia Smoot Gandy, both of Darlington County, SC. I remember as a young child visiting the Gandy family plantation in Dovesville where my mother's uncle was still living, but the house was gone when I took my mother back there in the 1990's to see the homeplace. I do have one of the earliest sewing machines which came from the attic of this home.

jeri henderson

I am a descendant of slaves that took on the surname gandy and i believe i am able to trace them back to a plantation in butler county alabama under Alford Gandy that it lists on the census to have had 40 male and 40 female slaves at the time of the 1860 census....does anyone know anything about that family? I would love to just connect the pieces!:-)

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