Last name: Garland

This long-established surname is of dual derivation in England, being either a topographical name from residence by a triangular-shaped piece of land, deriving from the Olde English pre 7th Century "gara", triangular piece of land, with "land", land, or a locational name from Garland, a minor place in Chumleigh, Devonshire, so called from the above elements. Alternatively, Garland may have originated as a metonymic occupational name for a maker of garlands of chaplets, deriving from the 13th Century ld French. Early examples of the surname form the former source include: William de Garland (Essex, 1208), and Robert de Garlande (Yorkshire, 1225). Recordings from the latter source are: William le Garlaunde (London, 1275), and Adam Garlaund (Essex, 1293). In Ireland, the surname Garland has an interesting development, the earliest form of the name being Gernon which was introduced by Roger de Gernon who accompanied Strongbow in the Anglo-Norman Invasion of 1170. "Gernon" originated as a nickname for someone who wore a moustache, from the Old French "gernon", moustache, and the curious transition from Gernon to Garland included Garlan and Gearlon, as is evidenced in the 13th Century Dowdall Deeds Records of Counties Louth and Meath. Roger Gernon or Garland was sheriff of County Louth in 1578. A Coat of Arms granted to the Garland family in 1620 is a gold shield with three red pales, on a chief per pale red and black, a chaplet and a demi lion issuant silver. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John de Garland(e), which was dated 1190, in the "Pipe Rolls of Hampshire", during the reign of King Richard 1, known as "Richard the Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Garland Byron

My first name is Garland, but was mother's last name was Garland. We are all from South Georgia around Cairo for the last 100+ years, prior to that having moved for North Carolina in the 1800's.

Bill Garland

I'm Bill Garland, as was my Dad, and we're from Bolton England, but my Granddad Peter and his brother John came over from somewhere in Ireland to be raised by an Aunt in Warrington. I don't know where in Ireland they came from but I have a vague memory of somewhere called Roselea or Rossleigh ?

Justin Garland
Hmm Wonder what the chances are that any of us here are related?

Hello Ime John Cahill from Dublin Ireland My mothers family are Garland and they lived in Monaghan so far i have only got back to 1800 they were farmers the interesting part is a place name beside their land is called essexfort

Andrew Garland
Hey Im from county Meath and most of my grand-uncles and grand-aunts were born in kilmurry co.Monaghan,my great,great grandfather was peter garland and he was 66 in 1911 if its any help to you.

Michael Garland
Hello, I'm Michael Garland from Atlanta, Georgia U.S. All of my Garland Family are from GA/N.C./VA. Most to all reside in Ellijay, GA Gilmer and/or Fannin Co. My line comes down from Peter the Mariner. Gutridge W. Garland (1753-1848) (Limestone Cove TN) was my 4th Great Grand Father, and Peter Garland the First being my 9th GGF My Grandfather was Hobert Garland of Ellijay, and my GGF was John C. Garland also of Ellijay, GA

fostina of turniptown road
HI, what was hoberts wifes name. I remember going to that house if it was the little house here on turniptown on the right with big tree in front, and giving her muskidines (not sure how to spell ) but we did that when I was a little girl. someone has purchased that house if its the one that hobert lived in and has fixed it up so nicely. :-) please let me know her name . that was years ago . I have had her on my mind alot lately. my mother loved them.

marilyn mcdowell
my grandmother was a Garland her grandfather was Joseph garland from ellijay would like to find out more on this side of my family

Ray Garland
Hello, im Ray Garland from New zealand, was wondering if anyone knows how the name came to New Zealand. Im a european/maori and maori Garland is Karena, im not sure how many Garlands are here in NZ...but if anyone knows, thanks.

Amanda Garland
Hi I am Amanda Garland.Don't know where or how to find my anscestors but we have alot of Garlands here in Georgia.Dad is one of 16 children born to Jack Garland.

Rich Garland
Greeting fellow Garlands. Rich Garland here. The farthest I am able to trace my line is my great-grandfather, Ewabrd Neil Garland. Found him via an old NY Times article where he owned a saloon in New York City. Mt great-grandmother was Leanora Keaghon from Limerick City - but don't know what part of Ireland my line of Garland's are from. My grandfather was Thomas Bogen Garland (grandmother was Elizabeth Eleanor Lawton). Any help as to what part of Ireland we originated from would be appreciated (if there's a line out there I connect to).

Prescilla Garland
Hello everyone, My name is Prescilla Garland and I live in London. I have Irish family who have roots in Dublin, Ireland. My grandmother was called Rosanna Garland (Keyes, before marriage) and grandfather Joseph Garland. They lived around the Crumlin area of Dublin. My grandmother's father's name was called Frederick Garland and he was English and her mother's name was called Emily (Murphy, before she was married). Frederick lived in England, married and moved to Ireland with Emily. I'm trying to build on a family tree so any information would be interesting and helpful!

Jason Garland
Hi Prescilla, I'm Jason Garland from Dublin. My grandfather is James Garland married to Rose Garland (Graham before she married) and they are from Dublin, both now deceased. That's all the info I have off the top of my head, but if it rings any bells I'll look into it further. Thanks, Jason. email

Rich Garland
Hello - Rich Garland here...the farthest I can trace back my Garland side is Edward Neil Garland (my father's name as well), married to Leanora Keaghon (in some records - Keon or Keahon). His father was Edward Garland married to Bridget McDonald. Leanora Keaghon was from Limerick, I believe, but I have no idea where the Garlands are form in Ireland. Any relatives out there? Anyone know what part of Ireland my folks are from? Thanks in advance...

Colleen Garland Robinson
Looking for any info on William Garland from Jeanette, PA who had a son, Robert William Garland and 2 daughters, Ruth and Lois Jean.

Bernie Garland
William Garlands Father was Hugh B Garland his father was Nicholas C Garland. Nicholas also used William C Garland All this can be confusing but there I a tree on ancestry .com

laura garland
Hi to all you Garlands out there, My name is Laura Garland and was asked by my grandad to try and look in to his family tree, he is called henry arthur garland and he was born bristol is parents were Thomas and Esther Garland and where both from Bristol. I havent really got very far yet and came across this site so i thought i would just take a chance and see if any one knows us. thanks

Becky Wood
Hey laura I know you posted this a while ago and i dont know how far you got but my Garland ancestors also came from bristol. in fact my Grans great grandfather was a Henry Garland I havent looked into this side much yet but maybe a good possibility we related somehow.

james foley
Hi to all you Garland's, My grand mother Amanda (Garland) Foley was the daughter of Anna (Davis) Garland and John Henry Garland Of Knox County Kentucky. They lived around the little poplar creek area of Golden creek and Buffalo creek in Knox County Kentucky and what is now Whitley County Ky. The County lines hve changed some but it was Knox County back then. John Henry Garland in buried in the Wells cemetery at Buffalo creek Whitley co. Ky. Also James B Garland his son is Buried there along with other family of his. I have been told his father was Samual Garland and they were from Tenn. His brother was Wiley garland. looking for help with locating my family line so I can place where I come from and learn more about my family, and get to meet more of m family thanks for any help

Cheryl Garland
My Garland family is from Tennessee and Knox County Kentucky. I have some of the genealogy done. Id be happy to share. Email me at CLGARLAND2002 @ YAHOO DOT COM Please put something in the subject line referencing this so I.know to check it. That email isn't my regular email but I'm not putting my normal one out there.

Stanley Garland
Hello, I am Stanley Garland my clan of Garlands are from Hampton, TN and Washington County. I know that our family was originally from Western North Carolina and it was always said that they are of Irish origin. The farthest relative that I know of is my GGgrandfather Elisha (Laish) Garland, he may have been born in Boone,NC.

john stevens
My Grandmother was a Garland[maternal].My G Grandfather was Nathaniel Arthur Garland[Michaelstow Hall Essex]We have so far traced the family back to Nathaniel Garland b1684 who was master of the Mercers company in 1738/9 [most famous master was Dick Wittington] .A relation was Augustine Garland who signed the death warrant of Charles 1st. Maybe of interest!

Tony Nicholson

John, I wonder if you can help? I'm researching a group of eighteenth gentlemen who met at Skelton Castle in what was then North Yorkshire and were nicknamed the 'Demoniacs' by Laurence Sterne, perhaps the most famous member of the group. James Garland, son of Nathaniel Garland who bought Michaelstow, was also a member and I wonder if there is a surviving portrait of him, or indeed any family papers that might help flesh out his character and story? I would be more than happy to share the information I have on James. If you would like to contact me, please email me at - Fingers crossed! Best wishes, Tony

Donald E Garland
Hi all fellow Garlands, I am Donald Edwin Garland, son of the late Robert Edwin,and grandson of Joseph Herbert and a lot more info in the family Bible. Not sure which line were from at this stage but will investigate. Live in sunny South Africa and love it. regards Donald

Steade Craigo
Hello, I have been digging into Cornwall and Devon records...and I have come across an Edward Garland Cregoe of Trewithian. The Yoe family of Devon and Corwall married into the Garland family, apparently...I do not know which Garland family. Cregoes were also related to Kempe and Pomeroy families of Cornwall. Later, the Yoes and Cragoe married. I am interested in Garland Y-Haplogroup. Does any one know what it is? Regards, Steade Craigo

Michelle Garland
I am Constance Michelle Garland daughter of Carl Garland and Rita Clara Brooks of North Carolina. His parents were Betty Gortney and Lester Garland. I want to know where the NC Garlands came from, are we Scottish, Irish, English? I find the name in all three countries and a whole town in Ireland named Garland. Any help would be appreciated!

Amy Howell
Hi Garlands :) My name before marrage was Amy Garland, I live in Bristol England but we also have family in the US. My Father is Tim Garland he has siblings named Thomas, Mark and Ann, my Grandparents are Lesley and Elaine Garland, and Lesley's siblings were Shirley, Vanda and I can't remember the others names off the top of my head. My Great Great Grandparents also lived in Bristol in the same house as my Grandparents do which is in Siston Bristol. If any of this sounds familier to anyone I would love to chat :)

Steve Garland
Amy, I am involved with tracking Garland families in the UK from the 1500-1700 period as part of a Garland DNA project. I would like to connect with you to discuss Garland's from the Bristol area.

Cherie garland lanier
I am a garland from Kentucky USA I was always told we were irish and have been trying to resurch my family tree. I would like to be a part of the dna study if possible.

We have an active YDNA study with the objective of using this exciting technology to sort through the various Garland lines around the world. YDNA is passed from male to male via the Y chromosome and leaves an unique fingerprint for males with common ancestry. Please take a look at our study at one of the following links. We welcome all Garlands/Gernons/Gartlands or any other variant of our surname to participate in the study.

William Garland
MY name is Brandon William Garland and I just traced by family of Garlands to Southern VA 350 years ago.

Matthew Jon Garland
My name is Matthew Jon Garland from Three Rivers Michigan. I have always wondered where the Last name Garland came from. I have never met anyone with the last name of Garland in my 45 years. Is this a rare name?

I'm thrilled to see this page has lots of recent activity. I'm happy to share with, and invite, anyone that is interested to the Garland Family Research Association Annual Membership Meeting in Townsend, TN; September 22-24, 2011. I am attaching a fb link where our Summer 2011 newsletter is posted. Please feel free to post any questions at this site. We're a small group - but hoping to grow. We have lots of great info to share about our Garland heritage! I hope to hear from you all!

Jo Ann Reece
Hi, my name is Jo Ann, my mom Was Iva Jean Garland, her mother was Mary Belle Garland (she never married). My great grandfather was Vard Garland. They were from Yancey/Mitchell County in NC. All I know was my great grandfather came to NC from somewhere in Scotland. Would love to find out more about the Garland's.

Pat Freeman
Hi, my mother was Antoinette Garland, daughter of George King Garland of Jasper County, Georgia. We are part of the southern branch that goes back thru Virginia to Edward Garland, believed to be a son of Peter the Mariner.

Jerry A Garland
Hi my name is Jerry A Garland I am trying to trace my roots. Most if my family lives in southeast KY. But I have traced my family back to NC. My great grandfather name was John Garland.I would like to know if I hail from the Scottish, Garland. English or Irish Garlands would love a little help.

Jim Garland
For those who are descendants of Peter Garland, The Mariner, resident of Charlestown, Massachusetts Bay, in 1637, there is a book written by James Gray Garland. Title is Garland Genealogy, The Descendants (Northern Branch). ISBN 1-55613-807-5 From back cover of book: This book covers numerous families in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, descendants through his son John. He is also reputed to be the progenitor of some Southern Families (Southern Branch) through other sons who settled in Virginia and Maryland.

nancy humes
my grandmother was sally garland from gloucester, ma. her father was orlando garland and this line leads back to peter. it then goes to england with the same spelling and around 1100 in france an e is added to the end. the last relative i have found is anselm de garlande born in france in 1002. i would be glad to share information.

Judy Garland
(LOL) Hello- fellow Garland's! I'm Judy Garland! Might there be other (birth surname) Judy Garland's somewhere out there. Just inquiring coz it's time to start a Real Judy Garland fan club! Oh and my Garland lineage here in USA began in West Virginia, Louisville, KY & Cinn., Ohio. Thanks and great luck in your search.

Amanda Garland
I have an Aunt Judy Garland in California.

Judy Garland
Hello there dear niece Amanda! It's me! You aunt Judy Garland from California! How are you? Looks-like we are both in search of our Ancestors. The great discoveries of our suname Garland is so intriguing! I'll share with you the info I've thus far found. xoxo Auntie

My greate grandfather was Higginson Garland and he ended in South America Peru I herd he was from Ireland

Michael Garland
My name is Michael Garland and my family is from Middlesboro, KY; and my grandfather, Cecil Allan Garland was from there, also. My grandmother, a Gibson, was born in Bristol, TN. It pretty cool seeing a bunch of people with the same last name! I also searched on FaceBook my first and last names and was suprised at all of the Michael Garlands out there. :)

james foley
Hi Michael, My grand mother Amanda Garland Foley is from Knox Co.Kentucky. Her Mother was Anna Davis Garland and her father was John Henry Garland his grave is at Buffalo creek in the Wells cemetery On rt 11 just over the Whitley Co. Line from Knox Co. Ky.

I am Paige Garland Littlefield. I got my middle name from the last name of my great grandmother :)

Jennifer Garland
Im Jennifer Garland from Riverview New Brunswick. Canada. Great Grandfather was Harry Garland married Ada Collier in 1902.

M. Garland
I have heard that the Garland bloodline tracks back to William the Conquerer? Are we all related to him?

Pat Freeman
The VA Garlands are...through the Bibb and Fleming families, at least

Alan Garland
Hi, I live in south Essex, England. Locally to my abode is an old farm called Olde Garlands. Clear local records/map date the description "Olde Garland Farm" to early 1200s. The small Doomsday Book for Essex includes a reference to a knight Robert De Gernon acquiring large tracts of land in Essex (and elswhere - eg, Tregarland farm in Cornwall).

Alan Garland
......I should add that my Garland line is clear back to the 1700s, located in Colchester, Essex. The Garland name is abundant in Essex with another Old Garland Farm listed. I suspect the early existence of monasteries come into the picture somewhere, possibly the origin of the farms.

Alan Garland
........possibly not a blood relative of William or ideed the supposed cousin Robert de Gernon. The name Garland is been said to be derived from 'Gernon' sometime in the 11th/13th century and applied to farms etc. It is possible that the name was used locally by workers on such farms, eg. 'Alan of Garlands'. Robert de Gernon was given lands further afield than Essex - Ireland etc.

David Miller
my grandfather was william garland from p;ortarlington ireland i think he was born in 1869 and immigrated to us in 1887

Ryan davies
Hi Ryan davies from syd Australia, my paternal Nan was a garland, just thought I'd give a shout out to my lost cousins on the other side of the globe. Ssup!!

Alan Garland
Hello Ryan, good to see you here. I did some research some years ago when I paid a visit to NSW. I had a London miscreant relative 'posted' to NSW by the Old Bailey court back in the 1830s. Did well apparently and was given ticket of leave a decade later. Tried to source his kinfolk when I was out there but not enough time. Did locate however a Arthur(?) Garland working as a warder in Seal Rock Jail and later as a senior warder at Paramatta jail.

kev garland
hi i'm kev garland, very interested in any garlands that live in faversham kent